THE NEXT STEP BLOG - November 2023

The Intensity Ramps Up

Welcome to the November 2023 newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for October.

However, I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately, I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

Copyright Pam Gregory, no part to be copied or used elsewhere without my strict permission. Thank you.

October Review

October 7th: As we enter the forceful, brutal energy of Mars square Pluto exact tomorrow of ‘might make right’ (27°53′ Libra-Capricorn) with Pluto stationary direct on Tuesday, Israel declares that they are at war with Palestine. There are already tragically many deaths on both sides.

The chart for Palestine is set for November 15th 1988 Jerusalem at 00.00 hrs. This has an Ascendant in Libra, so the chart ruler Venus at 19°31′ will receive a conjunction from the Solar Eclipse on the 14th. We are already well within that energy already. In addition, the Midheaven (leadership, government) ruler is the Moon at 28°54′ Capricorn, which is currently being conducted by transiting Pluto. This suggests tremendous force is being used against the country.

The chart for Israel set on May 14th 1948 at 4 pm Jerusalem has its Ascendant at 23° Libra, and the Solar Eclipse is conjunct this at 21°. The Sun is at 23° Taurus, where transiting Uranus is right now, and then the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will happen at this point (24°) next April. This suggests very big changes for Israel next year.

On October 7th at 6.35 am, when Hamas attacked Israel, the transiting South Node and Mars (god of war, attack, aggression) were on Israel’s Ascendant. The transiting North Node and Eris (goddess of chaos and discord) were conjunct Israel’s Descendant, the area symbolising open enemies. Transiting Pluto was conjunct with the IC of this chart (so death, trauma to the land), and opposing Israel’s Midheaven (status, reputation, government), suggesting a major extreme event, trauma, and survival issues at this time. These transiting aspects form a Cardinal Grand Cross, which is very dynamic. In addition, transiting Mars was square transiting Pluto, a signature of brutality, violence and ‘might make right’. This was also just 3 days before Pluto moved stationary direct, so the symbolism of power and force was magnified and well into the energy of the Libra Solar Eclipse a week later.

It is interesting also that Israel is currently going through its Chiron return. Fifty years almost to the day on October 6th 1973, on the very holy Jewish day of Yom Kippur. Chiron was then at 18° as it is now. So normally, the Chiron return not only stirs up this original wound again, but gives an opportunity for healing, too. It remains to be seen how this can be achieved. The Solar Eclipse at 21° Libra was opposing this ‘natal’ Chiron, so giving it a chance for a new beginning, a new perspective, rather than repeating the same cycle again.

It is important to also look at the chart for Iran, which is activated right now. The chart is set for February 1st 1979, 9.33, Tehran. The Solar Eclipse on October 14th was conjunct Iran’s Pluto in the 7th house of open enemies, and the Lunar Eclipse on the 28th was exactly (within 2’ of orb) conjunct Iran’s Chiron at 5°11’ Taurus. Is this a case of Iran potentially becoming involved (let us pray not) to defend its own resources and security (Taurus)? Transiting Uranus is opposing Iran’s natal Uranus in the 8th house of death and secrets, and transiting Mars will be conjunct this Uranus on November 11th. This could be an ‘ignition point’, so it is very important for us all to stay calm.

Please send prayers to all involved, stay in peace, and redouble your efforts to send love to the world.

October 7th: It’s interesting to note that the chart for the EU is being strongly aspected by the upcoming Eclipses. The chart for the EU is set for November 1st 1993, at 00.00 hrs Brussels. The Solar Eclipse on October 14th at 21° Libra will conjunct Venus in this chart at 19°50′ Libra, which is the Midheaven ruler.

The Lunar Eclipse on October 28th at 5° Taurus is conjunct with the Midheaven itself at 2° Taurus. The Midheaven of a country represents its leadership and government, so it will be interesting to see what unfolds this month and beyond for the EU. This certainly suggests some significant changes.

October 10th: This is an inspiring YouTube video called ‘One Small Town’ which is the visionary idea from Michael Tellinger, a true pioneer, and Aquarian energy through and through: Enjoy!

