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Pam is not taking on any client bookings in 2021, nor does she have a waiting list.


YOUR ASTROLOGICAL CHART is determined by the time, place and date of your birth. It is unique to you, and is your own sheet of music, revealing all of your skills, talents, gifts, and challenges, and how many of your motivations have developed. And just like any sheet of music, we have a choice to play it quietly or loudly. We can live a small life or a big life. It’s up to us, once we understand what we’re working with. The more we co-operate with our natural abilities as shown by our chart, the better our life will work. Equally, the more adrift our daily routine is from who we really are the less well our life will work.

The second part of the consultation, will cover the next 12-18 months for you.  It is important to understand that this identifies the areas of life, key issues and opportunities in those areas, and the feelings you will be experiencing.  It does not cover the executional detail of how you will live this out, for you have freewill in terms of how you react to life’s events.  But what it does is enable you to live strategically, rather than just the rubber hitting the road.  It is immensely practical.  Astrology allows even the tough times to have a greater sense of meaning.  Overall, your chart reading can give you a very clear view of your purpose, and what you may be able to achieve with your unique combination of talents.  It is an excellent tool for career planning.

PAM GREGORY studied for eight years with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, obtaining the most highly respected astrological qualification in the world (D.F. Astrol.S). She achieved Highest Honours in Noel Tyl’s Masters Course, and has been involved in the astrological world for over 40 years. She also set up and ran the New Forest School of Astrology.

It is important to have an accurate birth time. Sadly, an inaccurate birth time gives misleading information. If you have a reasonable idea of your birth time within 20 minutes or so, we can look at events in the past which can locate it precisely. But the more accurate the better!

If you would like a chart consultation, please contact Pam with your birth data. The cost for this is £250 and the reading is given by Skype. A recording of the 70-90 minute session will be audio-recorded for you.

If you would simply like a 30 minute reading, these cost £100, and can also be recorded.

astrological chart

Astrology allows even tough times to have a greater sense of meaning.

Your privacy is of the highest importance to me. I keep your birthdata within a software package on a separate PC which is never connected to the internet. This birthdata will be destroyed within 3 years of any previous consultation, and recordings from consultations are deleted within a month of the session. Emails that include birthdata are also deleted, and your data will never be shared with anyone for any purpose, and no third party has access to my astrology software package, which requires a password to access.