Astrological Synthesis

by Pam Gregory

These videos are not for absolute beginners, you should at a minimum understand the meaning of the signs, and the house rulerships. If you want to understand these further, I have an Astrological Signs video and my two part Tutorial Video Series, both available via the Products page on my website. The contents covered in Astrological Synthesis are 1) Planetary Symbolism 2) Where Planets Become Stronger 3) Aspects 4) Blending Archetypes 5) Life Theme/Story in the birthchart. These videos do not pretend to offer exhaustive natal chart analysis, but will help to give you some powerful insights that you may not find elsewhere.

The Alchemy of Relationship

by Pam Gregory

These two videos comprise 90 minutes of concentrated teaching from an all-day workshop on romantic relationships. It is NOT for beginners. It cuts through a lot of the complexity of chart comparisons, and focuses on some big principles: elemental balance, chart orientation, natal to natal planets, the Nodes, a very important relationship point, and relationship transits. The teaching will help you understand your relationships at a much deeper level.

How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe

by Pam Gregory

Video Companion to How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe: this comprises three videos with 75 minutes of concentrated teaching on Natal Conjunctions to your Nodal Axis. Transiting Nodes, and Transiting Planets to the Nodal Axis. This will deepen your understanding of the Nodal Axis and what it means for you.

Astrology Tutorial

by Pam Gregory

Astrology Tutorial by Pam Gregory is a two part video tutorial explaining how to find where New Moons, Full Moons, and any aspect fall in your Birth Chart.

This easy-to-follow video was created for people who have an interest in astrology, but don’t know where aspects and New or Full Moons fall in their birthchart, and more importantly, what that means for them in their life.

“I just wanted to share a bit a feedback for the two part video series you produced. First, they were extraordinarily helpful to really clarify so many of the mysteries or things that never made sense to me about astrology. I couldn’t seem to find the right source that would just give the information as clearly and concisely as you’ve done. I have been enjoying your videos on youtube for quite some time and this takes them to a whole new level of awareness and clarity. You’ve done an absolutely beautiful creative job. I so admire your grace and communication through not only your words but the manner in which you created the charts you shared. Thank you for touching my life and sharing your wonderful gifts with me. As I’ve gone through these recent months feeling such emotional intensity, your gentleness and grace have been a source of light while seemingly wading in the muck of darkness. Thank you again and please know what an impact you’re making in the world!” A.B.


You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You? Audiobook

by Pam Gregory

Around six hours of listening in this audiobook, sharing the depth and scale of all that astrology has to offer. It is a language of meaning, which helps you live a bigger life of clarity and purpose. Written, copyrighted and narrated by Pam Gregory.

Astrological Signs Tutorial

by Pam Gregory

If you want to learn about astrology, the starting point is understanding the astrological signs. In these two videos, comprising almost an hour of material, Pam explains the elements, modalities, rulerships, and details of the signs. For beginners.

Transiting Jupiter and Saturn through your Birthchart

by Pam Gregory

The cycles of Jupiter and Saturn are incredibly important in everyone’s life at any time, and they are one of the first things I look for when beginning chart preparation. If you want to learn more about astrology, this will give you rich information, and you can refer back to these videos any time over the months and years to come.

Pam covers almost an hour of video material on the transits of Jupiter and Saturn through your birthchart, and what these transits mean for you at any point in your life.