October 20th: This comment is from one of my YouTube followers in response to my sharing about the US Pluto Return, and it is very interesting: “The lunar eclipse will cut through California, Nevada, Eastern Washington State, Idaho – with this being said, Eastern Oregon will be included…. It was just announced in the last few days that ID has begun negotiations to incorporate the Eastern Oregon counties that voted to LEAVE Oregon and ASKED Idaho to incorporate them into their state – we shall see what transpires there. I know there have been ‘rumblings of Eastern Washington State desiring the same action, but I don’t believe this was ever voted on, nor if any action has been taken thus far. The Eastern Oregon counties went through the legal process to ‘divorce’ Oregon because those counties did not feel they were being adequately represented by the state government (they are basically being ignored; similar to Eastern Washington State).”

I have mentioned several times that I believe one of the manifestations of the US Pluto Return is the possible break up of the Union into various state groupings.

November 2023

If anything, November has the potential to be more intense than October as this rapid evolutionary process for humanity continues its ‘breakdown to breakthrough’ phase. All darkness must be revealed, and November is likely to be a month of many revelations.

We begin the month still very much in the energy of the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on October 28th. This had a lot of intensity with several planets in Scorpio, including the ancient ruler Mars, which takes no prisoners, is ferocious and laser in its focus, and the dynamic T-square of Pluto square to Eris and the Nodal Axis. There is a tremendous feeling of energy building here, which carries into November. I think many of us can feel this intensity.

Right from the beginning of the month, we may also be feeling Saturn starting its station direct, exact on the 4th at 0°30’ Pisces. This may feel rather emotionally heavy, and there may be greater attempts by the powers that were to restrict us in some way. We will want to turn inwards more. However, with truths coming to light, we may be feeling less obedient than we were, especially with Mars in Scorpio and Eris conjunct in the North Node. We are likely to be standing in our truth and sovereignty more strongly than at any other time in our lives.

Another expression of this Saturn station in Pisces is to increase our spiritual (Pisces) practice and discipline (Saturn), to strengthen our spiritual sovereignty so we can more easily manifest positively in our reality. It is also about strengthening our spiritual boundaries.

We have a Jupiter-Neptune semi-square running until mid-month, which is idealistic and yearns to move to a more perfect reality, but also suggests that some of us may be feeling very disillusioned with all we see unfolding around us.

Mercury opposes Uranus that day, which can bring in downloads and insights, original ideas and brilliance, but it is also ‘sparky’ where freedoms (Uranus) are threatened.

Please note that all through November, the outer planets are barely moving. Saturn moves from 0°-1° Pisces all month, Uranus (retrograde) moves from 21°-20° Taurus, Neptune moves from 25°-24° (retrograde) Pisces, and Pluto remains at 28° Capricorn. Saturn will not return to 0° Pisces for another orbital cycle for almost 29 years, Uranus, once it moves direct in late January, will not return for another cycle of 84 years, Neptune will not return to 24° Pisces for almost 165 years, and Pluto will not return to 28° Capricorn also for a full orbital cycle, so almost 248 years. 

This is really important, as once these planets all begin to move directly (Neptune on December 6th and Uranus on January 27th), none of them will return to the old territory for many years, in some cases in our lifetimes. This supports the energy of many of the dwarf planets changing signs around now of a new world emerging with very different energy.

So, if you have any planets within a degree or orb of any of these outer planets, you may be feeling this energy strongly through November as the last ‘pass of pressure’. So with Saturn, it may have brought up issues around control and restriction, rules and regulations, for any planet or angle you have between 29° Aquarius and 1° Pisces, and also around 0° of the other Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. So often, however, Saturn makes us stronger through facing reality with discipline.

Saturn entered 0° Pisces in March, then by retrograde motion returned there in October and until November 27th. See what planet or angle it is aspecting in your chart. Saturn is often connected to endings; what began in March for you that is coming to completion now?

