THE NEXT STEP BLOG - October 2023

The Eclipses Arrive

Welcome to the October 2023 newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for September.

However, I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

Copyright Pam Gregory, no part to be copied or used elsewhere without my strict permission, thank you.

September Review

September 8th: A powerful earthquake shook Morocco on Friday and killed nearly 300 people, according to a preliminary government count, with terrified residents fleeing their homes in the middle of the night. The 6.8-magnitude quake struck 72 kilometres (around 45 miles) southwest of tourist hotspot Marrakesh at 11:11 pm (2211 GMT), the US Geological Survey reported. This is exactly on a Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus aspect, a classic signature for earthquakes. There was also a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Chile. 

September 18th: Today Japan experienced a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, and Taiwan a 6.1. These are some of the geographies highlighted by astrocartography in the upcoming Full SuperMoon in Aries on the 29th. Sending prayers to all who are caught up in this. In general there has been a lot of seismic activity today. Indonesia, also highlighted by the astrocartography, is now experiencing dramatic floods too.

September 18th: The US debt has reached a new milestone of $33 trillion, the highest ever. This is equivalent to the combined economies of China, Japan, Germany, India and the UK. Wow! Remember that Pluto is also the planet linked to debt and default – see below for more details on the Pluto return for the US. 

September 23rd: Placing this article here as it is relevant to Equinoxes. Around the Equinox, the Earth’s magnetosphere (which has already dropped significantly over recent years) opens up into cracks, which can produce the auroras we see. This is known as the Russell-McPherron effect (after the men who discovered it) and it has been studied for 75 years. The cracks can be as small as California (!) or as wide as the Earth itself, and the magnetic fields of the Earth can directly connect with the Sun’s magnetic fields.

September 26th: Nassim Haramein finally published part I of his Unified Theory, “The Origin of Mass and the Nature of Gravity”. This deals with the energy of creation, as he calls it, and brings forward a coherent theory of physics that unites the micro and macro in our world. It explains how free energy can be created. This is a Copernicus moment that will change how we see the world, and Nassim himself described it as the beginning of a new episode in humanity’s evolution. This reflects so much of our astrology. Sedna’s move into Gemini, Neptune square to the Galactic Centre and Pluto’s imminent move into Aquarius ruled by Uranus, all suggesting a complete shift of worldview for us. We will see revolutionary changes in technology from this point on that will accelerate with Pluto’s re-entry into Aquarius in January.

September 29th: Although this two minute video came out two years ago, it just came to my attention today at the Full SuperMoon which is conjunct Salacia. The dwarf planet Salacia is the salt water mermaid, linked to the shimmering moonlight and sunlight on the seas. I believe she is linked to the increased waves of photonic light that we are experiencing now. 

This is a device called ‘Water Light’, how indigenous people are creating electricity from salt water. The salt allows the water to take an electrical charge as I’ve been speaking about recently.

September 29th: Thinking of our 7pm UK time on Sunday evenings to come together for 15 minutes to help to accelerate the arrival of New Earth for more people, see this interesting information from a study form Kassel University: From “The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World” 

by Dalai Lama

A scientifically controlled study conducted by German researchers at the University of Kassel has shown that while the chest area of an average person emits only 20 photons of light per second, someone who meditates on their heart center and sends love and light to others emits an amazing 100,000 photons per second. That is 5,000 times more than the average human being. 

Numerous studies have also shown that when these photons are infused with a loving and healing intent, their frequency and vibration increases to the point where they can literally change matter, heal disease, and transform negative events.

Ten minutes of meditating on compassion, on kindness for others, and you will see its effects all day. That’s the way to maintain a calm and joyous mind. 

September 29th: We are already within the energy of the Solar Eclipse on October 14th, where by astrocartography India and Canada (particularly Ottawa the governmental centre) are highlighted. Ottawa has just accused the Indian government of murdering a Canadian citizen who immigrated from India. In addition the Indian government is citing acts of violence against their diplomats in Canada which are being tolerated by the government, and also Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s visit to India for the G20 did not go well, there were even accusations that his plane was full of cocaine. So there are some major diplomatic challenges between these two countries right now:

September 29th: On the day of the Full SuperMoon which is often linked to extreme weather and Earth events, New York receives 4 months of rain in a single day, with extreme flash flooding affecting 23 million people.

