THE NEXT STEP BLOG - January 2024

Stepping into the Fast Lane

Welcome to the January 2024 newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for December.

However, I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

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Review for December 2023

December 6th: Texas may secede from the Union in the US, or at least moves one step closer: see link. Remember that the Total Solar Eclipse paths of August 2017 and October 2023 fell NW to SE across the US, and the Total Solar Eclipse path of April 8th will fall NE to SW across the country. The crossing point of these paths is Texas, so that is in the crosswires, and indeed more broadly the whole US is in focus as it is still experiencing its Pluto Return. This means that that as of 2022 and continuing, for the very first time since its legal inception in 1776, transiting Pluto comes back to its ‘natal’ place. This has the potential to change the US economically, legally, constitutionally, and even geographically: what makes up the US? 

December 10th: This is remarkable. Just today an article has been published (see below) about a 12 billion year old huge volume of water in space. Considering what I was talking about in my recent 2024 video, this is almost spooky . .. so much will be discovered about water, more to come: see link. This is just a few days after Neptune stationing direct, when its symbolism is highlighted.

December 14th: X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE UPDATE: A strong shortwave radio blackout is occurring in South America as a result of this morning’s X-class solar flare. The flare also released two types of radio emissions, which usually indicates CME activity. This is the largest solar flare since 2017. 

December 19th: Today there has been a major volcanic eruption in Iceland after many thousands of earthquakes over recent weeks. Also the most deadly earthquake in China at 5.9 magnitude today: see link. The unstable geomagnetic will peak in 2024, but continue at a high level for the coming years.

December 29th: Pfizer shares drop to their lowest level since 2013: see link. During my Saturn in Pisces video I mentioned that it is likely we would see an economic depression in pharmaceutical companies. This has another 14 months to run, but we can see some of this appearing already.

December 31st: Right at the very end of 2023 as Jupiter is stationary direct and therefore ‘blows up’ whatever is unfolding, there was a huge 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Japan, and a tsunami warning. Since that time there have been 190 earthquakes there from 2-7.5 magnitude. At the same time there was an X class flare of almost 5 magnitude, and this is the largest we have experienced in the current Solar Cycle 25 since 2017. As as result there was a radio blackout across the Pacific, and 2024 has just begun! 

More and more I am pulling back from the news so my highlights may become less in future newsletters.

January 2024

2024 will be a very different year energetically from any other that you have lived through. It will be historic and pivotal, and you will look back from the future and think ‘that is when everything changed’. This will cover many areas of life.

You may already be feeling a lighter, faster, more volatile energy since November when things were more intense. Now, we are experiencing even more solar flares, balls of radiation that the Sun is throwing out. We are in the midst of what is called ‘Solar Cycle 25’ when scientists and astrophysicists were expecting the peak of the solar flares to be in 2025. They have now revised that to say that this will be in 2024.

As a result of the peaking in solar flares, but also manmade electro-magnetic frequencies such as wifi, 5G, satellites, the ionisphere is much more unstable than we have ever known it in our lifetime. It is partly due to the amount of light coming onto the Earth, which has never been higher. 

This can affect people in many ways. For some people they may be finding it harder to sleep, or to the contrary they feel extremely fatigued. For others, they may have aches and pains, dizziness or tinnitus. The symptoms vary. However the solar flares that bring a lot of new information from the Sun and galaxy for us as human beings to assimilate, means that they are one of the prime ingredients for our human evolution. This is happening at dizzying speed and there is no rehearsal for this.

So our own individual energy bodies are rapidly having to digest all this new information and it has never happened at such speed, as we are all moving through a completely unique evolutionary opportunity.

We are physically having to embody more light in our bodies than we have ever done before. If our energy is coherent, and we are in a positive high frequency state of love, joy, peace, compassion or gratitude, then this embodiment happens more easily. However if we are in a negative or low frequency and therefore less coherent this could be a rougher ride and very destabilising. Remember that no-one forces you onto any frequency, you self-select this. I used an analogy a few years ago that I think is helpful.

Imagine that you are taking off in a plane on a windy day. At lower altitudes we can experience great turbulence and buffeting, with the powerful external factors even feeling quite threatening. However once we have broken through the clouds into higher altitudes then we get a much smoother ride. Just substitute altitude here with frequency. At more coherent, higher frequencies we are ‘bubble wrapped’ from the worst excesses of the chaos that will undoubtedly ensue at every level of 3D society this year as things break down. It is down to us and our own energy management as to how smooth and easy a ride we have.

