THE NEXT STEP BLOG - February 2024

The Evolutionary Pace Steps up Again

Welcome to the February 2024 newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for January.

However, I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately, I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

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Review for January 2024

January 2nd: A 5.0 magnitude X-class flare occurred today, the highest since 2017, and appears to have triggered a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Japan. Japan was highlighted in the astrocartography of the Capricorn Solstice, and this energy resonates for the next three months from that time: By astrocartography also, Chiron was right through the Japanese earthquake area.

Astrologer Julija Simas noted that Chiron was at the midpoint of the SunMoon 



and therefore very powerful in terms of the ‘wounding’ inflicted on this geography tragically. Certainly, we are entering a period of much greater instability in our geomagentics.

January 4th: Following the extensive protests of the Dutch farmers, the German farmers had a massive demonstration in Berlin today with a cavalry of tractors and sprayed the Parliament buildings there with slurry (manure). In both countries, the governments have been trying to take over the farms, change agricultural policy and, therefore, get control of the food supply. The farmers are fighting back strongly; see the link. The train drivers union and trucking industry are joining them. The protest is against the federal government’s plans to cancel agricultural diesel, cut vehicle tax exemptions, and increase truck tolls and carbon taxes. There are many calls for the federal government to step down and for a general strike until they do: see link

January 9th: This is a terrible scandal and miscarriage of justice in the UK that 2,000 Postmasters were accused wrongly of theft when, in fact, it was the software that was at fault. Some committed suicide, others were imprisoned, and they lost their jobs, homes and families. This is another example of Pluto at the last degree of Capricorn, exposing corruption at the highest level when others lower down the chain suffered: see link. Also, the key issue here as Pluto moved into Aquarius on January 20th is who you believe, the humans or the technology? This is setting up a very big theme for the next 20 years: can we trust the machines?

January 16th: MP Andrew Bridgen spoke out today in the UK Parliament about the excess deaths in this country – and in many countries. He is the only MP in the UK to be pushing to get these questions answered; see link. In this speech, he is referencing some corruption and cover-up of this fundamental issue at the highest level.

January 23rd: Pluto moved into Aquarius 3 days ago for a 20-year transit. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, linked to earthquakes, and Pluto intensifies the sign it is transiting. So we saw two large earthquakes in China yesterday at 5.2 and 5.6 magnitude and another at 5.2 and 7.0 magnitude today. We were expecting more unstable geomagnetics in 2024, also linked to Solar Cycle 25 peaking this year. For instance, yesterday we had 12 (!) M-class flares over 36 hours. In contrast, in 2018, we had NO M-class flares at all. You can follow these on

January 24th: A Canadian Supreme Court judge ruled today that the Canadian government was not justified in the use of the Emergency Powers Act to break up the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy in 2022. This was a significant blow to the Canadian government and leadership and a win for the people who were protesting peacefully at that time. This is Aquarian energy starting to manifest, only 4 days after Pluto entered Aquarius, the sign of truth and the people: see link

January 26th: We had a Full Moon in Leo yesterday, with Leo representing leadership and the Sun in Aquarius representing the people and truth. It is also revolutionary energy, and this is magnified as Jupiter was in a T-square to this Full Moon. Pluto conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon indicates that people are feeling very intensely about issues of freedom, control, power and leadership.

The US Pluto Return is still operational for the rest of this year, meaning that transiting Pluto is conjunct ‘natal’ Pluto in the US chart for the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776, 17.10 Philadelphia. So, one big theme of this transit is reviewing the original formation of the US. As it is in Capricorn, as I have often said, this poses questions about the legal, constitutional and political basis of the US. This is like a new look at all that the US stands for in terms of values, as Pluto falls in the 2nd house (values) of the country’s chart. As we all know, the US was born out of revolution (Aquarius) against the onerous taxes (Pluto) and control (Pluto) of the British establishment at the time.

So, as Pluto has transited over its original ‘natal’ place and just a few days ago has entered Aquarius, truth and revolution are very much part of this review for the US.

