THE NEXT STEP BLOG - December 2023

Powerful Capricorn Solstice

The Next Step Newsletter – December 2023

Powerful Capricorn Solstice – Set up for 2024

Welcome to the December 2023 newsletter. Here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for November.

However, I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately, I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

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November Review

No set date – but some beautiful videos here on how visionaries and entrepreneurs are working to restore the soil and the land. Truly, this is the symbolism of Haumea. Enjoy: see link

November 6th:  In Australia, there has been a massive power outage, possibly the result of a cyber attack, and this is affecting millions nationwide. It is affecting internet, phone and mobile connections and many hospital emergency department services. Sadly, this is a very clear example of Uranus (planet of cut-outs, power outages, cyber-attacks) opposing the Mercury (communication) and Mars (attack) midpoint: see link.

November 11th: This short video below is from yesterday, but an update just now from a follower who lives close to the area that is erupting says that there have been over 1000 earthquakes in the last 24 hours in Iceland. These are principally around the SW of Iceland around Grindavik, with a state of emergency being declared as a major volcanic eruption is expected, with the magma around 1.5 km down. A full evacuation of the area has now been ordered:

The magma is expected to break through today or tomorrow, with much more magma than recent eruptions. My follower who lives in Iceland tells me that this is expected to be 100 times more powerful than recent eruptions and, therefore, a major earth event.

As those of you who follow astrology know, this weekend is the exact Mars-Uranus opposition, Uranus being the planet linked to earthquakes, and Mars energises it. This is a classic signature for earthquakes, especially when they are both in Fixed Signs, with Uranus in the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus, the Earth herself. The Fixity describes how pressure builds up and, under this aspect, is very likely to have a sudden explosive release. Many gasses will be released from the eruptions. Sending prayers and love to all affected at this time.

November 13th: Yesterday’s New Moon was conjunct with Mars and opposing Uranus, a planet linked to rebellion and revolution. There were huge protests against the government in Spain yesterday: see link.

November 17th: There has been a very large earthquake in the Philippines, with a 6.7 magnitude. Today and tomorrow, the Sun is conjunct Mars, and they are still both opposing Uranus in Taurus. Following the earthquakes in Iceland last weekend, these aspects are again suggesting earthquakes, volcanoes and extreme Earth events as the Sun energises this opposition.

Sending prayers for all involved in this tragedy: see link.

November 21st: This is a very interesting press conference given by the Forum of Democracy at the EU Parliament. Firstly, in Dutch, then in English: This is interesting as we are building into the Full Moon in Gemini, where a bright light is being shone on the facts, the information and the media, and whether we now see it in a different light (Gemini).

November 22nd: In recent hours, there has been a car explosion at the Niagara Falls US-Canada crossing, with authorities suspecting a possible terrorist attack. Therefore, the four major international border crossings from the US to Canada have now been closed. Today, the Sun conjuncts Mars (so there is potential for attacks or aggression) and is tightly square Saturn. The Sun in Sagittarius is about freedom and is also linked to flight. I understand that Buffalo Airport was shut down for some hours.

This square to Saturn is thrown into high relief as we build towards the Full Moon in Gemini with Saturn (restriction, limitation, borders) squaring both the Sun and Moon on the 27th. In the updated video, I mentioned that this may restrict freedom of movement (Sun, Mercury, Mars in Sagittarius). See Link.

November 30th: I anticipated that around the Gemini Full Moon, important facts, information, and data that may have legal implications (Sun in Sagittarius) may come to light. Well this video fulfils that, very important for us all:  

December 2023

As we enter December at least, we will have lost the explosive, eruptive, sparky energy of the Mars-Uranus opposition, and the Sun and Mars are now in the more expansive sign of Sagittarius, moving away from the intensity of Scorpio. Also, from the very beginning of the month, we may be feeling Neptune stationing directly at 24°53’ Pisces, which is exactly on the 6th. We will feel this station for the first ten days of the month, but the strong Neptune influence will be felt for the first 16 days of December for other reasons, too.