October 2023 

October and November are huge months energetically for us. In October we have two Eclipses, but also other very powerful energies accelerating their effect.

As we enter October we will still be feeling the strength of the Full SuperMoon in Aries on September 29th. This can bring with it increased seismic activity, and has strong themes around power and sovereignty. These carry into October. 

The next three months until the end of the year will be dramatic, fast-moving and eventful. We have had several months of the outer planets being retrograde, but as of October they are starting to move direct again and creating action. These changes are accelerated by the two Eclipses this month, and could even be world-changing.

Anything which is no longer serving you in your life, especially in the relationship area, is up for radical review and change. By the end of 2024, for all of us, we are likely to be living more honestly, more aligned with our values, more authentic, with our relationships being a clearer reflection of who we have now become. The astrological shifts will take us down to our core and rebuild us in many areas. Our finances are likely to change too. 

On October 2nd we have a Mercury-Neptune opposition at 25°54’ Virgo-Pisces. This is wonderful for our imagination and creative writing, but not so great for clarity and truth around situations, particularly those to do with health. There can be a sense of ‘what’s true and what’s not’ that is becoming a recurrent theme these days. By the next day, October 3rd, Mercury is trine to Pluto, and this can give more clarity and focus, particularly if we are involved in research or deep esoteric study. The other beneficial side of this aspect is more easily being able to suss other people’s agendas beneath their words.

On October 4th we have a very powerful opposition between Mars and Eris at 24°50’ Libra-Aries. Mars is also conjunct the South Node, representing our collective past actions and behaviours. Mars and Eris are both warrior energies, with Eris being the sister of Mars in myth. They both stand for individual rights and freedoms, and sovereignty. However as Mars is in Libra – not a totally comfortable place for it – and conjunct the South Node there is a possibility that instead of standing tall in our power we will fall back on old patterns of co-dependence and not fully stepping into our power. Eris is calling on us to step into our power and is relentless in demanding the truth. Much disclosure will begin to happen this month, on a larger scale than just alternative channels, and will continue through 2024.

Mars conjunct the South Node in Libra can also potentially bring anger and aggression into relationship situations through frustration of them being unequal, especially if you feel you have not had your own needs met. Be mindful of this. However this day unfolds, it is very powerful.

This aspect feeds into the bigger configuration running all year of Pluto square the Nodal Axis, as Eris and Mars are also squaring Pluto. This is a huge choicepoint for all of us: will we choose love or fear, being the victim or the empowered co-creator? The battleground is clear between individual power and state power (Pluto in Capricorn).

The next day, October 5th, Mars is quincunx Neptune at 25°49’ Libra-Pisces which can further confuse our goals and actions. It can dissolve our resolve. Do we really believe in our course of action here? However this is transitory, as the bigger theme described above, the T-square between Pluto and the Nodal Axis, continues to the end of the year. So many of us are making major, major changes in our lives right now: ending marriages, careers, long-term residences . . . we are stepping away from the ‘old us’ into the new version, our higher dimensional selves. So we may no longer be a frequency match to the life we have been living up to now. The new higher frequency energies are upgrading us, and this has to be reflected in our outer reality.

On October 7th we have a repeating aspect of the Moon being square to Eris and opposing Pluto, highlighting this dominant T-square described above. By the 8th we have some drama with Mars square to Pluto at 27°53’ Libra-Capricorn with the same themes but coming into greater prominence. This is about ‘might makes right’ and power battles, and may manifest in the US particular strongly, as this is the final exact ‘Pluto Return’ for the US by degree, although this process will continue all through 2024. 

