You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?

You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?

  • Discover how the ancient language of astrology is completely relevant to your life today.
  • Understand how your birth moment is the ‘information seed’ for all that unfolds in your life.
  • Appreciate how astrology is a language of meaning that helps you decode your inner reality and outer experience.
  • Learn how understanding your birthchart can help you live a bigger life, as a true co-creator.
5 star review

Beautifully written and utterly riveting

‘This book is a masterpiece and a ‘must-read’ for both the beginner and the professional astrologer. Beautifully written and utterly riveting, it shows how astrology can now gain the respect that it truly deserves.’

- Barbara Goldsmith, Astrologer
5 star review

Profound, beautifully explained, optimistic and empowering

“This is a first-class book, written with a clarity that allows astrology’s depths to be revealed when its complexities might easily descend into obscure density. It works on several levels. Pam Gregory draws on earlier studies which provide the evidence that astrology’s patterns really do work. She illustrates with many examples just how these various patterns can manifest in our lives and she explores the relationship of astrology with philosophy and scientific knowledge to show how such patterns of connectedness might come about. Perhaps most profoundly of all, and with a degree of optimism and excitement, the last parts of the book show how mistaken is the usual perception that planets physically influence our lives day-to-day, a perception that also encourages both the trivialisation and the widespread dismissal of a genuinely deep subject. In its place the book offers a much more profound understanding of the cycles of nature, the nature of archetypes and meaning-making in a conscious universe as well as an empowering message that if we understand better the influences present in our individual patternings, we can make better and more knowledgeable choices of how we play the instruments that are available to us.

As a footnote, I have been present in the audience when Pam has given, with jaw-dropping effect, the “instant” readings that she describes and I have heard her bravely rise to the challenge of doing the same with radio phone-in listeners. I bought this book with high expectations which were, if anything, exceeded.”

- Jon Freeman via Amazon
5 star review

Incredible foundation for anyone interested in Astrology

“I’ve been interested in astrology for a very long time but it never felt “right.” THIS is exactly the approach I’ve been waiting for! Beautifully written with incredible depth and breath. Pam Gregory discusses the basics of astrology and offers the reader insight into astrology’s beginnings and fascinating history. The author then brings it forward to discuss appreciation of modern physics as it relates to the subject. I admit, as a novice to the subject, I feared the book would be over my head but Ms. Gregory has such command of each topic that I found it easy to follow and deeply satisfying. There’s so much here and it’s so well written that it’s a book you’ll want to read more than once … and I can’t wait to do just that!!! ”

- Marie, Amazon Customer