THE NEXT STEP BLOG - August 2023

Two Big Full SuperMoons

Welcome to the August 2023 newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for July.

However, I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

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July Review

July 4th: This is a link to a presentation given at the EU Parliament today. It lasts for 2 hours 44 minutes but if you haven’t seen it I would strongly recommend it: see link. This represents the collapse of the old order signalled by Pluto in the final degrees of Capricorn, and the pushback by brave souls in that institution against medical tyranny. Highly recommended.

July 7th: The Dutch government has just resigned today over asylum policies. Will more governments follow? see link

July 10th: We’re building towards the New Moon at 24°56′ Cancer, with the Sun and Moon being opposed by Pluto at 29° Capricorn. Cancer is the sign associated with motherhood, and therefore children. It is a sensitive Water sign that wants to protect loved ones, particularly children, and more generally people who are vulnerable and need nurturing.

An opposition usually suggests that the symbolism of the opposing planet, here Pluto, is coming from the outside, some external force or circumstances. Pluto is the planet linked to power, control, especially by powerful people, and in its rulership to Scorpio (and remember that the South Node is still in Scorpio) is linked to underhand, underground, even criminal or sexual or financial activities that have been long hidden. In the light of this New Moon they are likely to be revealed, especially as Uranus is sextile the Sun and Moon. Uranus is to do with shocking truth, and awakening.

As I have spoken about many times, Pluto moving through these final degrees of Capricorn this year and next will reveal any corruption by governments, corporations, institutions or powerful people that have held power over us.

So isn’t it amazing that the Sound of Freedom released just a week ago at the Full SuperMoon in Capricorn (!) is now achieving incredibly high viewing figures, all about shocking corruption involving children, and by seeing it many people are waking up to social issues they were not aware of before. The symbolism could not be clearer. Remember that any corruption not for our highest good must be revealed in order for us to cleanse and purge and fully birth New Earth.

July 10th: ICAC in Australia showing the previous Government’s devastating Robodebt scheme harassing people on benefits was illegal: see link. This relates to corruption being uncovered, as Pluto moving through the last few degrees of Capricorn indicates.

July 13th: This is very interesting from GreenMed Info but so far not being reported on mainstream media, but seems very important with regard to US law: “In his 155-page ruling, Judge Terry Doughty said there is “substantial evidence” the government violated the First Amendment by engaging in a large-scale censorship campaign targeting content that questioned or countered establishment narratives on COVID-19.” Again this relates very clearly to Pluto’s move through Capricorn.

July 20th: Within two days of Venus turning retrograde in Leo, the sign of the actor and of being ‘centre stage, we have the screen actors strike in the US: see link. So the retrograde motion is so descriptive of the strike, a ‘pulling back’ from film appearances. Partly this strike is linked to the increased use of AI in films, with Pluto so close to re-entering Aquarius, the sign linked to AI. Today also Saturn in Pisces (linked to film, video, the illusion) is opposing Mars in Virgo (work). Saturn opposing Mars indicates stoppages, obstacles, blocks, often this aspect relates to strikes.

July 25th: Not specific to this date but today someone sent me a link to this website and I wanted to share it as it is such a beautiful example of New Earth and how many enterprising people are doing wonderful things to help nature and humanity:

July 26th: A follower shared this video with me, and this chap is speaking my language exactly – or I am speaking his, fascinating. Also very interesting that the UFO Congressional hearings are happening as we build towards the Full SuperMoon in Aquarius, the sign linked to the galactics and aviation. Let us hope that it really will shine some light honestly on this topic: see link. This is a video from the Congressional hearings: see link. Please note also how these disclosures are being framed; the galactic beings are overwhelmingly benevolent, and supporting the Earth in its evolution as it benefits the whole galaxy.

July 31st: One of the biggest trucking companies in the US, Yellow, has declared bankruptcy and shut down all operations. This is resulting in thousands of workers being laid off and may result in greater supply chain disruptions. At tomorrow’s Full SuperMoon, Saturn, planet of stoppages, endings, closures, is exactly opposing Mercury by degree in Virgo. Mercury represents trade and transport, and Virgo represents work and the workers: see link

August 2023

August is another powerful month with three lunations including two Full SuperMoons. SuperMoons are when the Moon is much closer to the Earth in its orbit, and therefore the pull on the tectonic plates but also on our psyches is much greater. Seismic activity may increase at these times. There is no let-up in this dizzying evolution that we are experiencing right now.

