The Nodal Axis Shifts

Welcome to the July 2023 newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for June.

However, I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

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June Review

June 3rd: Some ‘New Earth’ has been discovered, close to Australia. This is Uranus (sudden, new and radical) in Taurus (Earth) being reflected. Here is the link: see link.

June 3rd: This is amazing, a retired navy officer spent 3 months in the deep sea and emerged 10 years younger by biological measures: see link

June 11th: Today Pluto re-entered Capricorn and within an hour a bridge collapsed – bridges and solid structures are ruled by Capricorn: see link.

June 11th: As I have spoken and written about many times, anyone in power acting without integrity and transparency will fall from power and be exposed. Two days ago former UK Prime-Minister Boris Johnson was forced to resign as a Parliamentary committee investigating ‘Partygate’ (that Boris was organising and attending parties while insisting his population be locked down and social distancing) found that he had misled Parliament.

Currently the transiting South Node which can be karmic and reveal our misdeeds from the past is conjunct his Moon at 0° Scorpio, ruler of his 10th house of career. The New Moon in Gemini next weekend is conjunct his Sun at 28° Gemini, and transiting Neptune is square it, so we may see more information and misinformation coming to light then. With Saturn in Pisces it is likely that any deliberate deceit face a reality check. Be discerning if you are following this.

It’s also Boris’s Saturn return with his natal Saturn at 5° Pisces, and this will be exact in July, August and January. As this only happens every 29 years so twice in our lives, this is a major time of reality check in terms of the universe judging whether we have acted with integrity. This will be interesting to observe.

I am never emotionally involved in a polarised way with these events, simply observing how clearly the astrology is playing out as we expect: see link

June 12th: Nicola Sturgeon, former First Minister (ie Scottish leader) of Scotland was arrested today with regard to her party’s finances. Her husband had been arrested previously: see link. Leaders continue to fall if corruption is found, Pluto moving through the last few degrees of Capricorn.

June 13th: This is a long but astonishing video from Dr Steven Greer sharing many testimonies around UFOs and extraterrestrial beings: see link. I have been speaking a lot about revelations and disclosures happening at this time, and this is a massive example of these. Quite mind-blowing, and reflecting the increasing Aquarian energy (=galactic news) we will be experiencing moving forwards over the next 21 years. Well worth watching to the end for the Q and As.

June 26th: Today we have Mars exactly square to Uranus at 21° Leo-Taurus. Uranus is the planet linked to aviation and technology in general, and is a ‘discontinuous’ energy especially when in hard aspect to Mars. Therefore glitches, cuts, disruptions and breaks in the energy flow are to be expected. This aspect will continue through the first week of July. The article below is warning that some older planes will not be allowed to land as they may get interference with new technology (Uranus) such as 5G: see link

In addition, the hard square between Mars (attacks) and Uranus (technology, internet) can manifest as cyber attacks and cut-outs in digital services. There have been several major cyber attacks in recent days, one on the BBC and yesterday the 999 UK emergency service was down because of technical issues. Make sure you have backed up your data during this time.

June 28th: The astrology we have currently is a parallel in many ways (Pluto square the Nodal Axis, tipping into Aquarius) with 1789 and therefore has strong links to the French Revolution when the peasants stormed the Bastille and took down the French Monarchy, outraged by the inequality in society. Again massive protests continue to rage across France, firstly about President Macron’s pension reforms and now the killing of a teenage by French police: see link

July 2023

The energy for July, especially the second half, is powerful, complex and volatile. One of the powerful shifts happening this month is the Nodal Axis is moving from Taurus and Scorpio where it has been for the last 18 months and into Aries and Libra on July 18th for another 18 months. The meaning of this is detailed below, but we will all experience this change personally an collectively. Both lunations again are powerful.

We have a Full SuperMoon at 11°18’ Capricorn on July 3rd at 4.38am PST and 12.38pm UK time. This means that the Moon is much closer to the Earth in its orbit, will appear much bigger and brighter in the sky, and will have a greater effect on the Earth’s tectonic plates and on our psyches.

