The Next Step – March 2024 Blog

Structures linked to the sea

Four mountains that have been discovered south of South America which are huge and emerging from the sea: see link. Not only is this discovery supported by by Haumea now in the water sign of Scorpio and uncovering mysteries, but also Uranus in Taurus is literally ’new land/earth’ and Saturn in Pisces is also about discovering ancient structures under the sea . . . wonderful, and much more to come. I believe we will find ancient buildings, temples and cities under water (Saturn) and much fertile algae etc that will help people to heal (Haumea).

Another example of Saturn (construction) in Pisces (seas) is that the largest ship tunnel has been given approval to go ahead in Norway: see link.  

Corruption in high places coming to light

This is a video from February 28th from Dr John Campbell in the UK. He is very factual and measured, and sharing the report from a Parliamentary committee outlining the failures in the UK Medical and Health Regulatory Authority. This body is meant to ensure the safety of medicines for the public, and it seems that they have failed in their duty to do this, according to the report: see link

In addition on the same theme, in Australia the Queensland Supreme Court has just ruled that the vaccine mandates were illegal and violated human rights.

Part of the purpose of Pluto moving through the last few degrees of Capricorn into Aquarius, the sign of truth and transparency, is to highlight any corruption in high places (governments, corporations and institutions) where they have been seen to be acting not in our highest good.

Much more to come on that theme this year.