From July 28th until August 12th, we are in the Lion’s Gate energy which peaks on August 8th. Try to take time out to meditate that day. This is when our Earth aligns with our ‘spiritual Sun’ Sirius, our own Sun, and the Belt of Orion. In ancient Egypt this marked the time when the River Nile would rise, symbolising abundance, fertility, and creativity, giving new life to the people. It is also said to activate a galactic portal of light and operate as a gateway to higher consciousness and spiritual awakening. Certainly this year and also in 2024 and 2025 its importance is heightened as a major stepping stone on our rapid evolution.

We begin right at the beginning of the month with a Full SuperMoon, second in a row of four SuperMoons, on August 1st at 9°15’ Aquarius at 11.31am PST and 7.31pm UK time. See where this falls in your chart as a completion, closure or culmination of something in that area of life, or revealing something that you were unaware of before this time. Being so close to the Earth, it will shine a bright light of truth (linked to Aquarius) onto whatever we need to know for our continued evolution. There are also 5 planets in Fixed signs here, suggesting that we can be extremely determined in our path.

Here we have the long-running T-square between Pluto and the Nodal Axis that will continue until November 2023, with Eris at 25°14’ conjunct the North Node and Haumea at 29° Libra conjunct the South Node. I’ve covered this extensively in previous videos and newsletters, but essentially it is an evolutionary squeeze to make us acutely aware of our choices as we move forwards. Are we living in victim or co-creator mode? Are we living in fear or love? They will determine our trajectory moving forwards.

Eris conjunct the North Node will continue to demand every voice to be heard in society, no-one excluded, and as the warrior sister of Mars she is utterly uncompromising until she sees justice and fairness. This suggests the potential for some social unrest as revelations of any corruption increase in society. As collapse of the old order and systems continue, Haumea at the squaring Pluto is simultaneously building New Earth as a powerful creative and regenerative symbol. She will also help to reconnect us to nature in a profound and instinctive way that many of us have lost in our modern lives.

To quote Alan Clay from the Dwarf Planet University, ‘Haumea takes the psychic opening of Neptune and turns it into real psychic connection with the oneness of our existence and the magic of being alive’.

At a Full Moon the Sun and Moon are always opposite each other, so the Sun is at 9°15’ Leo. The Sun is conjunct Varuna, who is the Vedic god of waters, divine law, and enforcer of cosmic law. The dwarf planets always bring with them a strong sense of morality, of the importance of natural and divine law, never man-made law. We are becoming more aware of what is not ‘right action’ and beneficial for our Earth, nature and humanity, and this is the direction of travel for humanity.

The Moon is conjunct the beautiful archetype of Chariklo at 11°09’ Aquarius. You may remember that she was the wife of Chiron in myth, who can heal just by her state of being, holding sacred space silently. Chariklo is present at transitions of life to death as a soul midwife, but also she will assist in transitions of consciousness which is what we are going through right now. Conjunct this Full SuperMoon, she is also highlighting that new communities (Aquarius) are the places which will hold hold spiritual context and sacred space for us, where we can find sanctuary. Here, I believe that she will help us to hold ‘divine neutrality’ with whatever is unfolding in our world, as she is in Aquarius which is a very objective sign.

The Aquarius-Leo opposition at this Full Moon is a split between head and heart. Aquarius is linked to intellect, higher mind, brilliant new ideas and new technological developments, robotics and AI. It is very ‘heady’ energy. In its negative expression, it is linked with mental dissociation and even illness and extreme emotional detachment. Leo on the other hand is linked to the heart and to love. It is creative with a love of life and sense of joy, shining and helping others to shine. AI on the other hand cannot feel love or create originally, it can only replicate.

