THE NEXT STEP BLOG - October 2021

The Energy of Change is Unstoppable

Welcome to the October newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for September: I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record.

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September Review

September 10th: Very interesting article about the Kuiper Belt and trans-Neptunian planets: see link. These are increasingly going to be the focus of future astrology, and represent the evolution of our consciousness as we develop a greater sense of becoming galactic citizens.

September 11th: Prince Andrew has now been served with legal papers: see link

September 15th: Followers in Portugal are reporting a 6.8 magnitude earthquake west of the coast and this article covers a swarm of smaller earthquakes today that could impact many countries, especially with a Coronal Mass Ejection forecast for the 17th: see link. This is classic Uranus in Taurus, and we can expect these major Earth changes through to 2026.

September 19th: There is a major eruption of the volcano on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. Homes are burning and thousands are evacuated: see link.  

September 24th: The UK ex-Health Secretary is coming under legal scrutiny: see link. We expected more legal issues to come to the fore as we enter Libra season after the Libra Equinox, as more personal planets enter this sign of the scales of justice. Many more to come. 

September 24th: This is very interesting, an article and video about Wendy Rogers who is the Senator from Arizona, calling on other US States to decertify the 2020 election: see link. I have zero political interest in this and support no politician, I am merely seeing this through an astrological lens. Senator Wendy Rogers is calling for a new Declaration of Independence and that is exactly the kind of thing that should  emerge from the US ‘Pluto return’ described below. The constitution of the US may change and even its geographical make up in terms of the number of states in the Union. This is also a time when truth is revealed, followed by justice.

September 26th: Considering what I’m saying below about the US Pluto return, this becomes very relevant indeed in terms of a potential global market shock: see link.  

September 27th: Incredible how as Mercury moves retrograde there is a fuel shortage in the UK: see link. Mercury is related to short distances, travel and transport, deliveries. The fuel shortages can ripple through to food shortages as deliveries can’t happen so promptly, indicated back in January 2020 when Ceres was tightly conjunct Saturn and Pluto in their one-time powerful conjunction.  

 October 2021

October is a very powerful month astrologically, and the intensity builds into the Full Moon on the 20th. It is strong right from the beginning of the month. If you have any planets or angles around 24°-26° of the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn it is very likely that you will be feeling intensity in some area of your life, depending which house area they are in – this is reflecting the very slow moving Eris-Pluto square. I believe that October is pivotal, whatever transpires in this month sets us up for 2022. 

The fork in the road is already extremely wide, and will continue to diverge from this point onwards. Choose your path wisely with every thought and feeling as you move through your days and observe your ‘default frequency’. This is what self-selects your trajectory. 

To begin with the detail, on the 1st October retrograde Mercury at 24° Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn and opposes Eris in Aries. Mercury can be associated with young people. This suggests some angry words right from the start of the month about fairness, equality and legalities (all Libra), together with everyone needing to be heard (Eris in Aries) running up against the top-down governmental authority and rules. Secrets are likely to come to light at this time, but more so during November, Scorpio season. The Eris-Pluto square has been running since early 2020 and will continue through 2022 but more loosely. They are incredibly close to exactitude right through the month but come to that point, the fifth and final time, on the 9th October at 24°18’ Aries/Capricorn. This suggests a real crunch time, the peak, between street fighters and governments. 

My sense is that it may not be totally decisive at that date, as we still have the third and final square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus exact on the 24th December (!), with similar themes. However I see this period as the beginning of a huge crescendo of events over the coming six months. This will be intense at the 3D level, but of course you don’t have to live at that level; stay on your Eagle’s perch as much as you are able.

As I’ve been saying for months now, with the Sun, Mercury and Mars now in Libra and Venus moving into Sagittarius on 7th October (the other sign linked to the law, and truth) that we are likely to see more legal cases coming to the fore. There are many of these all over the world, but not covered by mainstream media. These could change the trajectory of events.

