THE NEXT STEP BLOG - September 2023

Entering Eclipse Season

The Next Step Newsletter – September 2023

Entering Eclipse Season

Welcome to the September 2023 newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for August.

However, I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

Copyright Pam Gregory, no part to be copied or used elsewhere without my strict permission, thank you.

August Review

August – no set date: This is a wonderful idea, a young Irish man has invented a natural way to clear up 85% of microplastics in the oceans by using magnets:

August 3rd: Scientists discover the highest ever amount of light coming from the Sun: see link

August 10th:

A Large Magnetic Hump in the VLISM Observed by Voyager 1 in 2020–2022. Someone whose knowledge I respect with regard to plasma has commented that this magnetic hump actually fits the bill of a small plasma shock wave that is travelling ahead of the Galactic current sheet. So this has the potential to further our evolution as plasma carries divine intelligence, and it sounds as if this would be another ‘jump’ in that, not just linear progression.

August: Although this was published on June 7th, it is fascinating, describing ‘hydration solids’. This is a new discovery relating to organic materials such as wood, which the article describes as ‘water towers’ as it is held together by the water molecules rather than being a rigid structure: see link. This is such a beautiful and clear reflection of Saturn (solid structures) in Pisces (water!).

August 24th: The Full SuperMoon in Pisces is already making itself felt, it seems. The astrocartography for this Full Moon was a path from NE Canada down to SW US, the Californian area that has just seen a hurricane, 5.5 magnitude earthquake, and flooding. Flooding and extreme weather were certainly marked in the symbolism for the Full SuperMoon as this is the closest and therefore will appear to be the largest one this year, so a big pull on the tectonic plates. 

What strengthens the possibility of seismic activity and extreme weather is Uranus is moving stationary retrograde on August 29th, the planet of earthquakes, and this energy is already building. Uranus is very highlighted and its symbolism magnified, as with all planets, when it becomes stationary. It may bring some shocks and surprises in the news, or around aviation, cyber attacks or power cuts – but positively is very much the planet of truth and awakening. More people are starting to wake up to a higher state of being.

Today Japan will start to release some of the water from the Fukushima disaster that happened on March 11th 2011. There is much concern about this, especially from neighbours China and South Korea, not only from the residents and also the effect on fish stocks (Pisces=fish): see link: see link.

What is very interesting is that if we go back to March 11th 2011, Chiron was at 1°23’ Pisces – so literally ‘wounded water’. Tomorrow Saturn which is connected to the consequences of things is at 4° Pisces but moving retrograde back to 1° Pisces by late September.

At the time of Fukushima, there were several planets at 29° of their sign, this is the anaretic degree, often suggesting some kind of crisis as the planet tips into the next sign. Then, Uranus was at 29°59’ Pisces. Uranus (and Pluto) are linked to radiation, if you think of Uranium and Plutonium, and Pisces again representing the sea. The North Node was at 29° Sagittarius, so Uranus was in a T-square to the Nodal Axis in a similar way to Pluto squaring this axis now. Neptune was at 29° Aquarius, and Mercury was at 29°59’ Pisces the day before the disaster. So both Uranus and Mercury were at the very last degree and minute of the zodiac.

It’s interesting now that we have several planets at 29° of their signs; Pluto will be hovering around this degree until the end of 2024, Sedna similarly around 29° Taurus, Haumea at 29° Libra and Ceres by mid-September at 29° Libra. This is only one astrological indicator that we are in a massive time of transition and transformation. 

August 29th:  Interesting that these air traffic control disruptions have come up today with Uranus moving stationary retrograde now. The symbolism of Uranus is linked to aviation, disruptions, technology, and cut-outs: see link

September 2023

We have some big planetary shifts as we enter September, and remember that we are still very much feeling the biggest and closest Full SuperMoon of the year at 7°25’ Pisces on August 31st. Uranus is also stationary retrograde on August 29th, so this can all increase the seismic potential for this period. The Full SuperMoon is not only in Pisces, ruled by Neptune god of the seas, but is also tightly conjunct the dwarf planet Gonggong which is related to flooding too. 

