‘How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe’


117 Five Star Amazon reviews

Do you ever wonder what your purpose is and why you are here? This book looks at the most mysterious and deepest part of your astrological birth chart that is connected to your soul’s journey and its purpose in your life. It is a part of you that may be hard to articulate, but acts as an undertow to pull you towards growth and fulfilment. However, if you’re not aware of this deep insight as to who you really are, you can override its message and never really feel satisfied in life.

This book will take you through the simple steps of downloading your own unique birthchart from my website (you need to know your birthtime for this), then identifying your own ‘secret purpose’, and the practical steps you can take to achieve that understanding. Even if you currently know nothing about astrology, this book will take you on a very special journey.

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“Everything is already written in the stars, but this book is going to be life changing nonetheless. For some years I had made a big shift in lifestyle and unknowingly have been moving towards my North Node, apparently supported by my Midheaven placement. I intuitively feel strongly that I am on the right track, but after reading the book and comparing the information with my individual birth chart, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. That what has been a feeling or intuitive knowing for so long, became clearly visible to me. Understanding my nodal axis and Midheaven as well as the planets affecting my chart feels like a compass I had only knew within myself, but my life path and purpose are now also mapped out in front of me.

In contrast to other sources, Pam writes in a very inspiring and motivational way, which gives you confidence and excitement to continue on this magical journey. The knowing that we are co-creators of our own reality has been present with me for some time, but with the wisdom gained from this book I am even better equipped to team up with the Universe and make dreams a reality. Pam, thank you deeply for the incredible generous gifts you shower upon us. This book, your video tutorials and the videos regularly posted on Facebook allow me to be one of your very blessed students for which I am infinitely grateful.”


5 star Amazon Reviews

Excellent, illuminating
5.0 out of 5 stars, 18 September 2017

“This book is excellent. Pam Gregory is a preeminent astrologist with a full command of the subject, spanning over 40 years of research. She has addressed a very esoteric and seldom discussed aspect of astrology, the Nodal Axis, and she does so with characteristic research, clarity, and practicality. In addition, this text contains exercises to apply what you learn. Solid scholarship that illuminates an obscure topic, written by a clear expert in the field. I’ll buy the other book as well now, and her videos are among the very best.”

Susanna via Amazon

Astonishing vision and clarity characterizes this pioneering work
5.0 out of 5 stars, 13 September 2017

“Astonishing vision and clarity characterizes this pioneering work. Ms. Gregory challenges her readers to re-examine their perception of reality with abundant references to modern quantum physics and its not so modern antecedents. The reader is then urged to embrace astrology as the tool “par excellence” of self-fulfillment. The much neglected “north node” is revealed as the key to self-empowerment and we are exhorted to diligently focus on its birth-chart placement. Ms. Gregory evidently practices what she has preached – the book is a credible manifestation of her own efforts for self-realization.”

Ralphy via Amazon

Fantastic works with prized insight
5.0 out of 5 stars, 14 September 2017

“Mrs. Gregory shares fantastic works with prized insight into the dynamics of humanistic astrology… a wise woman anyone would love to have as sage of their community.”

JohnP via Amazon

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‘You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?’

Second Edition comprising the original book plus an extra almost 10,000 word chapter on the astrology of the next 3 years.

  • Discover how the ancient language of astrology is completely relevant to your life today.
  • Understand how your birth moment is the ‘information seed’ for all that unfolds in your life.
  • Appreciate how astrology is a language of meaning that helps you decode your inner reality and outer experience.
  • Learn how understanding your birthchart can help you live a bigger life, as a true co-creator.

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87 five star Amazon reviews

“This is a fascinating book, which weaves threads of history, philosophy, science and quantum theory as the context for astrology”

Dr. Joe Dispenza, Neuroscientist, Chiropractor, Author, Lecturer

“You did a brilliant job, and are to be commended for such a serious and intelligent exploration and demonstration of this divine cosmic study, and why it is of value to humanity”

Raymond Merriman, CTA (Commodities Trading Advisor) and President of Merriman Market Analyst Inc.