This as I’ve spoken about in various videos is the spiritual transformation for the US, with transiting Pluto for the first time (through last year too) coming back to its ‘natal’ 1776 position in 246 years. So it is a re-examination of all that the US stands for in terms of its values, its economy, its politics and constitution, and even which states make up the US. I am saying this as 1776 Pluto is in the second house of the country’s ‘birthchart’, and this was cast at the signing of the Declaration of Independence and defined what the US became at that time. That is now up for major and profound review.

What is the US now? What values does it stand for? Does it represent the ‘land of freedom and liberty’ as the Founding Fathers envisaged, where you can come and make real your dream? Is the society equitable in its social and political structure? Should and can changes be made as Pluto moves back into Aquarius in January 2024 to create a more equitable society and revised political structure so there is less financial inequality and elitism? How can that happen? So these are all very big questions for the US, and whatever unfolds there is likely to ripple across the rest of the world.

On top of that, Pluto becomes stationary direct on the 10th at 27°53’ Capricorn, and we will be feeling this from the very beginning of the month. It will not be at this degree point for the rest of our lives, in fact for another 246-8 years, which makes it very powerful. So if you have any planets or angles from 27°-29° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn)  you are likely to be feeling intensity in some area of your life. See not only where Pluto is transiting in your chart, but which house the planet receiving this transit is sitting, as well as the house that this receiving planet rules. That will give you some direction on what may be unfolding for you.

Not only are we starting to see some forward motion now with Pluto moving direct from a situation where all the outer planets were retrograde for the last few months, but it raises the subject of power to an even higher level. From now on, Pluto will only be operating from 28° to 29°59’ Capricorn, and will only spend 3 months of next year in this sign. Once it fully moves into Aquarius in November 2024 it will stay there for 20 years.

So what does that mean? Looking back at historical cycles during the 1200s, the 1500s, and the 1700s, when Pluto has moved from the end of Capricorn into Aquarius, this means that the power will shift more towards the people.  It will move from a society (and this is global, not just the US) of verticality, top-down power, rich elitist people at the top telling poorer people at the bottom of society how to live, towards a more horizontally-based society and political structure. This means it will be grassroots up, community based, with much more collaboration and the desire to share with others. We will be less interested in investing for profit, and rather we will want to invest for the people. This won’t happen in a month or even a year, but nevertheless this is the social momentum and direction of travel going forwards over the next 20 years.

Historically if we take 1789 as a key example, when Louis XVI with all his opulence was living in grandeur but the peasants couldn’t afford to buy bread, so they stormed the Bastille, took down the monarchy and the monarch was subsequently executed and France became a Republic. Not only that but over the months and years following this, tax laws became more equitable, small enterprises and farms were set up, and it was the beginning (I believe for the first time anywhere) of a middle class. The rich aristocracy lost much of its wealth through tax reforms. 

It’s interesting to observe the chart of President Macron at this time. He was born on December 21st at 10.40am in Amiens, which gives him an Ascendant of 28°46’ Capricorn. Transiting Pluto is less than a degree away from this, moving direct on October 10th, and will be exactly conjunct his Ascendant in December. However President Macron will already be feeling this pressure and intensity on his identity and public projection. This once in a lifetime transit can be life-changing in terms of issues of power. 

In addition his natal Saturn, chart ruler, is at 0°27’ Virgo, so transiting Saturn at 0° is moving towards an exact opposition to this in late October. This Saturn opposition is often seen as a ‘reality check’, whether what you have built in the last 14 years is valid. On top of that, the Eclipse on October 14th at 21° Libra is conjunct his natal Pluto, the ruler of his Midheaven which represents his status, reputation and career. Eclipses can bring sudden, radical and permanent changes, so will see what unfolds. There have been many protests against his power in France, and this all feels like an eerie replay of 1789.

The powers that be that are represented by Capricorn, for instance governments, corporations and institutions that have held power over us, are not going to give up their power easily. They are likely to fight very vigorously indeed to keep it. Aquarius energy is about truth but also about revolution, and it is likely to take some months and possibly a few years before this shift in power is really evident. This may involve protests and strong resistance by the people. I would never advocate violence of any kind, but this may involve a loud ‘NO’ by the people, ‘this far and no further.