Not only that, but three Eclipse paths are converging over Texas. The first was a Total Solar Eclipse in August 2017, the second was the recent Total Solar Eclipse of October 14th 2023, and the third was the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th 2024. They converge as a large ‘X’ over Texas. So not only is the US in focus with its Pluto Return, the first time this has happened since the ‘birth’ of the country in its current form in 1776, but Texas is highlighted as being in the crosshairs of whatever is unfolding.

Not only that, but yesterday’s Full Moon at 5°14′ Leo is tightly conjunct with the US-North Node at 7°35′ Leo, representing the country’s path of soul’s growth. It’s fascinating that the dwarf planet Varuna, with its orbit of 279 years, is exactly conjunct with this North Node at 7°48′ Leo. Varuna is the Hindu god of the cosmic waters who punishes those who lie or demonstrate arrogant or overbearing, patronising behaviour, in the sign of Leo, leadership.

So, it is very interesting that an ignition point is becoming very clear in Texas right now. Due to many months of immigrants entering the US over the US-Mexican border by the US government, Texas is taking matters into its own hands. The Texas National Guard has been called in, and 25 other states are backing this stance of Texas. As I understand it, Texas is saying that it will abide by the US Constitution but not the federal government. However, please use your discernment here, as every situation is ‘smoke and mirrors’ at the time, and things may not be as they seem at face value.

It could be a very interesting unfolding here that some people are referring to as ‘US Revolution 2.0’, right on time with the prevailing astrology. Watch this space: see link

January 30th: With Pluto having made its re-entry into Aquarius, the sign of technology, just 10 days ago, Elon Musk announced that the first human patient had received a Neurolink brain chip. This couldn’t be a clearer expression of this astrological aspect of the blending of humans and technology. It will be a major theme of Pluto in Aquarius, whatever you think of this, and views are polarised: see link

February 2024

February is an electric month. As we enter the month, we will still be feeling the station of Uranus, moving directly on January 27th at 19°05’ Taurus. This may bring about more seismic activity, more truth coming to light, secrets being revealed, shocks or surprises, and probably more rebellious behaviour by populations – see the protest by German farmers above. All planets are now moving direct until June, when Mercury moves retrograde.

Pluto has now moved into Aquarius, and apart from a short dart back into the final degrees of Capricorn from September 2nd to November 19th, it begins a 20-year transit in Aquarius. This is the sign of freedom, human rights, truth, the future, science, technology, innovation, revolution, decentralisation and independence. Over the coming years we all see many currently centralised institutions and systems moving towards being more independent. The whole socio-economic and political structure will shift from being top-down and centralised to being communities and collaborations, grassroots-based and locally administered. Our financial system, the education system, our mainstream media – these will all become much more independent. You are likely to homeschool your children, run your own finances with your own ‘wallet’, and listen to independent journalists. You will have a much stronger sense of your own sovereignty and create your own reality. You will understand that everything is made up of energy and frequency and will have become a Master at working with these for the benefit not only of yourself but for all.

Coming back to February, the energy is strong right from the beginning, with the Moon squaring Pluto on February 1st, suggesting people are feeling very intense, not only because the Moon is in Scorpio but now with Pluto in Aquarius, more issues around freedom and human rights may come to the fore. They are big themes for Pluto in Aquarius and remember; it will now be in that sign for another 20 years.

On February 1st too, we have a semi-square between Mars and Saturn. This is like having your foot on the accelerator and the brake at the same time. Mars want to GO, is impatient and impulsive, wants to assert its own will, while Saturn is the brake that says ‘not so fast, there are rules and regulations you must abide by.’ Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, usually represents top-down governmental power. So, while we are perhaps feeling more rebellious energy of demanding more freedom and being less compliant (South Node in Libra), we could also see some greater control attempting to be imposed. Mars-Saturn aspects always have the potential for some kind of militarisation.

On February 3rd, it is worth noting that Mars is at 22° Capricorn, exactly where the important Saturn-Pluto conjunction was on January 12th, 202. What will Mars reactivate here?