2024 will be a year of collective awakening, of more extremes in weather, seismic activity and Earth events of all kinds including some land falling into the sea and other land emerging. There is likely to be financial volatility with many dramatic events unfolding, and new financial systems being introduced. Essentially the old structures that we have always had in our lives, governments and corporations, are falling away, and new socio-political structures are beginning to form. These are grassroots up, ordinary people coming together in communities and collaboration. There will be many innovations, brilliant technological advances including those of healing and anti-aging, and it will feel very exciting. Younger people who are innovators and visionaries will start to become more prominent as the old guard fades away.

It will be a much more revolutionary year, often literally. Power struggles will be much more apparent. Try to develop a much stronger sense of living from the inside out rather than the outside in, as there will be so many distractions as the speed of life picks up in a way we have not experienced to date. So find ways to bring yourself back to your centre. Bare feet on the Earth, candle-gazing, breathwork, meditation, or just being in nature. Even just closing your eyes, watching your breath and thinking of a person or animal that your love and are grateful for in your life will help your energy to decompress. This is so simple and free, do it as often as you can even just for a few minutes a day, and it will change your frequency and all your interactions with people as you reclaim your sense of living from your centre, and your power.

Sovereignty, autonomy, freedom and human rights, are all big themes in 2024. Typically we have given our power away to external authorities in our lifetimes, that’s the way the world worked. However, many of us are waking up now to realising that may not be the best way for us to live, and as long as we are living in love and peace with kindness and compassion for others, we can create a very different reality.

So 2024 will mark the beginning of a shift of power back to the people, but this is a 21 year process, it won’t happen in a year. Gradually, socially, economically and politically the way we live will become more equitable, fairer and kinder for all. However 2024 will be the year of polarisation before we start to see that be birthed more fully in 2025 and beyond. Gradually the green shoots of a very different society will become apparent.

Particularly if you are on a spiritual path, 2024 will start to feel more expansive and exciting. You may begin to feel more psychically sensitive, connected to all living beings. You may start to become more telepathic and even develop some healing abilities. So many exciting and rapid changes will be happening for many of us next year that make us feel as if we are entering a very different world – and we are.

To get into the detail for the year, Jupiter has just moved stationary direct on December 30th at 5°34’ Taurus, exactly on the same degree as the Lunar Eclipse on October 28th Then on January 2nd, Mercury moves stationary direct at 22°11’ Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. Together, these can feel visionary, expansive, optimistic, and very hopeful for our future visions. There is a feeling of momentum right from the start of the year. Mars is also out-of-bounds and therefore likely to manifest in more extreme or out-of-control ways until January 23rd. It is conjunct the Galactic Centre on January 1st and that may enable many energy sensitive people to receive more important downloads.

On the 11th, Eris goddess of chaos and discord also moves stationary direct at 24°09’ Aries, and the same day the Moon is conjunct Pluto increasing the emotional intensity. The symbolism of Eris linked to truth, justice, every voice being heard and a fairer society is likely to be felt around now. The Moon represents the people and it is conjunct Pluto at 29°41’ Capricorn. There will be a very big theme through this year around the ending of the old order, but the powers that were still trying to exert control over their populations as they people wake up from their old paradigm. This collective awakening will also be destabilising and will shatter many belief systems and worldviews. This will be strongly felt in April too with the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, as if we suddenly ‘see the light’. This will not be comfortable for the old order and they will not go quietly.

Pluto is at this final ‘anoretic degree’ in late January (see below), September, October and November and then moves into Aquarius for 20 years. A very different energy.

So much in 2024 will be about our understanding of our own energy, frequency and how that links with the universal cosmic energy and the greater electrification of our environment in all ways. Grounding, bare feet on the grass, will be even more important. Get in touch with Mother Earth and ‘decompress’ from these intense EMFs, many of which are manmade and unhelpful for our biology. It is remarkable to think that energy coming from the far galaxy too affects every cell in our bodies. I am going to be investigating this more deeply with Pluto’s move into Aquarius. Just think of the two ‘jaggedly’ lines of the glyph of Aquarius; it is all about energy, frequency and electromagnetic waves.