Also at this Full SuperMoon at 7° Pisces, we have the dwarf planet MakeMake in quincunx (150°) by degree at 7° Libra. MakeMake is linked to the Great Sea Spirit, the creator god of Easter Island, the Rapa Nui people. The Island despite having no water supply had a thriving ecosystem and agriculture, and had a healthy population of several thousand people. Then beginning in the 17th century European sailors arrived. They brought diseases like smallpox with them, rats escaped onto the island from their ships, and they also cut down many of the trees and pillaged the island, even taking some people as slaves. By the late 1880s, the population of Easter Island was down to 111 people apparently. So MakeMake in myth is linked to pandemics and depopulation, as well as ecological disaster. However from those desperate circumstances the people managed to turn that situation around, back to a thriving community. So it is also linked to regeneration, and similar to Haumea, a sense of returning the right balance to nature. So as MakeMake is the male Creator God, it is almost that his counterpart, the female, is Haumea.

Until the end of the year now, Eris is exactly conjunct the North Node by degree and this is likely to increase collective demands for truth, justice, and greater equality in society. Intensity (that word again!) is likely to increase as we are already within the influence of the Eclipses in October.

On September 3rd, Venus completes her retrograde period so our re-evaluation around our finances, relationships and values comes to a close, and we are more ready to move forwards now in those areas with, greater clarity. However the next day Jupiter moves stationary retrograde at 15°34’ Taurus and his symbolism is magnified. He will go direct again on December 30th. During these next four months, we will more easily be able to access our own wisdom, and we will also be reviewing our belief systems, particularly around areas of freedom and our future before we move forwards with a revised perspective at the end of the year. On the 4th when Jupiter moves stationary direct Mercury in a trine aspect, which is wonderful for ‘thinking big’, especially about creating our future vision with a sense of expansion. A great day for the mantra ‘I am welcoming in an expanded consciousness of love’.

If you have any planets from 13° to 16° Taurus, and also with those degrees in Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you may feel this. Jupiter only moves from 15°-14° the whole month, and this can bring some success, expansion, recognition or abundance to the ‘house’ areas where you have those degrees.

This is a lot of astrological activity with some major moves in these first four days of the month, still under the influence of the Pisces Full SuperMoon. This has the potential to confuse the picture for a while, or inspire us to greater spiritual heights.

Going back to the detail of the start of the month, on the 1st we have Mars opposing the Moon and in a quincunx to Saturn. These aspects can bring up some frustration and anger amongst the people, and on the 2nd the Moon is conjunct Eris, shining a light on the Eris-North Node conjunction. The next day the Moon in Aries is square to Pluto, suggesting the people in anger are ‘running up against’ the top-down governmental structures, and reinforcing the Eris-North Node theme described above.

By September 7th, we have quite contradictory energy. There is a very positive and expansive Sun-Jupiter trine at 15°33’ Virgo-Taurus,  but the same day we have a sesquiquadrate between Mars and Uranus that can make us feel rebellious and impulsive, and this is reinforced by the Moon squaring Mars too. Remember that the conjunction between Eris and the North Node will continue to be felt through to the end of the year, ‘upping the ante’ amongst people for truth, justice and equality. 

We have quite complex energy all month, as on the one hand we have some demanding, insistent, impatient energy from people who are awakening since the station of Uranus on August 29th, but at the same time we have Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto barely moving all month as they are all retrograde. The maximum most of them move this month is one degree.

So this points to a very deep period of introspection and review of what unfolded individually and collectively during their direct motion earlier this year. Would we take the same course of action, are our beliefs and values the same, are our views about the world the same? Truly, would you act in the same way if the same scenarios repeated in the world early next year when these outer planets are moving direct again? Dig deep into these questions. Remember that this is not any regular ‘same old’ year of retrograde planets, we are in an accelerated period of ascension being defined by our choices, actions and points of focus – seen astrologically very clearly with Pluto square to the Nodal Axis until November. Please choose wisely and consciously, and think long term.