Remember that we are all living on very individual timelines more than ever before, so our realities will be very different as we move through these transitions. Broadly there will be a timeline of ongoing compliance with diktats, and another major timeline of creating community. However in general I believe that the more we stay in peace, love, gratitude, joy and compassion, the more bubble-wrapped we will be from the worst excesses of these changes . Remember that we can only experience that which we are the frequency of; our reality has to be a frequency match to what we are broadcasting, it is a law of the universe.

So we will feel this Pluto station strongly for the first half of October, and watch for power-plays and attempted stronger control coming in either in your own personal life or on the world stage, that is extremely likely. The attempts of greater control over us to keep the power of the big institutions is likely to get wilder, so be aware, and try to see the ‘next big scary thing’ as just ‘another one of those’. Keep your power in your centre and a strong sense of your own sovereignty. That’s what this whole period is about.

We are likely to be entering a more eventful period now, not only because of these powerful aspects, but because we now have a cascade of the outer planets moving direct, and that generally brings more clarity in how we want to move forwards as a collective. So on October 10th Pluto moves direct, Saturn moves direct on November 4th, Neptune on December 6th, and Uranus on January 27th.

On top of that, we have two Eclipses this month that always bring intensity (that word again!). From October 10th-15th Mars trines Saturn at 0° Pisces, which is excellent for discipline and focused work, especially some kind of research. Mars moves out of diplomatic Libra on the 12th and until November 24th will be in Scorpio. Mars was the ancient ruler of Scorpio so is very strong in this sign, and it is a very different energy from Libra. Mars in Scorpio will be keen to dig deep into the truth and root out secrets, especially those that are repressed and long hidden, to do with underhand and underground things, and big money. Together with the Eclipses this could be a major time of revelations. Emotional intensity and focus will be clear with Mars in Scorpio, and this can sometimes take the form of revenge (the sting in the tail of the Scorpion). Be careful of your actions, remember that you are creating karma.

Then on October 14th at 10.54am PST and 6.54pm UK time we have a Solar Eclipse at 21°07’ Libra. Solar Eclipses are like big New Moons, so see where 21°07’ Libra falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for the new seed you want to plant in your life, conditioned by the ‘house’ area where it falls for you. 

This is an ‘annular’ Eclipse, not Total, so we will see a ring (annulus is Latin for ring) around the Moon, which is the light of the Sun. All Eclipses can act as wild cards, a bit like Uranus transits, bringing sudden change into our lives. If this Solar Eclipse falls on your Sun or Midheaven, it can bring more prominence in your life, a sudden opportunity, or at the Ascendant it may bring in a new relationship or greater recognition in the world. Changes with Eclipses are usually permanent.

Libra is associated with relationships of all kinds, and will help us to examine if we have had a pattern or being a ‘people pleaser’, overly compliant and agreeable and therefore not always getting our own needs met. This can even link to how we behave in society in general and not just in personal relationships – so are you overly compliant there? Libra is a very conventional sign in this regard, does not like to rock the boat or challenge authority. 

Normally Libra would always revert to ‘play by the rules, be nice, go with the flow and the crowd’. This Solar Eclipse is conjunct the South Node at 24°52’ Libra and therefore this emphasises that this has been our collective past behaviour in general. However, here the Eclipse is involved in the powerful, pivotal T-square opposing Eris and the North Node and all squaring Pluto at 27° Capricorn. This is a massive time of choice for us all this year. Eris is much more revolutionary and non-compromising in her archetype, will never give in, and stands her ground for truth, justice and a fairer society for all, no-one excluded. Libra would certainly endorse the fairness and justice side of this, but typically do it very politely. The clash between Eris and Pluto here may suggest that any tendency towards compliance will be used to the advantage of the powers that be – Pluto in Capricorn.

The fact that Eris is conjunct the North Node also emphasises that our collective future soul’s growth lies in the Aries archetype – of courage, bravery, speaking out, and standing in our power, demanding more individual freedom and independence.