Then we have the New Moon at 20°44’ Capricorn on January 11th at 3.58am PST and 11.58am UK time, the day when Eris turns stationary direct and is highlighted. See where this New Moon falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for the seed you are planting at this time in your own life.

Although Pluto is no longer in a T-square to the Nodal Axis as it was all through 2023, this New Moon is exact by degree in that T-square, replacing Pluto. So it is saying you have now made your choice between fear and love, victim or co-creator and with this New Moon in Capricorn you are now being called to plant the first seed, to action that decision. That will become important even by the second half of this month.

It is very interesting that this New Moon is happening very close to the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22° Capricorn on January 12th 2020, that was the beginning of the pandemic and all that followed. Will there be some attempted repeat of that in some way, because if so it is unlikely to be successful as Pluto is hanging by a thread at the last degree of Capricorn. The time of power and control being in the hands of top-down authorities, corporations and institutions is coming to an end.

Nevertheless, issues of power may come to the fore, where do power and control lie, at this New Moon, as Pluto at 29°41’ is widely conjunct the Sun and Moon? However, the New Moon is also tightly trine to Uranus at 19°11’ Taurus, representing the future, innovation, freedom and truth. This will feel inspiring, and the combination of Capricorn and Taurus suggests the building of something visionary, innovative but also practical as we move forwards. Those systems may be financial, or linked to agriculture and food growing.

This is reinforced by Mars at 5°07’ Capricorn trine to Jupiter at 5°48’ Taurus. This is enthusiastic, confident, taking action quickly but also strategically with the strong Capricorn influence, thinking of the long term building of systems that are beneficial for our future. Capricorn is excellent at strategy, long-term planning, organisation and practical intelligence. It represents the executive function.

Although there is stability between these two Earth signs and also the trine, Mars is conjunct dwarf planet Ixion at 4°36’ Capricorn. As Alan Clay says, Ixion represents the ‘wild child’ and gets us to question whether the rules (Capricorn) that we are playing by are the right ones. That also sets up a major theme for the year, a challenge to the old system. Ixion encourages us to go our own way and find joy in simplicity, spurn the normal social mores which no longer seem relevant to us. Ixion holds powerful symbolism for 2024.

The visionary qualities of Mercury in Sagittarius, ‘far seeing’, are strengthened greatly by its conjunction firstly to the Galactic Centre at 27°10’ Sagittarius and also dwarf planet Varda at 27°27. This position allows Mercury to access high level information from the Galactic Centre, a locus of the cosmic mind, and also Varda in the creation myth placed the Sun and Moon and starts in the sky and set them on their course. She with her husband Manwe it is said created this universe. 

As this is the first New Moon of the year and Varda will be conjunct the Galactic Centre all of 2024, we are seeing a powerful theme also here of New Earth, a new reality being born.

Mercury is trine to the North Node and Eris at 20° and 24° Aries respectively. This strengthens our conviction that our future collective path of soul’s growth (North Node) is around truth, justice, fairness and sovereignty.

The New Moon is square to the North Node and Eris, energising this message further.

Saturn at 4° Pisces is sextile to Jupiter at 5° Taurus and this is a stabilising influence with our visionary building for the future. Dwarf planet Gonggong is at 4°46’ Pisces, tightly conjunct Saturn, and they will be exactly conjunct on January 16th with the conjunction operational until early February. Alan Clay who runs the Dwarf Planet University talks about Gonggong’s facility for picking up on the many psychic and cosmic energies coming onto our Earth right now. With this conjunction to Saturn he describes this as overwhelm on the one hand but also restriction on the other as we try to filter or give structure to these enormous cosmic energies. This is one of the lessons we have to learn in 2024.

Neptune at 25° Pisces is square to Mercury, giving us the imagination and creativity for this futuristic leap that we will be making into our new reality. Remember anything that we can imagine we can create. 

Dwarf planet Sedna at 29°32 Taurus is tightly trine to Pluto and this continues throughout 2024. Sedna as well as Pluto’s move into Aquarius on January 20th signals major developments in AI as well as a strong message to let go of what represented our old systems of safely and security. In Sedna’s myth, her father chopped her fingers off when she was trying to climb back into the boat in the storm to save herself, so the patriarchy is unlikely to shine in 2024. Both Sedna and Pluto have strong themes of transformation and even metamorphosis. 