On the one hand, for some, this may bring in a feeling of disillusionment, confusion, or overwhelm, partly with the speed of things that have been happening this year and, frankly, will continue to accelerate for the next decade. However, for others, this will bring in a deeper spirituality, a connection to the Source, a sense of unconditional love for all living beings, which is hard to define but incredibly important as an energetic shift. All month, Neptune will be sextile to Pluto at 28°-29° Capricorn, and this can even bring in some paranormal experiences, an ability to tune into more ethereal realms.

In the first 4 days of the month, we have a square between Venus in late Libra and Pluto in the last couple of degrees of Capricorn. This can manifest as intense relationship issues. There may be a sense of control or manipulation in a relationship or jealousy or possessiveness coming to the fore. More freedom and independence may be beckoning. Or, this could manifest in the financial realm as turbulence linked to currencies and volatility in the financial system. Certainly, as Pluto moves to the last degree of Capricorn on the 19th (and will remain there until it enters Aquarius on January 20th and from September to November 2024) will continue to break down the old systems, revealing any corruption as he goes. Capricorn is linked to big business, government, and the banking system. Remember that the year Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, we had a major financial crisis.

On December 5th, the Sun is semi-square Pluto, which indicates some wrestling with the powers that were the authorities in society, and this is reinforced early on the 6th with Mercury sesquiquadrate to Uranus. We may discover more truths that day, and we want to speak out, be radical, and feel more rebellious. Mars is also sesquiquadrate Eris that day, so there is a greater urge for a feisty revolution in order that everyone is heard and justice prevails.

However, all of these aspects are running into the cloud of Neptune’s station on the 6th. Very positively, this can make us feel more idealistic. We want to move away from any corruption, lies, injustice, and inequality in society and move forward in a spiritual context of unconditional love and Oneness with all living beings. Please also be more aware of your dreams around this time, as they and your intuition may be heightened. Keep a dream journal if you don’t already.

On the 7th, Mercury is in a very positive trine to Jupiter at 7° Capricorn-Taurus, and this will enable us to think ‘big’ and expansively about our future ideas, but make sure we ground them in reality as they are both in Earth signs. These new ideas may be around our financial systems (Taurus and Capricorn both relate to this) and/or our food production and agriculture.

Any relationship and financial intensity could increase on the 9th with a Venus-Jupiter opposition at 6° Scorpio-Taurus. Jupiter will expand the intensity of Venus here, especially in Scorpio. Issues around big money invested money, loans, and mortgages may emerge at this time, although for some, it may be very beneficial and actually expand their investments successfully.

Then we have the New Moon at 20°40’ Sagittarius on December 12th at 3.32pm PST and 11.32pm UK time. See where this falls in your chart, and don’t forget to set a new intention for this time. This is the fourth New Moon in a row of seven between 20°-21° of its sign.

Sagittarius is a very different energy to Scorpio. We are moving away from the intensity and moving into a much greater sense of expansion. Mars is also in Sagittarius at 13°20’ to increase that sense of adventure, exploration and future focus. It is also conjunct with the Great Attractor, that mysterious massive gravitational anomaly in space that sucks many thousands of galaxies in its wake at a speed of 600 km/second. This is an extraordinary electromagnetic gravitational force of energy from which we create our world. This could be a very important time on Earth, as when planets become conjunct at this point, it means that higher force energy and information can be accessed.

Sagittarius is the sign linked to being able to see bigger and better opportunities for the future, hope and optimism. There is a sense of inherent enthusiasm and trust in a higher order. Keep repeating the mantra, “I am welcoming in an expanded consciousness of love.”

Also, don’t forget that Sagittarius is one of the two signs linked to the law and justice.

We have five planets in Mutable signs here: the Sun, Moon and Mars in Sagittarius and Saturn and Neptune in Pisces. On the one hand, this can continue a sense of things being ‘all over the place’ that was prevailing at the Full Moon in Gemini, but on the other can create a greater feeling of malleability of creating our own future. This is very much what the sign of Sagittarius is about.