Please remember that there is NOT just one reality, there are many, and we are all on our own individual timelines in a more well defined way that every before, and they are determined by our frequency.

When we change our energy state as a result of the new light codes and solar flares, then everything in our reality is up for review; see this positively that you are increasingly stepping into the lightbody, and as each of us are on a different soul journey and timeline, we don’t necessarily walk with the same people for the whole journey. Be kind to yourself in this understanding as many relationships are changing, reinforced by Venus retrograde and the South Node in Libra. Venus moves stationary direct on September 3rd, and issues around relationships, values and finances may have come to some conclusion by then.

Also check in with your own birthchart with these outer planets. Uranus hasn’t been at 22° Taurus since 1940, and it will only be at this point once in a lifetime as it has an 84 year orbit. Do you have any planets or angles between 21-23° Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius? See which house area Uranus is falling in. What have you already outgrown in that area? What is stale, deadening and routine that needs to be left behind now? What makes you feel heavy, or light? What can you shed in terms of ‘weightiness’ in your life? Are you feeling restless, urgent, as if time is running out even though it isn’t, and you have a greater need for freedom and authenticity? Uranus will be drilling down on those degrees for the next three months.

With Pluto, it hasn’t been at these late degrees of Capricorn since 1798, so this is very definitely a once-in-a-lifetime position for you. Do you have any planets or angles between 27°-29° Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra? If Uranus brings rapid, radical and sudden change, Pluto brings deep, fundamental change through a death, transformation and rebirth process. It is not always comfortable, but always ultimately about our empowerment. It takes us down to the bare bones of who we are and then rebuilds in a stronger form to take us forwards into a new episode. 

So these two major archetypes are contributing to some huge changes in people’s lives right now, and both have the message to go with the changes. If we resist, usually the change will come more strongly from the outside. The evolution for humanity right now is rapid but also thorough. The old will be left behind and increasingly I feel for many of us that the past will go to dust ultimately, we will barely remember it, the new will be so very different in frequency.

On September 14th we have a New Moon at 21°57’ Virgo at 6.39pm PST and 1.39am on the 15th UK time. See where this falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for whatever you want to manifest in your life in that ‘house’ area.

This is a highly ‘Virgoan’ New Moon as not only is Mercury, its ruler in Virgo here, but it is also the sign in traditional astrology of its exaltation, and it is stationary direct at the New Moon, making it very strong. A big theme of Virgo is health, microbes, very tiny things that can be of benefit or detriment to our health. It is about disease, but also about nutrition, digestion and the gut, how we can get everything in our body running like clockwork, and healthy again. It is also about being of practical service to others. Once we have the correct, exact, right information, there is a need to put it into practical use in some way.

Virgo is also the sign linked to our daily habits. As mentioned above, so many of us feel weighted down by responsibilities and commitments. Can you radically ‘Feng Shui’ your energy to simplify and streamline your day today life in line with the new values you are developing?

Virgo is the sign most linked to DISCERNMENT, but how do we get the right information, is a big question at this New Moon, as the Sun and Moon are being opposed by Neptune at 26°23’ Pisces, which is retrograde. This can throw a fog, confusion or uncertainty over that information, and Saturn opposing Mercury may suggest some (deliberate?) obstacles to that. What are the facts we can be sure of?

Black Moon Lilith is at 29° Leo, the anaretic degree, and as she is often related to trauma in her symbolism, here with Leo linked to the heart, is this playing into the health theme too at this time? She has a strong theme of sovereignty as in her myth she would not ‘submit’ to Adam and was then thrown out of the Garden of Eden. This is reinforced by being in Leo, sign of sovereignty (‘the king’), and at the anaretic degree suggesting a time of ‘do or die’ around any issues coming up at this time. So Black Moon Lilith strongly reinforces the symbolism of Eris conjunct the North Node. They are both strong divine feminine energies, and neither of them will compromise. They stand for truth and integrity.