All of this is emphasised by Uranus at 22°13’ Taurus being tightly quincunx the Solar Eclipse. Uranus has similar symbolism to Eris in that he demands freedom, truth and greater equality, and is naturally rebellious and revolutionary if needs be to achieve that. It can also suggest that something new will emerge around the galactic beings and energy. Uranus here may enable many more people to suddenly ‘see the light and the truth’. Uranus is the planet of awakening. Indeed, I see Nassim Haramein’s recent paper on The Origin of Mass and the Nature of Gravity as a beautiful example of this, waking us up to a higher level of being and what may be possible for humanity.

So we may see many people taking a radically different course of action going forwards, with a very different worldview than before. 

One other aspect of Libra is that along with Sagittarius it is connected to the law and scales of justice. Therefore this may be a major launch point at this big New Moon, Solar Eclipse, of a legal challenge against Pluto in Capricorn, big constitutional power. This is a strong possibility as this Solar Eclipse (big new beginning) in Libra, we may see this manifest on the world stage. Much has been happening behind the scenes with this. What would this be related to? Well this Eclipse at 21°07’ Libra is very tightly square to the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction that happened on January 12th 2020, and we all remember what began then.

Haumea has just tipped into Scorpio at 0°18’, and is conjunct Mars at 1°44’. Mars will therefore energise Haumea’s symbolism, and this may involve more concern for the Earth and nature, but it can also birth more natural ways to regenerate them, and ourselves. I believe this is very connected to regenerative medicine and while Haumea is in this sign for the next 20 years or so we will see huge developments in this area.

Neptune at 25°36’ continues in a long term square to the Galactic Centre at 27° and Varda at 25°26’ Sagittarius. This square will continue all of next year, and will give us inspiration and imagination to dream in New Earth, of which Varda is a strong symbol. Remember that we are always creating from the invisible, and if enough of us come together with a vision of a more loving world, we can create it. We just need to keep holding those positive emotions of love, joy, gratitude, peace and compassion, and ABSOLUTELY KNOWING that New Earth is already here as an expanded state of consciousness. We can access this in any moment, but being in nature and just being in awe and wonder at the divine intelligence of creation.

Saturn at 0°52’ Pisces is opposing Venus at 5°02’ Virgo. Venus in Virgo is excellent for any detailed creative project where you may be working with tapestry, ceramics or any art project, as it is literally ‘detailed beauty’. The opposition from Saturn also suggests tangible materials, maybe pottery or sculpture. It is making ‘making real detailed and tangible beauty’ to translate the symbolism literally.

At another level this can be potentially depressive for some people’s wealth, and remember that the upcoming Lunar Eclipse is in Taurus, a financial sign ruled by Venus. This will be the last Eclipse in this sign for another 9 years.

It can also have impact on relationships as well as all the Libra energy, making us look at a love (Venus) relationship less romantically and more pragmatically and realistically, especially around the daily habits of you both (Virgo). It gives you an honest look at your relationship without any fluffy pink clouds around it.

Mercury is exactly opposing Chiron by degree at 17° Libra-Aries, and indeed the Solar Eclipse at 21° Libra opposes Chiron too. This is likely to bring up either more information (Mercury) and facts around any ‘woundedness’ or illness in societies, but the Solar Eclipse (big New Moon) also suggests that new ways of healing these will become more apparent.

By astrocartography, this Solar Eclipse is conjunct the IC (the land) running through India and close to Calcutta. Also over that geography we have Chiron on the Midheaven, which represents the leadership or government of that country which may experience a ‘wounding’ of some kind. The Solar Eclipse including Mars is also conjunct the Midheaven through Ottawa, running north-south through the US west of Houston Texas and down through Mexico. Again this can suggest some changes in leadership or government in some of those geographies, and with Mars there perhaps some anger against it, or attempted force by governments. Some of these geographies may come into prominence around the time of this Eclipse, and please note the diplomatic challenges in the Review section between India and Ottawa currently.

This is the path for this Solar Eclipse, which actually forms a ‘cross’ across the US if we also include the path of the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse:

Of note, the Total Solar Eclipse of April 2024 will also form a cross with this one, moving from southwest-northeast across the US.