The big aspect of this New Moon is that Neptune at 24°54’ Pisces is square to it, continuing the Neptune theme of earlier in the month. See this very much as a significant new beginning (New Moon), which will have spirituality, a sense of Oneness, and interconnectedness with all living beings at its core. The energy will change very much in 2024, so be conscious and aware of how you are using this set-up energy for that. The Sun’s square to Neptune becomes exact on the 16th, so essentially, Neptunian energy is very strong for the first half of the month.

At its best, this can make us want to increase our spiritual practice, a theme reinforced by Saturn in Pisces. All month, Saturn is conjunct with one of the Fixed Royal Stars of Persia called Fomalhaut, linked to the Archangel Gabriel and known as the spiritual teacher (remember that Fixed Stars only move 1° every 72 years, so essentially, they stay on one degree for a lifetime). It can make us want to lift our vision to a higher purpose, a greater sense of devotion in our lives, or spend more time in sacred places meditating. The combination of Neptune and Sagittarius can bring in a desire to be more philanthropic, more charitable, and certainly to live at a higher state of being beyond the noise.

Neptune continues in its long-term square to the Galactic Centre and the dwarf planet Varda, both at 26° Sagittarius, and this square will continue all of 2024. This really does bring in a sense of spiritual information and higher knowledge, with Varda being a powerful symbol for New Earth, too. She, with her husband Manwe, was part of the original Creation myth described by Tolkien in his book Silmarillion.

However, if there are any important legal cases unfolding at this time, it can bring in a sense of doubt or ‘cloud’ around those. Be aware of this, and if so, think about why this is occurring.

Jupiter, the ruler of this New Moon, is continuing its trine to Mercury, continuing the themes mentioned above for the 7th. Big future thinking is the summary, and Mercury is also strong as it is stationary (retrograde) here. Whenever planets are stationary, their symbolism is magnified. I mentioned above that there could be some new thinking linked to the financial system as Jupiter is in Taurus linked to banking, currencies and wealth, and this New Moon is tightly conjunct Mercury, chart and Midheaven ruler in the chart of the Euro, the launch of that currency set at January 1st 1999 00.01 Brussels.

Interestingly, in 2024, transiting Neptune will come to oppose the Ascendant of the Euro chart at 29° Virgo and square the Midheaven. This can potentially weaken the value of the Euro in 2024 as Neptune has an undermining, dissolving effect.

Whatever is unfolding at this New Moon, the sesquiquadrate to Jupiter, which becomes exact early on the 13th, will ‘blow things up’ in a bigger way. Again, they could be related to legalities or travel (Sagittarius), financial issues or food supplies (Taurus).

Mercury in this New Moon chart, as well as being stationary, is conjunct with the dwarf planet Quaoar. This has beautiful symbolism of bringing order from chaos, and through song and dance, raising the frequency and then manifesting something beautiful from that higher level. It has a strong connection to people coming together in a community and creating a better world, which fits in with so much of the other symbolism of the New Moon. I believe that Quaoar is related to the spirit world, the elementals, bringing them more into prominence with this increased psychic sensitivity.

Reinforcing the New Moon’s square to Neptune, Mercury is also sextile Venus here at 9°42’ Scorpio, an aspect of idealism.

We also have more ‘feisty’ energy coming in here. The Sun and Moon are quincunx Uranus at 19°55’ Taurus, raising the rebellious potential. Remember that Uranus is the planet of awakening, and many people are waking up now to the truth (Uranus and Sagittarius) and through 2024. What reinforces that is that Eris at 23°20’ Aries is still conjunct the North Node, and they are both trine to the New Moon. Eris stands for truth, sovereignty, justice, equality and a fairer society. 

What reinforces those themes, too, is that Mars at 13° Sagittarius is semi-square to Pluto at 28°48’ Capricorn. Mars in Sagittarius is like the ‘crusader’ who will be vigorous in pursuing truth and stands for our individual sense of power versus the weight of state power from Pluto in Capricorn.

The other aspect of this New Moon, especially with Mars in the sign, too, is that it can lead to very strong opinions one way or the other, dogmatism and self-righteousness, even religious dogmatism and fanaticism. Please beware of that and try to rise above the polarity.