A very positive aspect here is that Uranus at 22°57’ Taurus is trine to this New Moon. At the Leo New Moon in August it was in a very tight square to the Sun and Moon which is more challenging and potentially shocking, it was very strong at the recent Full SuperMoon in Pisces on August 31st as it had just moved stationary retrograde on the 29th, thus its symbolism of shocks, earthquakes, sudden radical events, truths coming to light, galactic information, more prominent. However at this New Moon in Virgo it is in trine. So yes all of that symbolism will apply, but somehow happen with greater ease and less challenge.

Uranus always calls for radical change, truth, equality, and for us personally for us to step into our authenticity, our own truth, for it is clear that aspects of our lives have already been outgrown. The trine enables us to do this for ourselves with less likelihood of a sudden disruption or ‘curved ball’ coming from the outside. It also encourages us to welcome any sudden unexpected changes as being for our highest good – and we may have to make those decisions ‘in the moment’. Can you see yourself as constantly expanding, rather than contracting?

Eris is within 8’ of an exact conjunction with the North Node here, both at 25° Aries, reinforcing the themes of truth, equality and authenticity.

Venus at 14°24’ Leo is square to Jupiter at 15°23’ Taurus, and this can bring some success, happiness, abundance, or recognition into either of the houses where these planets are falling in your birthchart. It can bring a sense of expansion.

The Earth Grand Trine that we had at the last New Moon in Leo is still here – but Mars in Virgo has been replaced by the Sun and Moon at 21°. Uranus is at 22° Taurus and Pluto at 28° Capricorn. So it is a little loose but still operational. This will really help us move forwards practically, again with building new systems which may be health related, with more truth involved (trine to Uranus) and it may involve actual constructions, which may be community based. We may be developing new financial systems (Taurus) or ways of growing food.

Then, we have to move to a higher octave of planetary consciousness for the other aspects here.

Orcus, the Etruscan god of the underworld, is at the midpoint of the Moon and Mercury at 15° Virgo. Orcus in myth punishes oathbreakers who violate divine and sacred laws, and takes them down to the underworld to confront them with the truth and experience divine justice. I feel he is related to the Bardo states talked about in Buddhist philosophy.

Haumea at 29°37’ Libra who I have talked about often as a very important symbol for New Earth with her creative and regenerative associations is still in a tight T-square with Pluto and the Nodal Axis. She is also in a tight quincunx to Sedna at 0°32’ Gemini, potentially bringing in issues around our seas and oceans. This theme is reinforced with Saturn at 2°27’ Pisces (ruled by Neptune, lord of the sea) being tightly square to Sedna. Saturn can represent the ‘consequences’ of actions, and here may relate to pharmaceutical drugs, the media, pollution – all linked to Pisces and Neptunian energy.

I’d suggest that you watch an amazing interview with Randy Hatton, if you have not already seen it, about the work he is doing to clean up the seas and waterways. His work is a game-changer:

This trine between Sedna and Pluto, and Sedna’s exact quincunx with Haumea are both deep, powerful, transformative energy for our world; remember how Sedna transformed into beautiful sea creatures when she could no longer hold onto the boat in the myth, and how Haumea not only can transform herself from an old crone to a young maiden but in her fire goddess expression she is said to have created the islands of Hawaii. Pluto represents death, transformation and rebirth, like a tree that dies and falls in the wood, to rot down and produce fertile soil for new life.

These dwarf planets may seem abstract to us, but here is a wonderful interview by Heather Ensworth of an ancient wisdom-keeper, Ke’oni, who is very much living Haumea’s symbolism through his ancient lineage. This makes Haumea come to life, with some wonderful descriptions of the divine feminine.:

The Creator god Teharonhiawako at 20°12’ Pisces is very tightly opposing the Sun and Moon here. He is the Creator Farmer god, concerned with making sure there are enough seeds for our future food. That theme is reinforced very clearly by  Ceres, goddess of harvests, being conjunct the South Node and the fact that Virgo as a sign is linked to harvests, her glyph is the sheaf of wheat. Teharonhiawako is sextile to Uranus at 22°57’ Taurus, linked also to our food supplies and agriculture, so something at this New Moon is definitely bringing in new ideas around our food supplies and production here. 