See where 11°18’ Capricorn falls in your chart and what is coming to closure, culmination or completion in your life depending on which house this falls, or what is ‘coming to light’ that you were not aware of before. It’s very interesting that the midpoint of the Moon and Pluto here, the planet of power, is at 20° Capricorn, conjunct the coming together of Saturn and Pluto in January 2020 which is linked to the beginning of the pandemic and all that followed. So will more light be shone on that, and what unfolded? This is particularly as Pluto is at the 29°Capricorn and Saturn retrograde in Pisces is backtracking over issues of control, rules and regulations, anything to do with drugs, pharmaceuticals, and the media – and can act as a reality check on any deception or ‘illusion’. 

Capricorn is the sign linked to governments, corporations, institutions that have traditionally held power over us, together with big business and big banking. It is also the sign linked to manifestation and building something solid for the long term. In its most positive expression, it is the sign linked to integrity and self-responsibility.

The Sun and Moon are always opposite each other at a Full Moon, and the Sun here at 11° Cancer is conjunct the Sun in the US chart set for 4th July 1776 17.10 Philadelphia, so the US may come into prominence at this time.

The T-square between Pluto at 29° Capricorn and the Nodal Axis at 1° Taurus-Scorpio is ongoing all year, and emphasises the importance of our choices. Will we keep going back to the familiar (South Node) even though that may bring up intense and destructive emotions (Scorpio), where we may fall into victim mode with Pluto the planet of power, or will we step forwards into our empowered creator mode with the North Node into less familiar territory, but know this is what our souls would choose. So are you a victim still going round the old hamster wheel of death, disease, poverty and war, or are you stepping into your power to create something much more loving? This is the overriding choice this year above all others.

The T-square of Pluto with the Nodal Axis is profound, as Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth; it brings about major endings for us in our ‘old life’ and brings in opportunities for our new episode. This T-square also includes Eris at 25° Aries; Eris is the truth-teller, the street fighter, the fiesty energy who fights for justice and equality for all. Mars is in an exact trine to Eris by degree at 25° Leo-Aries, energising Eris’s warrior energy. However at the other end of this opposition to Eris we have Haumea at 29° Libra, with strong creative and regenerative energy to help to birth New Earth.

This Full Moon also asks us whether we have the balance right between being out in the world with our work, and being at home with our loved ones helping them to feel emotionally secure and happy. Do we feel sufficiently nurtured ourselves? Can we do more to help ourselves with this?

The Moon is in a tight trine to Jupiter at 9°42’ Taurus, and this can bring in a sense of expansion and vision to whatever we are creating and building now, and they are both in Earth signs linked to manifestation. This aspect is futuristic and brings in a higher consciousness to our endeavours, reminding us to be practical and pragmatic and keep things very simple (Taurus). The message is to keep coming back to nature for our creations. The Sun at 11° Cancer is trine to Saturn at 7° Pisces. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn so again this is very positive for building something for the long term helping our sense of emotional security (Cancer) and helping us to feel safer and more nurtured. Each of these trines reinforce each other.

What is very inspiring here is that dwarf planet Salacia is in a T-square to the Sun and Moon at almost 10° Aries. Salacia is the wife of Neptune in myth, mermaid energy, and to me as she is linked to the shimmering sunlight and moonlight on the sea that she represents photonic light. So we have always created with light, but now the light is of a much higher frequency. So we are creating less from a 3D logical, step-by-step ‘push’ and effort, and more from the magic of the brilliant white light which is all around us. This brings in a feeling of immediacy to our manifestations (Capricorn) which traditionally has been slow, steady and methodical. We are moving away from linear time and this ‘efforting’ to create.

The speed of ‘spin’ in our cells is actually increasing due to the photonic light. We are all gradually shedding density and moving to becoming the lightbody, as I saw so clearly in my dream a few weeks ago.