By January 18th, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter bringing some optimism and on the same day Mercury is trine to Jupiter at 6°Capricorn-Taurus. This is excellent for opening our minds to bigger future visions and new possibilities and opportunities.

However we are already into the energy of the Sun conjunct Pluto on the 20th at 29°59’ Capricorn before they both tip into Aquarius a few hours later. This punctuation mark of the very last minute of Capricorn is another clear indication of the end of the old order. However please be aware that the old order may APPEAR to get stronger this year with Pluto at the anoretic degree through 4 months of this year. This is because they will get louder in an effort to continue the status quo. Know that very different things are happening at the energetic, electro-magnetic and light levels of our universe.

With all the drama that will be unfolding this year, make the decision to THRIVE whatever the circumstances, try to see everything as happening for you and not to you, and aiding your evolution. This will help to take you out of any victims consciousness too.

Pluto’s re-entry into Aquarius for the second time will feel very different. The pace will pick up, and we may well see some truths coming to light that could be quite shocking and are likely to be around science and/or technology. Pluto’s process is always on the one hand to intensify the symbolism of the sign it is moving through, but on the other to reveal any corruption around that sign. The likelihood of this is increased in January as Uranus moves stationary direct, the last planet to do so, on January 27th. Uranus is linked to truth, shocks, surprises, earthquakes and extreme Earth events of all kinds, and as this is happening so very close to the Full Moon on the 25th, we may well see a very bright light being shone on any secrets. We are likely to feel more rebellious and revolutionary as a result and this is a big theme for 2024. Volatility will be seen on every level: seismic, electro-magnetic, financial, political and behavioural.

Please have a regular practice in place where you can drop back into peace, stillness and bliss, whether that is breath-work, meditation, candle-gazing, being in nature, listening to sacred music, toning, chanting, bare feet on the Earth . . . this needs to become your default method of finding peace whenever the world feels overwhelming. This will also strengthen your sense of living from the inside out not the outside in and you will start to see the correlations of how peace on the inside is much more likely to produce peace in your reality. When we are scattered, anxious, fearful, angry, that’s what we will see more of in our outer reality. Therefore these simple practices allow us to more clearly observe manifestation in our lives.

Backtracking to the Full Moon at 5°14’ Leo on the 25th at 9.53am and 5.53pm UK time, this is another powerful lunation. They just keep on coming in 2024. Where is this falling in your own chart, what is coming to completion, culmination or closure for you in this ‘house area’ of life, or perhaps shining a light on what was not known before. 

Leo is the sign linked to leadership, kingship, creativity and shining your light brightly in the world. How fully have you been doing that? Are you a leader, a hero in your own life? Or deferring to external leadership? If so, how well is that working for you?

Leo is linked to heart energy, coming from love, and it is fascinating here that the Sun is conjunct Pluto at 5°14’ and 0°09’ Aquarius respectively and the Moon at 5°14’ Leo opposes them. So strong themes around power are being set up right now, and they continue all year. Pluto is the planet of power and it’s shift from Capricorn to Aquarius moves the potential locus of power from top-down vertical structures such as government to the ordinary people. However this will not be handed to people on a plate, we have to step into that sense of power. The Full Moon in Leo will help us to have that sense of being the creator or our own lives, the sign of Fixed Fire.

The Moon is conjunct Varuna, god of the cosmic waters, and that also sets up a theme of water being a huge issue in 2024. He rules over the rivers, seas and oceans, even rainfall and underground water. He also has a strong moral compass and therefore is one of the guardians of this for humanity. So whether this highlights flooding which is probable, emotional overwhelm which is also likely at times, or a greater understanding of water as god consciousness – all of these are relevant. 

Jupiter at 6°41’ Taurus is in a T-square to the Full Moon and Pluto, potentially blowing up whatever unfolds at this time. Indeed, this is actually a Fixed Grand Cross with dwarf planet Haumea at 2°06’ Scorpio. Haumea’s archetype is a powerful symbol for New Earth, as she is regenerative and highly creative. In her fire goddess aspect she was said to birth the islands of Hawaii. I believe with the increased seismic activity and extreme Earth events in 2024 we may see some land disappear but other new land (think Uranus in Taurus, literally new land) appear from the ocean. The Earth’s crust is less stable now.