You must make your own decisions on this, but remember that we are ‘what we eat’ as well as what we think and feel, and my own personal decision is always natural and organic, never synthetic or factory produced. That decision will in part determine which timeline you are on going forwards.

On top of that (!) we have a long-running T-square between Salacia at 9°11’ Aries, Quaoar at 6°38’ Capricorn and MakeMake at 8°53’ Libra. Remember that these dwarf planets have close to a 300 year orbit so they will stay in this configuration all of next year too. I see these dwarf planets as helping us find the path to New Earth too. As described above, although MakeMake is linked to pandemics, ecological disaster and depopulation, he is also a powerful regenerative symbol with almost magical qualities (like a male version of Haumea). Quaoar rises above the chaos and yes there is a ‘price to be paid’ as part of the symbolism, but then by raising our frequency through song and dance and getting to joy, we can then manifest something beautiful. Salacia is linked to the shimmering sunlight and moonlight on the seas, and I believe is linked to photonic light. She is a form of liquid light.

Interestingly Veda Austin after our interview was kind enough to offer to do a water crystal for me. I gave her ‘Salacia’ and she hadn’t watched any of my videos about this dwarf planet, so knew nothing of her symbolism. In this sense it was a pure test. The water crystal that appeared was beautiful,  reflecting hydroglyphs (ie established crystal ‘vocabulary’ for Veda) of salt and electricity. This is remarkable as Salacia’s myth is about the Salt Water Mermaid, linked to the shimmering of sunlight and moonlight on the seas. It is always about salt water. It is also clearly suggesting that the water holds the consciousness and intelligence to interpret Salacia’s meaning in the crystal, even when Veda knew nothing of this herself.

I see Salacia very much as liquid light, linked to the surges of photonic light we are receiving as the Earth moves through the photon belt.

I understand that water has to contain salt to hold an electrical charge. There is a theory that early life began on the seashore with the repeated movements of the tide giving electrical charge to the crystals on the beach. I don’t know if that is true, but if so then Salacia also holds in her symbolism the potential for new life, feeding into the new energy of building New Earth at a higher frequency with the photonic light.

Remember as we move through September we are already into Eclipse energy with the Solar Eclipse in Libra happening on October 14th. 

The Libra Equinox occurs at 11.39pm PST on September 22nd and 7.39am UK time on the 23rd. This is when the Sun enters Libra. Remember that at each Equinox and Solstice it’s like striking a tuning fork for the energy backdrop for the next three months.

This is a powerful chart, with the Sun in a Air Grand Trine with Pluto (out of sign at 27°57’ Capricorn), and Sedna at 0° Gemini. This suggests deep transformation occurring in the collective when we may have to sink to the deepest levels of the ocean to be able to fully change our state of being, as Sedna and Pluto both did in their respective myths. It is not always easy but incredibly productive and evolutionary. It also promises big discoveries about the healing power of water, and my conversation with Randy Hatton certainly points the way to that. 

The Sun is also opposing Neptune (out of sign) bringing in the need to shift to the spiritual to see the truth of our situation, and the quincunx to Saturn will help us to ground a new reality. Mercury repeats its trine to Jupiter, speaking of big future visions and big thinking, and Venus is coming into her third square to Uranus which can bring about new ways of growing food but also another step towards digital currencies – both centralised and decentralised. I would always strongly advise following the decentralised route, this is the astrological direction of travel. The Moon is sesquiquadrate Uranus, Eris remains in a long-term conjunction to the North Node until the end of the year, and both of these suggest some rebellious and revolutionary behaviour emerging more strongly from populations.

Then we have our fourth Full SuperMoon of the year at 6° Aries on September 29th, exact at 2.57am PST and 10.57pm UK time. So again the Moon is very close in its orbit to the Earth, exerting a stronger pull on the tectonic plates and on our psyches. See where this falls in your chart and what is coming to culmination, closure, or completion at this time.