I was listening to the brilliant theoretical quantum physicist Dr Amit Goswami recently, who was explaining that the mind operates in space and time, in 3D reality. However it is the heart that operates in the quantum realm, connecting us to Oneness, to Source and the cosmos. That is why it is so vital to drop into our hearts and live from that place. That is where stillness is found too. Quoting from physicist Nassim Haramein, “the heart space is the source of genius. To go to the heart centre is to go to the stillness that connects us all and where the information is present. The heart is the fundamental space for our evolution. The heart is the place from which our society will transcend its current difficulties.” Beautiful.

Dr Amit describes himself as a ‘quantum activist and scientific renegade’ which I personally like a lot as renegades tend to be independent, critical thinkers. I love the idea of quantum activism which values love as the most powerful transforming force in the universe. 

I feel that this Full SuperMoon will make that mind-heart split even clearer.

Reinforcing this theme, Venus represents love and at 26°44’ Leo it is linked to heart energy. Venus is also in a beautiful, inspirational Grand Fire Trine to the North Node at 28°23’ and Eris at 25°14’ Aries and the Galactic Centre at 27° Sagittarius. The Galactic Centre radiates out cosmic and galactic energy, electro-magnetically charged plasma, with which we create our world. This feels visionary and is a very clear message that our collective direction of soul growth lies in love and the heart. Dwarf planet Varda is also conjunct the Galactic Centre at 25°28’ Sagittarius, and therefore is part of this Grand Fire Trine. She in myth with her husband Manwe created the cosmos and she placed the Sun, Moon and starts in the sky and set them on their course. This Grand Fire Trine is very positive in terms of how we create our future from now on with a clear message of we need to come from the heart, and from love. Eris here will make sure we come from a place of everyone being included in society, she fights against elitism, inequality and injustice.

Jupiter at 13°45’ Taurus is squaring the Sun and Moon, making its potential even more dramatic, and also reminding us to come back to nature, back to the organic, simple traditional ways of interacting with the Earth and growing our food. Very different from the sophisticated intellect of Aquarius.

Be aware that Jupiter and Uranus are co-present in Taurus but will meet in exact conjunction next April. This is spectacular for another jump in awakening and our consciousness that may be accelerated by galactic contact. It feels potentially exhilarating and exciting.

Mars at 13°42’ Virgo is excellent at getting projects completed with precision and focus. It is trine to Jupiter exactly by degree, and this is about fighting for our beliefs and values, particularly with what we are trying to build in society right now (Taurus and Virgo energy). Mars is also tightly conjunct Orcus at 13°56’, the dwarf planet linked to the Etruscan god of the underworld who punishes oathbreakers who have violated their sacred and divine law, and takes them to the underworld for punishment and ‘seeing the light’ if they are ready to change their ways. Does he represent what are referred to as the ‘Bardo states’?

Saturn at 5° Pisces is opposing Mercury at 5° Virgo, suggesting attempted increased control around communication in general, particularly those linked to medical issues (Virgo). What truly are the facts, will be the prevailing feeling, what can we trust?

Uranus continues its square to Venus, suggesting either a need for greater freedom and independence in relationships, a sudden out of the blue relationship (both of these if Venus falls in your 5th house), and a radical shift in values which many of us are feeling. It can suggest sudden financial changes too, although the potential for those is stronger in late September and October.

There is a very positive trine between Uranus and Pluto here, which although wide is operational. However if we look down the time tunnel from July 2026 to May 2028 we will have 5 exact trines between these planets and this is likely to be a time of great creative innovation and renaissance.

By August 5th, we have the Sun exactly square to Jupiter at 14° Leo-Taurus, and the Moon square the Pluto, so feelings will be running high about our beliefs and we may want to impose those on others, around issues of sovereignty and power.