What is very positive is Mercury comes to 24°31’ on 1st October (it did this at the Libra Equinox and will repeat again on 1st November) and conjuncts a Fixed Star called Arcturus. Edgar Cayce referred to Arcturus as the ‘highest civilisation in the galaxy’, which helps to guide souls towards their evolutionary fulfilment (thanks to astrologer Nick Forenza). This strongly suggests that we will be downloading higher galactic knowledge to aid our ascension at these times. The Libra Equinox was incredibly powerful energy for that.

We have four planets changing direction within a two week period, which suggests a strong change in momentum of events too. On the 6th, just three days before the final exact Eris-Pluto square when they are both barely moving, Pluto moves stationary direct at 24°18’ Capricorn. Pluto is also linked to taxes, debt and default, and the financial consequences of the pandemic and how governments have handled it are likely to become clearer now. Economies and markets are likely to become more volatile this month. Whenever a planet changes direction its symbolism is magnified, especially as this station of Pluto is right on the New Moon in Libra too. Intensity, power and control issues are very apparent – but there are four planets in Libra too demanding more balance and fairness in the situation. I will cover the New Moon in more detail below.

Then Saturn which is barely moving too stations direct at 6°52’ Aquarius on the 10th October, highlighting issues around control in society, restricted freedoms and human rights, and social responsibility. It may be experienced as a reality check. It is conjunct the South Node of the US chart, very much signalling a reality check there. On the 17th Jupiter moves stationary direct at 22°19’ Aquarius, demanding a bigger future social vision that incorporates freedom, truth and equal human rights. So there will be a shift of energy during this week from constriction (Saturn) to a demand for expansion (Jupiter). This is the same day that the Sun at 24° Libra forms yet another T-square to Eris and Pluto, shining a light on these areas again. The next day Mercury moves direct at 10°07’ Libra, echoing the need for equality and justice. 

There will be a much greater sense of momentum with these changes in direction as for months the outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have all been retrograde, encouraging us to assimilate what the earlier few months of 2021 have been about. Now it seems we will become much clearer, and three of these five planets will now be moving forwards, with Neptune moving direct on the 2nd December and Uranus moving direct on the 18th January. This has a very different feeling in the collective of events moving quickly and with concentrated intensity. Focus very clearly on what you want in your future. The astrology is extraordinary through October, and if anything it builds as we get towards the Full Moon on the 20th.

Let’s now look at the New Moon that happens on the 6th October at 4.05am PST and 12.05pm UK time, at 13°24’ Libra. See where this falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for whatever you want to manifest in your life. 

The energy is very complex here. We have Mars at 13°58’ Libra very tightly conjunct the Sun and Moon, and they are all tightly quincunx Uranus at 13°55’ Taurus. Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus and generally are signs that want peace and calm, however the conjunction to Mars and the quincunx to Uranus promise something very different. Both Mars and Uranus have a speedy quality and the quincunx is one of adjustment or agitation. Uranus can introduce sudden, out of the blue events, earthquakes or shocks of all kinds. Expect the unexpected here. Mercury at 20°17’ Libra is conjunct Mars, suggesting angry words about fairness, equality, and justice. Mars in Libra is about fighting for the truth, fighting for others, and fighting for justice. Perhaps sudden revelations prompt some of this, as Mercury is also quincunx Neptune at 21° Pisces, and may be referring to the media or some fog clearing . . 

Not only is this the day when Pluto is stationary direct, so has a dominant tone of power, control and autocracy, but Mercury is already in a T-square to Eris and Pluto, making more vocal any clash between the people on the street and those in authority. Remember the potential economic effects of Pluto too, linked to debt, taxes etc. 