For Uranus, where has it been transiting in your chart? Has it brought up a more restless energy, a desire for freedom, newness, and variety in that area of your life? Through November, it will be at 20°-21° Taurus. Has it brought in sudden disruptions, surprises or opportunities? Have you felt you need to break the rules, be a maverick, or have more creative self-expression? Have you been using more technology in your life?

For Neptune, it will have been expecting any planet or angle between 23°-25° Pisces or the other Mutable signs (see above). This may have brought up issues around confusion, overwhelm, disillusionment, or even some deceit. Or much greater psychic sensitivity and spirituality in your life, or compassion, all depending on where it falls and which planet it is affecting. This transit can last up to a year but may well have opened you up to much finer aspects of being and your multi-dimensionality. 

For Pluto, there are likely to have been great issues around intensity, control, manipulation, power play, even trauma and survival issues, death and rebirth, but also profound transformation in your life and stepping into your empowerment, again depending on where it falls and what it has been respecting. This transit can last up to two years. Pluto has been aspecting 27°-29° Capricorn and will have been in hard aspect also to any planets or angles between those degrees of the other Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer and Libra.

As a personal example of this, I have my natal Saturn at 26° Libra. Saturn is related to bones and knees. It’s fascinating that as transiting Pluto came to square (challenging aspect) my natal Saturn in March 2022, I tore my meniscus cycling and was in agony. The pain really continued all during 2022 and became worse after an arthroscopy operation. By November 2022, I could barely walk across a room, so the knee (Saturn) pain was intense (Pluto) and all-consuming. It was so restrictive (Saturn) for someone who is so active to be so confined and limited (Saturn). Pluto was also squaring my natal Neptune, linked to sleep, so this was literally ‘death to sleep’. Then, at the last pass of Pluto in this exact square to my Saturn in early December 2022, I had a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection with my own blood plasma, and the pain and disability started to ease within days. I filmed a video on this to help others with a similar condition. 

Many of you were kind enough to send me a lot of healing through 2023, and the knee is doing really pretty well now, I can walk for around 90 minutes with no support or sticks. So the intense pain followed that transiting Pluto square my natal Saturn exactly with the symbolism translating literally too. I haven’t looked forward far into the future with this, but I just want to share that the pain intensity arrived and left exactly on this Pluto square, my natal Saturn transit.

Astrology is so instructive for us in this way if we can track the movement of transiting planets in our own charts. 

So, whatever you have been experiencing in the last year or so has a strong sense of moving on now to new territory as we enter 2024.

These transits are felt at the personal, social, political, environmental and spiritual levels, and these transits have been heightened this year by the T-square between Pluto and the Nodal Axis. What has transformed around those for you? How have you grown and expanded your understanding and awareness? Have you more fully stepped into your power and sovereignty during this period, or sunk more deeply into a victim? Have your relationships changed over the last 2 years? Realise what an incredibly strong pivot point this is in our evolution of humanity. It feels like ‘go time’ into a very different new episode.

This is reinforced by all the outer planets changing signs between 2024 and 2026. Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2024 for 20 years. Neptune moves over the Aries point of 0° Aries in April 2025, retrogrades, then with Saturn, they both move hand in hand over that 0° Aries in February 2026. Uranus began its move into Gemini in July 2025, fully in April 2026. I haven’t so far been able to find a time in history when this has occurred and note that these outer planets are all moving from Earth and Water signs into Air and Fire signs when the energy will move much faster.

On top of that, Haumea has just moved over 0° Scorpio. Haumea has a 283 orbital period, so whenever it changes sign, it is a big deal. Sedna has just moved over 0° Gemini, and it has an 11,400-year cycle. Manwe, with a 289-year cycle, has recently entered Aries, currently at 1° of that sign. 0° Aries represents the World Axis, so this is the very first degree of the zodiac, which I like to call the Creation degree.