“What a great read! Interesting, inspiring, enlightening!”

Sue Stone, Author of Love Life, Live Life, and Happiness and Empowerment Coach

Of her work: “Beautiful, sensitive, integrated, superb astrology, world-class work”

Noel Tyl, Master Astrologer

‘Beautifully written and utterly riveting’
This book is a masterpiece and a ‘must-read’ for both the beginner and the professional astrologer. Beautifully written and utterly riveting, it shows how astrology can now gain the respect that it truly deserves.’

Barbara Goldsmith, Astrologer

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Reviews of first edition

Profound, beautifully explained, optimistic and empowering
5.0 out of 5 stars, 11 Jan 2014

“This is a first-class book, written with a clarity that allows astrology’s depths to be revealed when its complexities might easily descend into obscure density. It works on several levels. Pam Gregory draws on earlier studies which provide the evidence that astrology’s patterns really do work. She illustrates with many examples just how these various patterns can manifest in our lives and she explores the relationship of astrology with philosophy and scientific knowledge to show how such patterns of connectedness might come about. Perhaps most profoundly of all, and with a degree of optimism and excitement, the last parts of the book show how mistaken is the usual perception that planets physically influence our lives day-to-day, a perception that also encourages both the trivialisation and the widespread dismissal of a genuinely deep subject. In its place the book offers a much more profound understanding of the cycles of nature, the nature of archetypes and meaning-making in a conscious universe as well as an empowering message that if we understand better the influences present in our individual patternings, we can make better and more knowledgeable choices of how we play the instruments that are available to us.

As a footnote, I have been present in the audience when Pam has given, with jaw-dropping effect, the “instant” readings that she describes and I have heard her bravely rise to the challenge of doing the same with radio phone-in listeners. I bought this book with high expectations which were, if anything, exceeded.”

Jon Freeman via Amazon

Incredible foundation for anyone interested in Astrology
5. out of 5 stars, 11 Oct 2015

“I’ve been interested in astrology for a very long time but it never felt “right.” THIS is exactly the approach I’ve been waiting for! Beautifully written with incredible depth and breath. Pam Gregory discusses the basics of astrology and offers the reader insight into astrology’s beginnings and fascinating history. The author then brings it forward to discuss appreciation of modern physics as it relates to the subject. I admit, as a novice to the subject, I feared the book would be over my head but Ms. Gregory has such command of each topic that I found it easy to follow and deeply satisfying. There’s so much here and it’s so well written that it’s a book you’ll want to read more than once … and I can’t wait to do just that!!! ”

Marie, Amazon Customer

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Great book.
5.0 out of 5 stars, 05 Jan 2017, review from Amazon.com

“I truly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to people who have doubt of astrology. Thank you”

Jane Fox

Excellent entry level intro in to astrology!
5.0 out of 5 stars, 21 Oct 2016, review from Amazon.com

“Pam’s book is an excellent entry level introduction into the world of astrology. Astrology is like learning algebra….you build on the steps. Pam lays out an excellent foundation.”


Brilliant & Lyrical Overview of the World’s Most Artistic Science
5.0 out of 5 stars, 21 Jul 2016, review from Amazon.com

“I doubt I’ll ever run across a more satisfying book about astrology. Pam Gregory’s beautifully-crafted narrative is so rich with history and insightful evidence supporting the validity of astrology that I’ll probably be referencing it for the rest of my life. It makes the many dimensions of astrology accessible and digestible to novice astrologers while demonstrating a vast comprehension of this ancient science/art. Something about the author’s voice and wisdom adds an extra layer of magic and profundity to the subject–you feel like she’s pulling back the curtain on her forty+ years of experience and revealing some of her favorite things. I highly recommend this book–I intend to read it again and again.

David C

After this read you just may believe in astrology
5.0 out of 5 stars, 14 Jun 2016, review from Amazon.com

“A thoughtful, literate look at the origins and history of astrology, its extraordinary complexity and hence why “horoscope columns” are a complete waste of time. The reader gains an implicit understanding of why astrology does not conflict with religion and why Indian courts decided to legally define astrology as a science.