Then on August 16th we have a New Moon at 23°17’ Leo exact at 2.37am PST and 10.37pm UK time. See where this falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for whatever seed you want to plant in that ‘house’ area of life. Here we have five planets in Fixed signs, so there is great determination and tenacity that we can utilise, but it also suggests that people will be ‘digging in’ to their established positions, especially around belief systems. If we include Eris and Chiron, we have seven orbiting bodies in Fire, suggesting a hot summer in parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

Leo is a Fixed fire sign, and is confident, creative, exuberant, and loves to let its light shine and help others to do the same. It is a sign linked to honesty, integrity, pride in oneself and also sovereignty; the lion is the king of its domain. In terms of letting our light shine, this is a beautiful quote from Martha Graham which I included in my first book, but it bears repeating now: “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist in any other medium and will be lost. The world will not have it.”

It is this sense of ‘the world will not have it,’ that there is a gap where your gift should be expressed, speaks to me very loudly of our need to step into our power now, and how astrology can help us find that uniqueness.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 24°07’ Leo, bringing in a wild instinctive and female expression to this New Moon who will not be tamed, and the exact square to Uranus by degree at 23° Taurus encourages us to live our authenticity. Bring out the ‘real you’, even if this upsets the applecart of those around you. Be radical, brave, speak your truth and step out into a new direction if that is what is calling you. Do you want to live a more alternative lifestyle, go back to nature in a bigger way (Taurus) and really do what you have always wanted to do for many years – this may be the time when the New Moon gives you the confidence to step out. Again, shocks and revelations are likely to come to light, and these will keep emerging through this year. We may see some major ‘upsetting of the applecart’ during August, setting us up for the Eclipses in October.

This New Moon exactly square to Uranus by degree may bring issues around UFOs, galactic beings, aviation and the power grids to the fore. Uranus remember is a discontinuous erratic off-on energy that can suggest cyber attacks and power grid outages. Certainly with Uranus in Taurus being highlighted here the geomagnetics of the Earth may be more unstable at this time and the solar activity heightened even more. The maximum peak of solar activity of Solar Cycle 25 was originally predicted by astrophysicists to be in 2025, but that has now been brought forward to late 2023 and early 2024. This New Moon may be reflecting some of that.

Uranus is also the planet linked to awakening and kundalini, and many more people are experiencing these. Uranus transits highlight what we have already outgrown.

Uranus is trine to Mars at 22°55’ Virgo so this is exact within 5’ of orb. This will give many of us a stronger urge for freedom, and can encourage rebellious and revolutionary behaviour too. There is a strong sense here of people not wanting to be held back. Our minds will be very energised with Mercury at 19°30’ Virgo conjunct Mars, and we will again want to get the facts and information right and exact. This is helpful for any project where detail is important, particularly around issues of health (Virgo) or any kind of service to others, but it can easily get frustrated and have a short fuse when routines are disrupted.  

Uranus is in a wide trine to Pluto so this becomes a Grand Trine in Earth, which is about solidly starting to put new ideas (Uranus trine to Mercury and Mars) into practice for new structures as we move forwards.

Mercury is trine to Jupiter here at 14°58’ Taurus, helping us to ‘think big’ around issues of health and agriculture, food production, and greater ways that we can be of service to others. Venus is conjunct this New Moon too, so kindness and love are all part of this picture, feeding into the Leo heart energy. As it is retrograde, for some of us old partners may be coming back into our lives.

The New Moon (Sun and Moon) are trine to the North Node and Eris at 26°/25° Aries. This is really saying that our collective direction of soul growth is via love, the heart, justice and truth.

I’ve mentioned in previous videos and newsletters that our hearts send more information to the brain than the brain does to the heart, and the heart’s toroidal field is much larger. When we are in the coherent (and coherence is critical, meaning holding the steady frequency of these emotions) emotions of love, joy, peace, gratitude and compassion, our heart’s toroidal field can extend to even 5 miles from our bodies! Also research done the HeartMath Institute suggests that the heart’s electrical field is approximately 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity created in the brain. 

So what does coherence mean? According to the HMI Research Director Dr. Rollin McCraty, “Coherence is the state when the heart, mind and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation. It is a state that builds resilience.” When parasympathetic and sympathetic systems are out of sync because one is filled with emotions such as anger, anxiety or frustration, this produces an erratic rhythm or what can be referred to as an incoherent state. Positive emotions such as compassion and love generate a harmonious pattern in our heart’s rhythm, leading to coherence and greater emotional regulation. When these harmonious interactions exist among our bodies’ systems, this is referred to as physiological coherence.