This magical inspiration is also reflected in Neptune’s ongoing square with the Galactic Centre which will remain operational until the end of 2025. This enables our imagination and visioning to blend with the energy with which we create our world, and produce something with a strong spiritual basis. Mars in quincunx with Neptune gives energy to this too, and encourages us to take ‘spiritual action’. This can take the form of yoga, tai-chi, qigong, breathwork, meditation . .. just using our energy to focus on the Oneness of all things. Moving forwards we are going to have not only greater psychic sensitivity which is already happening but a greater sense of interconnectedness to the cosmos.

Neptune is associated with a sense of surrendering to the divine. This sense of relaxing into the energy and not pushing or forcing things as we may have done in our 3D life seems to be an important element of moving into higher frequencies; we can only receive with an open hand is a phrase worth remembering.

Uranus at 21° Taurus (and remember that it has not been at this degree since 1940!) is square to Venus at 22° Leo and Mars at 25° Leo. These are wonderful aspects for creating something vibrant, beautiful, even zany and unique if you are working with art, aesthetics, textiles or even ceramics. There is a sense of big dramatic beauty about it. In relationships if either Uranus or the Venus-Mars conjunction are falling in your 5th or 7th houses of relationship this can bring in a sudden out-of-the-blue relationship, often with someone younger or foreign, and this relationship may not be steady but it is likely to be exciting.

If you are already in a relationship, you may feel a greater need for freedom and independence at this time; remember that this too shall pass. For everyone, the need for freedom and truth will be greater at this time.

The other aspect of the Uranus-Venus square that may manifest is volatility in the financial and currency markets and anything linked to banks and wealth where situations may be changing quite quickly and radically. As this Full SuperMoon (whenever the Moon is very close to the Earth events can be more extreme) is in Capricorn, remember that this is the sign linked to big business and banking.

By July 7th, Mars comes to quincunx Pluto at 29° Leo-Capricorn. They are both at the final critical degrees of their signs. Mars in general is linked to sovereignty, autonomy, independence and a personal sense of power, and particularly when it is in a fire sign like Aries or Leo. Pluto in Capricorn is very much linked to state, governmental and top-down power, so the on-going clash of these may be more obvious around the Full SuperMoon and the 7th. Note that one is felt as internal, and the other external power. The fact that these are both at the critical degree is likely to make this clash or power struggle more dramatic on the world stage.

By the 10th we have a Moon-Eris conjunction which suggests a more rebellious day for the people and also Mercury is in an opposition to Pluto then at 29° Cancer-Capricorn while the Aries Moon squares Pluto. Again, power issues are likely to loom large and a sense of urgency or the ‘last chance’ to resolve things with the 29° being prominent. 

Mercury continues to move rapidly now, entering Leo on July 11th and exiting that sign on the 28th. This suggests a lot of dramatic information coming in for us.

Then on July 17th we have a New Moon at 24°56’ Cancer at 11.31am PST and 7.31pm UK time. See where this falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for whatever you want to create, what new seed you want to plant at this time. However it is also remarkable to notice that 8 orbiting bodies are in the last 10° of their signs:  Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Venus, Sun, Moon, Eris and Haumea. Again, here we have a strong theme of endings and beginnings reinforcing that theme from the T-square between Pluto and the Nodal Axis.

The T-square between Pluto and the Nodal Axis which will run until November this year is highlighted further here as the New Moon (the Sun and Moon) are turning it into a Grand Cross which is even more dynamic. This can be considered a Cardinal Grand Cross as the Sun, Moon, Pluto and Eris are all in Cardinal signs and the Nodal Axis the very next day slips back into Aries and Libra, both Cardinal signs, and Haumea is also in Libra. This is very powerfully dynamic and action-oriented around issues of emotional security. With the New Moon in Cancer, issues around parenting and children may come up strongly.