I think we can all feel this major shift in energy that we are experiencing. On top of that, if we remember that the Earth is currently moving through the Galactic Current Sheet and the Photon Belt, that only happens every 12,000 years, give or take 500 years. This is the game-changer, the trump card if you like; that is the biggest cycle of them all to initiate a whole new episode. During this Photon Belt passing, the Earth and, therefore, humanity are receiving extremely high levels of high-frequency light to a degree that we have never known in many lifetimes. On top of that, due to the drop in the Earth’s and Sun’s magnetic shields, we are receiving exponentially higher levels of solar flares. For instance, in 2018 we had no M-class flares, now we can have as many as 12 in a day. You can easily track these on, and the photonic light and solar flares are powerful ingredients for our evolution.

Now, back to the details of November. On November 6th, we have a trine between Venus and Pluto at 28° Virgo-Capricorn, and this can bring focus and productivity to matters of relationship and finance. Feelings are strong and intense, reinforced by Mars in Scorpio, too, where he will stay until November 24th. However, on the 8th, Venus moves into Libra, one of her signs of rulership, where she will be keen to find more balance and harmony in the relationship. Mercury is also trine to Neptune on the 8th at 25°09’ Scorpio-Pisces, and this is wonderful for our imagination and any creative endeavour.

Within a few days, the intensity peaks again with a flurry of dynamic aspects mid-month. On November 11th, Mars opposes Uranus at 21°08’ Scorpio-Taurus (note that this will aspect the ‘natal’ Uranus of Iran). This is an eruptive, explosive, hot, reactive aspect that is a classic signature of earthquakes of all kinds and will be operational until the 14th. These may be environmental, political, or financial, and could act as an ‘ignition point’ around issues to do with freedom and any potential constraint. This aspect kicks back against any control rules that limit personal freedom and sovereignty. There is a sense of primal energy here and urgency. Scorpio is the sign associated with revenge, but please take a breath and act mindfully here for the highest good of all.

This emotional reactivity is magnified further by a Moon-Jupiter opposition at 9° Scorpio-Taurus that ‘blows things up’, and could be related to something financial or our own sense of safety and security. It could also relate to food supplies and basic needs.

Then we have the New Moon at 20°43’ Scorpio on the 13th at 1.27 am PST and 9.27 am UK time. Again, as we are in Scorpio season, this carries intense energy. We have the Sun, Moon (always together at a New Moon) with Mars at 22°11’ Scorpio and Ceres at 24°56’, so Mars is at the midpoint of this New Moon and Ceres. This again suggests that there could be some anger around food supply issues in some parts of the world. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse at the end of October with the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Taurus may have provoked some inflation that is affecting food (Taurus). The Moon is exactly conjunct Mars later that day on the 13th. 

Scorpio always brings with it some intense energy, deep and turbulent feelings. See where this falls in your own birth chart, and don’t forget to set a new intention at this New Moon for whatever you would like to manifest in your life, with the intention conditioned by the ‘house’ area where it falls. 

The intensity may be around relationships, finances (Scorpio), food supplies, inflation, or issues around freedom as the Sun, Moon, Mars and Ceres all are opposed by Uranus at 21° Taurus. This may manifest as some truths suddenly coming to light (Uranus opposing the New Moon in Scorpio the sign of secrets). There are likely to be some shocks and surprises during this mid-month period. Uranus is also linked to aviation, cyber-attacks and power cuts.

We have two quin-decile aspects at this New Moon. The quin-decile is 165° aspect with a tight 2° orb. It is linked to upset, upheaval or obsession, relevant to the planets’ symbolism. So, one quin-decile is between Mars and Jupiter, suggesting ‘expanded anger’ and fighting for your belief systems. The other is between Mercury and Uranus, which can bring in some shocking or surprising news, truths coming to light (as Mercury is in Sagittarius), or cut-outs, cyber-attacks, power cuts, aviation issues – this all reinforces the New Moon opposing Uranus as outlined above.

Saturn is square to Mercury at 0° Pisces-4° Sagittarius here. So there may well be attempts to quell, suppress or censor any truths (Sagittarius) or strong opinions coming forth at this time, or even some legal developments.