By December 16th, the Sun is trine to Eris, but at the same time, the Sun is exactly squaring Neptune. So, at its best, this combination is the pursuit of justice and fairness for the highest good of all. Mercury, now retrograde, repeats its earlier trine to Jupiter on the 18th, continuing to plan for a better future for all. Jupiter is always inclusive and generous.

By the 19th, Mercury is sesquiquadrate Uranus, and this can bring more truth to light but also irritability from us, a sense of rebellion, that we must speak out to uphold the truth. By the 20th, Venus is opposing Uranus at 19° Scorpio-Taurus. We will have an urge for more freedom if a relationship is too controlling or constraining, and this, as always, could bring some volatility into the financial and currency realm.

On December 20th, the strong Uranian influence continues with Mars in quincunx at 19° Sagittarius-Taurus. This is rebellious, impulsive and impetuous, potentially demanding more individual freedom and these themes are reinforced by the Moon in Aries conjunct goddess of chaos and discord, Eris. Within a few hours, the Moon squares Pluto, bringing up intense feelings and emotions in the population around issues of control and top-down power.

We have the Capricorn Solstice on December 21st at 7.27pm PST and 3.27am UK time on the 22nd as the Sun enters Capricorn. As always at Solstices and Equinoxes, it is like striking a tuning fork for the backdrop prevailing energies for the next 3 months.

The chart for the Capricorn Solstice has six planets in Earth signs, with the Sun, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn and the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. This is potentially very stabilising and practical as we enter 2024, especially with the Sun and Mercury at 1°32’ Capricorn in a positive trine to the Moon at 00°23’ Taurus. The Moon is also exalted in Taurus. In this position, she is excellent for fertility and growing food and can hold us steady in a crisis. She is very resourceful.

The Moon here is also stabilised further by the sextile to Saturn at 2°25’ Pisces, conjunct with the Fixed Royal Star of Persia Fomalhaut, linked to ArchAngel Gabriel referred to above.

Jupiter is trine to the Sun and Mercury, which brings in a sense of expansion for the future. This will increase further towards the end of the month as Jupiter stations direct. Note that Jupiter at 5° Taurus during the second half of December is conjunct with the degree of the Lunar Eclipse on October 28th. What began at the end of October and is being expanded during this time? See where 5° Taurus is falling in your chart for clues as to how this may manifest.

Jupiter is also sextile to Saturn, and this is positive as the expansion of Jupiter (which often knows no limits) is ‘boundaries’ by Saturn, which wants us to do things thoroughly and cautiously. Aspects between Jupiter and Saturn commonly occur in economists’ charts as they can skillfully balance expansion and caution to produce excellent financial advice.

Venus at 20°41’ Scorpio is opposing Uranus at 19°38’ Taurus, as explained above, and Mars is quincunx Uranus. Eris is still conjunct the North Node at 22° Aries, continuing to cause chaos and discord until truth, justice and social inclusion for all prevail. The urge for freedom and truth will be strong all through 2024 as a major theme. As the North Node is in Aries here (and will be by transit all of 2024), we are being strongly encouraged in our soul’s path of growth to be more independent, self-sufficient, and sovereign, standing strong in our own sense of power, in our centre. The keywords for Aries are ‘I am’, and people with an Aries emphasis in their charts tend to have a very clear sense of self. 

Venus is trine to Neptune at 24°57’ Pisces, and this can bring in a fine sense of beauty, aesthetics, romance, and creativity that is very sensitive and tuned into finer energy. This is wonderful for any kind of creativity or simply appreciating nature.

Chiron at 15°27’ Aries is (widely) conjunct with the North Node at 21°23 Aries, but as we move through the coming weeks, this conjunction will get tighter. This again reinforces some of the important themes identified already.

Everyone has Chiron somewhere in their chart, and it signifies some kind of ‘original wound’. In Aries, it usually suggests a strong sense in very early childhood that there is a question over ‘Do I have a right to exist?’ There is often a hole in the middle where a sense of self or centre can be felt, and part of the journey in that case in this lifetime is to not only heal this but turn it into leadership.