By February 4th, Mercury is conjunct with Pluto at 0°29’ Aquarius. This conjunction typically suggests that we will be digging deep into secrets to find the truth, and Aquarius is the sign linked to truth. The same day, Mars is squaring Eris, his warrior sister who demands truth and greater equality in society (24° Capricorn-Aries), and this may suggest that we are stepping into our own warrior energy in a bigger way as revelations continue. We may also be feeling anger about these.

These feelings continue on the 7th with a Moon-Mars conjunction (angry people) and a Sun-Uranus square at 19° Aquarius-Taurus. Aquarius is the natural sign of rebellion and revolution as it is ruled by Uranus, and one strong theme of 2024 is revolution. The last time (1777-1798) that Pluto was in Aquarius, we saw the US as well as the French revolutions, both movements rejecting the onerous top-down control. The US Revolution was a rebellion against the heavy taxes of King George, so these people left to find the ‘new world’ and base it on principles of freedom, equality and democracy. Aquarius is the sign of the common people, freedom and equality. We will see how far we have come from that time in 2024 . . .

So in the few days leading up to the New Moon at 20°40’ Aquarius on February 9th, we will be feeling restless, urgent, feisty and more connected to our own sense of sovereignty – or be demanding it.

This is also an ‘electric’ New Moon. It happens at 2.58 am PST and 10.58 am UK time, and don’t forget to set a new intention for what you would like to manifest in your life.

We have 4 planets in Aquarius here, with Pluto, Mercury, the Sun and Moon. With Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, that gives us 6 planets in Fixed signs. There is great determination to achieve our goals here, and this New Moon sets up – again – strong themes around freedom, human rights and revolution this month. 

This is emphasised as Uranus, the ruler of this New Moon, is very tightly squared at 19°10’ Taurus. Rebellion is most certainly in the air. This could also manifest as cyber-attacks, power outages, or issues with aviation.

This strong Uranian energy is likely to bring up another theme that is strong in 2024: unstable geomagnetics. I have a whole video about this: In 2024, Solar Cycle 25 will be peaking ahead of time, and also, as the Earth is passing through the Galactic Current Sheet (which it only does around every 12,000 years) and we are passing through the Photon Belt, that is allowing much higher frequency light to come onto Earth and into us. This is a powerful ingredient for our evolution but can be quite destabilising for us physically as we have to assimilate these new energies so fast. Welcome them in, even if it means you can’t sleep, or can’t stay awake, or whatever manifestation they are having for you. The Earth’s iron and nickel cores are expanding, resulting in more cracking of the Earth’s crust, and together with the astrology of Uranus in Taurus until 2025-26, all of this promises more seismic activity and extreme Earth events. All of this turbulence is freeing up and churning up the energy, and although that creates more volatility on all levels, it makes the ‘modelling clay’ of our reality even more malleable as we endeavour to create a much more loving world.

I was listening to brilliant cosmologist Dr Jude Currivan recently talking about this, and I will be speaking with her in late February. She was talking about how in Systems theory, similar to Chaos theory, with the breakdown of swirling energies, something new starts to emerge as a ‘flickering light’ in the quantum field, a new potential geometry and manifestation. With our focus and intention to bring in a more loving world, this can start to take coherent form and manifest as a wonderful event or experience. Of course, if we are feeling anger, hate, panic, or fear, then our energy will be incoherent, and the potential geometry will be distorted and result in a much more negative event or experience. 

Remember that wonderful quote from Chemist and Nobel Laureate Illya Prigognine, “When a system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity to lift the entire system to a higher order.”

We must become conscious of CHOOSING what we will focus on; this geometry of light is already flickering in the quantum field as the old world crumbles and will continue to do so despite appearances. Do not give any energy to these negative possibilities, as by your attention, you are helping them to manifest in our world, and that doesn’t help any of us. Be aware of your spiritual responsibility in this; we are each a fractal of the cosmos, helping it to evolve (or not!).