We will want to find new ways to establish our emotional security, suggested by the sextile of Uranus to the Sun and Moon, and with Neptune trine to the New Moon this must involve the spiritual element in our lives. We will also be thinking big and dreaming big at this Full Moon with Jupiter square to Mercury at 12° Taurus-Leo. 

Cancer is a very sensitive emotional Water sign, and this New Moon will be looking for ways to reduce any sense of vulnerability, to strengthen our emotional resources to protect those we love. It is connected to motherhood and a deeply nurturing feminine heart-based energy. Will we be learning to feel this for all humanity, and not just our own personal families? Are we now seeing our soul tribe, our family of frequency, as our new and future family? These are the people with whom we are moving forwards in our lives.

We have several quincunxes operating in this second half of July, and they also can bring with them a sense of instability as an aspect. However see the instability as the loosening of the grip of the old systems and while the energy is turbulent, it offers us opportunities to use it in a different way to create a better more loving world.

Pluto is quincunx Venus which can bring jealousy and possessiveness, intense feeling and emotion into relationships, so be aware of this and again that it is temporary.

Saturn is quincunx Mars in Virgo here, and there can be a practical orientation to what we want to achieve, the need to get the details right, but also a tendency to irritability. See where Mars at 4° Virgo is falling in your chart to know which area of life that may be manifesting. Remember that wherever Mars is transiting in your birthchart, this is a period where the affairs of that house are likely to be energised. You can track the transits of Mars either daily on or monthly via this monthly newsletter.

It’s also of note that this New Moon is conjunct Mercury in the US chart set for 4th July 1776 17.10 Philadelphia. Mercury in that chart rules the 7th house of ‘open enemies’ and the 9th house of foreign relations and legalities, so it will be interesting to see what unfolds around this time.

Perhaps most importantly, the day after this New Moon the Nodal Axis shifts from Taurus-Scorpio into Aries-Libra for the next 18 months. It last was in those signs from 2004-2006, so think back to those years to see what was happening in your life then, as there is likely to be an echo around those areas of life. The Nodes have an 18.6 year cycle. 

The Nodal Axis will be falling across two opposing houses in your birthchart and these areas of life will be activated over the next 18 months. So we are shifting from the North Node in Taurus where over the last 18 months many of us have shifted our value system quite radically, and now with the NN moving into Aries we will want to take action on that. What can we do to create the changes we wish to see in our lives?

The Nodal Axis only moves about 2° a month, but when the North Node comes to conjunct a point (eg. your Midheaven or Ascendant) or a planet, it will activate the nature of that point or planet. So if it is your Midheaven you may receive some news linked to your career, if it is your Ascendant then it could bring your confidence or an important relationship into prominence. If it is Venus it could be love etc, but also note the houses that that planet rules that may be energised too. Again, think back to December 2004 to May 2006 and see what was happening in the areas of life that will be activated again now.

Personally, in July 2005 I left my marriage of 19 years. We met at the previous exact same point for the Nodal Axis; my exit from the marriage signalled that a karmic episode had been completed. The Nodes produce events in our lives, but very much are operating at the soul level, often as pivot-points of beginnings and endings. It helps us so much when we can identify these larger cycles of meaning, and give context especially when those events were painful to experience.

In general, the North Node in Aries will bring in a greater sense of our self-sufficiency, sovereignty, autonomy, dynamism, action, assertiveness, independence and very importantly our inner sense of power. Are you a leader in your own life? This can help us live from the inside out rather than the outside in which is so important for all aspects of our life. People with strong Aries energy generally have a very clear sense of self, which is straightforward and uncomplicated. They tend to live in the present, not harking back to the past with regrets or fretting about the future; they just act in the ‘now’. This ‘now’ moment of course is where our power lies, not in the past or the future where we leak power.

The South Node moves from Scorpio to Libra, so moving from emotional complexity and intensity to focus more on one-to-one relationships and the balance of power within those. The South Node is generally what we are moving away from, so you may find that relationships that you have had long term are moving out of your life right now, you are no longer on the same frequency with those people.