People born between February 1969 and March 1977 have Chiron in Aries (Chiron has a 51-52 year orbit), and so will be experiencing their ‘Chiron Return’ from May 2018 and April 2027, depending on the exact degree in Aries, where there is potential for this original wound to be healed. This is particularly highlighted in the collective now with Chiron’s conjunction with the North Node and again feeds into the theme of sovereignty, individual power, and standing strong versus top-down state power.

The top-down state power is really emphasised here by Pluto at 29°03’ Capricorn. 29° of a sign is known as the ‘anaretic degree’, where the shadow side of that side can be expressed more easily. Capricorn, as I have spoken about many times, is linked to top-down structures, verticality, inequality, elitism, governments, corporations, and institutions that have held power over us. It is also linked to big business and banking, suggesting that we could see some crises around these going forward, and this is a theme also in 2024 as the old order and systems collapse.

Pluto will spend only three months in Capricorn in 2024, as opposed to 9 months this year, and so it really does signify the end of the old order taking place – although, of course, it will not necessarily go quietly.

On December 22nd, we have a Moon-Jupiter conjunction, which can help give us a sense of optimism and buoyancy. On the same day, Mars sesquiquadrate Jupiter can encourage us to feel so enthusiastic that we rush into some crusade, based on what we believe, that we are too impetuous. 

By December 25th, Christmas Day for many, the Venus-Neptune trine perfects at 25° Scorpio-Pisces, and this feels quite idealistic, sensitive, and tuned into the beauty of all that is. Lovely for Christmas Day.

On the 26th, Chiron moves stationary directly at 15°27’ Aries. For several days before and after the 26th, we will have an important opportunity to come together for collective healing.

Therefore, this Chiron station will be happening as we have the Full Moon at 4°58’ Cancer on the 26th at 4.33pm PST and at 12.33am UK time on the 27th. Where is this falling in your chart? The house area can indicate the area of life where some completion, culmination, or closure may be happening or something coming to light that you were not aware of before.

Cancer is a sensitive Water sign that is very empathetic and nurturing energy, and people with Cancer emphasis in their charts not only need to feel safe and nurtured but instinctively understand what others need to feel nurtured to. It is a caring, motherly energy. A safe nest to retreat to is most important, and financial security is as important as emotional security. Around this Full Moon, you may want to hunker down and spend a cosy time with your loved ones. It is a protective energy and very related to family. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer, so it is very strong here.

This Full Moon also offers us creative energy with great sensitivity and intuition. We are likely to feel more emotionally and psychically sensitive at this time – so be as sensitive to others’ needs as your own.

Following the expansive New Moon in Sagittarius, this Sun here at this Full Moon is trine to Jupiter at 5°36’ Taurus, and the Moon is sextile to it, both very favourable aspects. Therefore, the expansive feel continues: how can you be the best you can be? How can you prepare for 2024 to be your best year ever? How can you create a new vision (Jupiter) for yourself that is likely to expand your consciousness, too (Jupiter)? Will this be a study of esoteric or metaphysical subjects, travel, or some kind of spiritual practice? This is way beyond the normal planning of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ as 2024 will be a very different energy and a truly pivotal historic year in this rapid transformation of our evolution. Try to step into a future and higher version of yourself right now. What is stopping you?

What helps us here is that Mercury at 25°18’ Sagittarius is again conjunct with the Galactic Centre at 26°, and dwarf planet Varda is also at 25° Sagittarius. They are all square to Neptune, and aside from Mercury, this is a long-term square through 2024. This stimulates the imagination, creativity, and a much more vast perspective on your world than ever before. This is supported by the positive aspects of Jupiter by the Full Moon.

Jupiter at 5° Taurus is exactly conjunct with the degree of the Lunar Eclipse on October 28th. So whatever was unfolding for you, there may be enlarged or magnified at this time. Is this potentially about financial resources or needing to boost your sense of security in some way?

The Moon is conjunct dwarf planet Chaos at 1°21’ Cancer. The myth of Chaos is that Heaven was ripped from Earth, but the purpose of Chaos is to reconnect them, to bring Heaven back to Earth. This supports our move to New Earth.