What is remarkable here is that Pluto, the great destroyer and transformer, is at 0°38’ Aquarius, and it is very tightly quincunx the dwarf planet Chaos on the World Axis (!), so very strong, at 0°32’ Cancer. So they are 6’ from exactitude here. The myth of Chaos has some similarities to Pluto’s myth. The myth speaks of Heaven being ripped from Earth, creating chaos, but its purpose is to REUNITE HEAVEN AND EARTH, and that is the process I believe we are entering right now. Isn’t that remarkable, considering what I have just been saying about Chaos theory?

What may stir this potentially rebellious energy further is that Mars is at 27°28’ Capricorn which is exactly conjunct US Pluto at 27°32’ Capricorn, so it is only 4’ from exactitude here. This will energise the Pluto Return that I have discussed at length over recent months. The chart I am referring to here is set for the Declaration of Independence on 4th July 1776, 17.10 Philadelphia. So Mars will activate much of what that Pluto Return is about for the US. There may be changes we start to see in the US economy as Pluto is in the 2nd house of this chart, but perhaps questions around its constitution, legal framework, politics and even geographic makeup. These themes will also be very powerful this year. 

The second half of this year, from July onwards, has remarkably strong astrology, especially when applied to this US chart. Whatever happens in the US will ripple out to the rest of the world. It is potentially huge.

So, secrets coming to light are likely to continue over this New Moon, as Mercury is still (wisely) conjunct to Pluto in Aquarius. Mercury at 7°25’ Aquarius is square to Jupiter at 8°18’ Taurus. This will encourage us to ‘think big’, and think futuristically, but Jupiter can also ‘blow up’ any truths at this time to bring them onto the world stage in a bigger way. Jupiter, in its rulership of Sagittarius, is also linked to the law and justice.

Reinforcing that theme, dwarf planet Varuna is exactly by degree opposing Mercury at 7°30’ Leo. Varuna is the Hindu god of the cosmic waters, but is also responsible in the myth for cosmic justice, punishing those who have lied or displayed arrogance. That is very clear in the symbolism here. (For any of you who are aware of the tireless efforts of British MP Andrew Bridgen in relentlessly demanding that the government investigate the excess death rates over the last two years in this country (and indeed in most other countries too, especially the Western world), he has his Jupiter (the law, justice and truth) conjunct Varuna. So he clearly sees his role as representing the people in any injustice, as he did with the Postmasters some years ago in demanding a government enquiry – see Review section above. 

His Jupiter and Varuna at 23° Taurus will receive that powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in April, so that will also be his Jupiter Return, usually very positive and powerful.

What helps us at this New Moon with any restless, shocking energies and reactions is that our wonderful Chariklo at 13°43’ Aquarius is at the midpoint of Mercury and the New Moon. Chariklo, if you remember, is able to heal others simply by her state of being. She is linked, I believe, to the Buddhist permanent, eternal stillness which is there for us all to drop into. She is a soul midwife, present at transitions of life to death but also in transitions of consciousness such as we are going through now. Rest back into her energy; she is part of your consciousness.

Asteroid Ceres is also on the World Axis at 0°54’ Capricorn, directly opposing Chaos. In the myth, Ceres’ daughter Persephone was kidnapped from her and taken into the underworld. This is very linked to the symbolism of Pluto. It was very dark and scary, and Persephone was totally alone. Ceres was distraught, and it was only after she brought winter to the Earth with no food being able to be grown that she was able to negotiate her daughter’s release back to the light. By the way, personally, this is how Pluto’s transits often feel: that we are in the dark, alone, emotionally isolated and disempowered. However, the process is always one of empowerment as we come back to the light. These transits can take up to two years and are deeply transformative. My marriage ended as transiting Pluto came to conjunct, my Ascendant. This represents your identity but also marks the main relationship axis. Although extremely difficult for many reasons, this was the beginning of a whole new life for me.