Libra is the sign of compromise, the people-pleaser, where we constantly adjust our own needs to fit in with others often for a quiet life. It is the sign linked to agreements and contracts too. My sense with this is that we will be moving away from this sense of compliance and being quick to agree to others’ demands to developing a much clearer sense of what WE want as individuals (Aries North Node). Again, see how it played out in the last cycle of 2005-6 for you. Personally leavening my 19 year-old marriage meant that I was striking out on a whole new episode of independent living and working which has been very productive. I was no longer willing to tolerate compliance which was not for my highest good (Libra in its shadow expression).

This can play out on an individual level but also on in a social context. Have we as people been generally too compliant to go along with whatever was asked of us, and given our power away to others? This is the time over the next 18 months when that may change.

That is particularly as when this Nodal Axis shift happens, the North Node in Aries will be conjunct Eris in Aries until October, most strongly this aspect will be felt in August and September. Remember Eris is the fiesty street fighter for justice and equality, the truth teller who will not tolerate deceits, lies, injustice, inequality or social exclusion. Everyone must be heard and included in society. The North Node represents our collective direction of travel for our soul’s growth, so this increased assertiveness with it being in Aries, the sign of the warrior, could suggest some social unrest during these coming months as more truth comes to the fore about many issues that may have not been for our highest good. These we may have been unaware of, or simply complied to (Libra) for a quiet life. These are the kind of behaviours we will be shedding over the next 18 months.

On July 21st Eris stations retrograde at 25°15’, with the Sun opposing Pluto and both are square to the Nodal Axis. When planets station and are changing direction their symbolism is magnified, and when they are retrograde they are also closer to the Earth. Therefore the truth teller, street fighter archetype may be looming larger in our world around this time, with power battles becoming very obvious. Eris remains retrograde until January 2024.

On July 22nd Jupiter comes into a semi-square with Neptune. You may remember back in April 2022 we had the rare conjunction of these two planets in Pisces, and for many people this was a period of spiritual elevation with more psychic sensitivity coming in. This is now the first checkpoint for you; looking back over the last 15 months, how has that grown for you? Or has it also led to greater disillusionment with the 3D world and any deceptions that you may have become more aware of since then?

This may be particularly the case as July 22nd is also the day when the T-square of Pluto to the Nodal Axis tightens to exactitude on the 29° of Capricorn, Aries and Libra, all now in Cardinal signs. The second exact square happens on July 25th, just 3 days later, and the third on July 28th. This will be a very strong period around power issues and choices. Any disillusionment together with Eris’s vigorous digging to get to the truth may produce a strong period of revelations that may not be comfortable for all. Observe your reactions and the choices (Nodal Axis) that you are making at this time. We are in a very powerful time of transformation so these choices are more important than they may have been in the past.

The period from the New Moon in Cancer on the 17th until the 28th is very powerful. Not only do we have the Sun square to Eris on the 17th, the Nodal Axis shifting on the 18th, Eris becoming stationary retrograde (and therefore magnified) on the 21st, but also Mars opposes Saturn on the 20th often linked with military activity, and the Sun opposes Pluto on the 22nd. Then 3 exact squares between Pluto and the Nodal Axis from 22nd-28th. It is hard to overstate this period not only for our own evolutionary choices but also for dramatic events in the world linked to power and control (Pluto and Saturn).

On July 22nd Venus begins its retrograde phase for the next 42 days beginning at 28° Leo. This is often a time when financial aspects are more depressive, and this phase will last until September 3rd. Venus of course is the traditional planet of love and with the South Node now in Libra, the sign of relationships ruled by Venus, this emphasises how many of us will be re-evaluating our relationships of all kinds – and perhaps some that we believed would always be in our lives for a long time. Or old lovers could reappear in your life, or old relationship patterns may become more apparent that no longer serve you.