I find it fascinating that the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon (these were channelled for each degree in 1925 by clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler and astrologer Marc Edmund Jones) is ‘Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders’. This means that he is not prepared to compromise his values to be or do something society says he must do. So this is about sticking to our integrity and personal morality, especially when if feels out of line with what mainstream society is doing. 

I feel this is a deeply important Sabian Symbol for these times. All the more so as Scorpio is about ‘other people’s values’ and Mars at 22°11’ Scorpio is quincunx the North Node and Eris, both at 24° Aries. Eris in the sign of Aries particularly is about sovereignty, and it is tightly conjunct with the North Node, our collective path of soul’s growth for the future, i.e., what the direction the universe wants us to take, our ‘north star’ compass needle to lead us to our evolution most efficiently. The quincunx suggests that adjustments need to be made to ‘other people’s values’.

The chart of President Biden is very activated at this New Moon, as the Sun and Moon are conjunct his Mercury exactly at 21° Scorpio, his Midheaven ruler, in his 12th house. At the same time, Solar Arc Chiron is conjunct this Mercury. So this suggests that some secrets (Scorpio and the 12th house) may come to light that may wound (Chiron) his reputation or status (Midheaven) in some way. 

If we cast the New Moon chart for Washington DC, then the major opposition of planets with the Sun, Moon, Mars and Ceres falls in the 2nd house of the economy (remember the bigger context of the US Pluto return in the 2nd house of the US chart), and Uranus in Taurus falls in the 8th house. The signs of Taurus and Scorpio and the houses they naturally rule, the 2nd and 8th, suggest that there could be some important economic developments at this time. In addition, Pluto is conjunct with the IC, the base of this chart, the land, at the New Moon. This also suggests some major developments related to US politics, perhaps as the chart is set for Washington DC. 

What softens this potentially high-octave reactive energy at the New Moon is Neptune in a trine to the Sun, Moon, Mars and Ceres. This can potentially bring in a spiritual context to whatever is playing out in your reality or the collective, reminding us of the bigger spiritual picture.

It’s interesting to note that we have five New Moons in a row at 21° of their sign, beginning with this one. So if you have any planet or angle around 20-22° of any sign, you may feel these New Moons, new beginnings, more strongly.

By the 16th, the pressure had not eased. We have a Mars-Eris quincunx, a Sun-Eris quincunx and a Mercury sesquiquadrate Eris that day, too. So any pinball reactivity and sparky words are likely to be around – again – issues of freedom, sovereignty, and social exclusion of those with different views, and any social injustice. Eris represents feminine warrior energy who is uncompromising, relentless, and radical in her hunt for truth, justice and a fairer society for all. Big issues will be on the table, and the vice-squeeze of Pluto square the Nodal Axis, also involving Eris, is still operational until the end of the year, then moves on. This focuses on our minds on our choices: fear or love? Victim or co-creator? It is very likely that you have already made your clear choice, and the consequences of that are becoming clearer now.

Those choices will determine your timeline going forward from this point. There is absolutely no going back to the way life was before 2020. As the powerful T-square between Pluto and the Nodal Axis will ease after this month and move away in 2024, it is clear that our choices have already been made.

By the 17th, the Moon comes into its repeating square to Eris and conjunct Pluto, signalling intense feelings by the people (Moon). The big aspect here is the Sun conjunct Mars at 25°36’ Scorpio, shining a light on the intensity of Mars and its fighting urges. Mars will most certainly be digging up secrets until it exits the sign on the 24th, and Scorpio is the sign most connected to revenge. Mars is no longer in diplomatic, strategic Libra, but unleashed with full force in Scorpio. There is something deeply primal about this, and it can easily spiral into intense anger. Please stay in peace. I’d strongly suggest not to take sides as it only energises the divisions that lead to wars. Beam peace out to the world.

On November 18th, the Moon squares Jupiter, again blowing up emotions, and on the 20th, the Moon squares Uranus. We may feel more rebellious, revolutionary, even, as the aspects to Eris of a few days ago are still being felt. Eris is the feisty street fighter who will fight to the end. Also, on the 18th, the Moon has a repeating square to Eris, but most important is the Sun’s exact conjunction to Mars at 25°36’ Scorpio. This is a very powerful conjunction that only happens once a year and shines a light on any potential anger and aggression, revenge and primal instincts. This could be occurring in your personal life but also in the world. Be on alert for tempers and high reactivity today, especially as the Moon comes to conjunct Pluto early the next morning, suggesting intense and extreme feelings. 