The energy here is dynamic and action-oriented. It is warrior energy, focused, single-pointed, energetic, speedy, impatient and impulsive with a strong theme around individual sovereignty too. The keywords for Aries are ‘I am’. 

This is powerful Cardinal energy, as it is picking up the dwarf planet T-square that I’m describing above. The Full Moon is conjunct Salacia at 8°52’ Aries, opposing MakeMake at 9°14’ Libra, and all square to Quaoar at 6°39’ Capricorn. It will illuminate all the themes I’ve discussed here.

Eris at 24°53’ Aries will be within 1’ (!!) of exactitude of its conjunction to the North Node here and Mars at 21°26’ Libra is conjunct the South Node at 24°54’ Libra. They are all square to Pluto at 29°55’ Capricorn. It’s hard to overstate how dramatic this is in terms of tension between individual power and sovereignty (Mars and Eris) and the clash with top-down power with Pluto in Capricorn. However with the North Node (our collective soul’s path of growth) conjunct Eris and opposing Mars this strongly suggests that the momentum is meant to shift more fully to individual sovereignty. The big theme here is power.

That understanding is reinforced by Pluto in its final few degrees of Capricorn, the old order, and will more fully be moving into Aquarius for 20 years starting next year. Aquarius is about grassroots up, communities, collaboration, networks, of ordinary people coming together to start to form a more equal, balanced and horizontal social structure. Brilliant and original new ideas about how that may take shape is reinforced here by Uranus at 22°40’ Taurus trine to Mercury at 20°33’ Virgo, building something practical but original. 

The ruler of Aries is Mars, and at the Full SuperMoon it is in Libra at 21°26’, conjunct the South Node, and therefore opposing Eris and the North Node. All of this can be a pretty combustible combination around individual rights and freedoms. However, as Aries can be so impulsive, it may be helpful here to have Mars in Libra. Aries energy can just dash off and ‘go solo’, think of his/her own actions, whereas here the energy is asking us to think of others, work in partnerships, it is no longer all about just us.

The Aries-Libra axis therefore not only brings up themes of me versus we, but also war versus peace. Stay in peace particularly during the build-up and through this Full SuperMoon when the energies are so high.

We have just had the New Moon in Virgo on the 14th; but here the Virgo energy is still significant as Mercury is at 20°33’ Virgo and stationary, and Mercury is the ruler of that sign. So the urge is still to search for information, facts, details and make sure they are right. However, Mercury is opposed by Neptune retrograde in Pisces! Pisces in its less positive expression is ‘things are not as they seem’. There is slippage, distortion, mis and disinformation. Pisces is also linked to the media, pharmaceutical drugs and our immune systems. The Virgo-Pisces axis as described above is linked to our health. So one end of this opposition is keen to get the facts absolutely right, but the other end may take us into a fog where we can’t quite know what is true.

This is wonderful for our imaginations, but less good for clarity.

Neptune square to the Galactic Centre at 27° Sagittarius is encouraging us to use our intuition and psychic skills. Uranus trine to Mercury with Uranus representing the ‘higher octave’ of Mercury encourages us to be open to downloads and insights, seeing things from a bigger point of view, rather than just using our familiar logic.

We have an Earth Grand Trine here, which although not exact is operational. This is between Pluto at 27°55’ Capricorn, Uranus at 22°40’ Taurus and Mercury at 20°33’ Virgo. This will encourage profound and insightful new thinking, and also new systems and new methods linked to agriculture, food production and financial systems.

Pluto continues in its long-term (til the end of 2023) T-square with the Nodal Axis, Eris and Haumea at 29°57’ Libra. Haumea will tip into Scorpio in November, and that will take us back to the theme of medicine and clearing up toxicity and water systems.

Looking at the dwarf planets at this Full SuperMoon, we have MakeMake conjunct the Sun. MakeMake is at 9°14’ Libra, and is linked to pandemics, depopulation, but also regeneration. So many of the Kuiper Belt Objects are linked to this powerful theme of regeneration. Salacia at 8°52’ Aries is conjunct the Full SuperMoon. Salacia is associated with the shimmering moonlight and sunlight on the seas, I believe she represents photonic light.