A wonderful read for anyone who has serious interest in this fascinating discipline.”

Rachel Ray

Well Done!
5.0 out of 5 stars, 28 April 2016, review from Amazon.com

“Not just any ordinary book on Astrology! Pam Gregory’s book is easy to read and FILLED with meaningful information about the history and current relevance of Astrology. She has done her homework and is well grounded in the science as a tool for living a more fully aware existence. Thank you Pam Gregory!”


Eye opening!
5.0 out of 5 stars, 16 April 2016, review from Amazon.com

“Profoundly moving explanation of the history and importance of astrology. The depth yet simplicity of the book is a huge win for Pam. I highly recommend this book to all!”

Amazion Customer

Five Stars
5.0 out of 5 stars, 03 March 2016, review from Amazon.com

Great introduction to the field – well written and no prior knowledge needed to enjoy. If you ever had an interest in the field or need an extra resource this is the perfect little book. So helpful and well-written! Highly recommend it along with getting her awesome tutorial videos for further understanding into the field.”

Cristina Alonso

A Beautiful Body Of Wisdom
5.0 out of 5 stars, February 25, 2016

I appreciate all of Ms. Gregory’s decades of study of astrology, philosophy, psychology and physics which have allowed her to integrate her knowledge into a beautiful body of wisdom for us. On pages #62-63, Ms. Gregory states: “It is our lifetime’s task to use our unique blueprints to think and feel the greatest we can be…” Astrology is a blueprint we can use to help us make the most of our lives. Pages #170-171 where Ms. Gregory states: “However, the planetary cycles provide another connection; they act as instruments of time for our world.” This is very powerful. This point speaks about the actual physical planets, earth, sun, moon, seasons, etc., marking actual linear events in our lives in the concept we call time. This is a powerful flash point that has changed not only my perception of but approach to life as it widens the scope of possibilities! Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this book!

Felecia Harte, CEO, Hartecast Music, San Francisco

5.0 out of 5 stars, January 10, 2016

I found this book an excellent portrayal of what Astrology really can do for you. I have read many books on the subject, but none as convincing as this. I was gripped from start to finish and feel it should be read by sceptics as well as astrologers. Ten out of ten!

Sylvia Davies

Some good and many a waste of time
5.0 out of 5 stars, 7 Dec 2016, review from Amazon.com

“Having had an interest in Astrology for many years, I’ve read lots of books on the subject, some good and many a waste of time. Pam Gregory’s book has to rank as one of the best I’ve ever read. If you’ve ever looked at a horoscope and been overwhelmed with all the symbols and how they relate to the potential of the person whose life it represents, you’ll be amazed how it all comes together through Ms. Gregory’s explanation and insights into the planets, their interaction and their possible meanings. You never get the feeling that the stars are controlling you as some astrologers would have it, but what you get are guiding insights and possibilities into your own unique situation. This book is comprehensive with chapters on the historical aspect of Astrology to its use in our modern world. It’s a book I will read over and over again because each time I gain more insights and respect for the science and the art that is Astrology.”

Peter D

Thank you Pam! Wonderful book!
5.0 out of 5 stars, 13 Jan 2015

I love this book! It is a great tool for the basics (and more) of astrology. This will be a book I find myself referring back to often. What I like most is it is easy to understand. I kept pausing and comparing my birth chart (and my children’s and husband’s) to the info she’s talking about. Great read for beginners and experts!”

Amazon Customer

A must read if you want to understand WHY astrology is relevant and how it relates to life
5.0 out of 5 stars, 26 Sep 15, review from Amazon.com

“A fantastically informative explanation on the relevance of astrology and how it works, written in a way that everyone can understand. This is not a book on how to learn astrology but rather how and why it relates to life and why it is both science and spiritualism in one. I had to re read the last few chapters as there is so much information in them that made me connect the dots, that every page was a wow! Thank you Pam! Everybody should read this, it really gives a fresh perspective.”