Mercury is semi-square to Pluto on the 18th too, leading to intense and deeply felt communication, powerful words being expressed. Think and breathe before you speak, the emotions are running very high at this time. Be mindful. This aspect also relates to more secrets coming to light.

On the 19th, Mercury is conjunct with the Great Attractor, this mysterious gravitational anomaly deep in space that operates like a giant cosmic vacuum, sucking galaxies in its wake at 600 km a second. When planets align with this, it gives us the opportunity to think much more deeply and receive profound information more easily. This may be related to our universe and how we construct our reality. 

On November 20th, the Moon in Aquarius squares Mars, the Sun and Ceres, one after the others, so highlighting some intensity or aggression and perhaps issues to do with food supply as a result of some situations of war in the world.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on the 23rd, followed by Mars on the 24th. We may have a sense of relief that we are shedding some of the intensity of Scorpio; however, the Sun and Mars are running straight into a square to Saturn at 0° Pisces. This leads us into the Full Moon in Gemini, with the Sun and Moon opposing each other at 4°51’ Sagittarius-Gemini. This is exactly on November 27th at 1.16 a.m. PST and 9.16 a.m. UK time. Therefore, the Sun and Moon are forming at T-square with Saturn at 0° Pisces.

There are six planets in Mutable signs at this Full Moon. This can give us more dexterity and adaptability to situations but can sometimes lead to a feeling that things are moving so fast that they are ‘all over the place’. Stay centred and strong with breathwork, meditation, bare feet on the grass, and being in nature.

If you have any planets or angles between 0°-5° of the Mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, you are likely to be feeling this strongly. Full Moons bring feelings to a head and shine a bright light on what we may not have been aware of before; in this case, it is likely to be around facts, information and the media, including social media (all Gemini-related).

The T-square that is formed between Saturn at 0°58’ Pisces and the Sun, Mars at 2° Sagittarius and the Moon is one of the strongest configurations at this Full Moon. Saturn is about limitation, constraint, rules and regulations, obeying the (old) system. We have three planets in Sagittarius: the Sun, Mercury and Mars. Sagittarius is about freedom, independence, travel, optimism, the law and the truth. The Moon in Gemini, as mentioned above, is related to the media, facts and information, and free-thinking, as Gemini tends towards non-conformity.

So this T-square suggests that there could be some attempted constraint or limitation on our travel (particularly air travel as Sagittarius is linked to flight), freedom, and even freedom of speech, more censorship coming in. Sagittarius is about strong opinions, even religious dogmatism, so please try to not take sides on any issue. Stay at zero point – on your Eagle’s perch, and in peace. It is so often ego that makes us want to be right. As we raise our consciousness, that urge to be right will fade.

What helps ease this potential dogmatism is that Mercury at 24°40’ Sagittarius is conjunct with the Galactic Centre at 27°, and also transiting dwarf planet Varda at 26° Sagittarius. This helps the mind to think big and expansively (versus the smaller, everyday mind of Gemini). Varda in myth, with her husband Manwe, originally created the universe, she set the Sun and Moon on their course and placed the stars in the sky, it is said. So she is a powerful symbol for New Earth, and together with Mercury conjunct the Galactic Centre, they are able to tap into the original energy with which we create our world. The mind can soar here. Gemini is the sign linked to choice, but this can also lead to polarity. 

At a time of obvious great intensity and division in the world, please try not to add to that polarization. There is undoubtedly truth from every perspective, but when we take sides, it merely energises the hamster wheel that we have been going around for centuries. See all major conflicts in the world as resolved.

As we raise and expand our consciousness, there will be less need to be ‘RIGHT’.  So often, it is our ego that has a need to be right, but as we ‘welcome in an expanded consciousness of love’ this need to be right will gradually fade. We will more easily stay at zero point, on our Eagle’s perch, and feel peace.