The last time we had Venus retrograde in Leo was August/September 2007 then August and September 2015. See where 12°-28° Leo falls in your chart, this is the area over which Venus will retrograde then move direct again on September 3rd. Which house area is it in? If you have your Sun, Ascendant or Midheaven in either Taurus or Libra, both Venus-ruled signs, you will feel this retrograde more strongly. 

Venus is linked to finance, money, our wealth, our values, and whenever a planet moves retrograde we are ‘going back over’ what that symbolism represents, so our finances are likely to be up for review too over these months. This may be opportune as we have our last Eclipse of this series on October 5th in Taurus, also ruled by Venus, and the sign linked to money, banking, finances, currencies, and wealth. Eclipses can often bring radical change where they land – this one will be at 5° Taurus so see where this falls in your chart but also remember that financial volatility has historically been common in the month of October.

Then on July 23rd, Chiron moves stationary retrograde at 20° Aries, bringing up issues of wounding in the collective of all kinds, and in Aries particularly where our sense of individual power and sovereignty has been suppressed. Together with the North Node conjunction to Eris, retrograde and closer to the Earth, this is producing quite a clear picture astrologically.

On July 26th Mars is sesquiquadrate Eris which is a very uppity, fiesty combination, that could produce some social unrest around issues of justice and equality in our societies.

Remember that every physical manifestation comes from energy, from the invisible. There will be a lot of ‘noise’ and chaos in our outside world with the turbulence of the energy changing so rapidly and so much high frequency energy pouring into our world. Stay on your Eagle’s perch, and choose not to engage emotionally with this. Put your entire focus on your internal state, everything cascades from your frequency. Find times in your day when you can be in total stillness and bliss. Celebrate the joy of birdsong or the spring green leaves, the smell of damp earth.

See yourself as the centre of a your own spider’s web radiating light and love through your days. The more powerfully you do this, the more the right people, circumstances and opportunities will be automatically magnetised to you, as a frequency match. Equally you will become more and more ‘bubblewrapped’ from the lower vibrations. We can exist on Earth in many different dimensions, and not be visible to other dimensions. Think of a haunted house where one person can see the ghost and the other can’t – they are in the same space, but operating on different frequencies and therefore realities. 

As you beam out this very positive frequency, others on similar frequencies also have a ‘spider’s web’ that will be attracted to yours and connect. This is how we spread a strengthening global network, a grid of light. It is also how we create even higher timelines that up to now have never existed. We are alerting the quantum wave structure and changing our future possibilities. Everything begins with your energy and your internal state; this is how we create a much more loving world. The more of us that come together to do this, the faster it will happen. It is also the way that we retain our sovereignty, our inner authority and sense of our own power. See that as your ‘creator dial’.

We are stepping into a new energetic hologram which is anchored in the heart. You are an alchemist weaving heart magic; we are integrating new energies that we have never experienced before and making them manifest in the world. Be proud of the role you are playing here; helping to raise the collective consciousness just one degree on the compass needle has great leverage moving forwards.

So tune out the noise, sit in the stillness, and love in the bliss.

Blessings to you all.

“There are fractal codes that contain the laws of creation and the more we understand these laws, the more we can apply the harmony that manifests in nature as a more powerful force in our own lives. There is truth and purity in natural things and our contact with them feeds the soul and enlightens the mind.” 

Jonathan Quintin, Geometric Cosmologist


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I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 9° Cancer – 3° Virgo
Venus – 21° – 27° Leo, retrograde on the 23rd at 28° Leo

Mars – 24° Leo – 12° Virgo
 Jupiter – 9° – 13° Taurus

Saturn retrograde – 7° – 5° Pisces   
Uranus – 21° – 22° Taurus  

Neptune retrograde – 27° Pisces all month

Pluto retrograde – 29° – 28° Capricorn

North Node, always retrograde -1° Taurus – 29° Aries 

Chiron – 19° Aries 

Chariklo retrograde – 12° Aquarius