Chiron at 10° Aries is opposing the Sun, Moon and Mars here, suggesting that the legal issues are around health and healing. Some of you may remember a couple of years ago I looked back at when Chiron last entered Aries in April 1968 when there was a demand for individuals (Aries=I am) to be heard for instance on issues such as the Vietnam War, CND, civil and equal rights for various sectors of society represented by for example Women’s Lib and the Black Power movement that were peaking then. 1968 was a huge year of protest globally. There were many ‘sit-ins’ by students, strikers and other sectors of society across the world protesting against government policies. This Libran energy is again demanding equality for all, as Eris in Aries does too. So there is a surging demand that we are not to be treated as a ‘mass’ by governments, but that we demand individual choice and autonomy.

Although I don’t always mention her as she is so slow moving, the dwarf planet Haumea at 27° continues the T-square with Eris and Pluto; so as the old order breaks down Haumea represents regeneration, birth, deeply creative energy, and is a strong symbol of New Earth. If we include this dwarf planet, that gives us five planets in Libra here. It will be fascinating to see how this complex energy plays out, especially legally.

The Kuiper Belt Objects including Haumea operate in a quantum way through clear intention setting, tuning your frequency and manifesting – very different from the 3D push and effort. They are amuch finer frequency. The electromagnetic energy on the Earth is increasing significantly causing many physical symptoms as our bodies adjust to this.

It’s interesting that we have 6 planets in Air signs here, the Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury in Libra and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, so social issues will be prominent and the longer term transit of Saturn in Aquarius is about birthing new social structures. That will be a very strong theme through 2022 after the old structures have started to collapse and we move from vertical social structures to more horizontal ones. This happens as a result of us, the people, having a clearer sense of our own power to make this possible.

Communities are starting to form all over the world and recognising what a wealth of talent ordinary people have. We all have a gift, whether that is practical or intellectual, by which we can help others. Helping humanity will be a huge theme of New Earth, a big shift from feeling materially territorial to a deep need to share and help others. This is beginning already – and these communities are linking together in a ‘grid of light’ across the world to share skills and information. It is truly inspiring. These grids of light can become the latticework, the energetic structure, for New Earth and higher states of being. If you are not already involved in such a group and would like to be, set a clear intention that an opportunity will be offered, with people on the same frequency as you. This is what I was referring to in earlier videos about your ‘family of frequency’.

Talking about frequency, my dowsing (and this is being confirmed by other competent dowsers) suggests that the shift in the collective consciousness has been quantum, huge, and has not only jumped further from the Libra Equinox on 22nd September but will again at the Winter Solstice. This is unstoppable now. Some people are finding that their Hertz level of frequency has jumped several hundred points in a week, and it seems that our potential frequency is now infinite. This is quite an incredible shift even from two years ago. Zachariah channelled by the gifted Janet Treloar recently said that the increase in frequency for the Earth is ‘off the charts’ – which is literally what I am finding with my dowsing. The Pleiadians channeled via Bracha Goldsmith also echoed this. Taken together with the measurable drop in the Earth’s magnetic shield and the increase in the strength and amplitude of the Schumann Resonance, the Earth’s heartbeat, we are getting some clear, measurable scientific evidence of this physical shift. This is all supporting our spiritual evolution, and is very exciting.  

On 15th October the Sun is trine Jupiter at 22° Libra/Aquarius. This feels expansive, optimistic and positive, so envisage a better world with more freedom and equality that we can create together. However by the 16th the Sun comes into a T-square with the long-running Eris in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn configuration and highlights again the battle between the populus demanding equality and a voice and top-down rules, regulations and control. Tensions are likely to be high, although the 18th October holds some promise for a breakthrough from Mars in Libra exactly trine to Jupiter in Aquarius, signifying the drive for truth and greater equality.

Then we have one of the most powerful Full Moons of the year, at 27°26’ Libra on the 20th October at 7.56am PST and 2.56pm UK time. This is immensely powerful for social change, and very combative, even militaristic. The second half of October is huge, energetically, for us all. My sense is that the tough side of life will get tougher and the evolutionary side of life will be accelerating exponentially. Where will you be putting your focus?