Remember that astrology only comes alive with our interaction. We can choose to bring it alive with anger, fear and division, or we can choose to make it manifest with love and peace. It is down to us as one humanity.

Going back to the details of this Full Moon, Mercury is in a tight trine to Eris and the North Node, both at 24° Aries. Again, this is helping us go beyond conventional thinking, and Mercury is the ruler of this Full Moon in Gemini. We may want to break the rules or find ways of creating a new paradigm, as the North Node is our north star, if you like, the direction of travel for our soul’s collective path of growth at this time, and in Aries, it is all about freedom, independence and individual sovereignty. So is Eris; she broke all the rules at Mount Olympus by throwing the golden apple into the group of goddesses and saying ‘for the fairest’, and these arguments were said to lead to the Trojan War. So, she is utterly uncompromising in her fight for sovereignty, justice and a fairer society.

Mercury is also square to Neptune at 24°54’ Pisces, which is wonderful for our imagination and any creative project. However, at times it may make us confused about the facts and information that are being presented to us; we must reach into our intuition to find the truth for ourselves. 

Yet we have another T-square here. Hard aspects like this are dynamic, they demand action and tend to produce events. Black Moon Lilith, the apogee of the Moon, is at 23°33’ Virgo, so in a T-square with Mercury and Neptune. Black Moon Lilith in Virgo wants to get all the facts and information correct before she takes action, so this is a big theme at this Full Moon. What is true and what is not? Is the truth being suppressed?

BML is radical, and wild and represents instinctive primal feminine energy. Like Eris, she is willing to go to any lengths and is uncompromising in standing for her truth and integrity. Remember, in the myth, she was thrown out of the Garden of Eden as she would not ‘submit’ to Adam. Black Moon Lilith is also in a tight quincunx to Eris and the North Node, increasing the rebellious, radical energy at this time.

The other aspect of note is Venus at 21°22’ Libra in a tight quincunx to Uranus at 20°30’ Taurus. Both these signs are ruled by Venus. Venus conjunct the South Node here at 24° Libra reinforces the message that we’ve had for some months that we must move away from compromise, not rocking the boat and people-pleasing, and stand much more in our power. Mars tightly conjuncts the Sun here at 2° and 4°, respectively Sagittarius is about standing strong in our truth (Sagittarius). There is the image of the crusader, the one who travels far and wide in his search for truth and the sharing of that. It will be interesting to see if there are any legal developments around this time and whether the square from Saturn to this Full Moon is in response to that.

Please note that Mars is very strong all month. Firstly, it is in its ancient sign of rulership of Scorpio, but then we have a whole series of aspects. Mars is moving unusually fast, giving it more power, as it is keeping pace with the Sun from about the 11th until almost the end of the month, adding force to it. From the 11th-14th, Mars opposes Uranus, at the New Moon on the 13th, it is quindecile Jupiter, it is conjunct the Sun exactly on the 18th, then from the 24th – 28th, it squares Saturn. This last aspect can suggest some military action that puts a slowdown or stop to aggressive action or may even suggest military law in some places.

There is an incredible amount of intensity, volatility and a rapidly moving torrent of events this month that may feel hard to keep up with. If you do, your energy will tend to be scattered, and you will be more in ‘victim’ mode with events ‘doing things to you’. Live from your centre, your heart, your love and your peace. It is never more important than now that we master our thoughts, emotions and frequency in this way.

Blessings to you all.

Jimi Hendrix – “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”


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Recently, I filmed an Advanced Nodes Webinar with Bracha Goldsmith, covering the Transiting Nodes through the Houses, Nodal Returns, Squares and Inverse Nodal Returns, and the Nodes in Relationships. It offers over 2 hours of concentrated teaching:

Separately, I have filmed around two and a quarter hours of concentrated teaching called Astrological Synthesis. This is the video explaining these: These videos are not for absolute beginners, you should at a minimum, understand the meaning of the signs, and the house rulerships. If you want to understand these further, I have an Astrological Signs video and my two-part Tutorial Video Series, both available via the Products page on my website. The contents covered in Astrological Synthesis are 1) Planetary Symbolism 2) Where Planets Become Stronger 3) Aspects 4) Blending Archetypes 5) Life Theme/Story in the birthchart. These videos do not pretend to offer exhaustive natal chart analysis but will help to give you some powerful insights that you may not find elsewhere. 