Black Moon Lilith is conjunct the dwarf planet Orcus, and this again reinforces issues around sovereignty as Orcus punishes those who break sacred and divine law – and essentially violate the rights of others.

Sedna with an 11,400 year orbit will be in a long term trine to Pluto all of 2024. Both are linked to themes of great trauma, loss, betrayal, surrender then spiritual transformation. Although this will take us through some deep places of grief in the coming 18 months, as it is a trine it will move us through to a powerful regeneration. 

The dwarf planet Varda, who in the myth with her husband Manwe created the cosmos, is conjunct the Galactic Centre now and through the next 18 months too, and she is a powerful symbol for creating New Earth.

So the Kuiper Belt Objects and dwarf planets are singing a different song for humanity, giving us a higher and inspiring future vision of New Earth and what we can create. 

I’ve talked recently about parallel realities and there certainly seems to be a bifurcation going on now, at least temporarily. One path is defined more by fear, anger and panic, and the other by love, joy, peace, gratitude and compassion. No-one forces us onto one path or another, we self-select these by our frequency. So it’s down to us, and the mastery of our emotions. 

My sense is that the ‘lower’ path (no judgement here) will get more difficult as we move forwards as it is constantly being fed by fear. The ‘higher’ path will get stronger, as the higher frequency energies are so powerful. The people on this path may currently be smaller in number, but it doesn’t matter, as that path is growing in strength and getting higher in frequency all the time. Those on that path, largely, have mastered their focus so they are broadly able to ‘starve out the scary and love in the good’.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t care about people in distress and won’t help. To the contrary, they are probably the most able to help, either by being of practical help on the ground if that is possible, sending money, or by working with frequency, sending love and compassion, to alter the quantum wave structure and bring relief. Reacting with fear, anger, hate and blame only creates more of these kinds of terrible events.

I’ve also said, although it probably won’t be popular, that I believe our collective consciousness creates our collective reality. So as long as we live in fear, anger, blame, separation and division  etc – then these terrible things will keep manifesting in our world. The world is just a ‘mirrorverse’ as someone referred to it. So it isn’t a question of finger pointing and saying ‘look what they have done now’ – but rather ‘look what we have all done now’. We have to take collective responsibility for this.

So the solution, and the only solution to our woes, I believe, is our frequency. The faster that we can shift to peace, joy, compassion, gratitude and love, the faster we will move from the world as it is to something way better. If we stay stuck in fear and anger, we are acting like a ball and chain on that better world manifesting. It’s down to us, and it’s an inside job.

As I say many many times, astrology is only half the picture. Indeed, I think the other half, our frequency and how we live out these patterns, is probably the more important. It’s like the observer effect in physics; we need to interact with the astrology to make it manifest in the world in a particular way, good or bad.

Our work is clear, as I see it. If we can depersonalise what is happening in our world away from personalities that we may love to hate, and just see the whole thing as energy, that can help us. Ultimately, I believe profoundly that we are One Consciousness, and ultimately we will come back to unity consciousness. That will take as long as it takes us to get mastery of our frequency. 

I said a while back that the light is the game-changer and love is the checkmate. I stand by that now. Stand strong in love and shine your light brightly. In darkness, shine it even brighter.

Blessings to you all.

As the New Earth approaches, our way of thinking is being challenged more and more. The Veil is thinning and lifting as our consciousness expands. This is a requirement for entering the new dimension with the raising of our vibrations and frequencies. The old paradigms and archaic belief systems must fall to the wayside to make room for the new.