This means that our health is better, we are more balanced emotionally, we have greater resilience in dealing with problems, a greater sense of calm and positivity – and we are ‘infecting’ all of those within this 5 mile radius to feel that way too, infecting them with love. Think of your heart as a transmitter, as that is exactly what it is, and we can transmit love or hate to the collective.

When we are in a negative emotion of fear, anger, panic, hate, anxiety, we can feel our energy contracts and that directly affects our immune system too, making us more vulnerable to illness and more likely to get caught in the same loop of emotions. Fear attracts more fear.

So this whole period of our evolution over the coming months and years is about becoming Masters of our energy, understanding this and working positively with it for the good of all.

Also be aware that Mastery is not in avoiding the horrific things that are happening in the world. Rather that we are aware of them but DESPITE THOSE we can still maintain our equilibrium and love in our hearts, to create something better. This is really important.

The final aspect of note at this New Moon is Neptune at 27° Pisces is opposing Mars at 22° Virgo. This may suggest that we are losing energy (Mars) or enthusiasm for a specific detailed task, that all the detail is overwhelming, or more positively that we are taking spiritual (Neptune) action (Mars) to help our health (Virgo) such as yoga, tai-chi, qigong. It can also suggest that we are putting energy into spiritual service of some kind and this is likely to be in a practical way. Are we helping out at a food bank or a soup run?

Finally, it is interesting to note that this New Moon is conjunct the Suns of both India and Pakistan in their charts, and remember that Leo is the sign most linked to sovereignty – the people in Pakistan are pushing back extremely hard against their government. 

On August 21st we have some strong energy with the Sun quincunx Pluto at 28° Leo-Capricorn which may emerge as power battles in your own life or in the world. That same day the Moon (the people) opposes Eris and squares Pluto. This is a regularly repeating aspect but in the context of the bigger planetary cycles is more significant in terms of people feeling more rebellious and demanding. They will not back down. We are seeing this in France, the Netherlands and also Pakistan now. There is no compromise. The New Moon on the 16th being trine to Eris and conjunct Black Moon Lilith reinforces this.

On August 22nd, Venus is square to Jupiter at 15° Leo/Taurus. If this aspects any of your planets or angles it can bring success, joy and abundance to that area of life. Remember that Jupiter spends a year in each sign and ‘house’ area of your chart, and that is often the area where you can receive recognition, success or abundance of some kind. The square from Venus reinforces this potential.

On August 23rd Mercury moves stationary retrograde at 21° Virgo back to 8° Virgo when it goes direct again.

On August 27th Mars moves over the World Axis into Libra; watch for heightened aggression in the world then.

On August 28th we have a trine between Mars and Pluto at 28° Virgo/Capricorn. This gives energy, focus, determination and willpower to any task – see where Mars is falling in your chart to see which area of life this is likely to manifest.

On August 29th Uranus moves stationary retrograde at 23° Taurus, moving direct again on January 27th. For the few days to either side of this date, expect magnified ‘Uranian’ energy. So this could be extreme Earth events, earthquakes of all kinds, extreme volatility, sudden out of the blue events, much shocking truth coming to light, aviation incidents, cyber attacks, and power grid outages. It may also increased the instability of the Earth’s geomagnetics with solar flares, as this is getting very close to the maximum projected by astrophysicists for Solar Cycle 25. The other possible manifestation is greater disclosure of UFO activity, and galactic contacts. If this occurs, the historic hiding of this information will severely rattle trust in government authorities. This energy is running into the Full SuperMoon the next day.

 On August 30th at 6.35pm PST and 2.35am UK time on the 31st, we have a Full SuperMoon at 7°25’ Pisces. This is the third Full SuperMoon in a row of four, and is the closest and brightest of the year. Let us hope the skies are clear for us then.