Wow! What a book!
5.0 out of 5 stars, 21 Jul 2016, review from Amazon.com

“Wow! This book is quite informative and the ease of reading is impressive! Ms Gregory wrote this in a manner that anyone could understand! This is an excellent book!”


The Will to Believe in Astrology — be open to the evidence
5.0 out of 5 stars, 10 Apr 2015, review from Amazon.com

“This book has an overview of astrology that I have rarely seen elsewhere that is NOT filled with astrological jargon. The average astrology novice can pick up this book and get a good sense of what Pam is saying about astrology’s role in history, its mathematical basis, and how it became the tool it had been for kings and emperors, presidents and other leaders. Pam explains how astrology’s having been degraded to its more recent status as superstition and uneducated drivel and why that is just purely a bad rap. I am glad to have found this book because as an academic with a doctorate who is also studying astrology, and who looks at how planetary transits and aspects might affect my choices and concerns, I am able to use this information to let my critics know that I am not crazy to believe in astrology. Astrology IS mentioned in the Bible, by the way (I’ve had critics who say astrology is not mentioned there)–the Magi were astrologers, and the Bible actually demonstrates that they knew about the birth of this special baby because of “his star” being visible. It does not paint them as evil or crazy or wrong–it does not even criticize them — it shows that they became aware of this monumentous event by signs in the sky (which were accurate) and that they knew what everyone around that baby did not yet know, and might never even have believed (“oh, you believe that astrology stuff?”) So Pam takes it in the book to a place where scientists and mathematicians justify its place in understanding life, the world, the unknown–and gives good reason that maybe it deserves a closer look from the skeptics and critics who have minimal understanding of it. Pam has studied it for 40 years. I have only been studying for a few years and I know that there is a lot I have not yet touched upon. So how can critics who really do not know its depth even judge it. Pam discusses a statistician who was a critic and a skeptic, but he used his own expertise in statistics to try to disprove astrology, and ended up finding out some fascinating evidence to support astrology’s claims. And, he then became the one criticized because his evidence sided with the astrologers. Hmmm. Is science really objective and open-minded to the evidence? Not if it challenges mainstream ideas. That’s always been the case. (the world is round?!)”

Diane Dobry

A Gem of an Astrology Book
5.0 out of 5 stars, 18 March 2015, review from Amazon.com

“As an Astrology student of many years, I find this book fresh, insightful, friendly, and providing of information pertinent to present times with the many new consciousness revelations and changes taking place. I have enjoyed it immensely and find myself turning to it often when I feel like something pleasurable to read. I also look forward to Pam Gregory’s latest videos on YouTube along with her Next Step newsletter.”


An incredible read…
5.0 out of 5 stars, 18 March 2015, review from Amazon.com

“I am not a writer I am a reader. So my comments will be brief. The author pitch this just right, interesting, thoughtful and enough science and history to elevate her narrative to peak and maintain my curiosity. She led me by the hand. Each chapter building upon the last, her arguments for the subject matter are clear and undeniable. But don’t take my word for it read this book for yourself. You will be glad you did.”

Vanessa Schwartzel

Live a Bigger Life!
5.0 out of 5 stars, 04 Dec 2014, review from Amazon.com

“This book is a gem of a find – whether you “believe” in Astrology or not! While a great gift for the skeptic in your life, Pam Gregory’s book is also a refreshing text for anyone interested in the study of consciousness, time and space.

Ms. Gregory avoids the pitfall of using too much astrological jargon, keeping the text easy to follow for the layman and beginner student. Her main premise is that the majority of people today live by default – life happens to them. She posits that “by becoming aware of and understanding planetary cycles, we can start to live strategically, maximizing opportunities so we can live them fully and meaningfully, rather than resisting or missing them. (…) Astrology gives us the confidence to live a bigger life.”

She considers the importance of the birth moment and the alchemy of relationship, explaining how a skilled astrologer helps an individual toward understanding his or her life’s patterns with greater clarity.