Dolores Cannon


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Recently I filmed an Advanced Nodes Webinar with Bracha Goldsmith, covering the Transiting Nodes through the Houses, Nodal Returns, Squares and Inverse Nodal Returns, and the Nodes in Relationships. It offers over 2 hours of concentrated teaching:

Separately, I have filmed around two and a quarter hours of concentrated teaching called Astrological Synthesis. This is the video explaining these: These videos are not for absolute beginners, you should at a minimum understand the meaning of the signs, and the house rulerships. If you want to understand these further, I have an Astrological Signs video and my two part Tutorial Video Series, both available via the Products page on my website. The contents covered in Astrological Synthesis are 1) Planetary Symbolism 2) Where Planets Become Stronger 3) Aspects 4) Blending Archetypes 5) Life Theme/Story in the birthchart. These videos do not pretend to offer exhaustive natal chart analysis, but will help to give you some powerful insights that you may not find elsewhere. 

The video called The Alchemy of Relationships is all about the astrology of relationships, and is 90 minutes of concentrated teaching. Relationship astrology can be very complex as you are comparing two birthcharts, so I have shared some big principles that help to cut through the complexity so you can more clearly see the energetics between the two people. I’ll be covering a very important ‘relationship point’ that many of you may be unaware of. These are NOT for beginners, you will have to have a good basic understanding of the symbolism of the planets, the aspects, the meanings of the signs, and the sign and house rulerships to follow these videos. If you do, and are interested, here is the link: https://

My two books ‘You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?’ and ‘How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe are both available from my website, and Amazon. 

How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe is a workbook focusing on the most mysterious and profound part of your birthchart, that is also considered the most important in Indian astrology. This is your Nodal Axis. It represents your soul’s path in this life, your path of destiny. More than any other part of your birthchart, it answers the question, ‘why are you here, what is your purpose in this lifetime?’ You’ll be working with your own birthchart, downloaded free from my website The writing of this book took me on a profound journey, and I hope and believe that will throw your life and your purpose into high relief. 

I have also produced a companion set of videos to go alongside this book to answer other questions you may have on your Nodal Axis. 

Here is the video explaining these and giving the purchase link: 3MxYVU8Xxik. Essentially the three videos cover natal conjunctions to your Nodal Axis, the transiting Nodes, and the transiting planetary conjunctions to your Nodal Axis. These videos comprise 75 minutes of teaching, packed with information about the Nodal Axis. I will also now regularly post the transiting North Node position with the other planetary transits in this newsletter, so you can track it yourself. This transiting North Node only moves around 2° each month, always retrograde. 

Videos on Jupiter and Saturn transits through your birthchart: these are such important cycles in everyone’s life at any time. You will need to have a copy of your birthchart, which you can now download from for free (, then the tutorial should give you some very rich information at any time in your life about where you are expanding, and can 

expect success, recognition and opportunities, and where you need to apply focus, work and discipline. These cycles are one of the first things I look for in preparing a chart. You will know from my updates where the positions of Jupiter and Saturn are in the heavens, and then can work out what that means for you in your life, and you can constantly refer back to them over the years. Here is the link to my store: VsrvP. Enjoy! 

My audiobook: 

The two part video tutorials on how you find aspects in your chart, and meanings of the houses in your birthchart: 6D2mBJ78dV4. This will help you understand where all the New and Full Moons and aspects I mention in my updates fall in your own birthchart, and what that means for you in your life. The tutorials will last you a lifetime, as you can always refer to them. 

Once you download a free birthchart from my website, you can start to use the tutorial videos straight away. There is a description that comes with the chart on the website (which I did not write), and people have said this is very accurate. However, please remember that a computer- generated description with a list of characteristics is a very different experience to having a full consultation with a professional astrologer, 

who through synthesising this matrix of meaning, can give you profound insights into who you truly are. 

You can find my recent video on the elements, modalities, rulerships and astrological signs at this link: 

I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 18°-22° Virgo, direct on the 15th
Venus – 12°-23° Leo, direct on the 3rd 

Mars – 3°-22° Libra
 Jupiter – 15°-14° Taurus, retrograde on the 4th

Saturn retrograde – 3°-1° Pisces   
Uranus retrograde – 23°-22° Taurus  

Neptune retrograde – 26° Pisces

Pluto retrograde – 28°-27° Capricorn

North Node, always retrograde -25°-24° Aries 

Chiron – 19° Aries 

Chariklo retrograde – 11° Aquarius