Pisces is a sensitive Water sign, empathic, kind and gentle. It is a Mutable sign and indeed we have 5 planets in Mutable signs here: the Moon, Saturn and Neptune in Pisces and the Sun and Mercury in Virgo. Mutability is where we can be flexible and adaptable but it can suggest that we are lacking focus and feel ‘all over the place’ and overwhelmed. However what both Pisces and Virgo share is a sense of service. Virgo wants to be of practical help and Pisces wants to be of emotional and energetic help and has a sense of devotion too, at best quite ego-less. It is easy for Pisces energy to feel vulnerable and equally for Pisces-emphasis people to want to help with that vulnerability, to protect those who don’t quite fit or are excluded from society. This reinforces the Eris-North Node conjunction too.

As this is such a strong Full SuperMoon in Pisces ruled by Neptune we may see situations of flooding in parts of the world, or many tears and much emotion that can feel overwhelming. It can also bring up a great deal of compassion.

See where this falls in your chart for what may be coming to closure, completion, or culmination, or shining a bright light on what was not known before.

This bright light may not only shine on the vulnerable in society but also on health (Virgo) and drugs and pharmaceuticals. The media is connected the Pisces and Neptune too, so any scandals or deception may be subject to this very bright light of the Full SuperMoon.

The Moon here at 7°25’ Pisces is conjunct Saturn at 3°33’. So there is a sense here of a reality check, a need to ‘get real’ about our spirituality (Pisces) and put it into practice in a concrete way in the world. This may include compassionate acts of kindness.

Again, much truth may be coming to light with Uranus and Jupiter trine to Mercury, as both outer planets are linked to truth. In fact Mercury is exactly by degree at the midpoint of Uranus and Jupiter which may give us a glimpse of how the important conjunction between these two planets may manifest next April. Uranus is linked to the piercing sword of truth and Jupiter is linked to truth and justice in its rulership of Sagittarius.

So these trines encourage us to think big and out of the box in new ways particularly concerning food growing and agriculture (Taurus). We may have more galactic information or contact then.

The Sun is conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 7°/0° Virgo, again suggesting that we are not willing to compromise and that there are ‘no holes barred’ in our fight for the truth. Emphasising that the dwarf planet Orcus (see above for the symbolism) is exactly at the midpoint of the Sun and Mercury at 13° Virgo, punishing oath breakers who have violated sacred and divine law. A powerful time indeed.

Ceres the goddess of harvests and grains is conjunct the South Node, which suggests there may be more issues around the harvests in various countries due to extreme Earth events. 

Saturn is quincunx Mars at 3° Pisces/2° Libra, so some initiative or goal may be delayed or frustrated in some way in order that you pursue the process more cautiously and patiently. See where 2° Libra falls in your chart to help you understanding of how this is working in your own life.

By the end of August we have 7 planets retrograde, and therefore we will all be going through a big process of reassessment in many areas of our lives. The energy then starts to surge forwards again in late September with the Aries Full Moon and as we move towards the Eclipses in October. 

As we are about to tip into September, on the 1st we have an exact conjunction between Eris and the North Node, emphasising all that Eris represents, and on the 3rd Sedna turns stationary retrograde so for several days either side of this we are likely to experience some large Earth events, likely again to be linked to water.

The more we are able to stay in love and in our hearts, the more I believe we will continue to be protected from the worst extremes of the 3D collapse. Remember this a necessary process to cleanse and purge the old in order to fully move to the new.

Blessings to you all.

“Your purpose is to carry information and, by carrying it, to make the information accessible to others by frequency. Information is light; light is information. The more you become informed, the more you alter your frequency. You are electromagnetic creatures, and everything that you are, you broadcast to everyone else.” 

Barbara Marciniak 


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I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 4° – 18° Virgo, retrograde on the 23rd at 21° Virgo
Venus – 26° – 12° Leo, retrograde 

Mars – 13° Virgo – 2° Libra
 Jupiter – 13° – 15° Taurus

Saturn retrograde – 5° – 3° Pisces   
Uranus – 22° – 23° Taurus, retrograde on the 29th  

Neptune retrograde – 27° – 26° Pisces

Pluto retrograde – 29° – 28° Capricorn

North Node, always retrograde -28° 25° Aries 

Chiron – 19° Aries 

Chariklo retrograde – 11° Aquarius