Although we have the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Libra, normally a sign of peace, on the 3D level this is likely to be disrupted. Legal issues may come to the fore in a bigger way, with much ‘fight’ involved, as the Sun at 27° Libra is conjunct Mars at 23° of the sign. With the South Node still in Sagittarius, we may see some challenges as to how the legal system is operating too. Remember many systems – educational, legal, political, financial, medical and more are likely to collapse in the coming months, although it may continue for a few more years as Pluto continues its inexorable grind through Capricorn, excavating any corruption in high places. Know that this is meant to happen for our greater good.

So the Sun and Mars are opposing the Moon and Eris at 27°/24° Aries, which is highly assertive, warrior energy. The Moon represents the people – and also motherhood – and there is a strong sense of much greater pushback against governmental control, as the Sun, Moon, Mars and Eris are in a powerful T-square to Pluto at 24° Capricorn. Eris represents the female awakener and my sense is that there will be an awakening of many more people at this time. It also represents the shift of the ages, and having just made its last exact square to Pluto on the 9th October, it feels like we have just passed the energetic tipping point and then events cascade from that higher level shift. This is combustible despite the planets in Libra. Mercury and Mars in Libra continue to demand more equality and they will manifest as fighting for others and for justice. This is strong all month, and continuing into November. Full Moons tend to bring emotions to a head and these are likely to be angry and forceful.

Mercury at 10° Libra is opposing Chiron at 10° Aries, acting as a voice for those who feel wounded, sick and marginalised at this time. Libra is acting as a strong Cardinal energy here, which is action-oriented.

The strong Libran energy may also bring relationship issues to the fore, especially if you are in an unsatisfactory relationship. Full Moons tend to bring feelings to a head, but with so much Mars, Eris and Pluto energy beware that you don’t get into angry arguments about control and dominance in the relationship if that is something you may regret. Mars comes into an exact T-square with Eris and Pluto on the 21st, so that is likely to be a very combustible day. Feelings will be running very high at this time as they tend to at a Full Moon, and there is an intensity and extremism that will be palpable.

Haumea is exactly conjunct the Sun and more widely Mars at the Full Moon on the 20th October, exactly opposing the Moon and more widely Eris, and squaring Pluto. There is a visceral sense of death and rebirth here. So focus on the birth, the new, what you want to create. If you focus on the old, the collapse, what isn’t working, you are simply energising the life support system and delaying a much better world.

Saturn now direct is starting to come towards its final third exact square to Uranus although that will not occur until 24th December. This may bring more economic volatility as historically that that been the case. For instance they were in hard aspect during 2008. Saturn is currently at 7° Aquarius with Uranus at 13° Taurus, but that pincer movement gets tighter as we move towards the end of the year. This is also about the old versus the new, control versus freedom, and individualism versus suppression of freedom. Remember that exactly as Saturn moved into Aquarius on 22nd March 2020, large parts of the world went into lockdown and that has continued in varying degrees across geographies. Saturn moves out of Aquarius in March 2023, so that suggests we may have more freedom at that point, although if we feel free in our energy already then that will manifest in our reality more easily. There is no doubt that the square between Saturn and Uranus is also about new (Uranus) social (Aquarius) structures (Saturn) being formed right now. We are already building New Earth, so feel empowered.

Inspiringly, we have a very unusual Grand Trine in Earth with Saturn at 7° Aquarius, Mercury at 10° Libra, and Black Moon Lilith at 10° Gemini, widely conjunct the North Node at 2°. So our collective future destiny is to envision new social structures (Saturn in Aquarius) that are fair and just (Mercury in Libra) but that also take into account our deep, instinctive connection to nature (Black Moon Lilith in Taurus). This represents the instinctive feminine and fertility that is the life force in nature, she is so powerful. This Grand Trine is demanding much greater honouring and deep understanding of our Earth as a living organic being that provides us with everything we need to live. It has been a long time since we as humanity have lived with this sense of partnership with the Earth.