Mercury is conjunct Mars at 14° and 15° Capricorn respectively. This can lead to sharp long-term strategic thinking but also sharp words – so think before you speak. Mercury and Mars are both trine to Uranus at 19° Taurus. This is excellent for energetic new thinking on future systems in food growing, finance and basic resources. Think about ways to grow your own food (Taurus) even if it is just growing highly nutritious microgreens on your windowsill. Self-sufficiency will be important in 2024.

This trine is also energising freedom and greater equality in society and this theme continues strongly all year too.

Venus at 2° Capricorn is conjunct the ‘wild child’ Ixion at 5° of that sign. Ixion is also linked to going your own way and finding joy in simplicity, and the conjunction here is emphasising the need to do it with love.

To repeat what I have mentioned in recent videos, Pluto is conjunct at 0° Aquarius the same degree of the ‘Great Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn at the Capricorn Solstice in December 2020, that began a new 800 year cycle. This conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Air signs for about the next 200 years sets up a new socio-political zeitgeist that is given powerful fuel from now on. This is towards decentralisation (Aquarius), communities, and collaboration, local networks which can birth new enterprises. This signals a huge shift in how our societies operate, different from anything we have known in our lives so far which have operated from more of a materialistic territorialism, density, and long-term ownership. We will become more interested in ideas, information and experiences and sharing our resources. It will be much faster moving and exciting with much innovation.

Venus is also sesquiquadrate Uranus here, and this can suggest some economic volatility as they are both in Earth signs of Capricorn and Taurus, or currency instability. This may also suggest another step towards digital currencies which are a certainly to appear in some form in 2024. Remember that although there are plans to make these centralised, the Aquarius energy is always decentralised. Please be very careful and think long term here in your decisions. However Venus is also trine to Jupiter and for some of us this can mean success or more abundance depending where transiting Venus and Jupiter are falling in your own chart. 

On the 27th as mentioned above, Uranus becomes stationary direct and this will be felt strongly a few days to either side of this date. Uranus will always propel us forwards into our future in order to break up stale, deadening aspects of our present. As this is happening within a week of Pluto’s shift into Aquarius it is likely to also encourage more rebellious behaviour, demands for freedom, lack of constraints and expression of your unique essence in the world without the weight of rules and regulations. Human rights and freedoms loom large as a theme.

Direct outward expression of this Uranus station is more likely as Mars is square to the Nodal Axis exactly on January 28th, within a day of the station. Mars is then at 18° Capricorn with the North Node at 18° Aries. Chiron is at almost 16° Aries, so there could be a stirring around where we feel we have been wounded or held in victim status. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and strong warrior energy.

Be aware that at the 3D level we will not have much let up as the old world goes into an accelerated period of collapse. However it may appear at times different on the surface, that is is getting stronger and its grip even tighter. The shadow side of Pluto in Aquarius is tyranny and control by technology, to translate the symbolism literally. However if we stay out of fear and in love, the cosmic winds, the astrological energy, the life-force energy, the solar flares, the Earth moving through the Galactic current sheet and the photon belt are all promising a very different and beautiful future for us. We just have to keep trusting our vision and stay strong in our spiritual sovereignty, and at the end of 2024 we will meet each other on the other side.

Remember that in these times of apparent darkness, as Martin Luther King wisely said:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”


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You can find my recent video on the elements, modalities, rulerships and astrological signs at this link:

I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 22° Sagittarius – 22° Capricorn, direct on the 2nd
Venus – 3° Sagittarius – 10° Capricorn

Mars – 27° Sagittarius – 20° Capricorn
Jupiter – 5° – 7° Taurus Saturn  – 3° – 6° Pisces

Uranus retrograde – 19° Taurus all month, direct on the 27th

Neptune – 25° Pisces all month
Pluto – 29° Capricorn – 0° Aquarius

North Node, always retrograde – 21° – 17° Aries 

Chiron retrograde – 15° Aries 

Chariklo retrograde – 9° Aquarius

“Whatever you broadcast into your field is your experiment with destiny.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

“[The] heart is the center of creation. It’s where wholeness begins; where we connect with our divinity. The heart is where we practice feeling elevated emotions – such as love, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, trust, care, kindness, and inspiration.