Getting back to the ‘mundane’ (global) astrology, this suggests some powerful Earth, weather and geomagnetic changes around this year. Both Ceres and Chaos are particularly strong here as they are both on the World Axis (0° of the Cardinal signs) and, therefore, are likely to manifest strongly.

I talked about Ceres back in early 2020. It was tightly in conjunction with the exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12th that year, which was the beginning of the pandemic, lockdown and all that followed. Ceres is the goddess of harvests, agriculture and grains, so it will be interesting to see how this aspect manifests in February. Is this astrology reflecting plans by the powers that were for agriculture? This only becomes possible if we energise it with our focus and attention.

In addition to this, Chaos and Ceres are forming a T-square to Neptune (out of sign) at 26° Pisces. Neptune all of 2024 and 2025 is square to the Galactic Centre and dwarf planet Varda at 27° Sagittarius. Ceres is in an out-of-sign conjunction with them, and Chaos is in an out-of-sign opposition, but all are nevertheless very powerful.

The other reason that this T-square may be particularly powerful this year and next is that Neptune was also square to the Galactic Centre in 1859 when we had the Carrington event, which I have mentioned before. You can easily do an internet search on this. In 1859, a telegraph system had been set up, sometimes referred to as the ‘first internet’, and this was a huge step forward in communication beyond the postal service, much of it done originally on horseback! However, in 1859, there was a massive solar flare that took out the whole telegraph system, especially across the US. Given the level of solar activity that we have right now and the instability in the ionosphere, it is perhaps possible that some areas of the Earth may experience something similar in the next two years.

Mars is square to Eris here, and I have covered this symbolism above. Eris remains widely conjunct to the North Node and, therefore, represents our collective soul’s path of growth at this time. Reinforced by the strong Aquarian energy, this is calling on us to stand strong in our sovereignty for truth, justice and a fairer society.

Chiron at 16° Aries is tightly conjunct with the North Node at 17°. Will this represent a collective healing for us?  Will we be healed from victim consciousness at this time, the first step recognising that so many of us have been living in it? This conjunction becomes exact later this month and is highlighted at the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th when Chiron is just over 1° from the North Node in Aries, the sign of leadership. We need to heal from all that has gone before in order to move on in our evolution. I feel strongly that one clear theme of this time, which may emerge particularly around April with the Solar Eclipse, is that the OUTSIDERS BECOME THE LEADERS. I don’t mean this in any traditional top-down way, I mean as visionaries, pioneers, progressives, who can clearly see better future possibilities and can inspire others, just as Gandhi and Martin Luther King did. This feels very important from this point on, especially with the strong Aquarian energy.

Finally, at this New Moon, Venus at 21° Capricorn is trine to Uranus at 19° Taurus, perhaps suggesting another step in some digital development or change in the financial structure that actually feels positive as this is a trine, not a hard aspect.

Within a day of this New Moon, Mars enters the freedom-loving sign of Aquarius and instantly becomes conjunct to Pluto, energising all that it represents. It will be technically conjunct with Pluto from February 10th-20th, exactly on the 14th, when we may feel this very strongly. This is the same day that the Moon squares both Mars and Pluto to highlight them. Issues of power come to the fore at this time, especially the wrangle between individual power (Mars) and governmental power (Pluto). We may see demonstrations of ‘might make right’ on the world stage. 

Remember that one of the ‘shadow’ sides of Pluto in Aquarius is ‘controlled by technology,’ and please be cognisant of this. However, one of the major historical themes, as I have often mentioned, is a whole freedom movement emerging and the beginning of the shift of power to the people. This New Moon will bring that to light in some way.

On February 15th, the Moon conjuncts Uranus, bringing rebellious aspects to the fore yet again. This is the same day that the Moon squares Pluto and Mars, again raising feelings of intensity around issues of power and control.

By the 16th, we have a square between Uranus and Mercury, encouraging us to think out-of-the-box, more laterally, and this can bring in genius original ideas for us. Venus conjunct Pluto in Aquarius at 0°51’ Aquarius that same day can raise issues of freedom and independence (Aquarius) versus security but control (Pluto) in relationships, especially if this falls in your 5th or 7th houses.