Libra essentially is a sign of peace, and that is something that would be beneficial for us all to cultivate. Try to find moments in your day when you can just shut your eyes and drop into ‘belly breathing’ just as babies do. Be aware that your breath is ‘breathing you’ which of course it is 24/7, but just soften and slow your breath so everything becomes very gentle. Start to become aware how quickly you are feeling calm and peaceful. Indeed, your biomarkers are changing positively within minutes when you do this. Can you go deeper than peace and feel bliss? Bliss is when you have no external concerns, you simply feel suspended in a bubble of quiet happiness with no sense of time and place. The more you can do this in your day, the more you will change your default frequency and raise your consciousness. This will serve you well in such dynamic times.

I’d like you to be aware of what is happening in the astrology for the US now, as whatever unfolds in the US, especially economically, is likely to create a domino effect across the world as everything is connected. Remember as I said last month that Ixion is moving into Capricorn on the World Axis in late October, and when it last did that in March and April of 2020 there were big stock market drops.

If we look at the chart for the US set at 4th July 1776 17.10 Philadelphia, the signing of The Declaration of Independence, Pluto falls in the second house of the country’s economy and values. Pluto has a 246-248 year orbit, and therefore is now coming back to its ‘natal’ place for the first time since then. This is known as the ‘Pluto return’. Pluto as a process is about death, transformation and rebirth – like a tree that dies in the wood and has to fall and rot down completely before it starts to form fertile soil for new growth. It brings about permanent changes, and is rarely comfortable to go through as it feels so primordial, that everything is stripped back to the bones before being rebuilt. It is never just about repair. As Pluto is in the second house of the US chart representing the country’s economy the death and rebirth is likely to be economic, financial, and also a transformation of values for the country. However Capricorn is also linked to constitutional issues too, so we may see some transformation of the government – and not just in the US. Any economic turbulence will of course be felt globally, not just in the US, as all the economies are connected. 

Remember also that the Declaration of Independence in 1776 was a statement of breaking away from England, King George and the onerous taxes. The colonists also felt that they had no representation in the English government and used the phrase ‘no taxation no representation’. The Declaration of Independence was really a statement of freedom for the colonists as well as independence from the ‘old country’. It stated that all men are created equal before God, that all men have their rights given by God, and these are for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All of these themes I believe, of taxes, debt, controlling government that doesn’t represent the people, freedom and equality will emerge as we go through this Pluto return. I’m also expecting some kind of new Declaration of Independence, but don’t know what form it will take or what it will be called. With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, this will be driven by the power of the people.  The echoes will start to become clear, and I think it is entirely possible that some states break away from the Union and that the country even has a different geographical definition.

As Pluto is already at 24° Capricorn and moving direct from the 6th October, we are already into that energy now like a train coming down a track, with Pluto becoming exactly conjunct ‘natal’ US Pluto on the 20th February 2022, but hovering around that degree all through 2022 and 2023. That suggests that considerable reconstruction will be necessary, but the economy structure will not be as it was in the past. This is about total transformation, and with Uranus in Taurus the economy is likely to become much more digital in every way. That includes blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies (please don’t write to me about these as I am not an expert! Follow Ray Merriman at This may bring about much confusion initially in the US with transiting Neptune opposing ‘natal’ Neptune at 22° Pisces/Virgo through 2022.

What is extremely interesting is that this Full Moon at 27°26’ Aries is forming an incredibly tight T-square with the Moon only 6’ from an exact square to US Pluto, and transiting Eris, the Sun and Mars all in square aspect too. It is hard to overstate how powerful this is as a trigger for some economic turbulence. In addition, Solar Arc Pluto is still conjunct the Midheaven (a fundamental change in the government) of the US chart, which reinforces the theme of constitutional matters and a fundamental change in the government. Of course the exact time (17.10) of this chart determines the angles of the chart so this will be a good test of its accuracy. However I have found this to be extremely accurate over the many years I have been working with it. The angles of a chart, and indeed the whole clockface of any chart, move roughly 1° for every 4 minutes of clock time. 