Drawing on holographic theory, Ms. Gregory compares the birth chart to a hologram, a multi-dimensional, multi-layered sphere of meaning stretching across time and space. “Just like a hologram, it is not solid; it is your mathematical expression of energy. It is information. And, just like the `whole in part’ nature of the hologram, you can find the whole in its separate parts, the individual’s sacred meaning.”

Ms. Gregory goes beyond the individual application of Astrology with a chapter entitled `The Macrocosm and the Microcosm’ in which she uses the Uranus-Pluto cycle as an example to explain our current global situation and its historical patterning. While this makes for fascinating reading, it is the genuine inspirational quality for the individual’s life that makes this book worth reading. So, if you’re asking yourself at the moment, “Why is this happening to me?” this book could help to answer your question. Or at least inspire you to find out more about your personal holographic blueprint.”


She is as beautiful as she is kind
5.0 out of 5 stars, 02 Dec 2015, review from Amazon.com

“All I can say is WOW!

An exceptional, extraordinary, breathtaking body of work. Pam Gregory is truly remarkable on so many levels! An author, researcher, scholar, healer, teacher and soul traveller dedicated to cultivating higher consciousness. She is as beautiful as she is kind, inside and out.

This is a masterpiece which presents examples of historical timelines that aligned to certain planetary alignments (e.g, Uranus-Pluto conjuncts and oppositions aligning to social revolutions etc…) and explains carefully and explicitly the archetypal energies at play on Earth and the cosmological aspects that correspond to them, emphasizing the age-old idiom ‘As above so below, as within so without’. Moreover clarification is made regarding the relationship between events in space, events on earth, and events in the mind are not causal relationships one way or the other but are nevertheless simultaneous and correlate in a predictable manner.

Pam’s erudtion and articulate authorship will convince any lay person, skeptic or non-believer that the ancients were right after all in believing in astrology. There is an uncanny relationship between human history and planetary cycles, and Pam excites the soul by reminding you so. The mainstream audiences require this book, given that Pam bridges the highly complex topic of advanced astrology and synthesises it in a relatable and easy to understand manner.

I have read a few classics such as Richard Tarnas’ ‘Cosmos and Psyche’ and Geoffrey Cornelius’ ‘The moment of astrology’. I feel that Pam’s book is on the same par as those texts. Honestly, it was profoundly enjoyable. The audio book was outstanding because Pam herself was speaking in her beautiful, gentle accent. Her scholarly delivery carries authority and when hearing her voice it was as if an emissary from the stars was talking to the depths of my soul. Pam condenses all of the most relevant information about astrology and provided it delicately to both a lay and expert audience. Astrology inspires and compels me to commit to this transcendental place where cosmos and individual so intricately and consequentially intersect: the pivotal meeting point of epistemology, beingness and psychology. Thank you Pam for adding such important work to the canon of literature.”

André,( Ph.D Candidate)

The profundity of information in this fascinating book is beautifully delivered with style
5.0 out of 5 stars, November 24, 2014

Pam Gregory is an extraordinary Ambassador of Astrology. The profundity of information in this fascinating book is beautifully delivered with style, grace and definitive certainty. Clearly a more scientific approach to astrology, the book assists us in finding meaning and conscious creation of the circumstances of our lives. We recognize that the individuals with whom we have interacted closest have offered us invaluable gifts for our growth, and that the unmet future we long to create is waiting in the quantum field. We learn that anything we might consider lost can be re-achieved in some form in our lives. We better understand that infinite glory of possibility lies within each of us, that by looking at the planets are our exact time of birth, and by living strategically, rather than by default, a confirming power within each of us is awakened to assist us, always.

Patty Kovacevich

A great book!
5.0 out of 5 stars, July 28, 2014

I found this book most informative, full of facts based on accurate information and absolutely fascinating. I don’t know anything about astrology but it has made me much more interested to find out more and to have my birth chart reading. Pam is surely a master of her craft, her in depth knowledge is incredible, backed up with plenty of evidence. I would also think that her book is suitable for anyone who does have knowledge of astrology. I have only read it once but it is something that I know I will read again in the future and also dip into from time to time. I would certainly recommend it to anyone.