On February 19th, Chiron is exactly conjunct with the North Node at 16°45’ Aries.    This can have several possible manifestations. Firstly, it may make you very aware of your own wounding or any illness you are experiencing. Secondly, very positively, it can bring about healing, including around any victim consciousness – but the first step is always to realise that we are in victim consciousness and bring that to the light. Thirdly, it may increase our sense of ‘differentness’, being the outside, the maverick, the one who doesn’t fit into the mainstream. This third possibility is very likely as it is reinforced by other astrological aspects: Eris conjunct the North Node, the South Node in Libra (moving us away from compliance and people-pleasing), and the increasing Aquarian energy to stand in your uniqueness and authenticity even if it doesn’t fit into conventional society. Be proud to be the maverick, the outsider, the progressive, the visionary, and the pioneer of a better world. 

Then we have the Full Moon at 5°23’ Virgo on February 24th at 4.30 am PST and 12.30 pm UK time. See where this falls in your chart to see what is coming to completion, culmination, or closure for you now.

With the Moon in Virgo and the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, we not only have strong ‘Mutable’ energy, meaning that this is a time to be adaptable and flexible but the Virgo-Pisces axis is often related to health. Virgo is related to tiny microbes, viruses etc, and Pisces is linked to the immune system and the blood. The Moon is opposing Saturn, and the Sun conjuncts it at 9°14’ Pisces. So will there be some new rules and regulations around health yet again (Saturn), or will we become aware of any deficiencies or limitations (Saturn) in our immune system, and with Chiron exactly conjunct the North Node by degree at 16° Aries, become aware of how we can heal this?

The Moon is in trine to Jupiter at 10°24’ Taurus, blowing up or magnifying whatever is unfolding at this time. A Full Moon can also reveal secrets that we were not aware of before, again perhaps related to health or something connected to our water and the seas. Indeed, there is a Grand Trine on Earth here, with asteroid Ceres forming the third corner of the triangle. What is being revealed at this time around the Earth, food supplies (Taurus) and agriculture, harvests and grains (Ceres), and natural resources (Taurus) in general? Grand Trines can be very positive in terms of potential solutions.

Virgo energy can be the ‘worrywort’ of the zodiac, fretting over things that don’t really exist, particularly related to health. To develop a strong, clear intention that ‘I am in perfect radiant health’ or whatever feels appropriate for you, at least focus on the very positive aspects of your health. ‘I am strong, healthy, and getting better every day’ is another, but use your own words that will be most relevant for you.

The Sun and Mercury, at 5° and 2°, respectively, are conjunct with the Fixed Royal Star Fomalhaut at 3° Pisces, the spiritual teacher, and this will most certainly enable us to see things from a higher and more spiritual perspective.

With four planets in Pisces, if things become too much, just surrender, ‘let go and let God’. Imagine that you are dissolving into the Oneness of all that is. Fomalhaut will most certainly help us with this perspective, and above all, be gentle with yourself. We are going through a very rapid transformation with no rehearsal and are all doing the best we can.

Remember that the more you can link to like-minded others, the easier this year will feel. Even if we are doing this online, we can feel that supportive heart connection. Consider joining our weekly meditation for 15 minutes at 7pm UK time to dream of New Earth. This short video explains the details of this:

Blessings to you all.

“If we want peace, we have to be peace. Peace is a practice, not a hope.”

      Thich Nhat Hahn


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Venus – 11° Capricorn – 15° Aquarius

Mars – 21° Capricorn – 12° Aquarius
Jupiter – 7° – 11° Taurus 

Saturn  – 6° – 9° Pisces   
Uranus  – 19° Taurus all month

Neptune – 25° – 26° Pisces
Pluto – 0° – 1° Aquarius
North Node, always retrograde – 17° – 15° Aries 

Chiron retrograde – 16° Aries 

Chariklo retrograde – 13° Aquarius