For instance at 9/11, transiting Pluto was within minutes of exactitude in a conjunction with the US Ascendant representing extreme trauma and survival issues, and a fundamental change in the identity of the US with the invasions in the Middle East that followed that incident. Pluto was then at 12° Sagittarius linked to flight. Saturn (buildings) was at 14° Gemini (twins) so tightly opposing transiting Pluto across the Ascendant/descendant US axis. Hard aspects between Saturn and Pluto usually bring much greater control – which of course we have all had ever since when we fly, with our small amount of liquids in small bags . . .

So I am expecting something really major both economically and constitutionally in the US in the coming months that will have ripples across the world. To emphasise that, the Total Solar Eclipse that we have on 4th December at 12°22’ Sagittarius is within 1’ (!!!!) of exactitude on the US Ascendant, suggesting something unexpected but also some kind of new beginning for the identity of the country. An eclipse usually indicates that something will be permanently ‘eclipsed’ but also something is being born here for the country. 

On top of that, Venus moves retrograde at 26° Capricorn (those last few degrees of the Cardinal signs yet again) on 17th December until 29th January.  Venus always has the generalised meaning of relationships and when retrograde can make us rethink them if they are not satisfactory, especially if they involve a degree of control.

However Venus is also linked to money, wealth and currencies, and in Capricorn is linked to banking, big business, stock markets and payment systems. On Christmas Day (!!) Venus retrograde comes to exactly conjunct Pluto at 25°43’ Capricorn, less than 2° from the natal US Pluto (and remember that the third and final square between Saturn and Uranus is on 24th December, also suggesting economic turbulence). Venus is essentially conjunct Pluto not for the normal one day, but because of her retrograde motion, she is conjunct it for 3 weeks from the 11th December to the 2nd January. Also she stays in the serious sign of Capricorn all of January and February. As she moves direct from late January, she finally catches up with Pluto again on the 3rd March at 27° Capricorn – with Mars exactly at that same degree! This has a strong sense of some new economic/financial system being developed then birthing more visibly around early March 2022. Remember through all of this that Haumea is tightly opposing both transiting and US Pluto, emphasising the regenerative, creative birthing of New Earth as the impetus throughout this whole period.

There is no doubt that if you have planets and angles around 25°-27° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) you will be feeling the intensity and the need for transformation in your life.

The way that manifestation works is that if we give something a lot of energy and attention, focus, we activate it, we feed it, and it is much more likely to appear in our lives. This is like the analogy I used of ‘thought forms’ moving across the stage of a darkened theatre, as if they represented the energy of the play that night. It is only when we turn on the theatre spotlight (our focus and energy) that these figures start to come into form with colour and life.  So we need to literally ‘starve out’ energetically what we no longer want, and pour all of our loving, passionate, creative energy on New Earth. This is already here, many people are already living in that frequency and experiencing daily bliss. It is not a fairytale, is a reality. Connecting with like-minded people will take you a long way down that road if that is what you desire, as the group energy works even more powerfully.

As we move forwards we will understand more clearly how powerful our thoughts and emotions are. We are multidimensional beings of light, and the dramatic increase in frequency is enabling us to become much closer to becoming our lightbodies. It is incredibly exciting.

Blessings to you all.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

Joseph Campbell

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Mercury – 2° – 24° Libra, retrograde on the 27th

Venus – 19° Virgo – 22° Scorpio
Mars – 21° Virgo – 10° Libra
Jupiter retrograde – 25° – 22° Aquarius
Saturn retrograde – 8° – 6° Aquarius  
Uranus retrograde – 14° Taurus all month
Neptune retrograde – 22° – 21° Pisces 
Pluto retrograde – 24° Capricorn all month
North Node, always retrograde  – 6° – 3° Gemini

Chiron retrograde- 12° Aries

Chariklo retrograde – 0° Aquarius