Sue conway

5.0 out of 5 stars, March 4, 2014

A fascinating book about Astrology, covering its history and development, and why astrology was so respected by many of the great thinkers and philosophers, but then fell out of favour as the Newtonian paradigm became generally accepted. It traces many significant events through history against planetary movements. It also shows how the relevance of astrology can be explained in terms of other disciplines and current understandings of Quantum Theory, but most importantly demonstrates how astrology can help you to live a more fulfilling and strategic life.

Nick E

The only Astrology book you need!
5.0 out of 5 stars, February 27, 2014

If you only read one book about Astrology, make this the one.
I was sceptical, but as the pages of this beautifully crafted book turned, I became captivated by the inescapable logic of the author’s argument.
It seems we can ‘choose a big life or a little one’…
Learn to read the unique sheet of music that is your birth chart. Contrary to popular misconception, Astrology does not make things happen, but you can choose to ‘live strategically’ and work with, rather than against, the influence of the planets.
Your birth chart is the starting point for ‘being the best that you can be’. Recognise cataclysmic global events, world wars, financial crises and the earth’s pulse, as well as everyday events in your own life, as operating according to identifiable planetary archetypes.

Everything on earth, indeed in the universe, is intricately and intimately linked. This stimulating book explains how.

Mr Stephen M lee

Chart topper
5.0 out of 5 stars, February 25, 2014

Pam Gregory uses her exceptional communication skills to describe this much misunderstood, unjustly maligned and infinitely complex subject in a way we can all understand. You will not find a better or more readable introduction to astrology.

Roger Guttridge

The Restoration of an Ancient and Important Art for Our Times
5.0 out of 5 stars, February 25, 2014

If you thought astrology was just about reading your daily horoscope then think again. Pam Gregory is a Master Astrologer and she has written a book about an area of study which has been reduced to a spurious backwater for far too long. Astrology has a long and noble history and Pam presents us with the fascinating and compelling evidence that our lives really are connected very accurately with the movement of the planets. It is definitely food for thought. Her book is a wonderful and instructive introduction to the many ways that reading what is taking place in the sky can help us to make the most of significant astral influences. It is time that Astrology took up its rightful place again, that place being, wherever any important decision needs to be made. I highly recommend Pam’s book as a good overall read about an ancient but forgotten art. Thoroughly enjoyable.

The Life Retuner

Fascinating !
5.0 out of 5 stars, February 25, 2014

I have read many books on astrology but most focus on using astrology to interpret your birth chart etc. This one takes a much wider and deeper view from how astrology came about and its past history to how it affects everything that goes on in the world ( The author has even predicted this winters flooding in the UK! )

Very illuminating, some parts I needed to Google to understand more about but that’s great as it opens up your mind to parts of astrology you may not have encountered in the usual run of the mill books out there on the subject.

Louise Kingshotton

Fantastic insight
5.0 out of 5 stars, February 25, 2014

The book offers a fantastic insight into the world of Astrology, I would recommend this to anyone who has a curious mind on Astrology and would like to find out more about the science behind it.

Jack Manley

Easy to read, enjoyable, fascinating
5.0 out of 5 stars, November 18, 2013

This is a wonderful book for those that either don’t believe in astrology or for those who have an interest in it and want more than the tabloid version of predictions across 12 astrological signs, without getting into academia. Pam Gregory has over 40 years’ experience in astrology and she eases you in gently to the book during the first three chapters and then explores areas within astrology using real life case examples and astrological patterns/demonstrations to provide an absolutely fascinating insight into areas such as the quantum field, without going into too much depth that would warrant an academic read. It’s an easy book to read and left me wanting more. It provides, in my opinion, some irrefutable evidence that astrology has its place in the world through the demonstration of more than synchronistic events that could be explained mathematically using astrological charts and Pam’s extensive experience. I sincerely hope this is the first of a series of books by the author as, having delved lightly into some areas, I am now hungry for more of the same as it has ignited a deep fascination in me that I want to explore further with someone like Pam who knows what they are talking about. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

By C. Cousins