The video called The Alchemy of Relationships is all about the astrology of relationships, and is 90 minutes of concentrated teaching. Relationship astrology can be very complex as you are comparing two birthcharts, so I have shared some big principles that help to cut through the complexity so you can more clearly see the energetics between the two people. I’ll be covering a very important ‘relationship point’ that many of you may be unaware of. These are NOT for beginners, you will have to have a good basic understanding of the symbolism of the planets, the aspects, the meanings of the signs, and the sign and house rulerships to follow these videos. If you do, and are interested, here is the link: https://

My two books, ‘You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?’ and ‘How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe, are both available from my website, and Amazon. 

How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe is a workbook focusing on the most mysterious and profound part of your birth chart, which is also considered the most important in Indian astrology. This is your Nodal Axis. It represents your soul’s path in this life, your path of destiny. More than any other part of your birth chart, it answers the question, ‘Why are you here? What is your purpose in this lifetime?’ You’ll be working with your own birth chart, downloaded free from my website The writing of this book took me on a profound journey, and I hope and believe that it will throw your life and your purpose into high relief. 

I have also produced a companion set of videos to go alongside this book to answer other questions you may have on your Nodal Axis. 

Here is the video explaining these and giving the purchase link: 3MxYVU8Xxik. Essentially, the three videos cover natal conjunctions to your Nodal Axis, the transiting Nodes, and the transiting planetary conjunctions to your Nodal Axis. These videos comprise 75 minutes of teaching, packed with information about the Nodal Axis. I will also now regularly post the transiting North Node position with the other planetary transits in this newsletter, so you can track it yourself. This transiting North Node only moves around 2° each month, always retrograde. 

Videos on Jupiter and Saturn transmit through your birth chart: these are such important cycles in everyone’s life at any time. You will need to have a copy of your birthchart, which you can now download for free (, then the tutorial should give you some very rich information at any time in your life about where you are expanding, and you can expect success, recognition and opportunities, and where you need to apply focus, work and discipline. These cycles are one of the first things I look for in preparing a chart. You will know from my updates where the positions of Jupiter and Saturn are in the heavens and then can work out what that means for you in your life, and you can constantly refer back to them over the years. Here is the link to my store: VsrvP. Enjoy! 

My audiobook:

The two-part video tutorials on how you find aspects in your chart, and meanings of the houses in your birth chart: 6D2mBJ78dV4. This will help you understand where all the New and Full Moons and aspects I mention in my updates fall in your own birth chart, and what that means for you in your life. The tutorials will last you a lifetime, as you can always refer to them. 

Once you download a free birth chart from my website, you can start to use the tutorial videos straight away. There is a description that comes with the chart on the website (which I did not write), and people have said this is very accurate. However, please remember that a computer-generated description with a list of characteristics is a very different experience to having a full consultation with a professional astrologer, who, through synthesising this matrix of meaning, can give you profound insights into who you truly are. 

You can find my recent video on the elements, modalities, rulerships and astrological signs at this link:

I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon as they move too quickly, but I will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 16° Scorpio – 28° Sagittarius
Venus – 22° Virgo – 24° Libra

Mars – 13° Scorpio – 4° Sagittarius
 Jupiter, retrograde 10° – 7° Taurus

Saturn  – 0°- 1° Pisces, direct on the 4th   
Uranus retrograde – 21° – 20° Taurus  

Neptune retrograde – 25° – 24° Pisces

Pluto – 28° Capricorn all month

North Node, always retrograde – 24° Aries 

Chiron – 16° Aries 

Chariklo retrograde – 9° Aquarius