The Sun is tightly conjunct with the dwarf planet Ixion. Ixion’s myth has a strong negative and positive expression. Negatively, Ixion had no moral compass, murdered his father-in-law and was ultimately spun into eternity on a burning wheel. He had no remorse for his deeds. The positive expression is that you take your own path, do not follow normal society, and find your joy and bliss through simplicity. This is what many of us will be doing in the coming months and years.

We are helped by Saturn at 2°49’ Pisces still being conjunct Fomalhaut as detailed above, and in long-term sextile to Jupiter for stability. 

We have a close conjunction of Mars at 23°37’ Sagittarius and Mercury, giving us fast, enthusiastic speech, excitement and inspiration, but also potentially angry dogmatic opinions. Take a breath before you respond to people, as this conjunction can be very sparky and impulsive.

Mercury and Mars are also trine to Eris at 22°01’ Aries and the North Node at 24°10’ of that sign. So our strong opinions and words can lead to action on the street, with Eris, the feisty goddess of chaos and discord, being unrelenting in getting to the truth, justice and greater equality for all.

Although Pluto is still technically square to the Nodal Axis, this is weakening and will continue to do so from now on. Our choices have been made this year as to whether we are living in love or fear, victim or co-creator. This is our set-up for 2024.

Then, on December 30th, Jupiter stations at 5°34’ Taurus. We will feel this for several days to either side of the 30th, and it will give us a sense of expansion, optimism, enthusiasm and a visionary sense for 2024. It can potentially lift us to a higher level of being as we enter 2024. Within two days of entering the New Year, Mercury moves directly, leaving only Uranus to move directly on January 27th. Then, all planets will be moving directly for several months. This will give a feeling of momentum, and the speed of events will pick up, especially as Pluto re-enters Aquarius on January 20th.

All planets will then be direct until June 2nd 2024, when Pluto moves stationary retrograde. Jupiter will speed through Taurus, entering Gemini in May 2024. This is very different energy from Taurus.

Anyone with planets or angles from 3°-7° of the Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius may feel a sense of greater expansion, opportunity or personal growth at this time with the station of Jupiter.

Events will also start to happen very quickly from now and for the next decade. So this is an excellent time to find a simple way to bring yourself back to the centre. This can be candle-gazing, being in nature, barefoot on the Earth, or using a simple breathing technique: shut your eyes and drop into your belly. Without forcing or effort, keeping everything very soft, breathe in for four, hold for two, and out for six. If this feels too much, breathe in for three and out for four. Gradually let the breath breathe you, and then, as you feel comfortable, pause slightly at the end of the exhalation, maybe just for a couple of seconds. 

As you are able to extend this, the more you will feel like butter melting in the sun, and you feel peaceful and even blissful. Within minutes, this simple exercise will change your physiology. You are reducing your stressful cortisol levels in your blood and boosting your immune system. The more you do this, the more you will feel that you are operating from your centre and the less buffeted you will feel by external circumstances. All free easy, and anyone can do this from home. This simple exercise over time is truly transformational.

The more you feel grounded and centred inside yourself, the simpler life can become as you feel less a sense of being overwhelmed by external events. This shift of living from the inside out rather than the outside in will change everything in your reality as you step into your power and sovereignty peacefully and gracefully.

Blessings to you all.

“A quiet mind is all you need. All else will happen correctly once your mind is quiet. As the sun rises, so does self-awareness affects changes in the mind. In the light of calm and steady self-awareness, inner energies wake up and work miracles without any effort on your part.”

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon as they move too quickly, but I will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury retrograde – 29° – 22° Sagittarius, in Capricorn 2-22nd December
Venus – 26° Libra – 2° Sagittarius

Mars – 5° – 26° Sagittarius
 Jupiter retrograde, 7° – 5° Taurus, direct on the 30th at 5°34’ Taurus

Saturn  – 1° – 3° Pisces   
Uranus retrograde – 20° – 19° Taurus  

Neptune retrograde – 24° – 25° Pisces, stationary direct on the 6th

Pluto – 28° – 29° Capricorn all month

North Node, always retrograde – 24° Aries 

Chiron retrograde – 15° Aries 

Chariklo retrograde – 9° Aquarius