A few days later on the 18th the Sun and Mercury oppose Eris exactly, potentially bringing up some final realisations of how our compliance and people-pleasing may not have served us well, if we have been in that behaviour pattern.

On October 20th Mercury squares Pluto, so you may see powerful words emerging onto the public stage by a leader, especially around issues of control, and then the next day the Sun is square Pluto, raising issues of power again. This is all reinforced by the Moon squaring Eris and squaring Pluto. Remember that power is a huge theme right through this year, especially with the T-square between Pluto in Capricorn and the Nodal Axis. What softens this is a trine between Venus and Jupiter at 12°06’ Virgo-Taurus, so if you have planets or angles around either of these transiting planets this can bring some success or good news for you personally.

By October 23rd we are already well within the energy of the Lunar Eclipse on the 28th. Adding to this, on the 23rd we have a Pluto-Venus sesquiquadrate which can suggest some emotional or financial turmoil. The Moon is square to Uranus in Taurus adding to the potential financial theme, with people feeling more rebellious and shocked.

By October 26th, we have a Mars-Neptune sesquiquadrate, suggesting that our planned course of action may become uncertain or clouded, we may become less confident of those actions. However this is excellent for our spiritual practice, especially yoga, tai-chi and chi gong where physical action is involved.

The repeating Moon activation of the Eris-Pluto square happens again on the 27th, the day before the Lunar Eclipse, with the Moon conjunct Eris and squaring Pluto, again triggering the themes described above.

Then we have the partial Lunar Eclipse at 5°09’ Taurus on the 28th at 1.23pm PST and 9.23pm UK time. This second half of October is very powerful too, we are in the crucible of intense change here. The Eclipse path falls across Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Eastern North America and South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, and Antarctica.

By astrocartography (where planets become ‘angular’ over certain geographies), this Lunar Eclipse is running north-south through  Vancouver Canada, skimming NE Brazil. Uranus is on the IC (the land) at this Eclipse running up through California, Nevada, and north from there through Washington State and Canada. The Eclipse is also running north-south through Central Australia where Pluto is also conjunct the IC, the land. It is also running north-south through Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Some of these geographies may come into prominence around the time of the Eclipse.

Any Lunar Eclipse (big Full Moon) is the peak of the Moon’s cycle. So it represents a closure, a completion, a culmination for you wherever 5° Taurus falls in your chart. Taurus is linked to finances, wealth, currencies, and banking. It is also linked to our food supplies and agricultural production, as well as our basic safety and security needs.

The Sun and Moon are always opposite each other at a Full Moon, and oppositions often bring with it the feeling of things coming at us from the outside. Here the Sun is conjunct Mercury and Mars at 5°,10° and 11° Scorpio respectively. They are opposing the Moon and Jupiter at 5° and 11° Taurus respectively. The Scorpio planets suggest great emotional intensity, we want to fight and battle over something that we care a great deal about – and that may be our belief systems as Mars is exactly opposing Jupiter here. We may feel that we are fighting over some basic and practical security needs.

The Moon conjunct Jupiter wants to feel expansive and abundant, and to be in connection with the Earth and nature (Taurus). The Moon in Taurus is exalted, and linked with the ability to grow food easily. So we may find that there is a deep urge to connect with nature, bare feet on the ground, and tune out of the intensity and sit in stillness amongst trees and just reconnect. Check out the physical benefits of grounding/earthing at, and this has many emotional benefits too of bringing calm. Taurus wants to keep things simple, harmonious with nature, and decoupling from intensity.

However Scorpio is ruled by Pluto in that strong T-square, and particularly with Mars and Mercury conjunct the Sun we are likely to hear sharp, angry confrontations either in our personal life or on the world stage. Anger, challenge, fight and the greater desire to control others. Remember to stay in peace, hold your ground calmly if necessary and don’t lapse back into people pleasing. Stay in your centre and your truth. Create a more peaceful loving world by tuning into the divine intelligence all around you, coming together as a family of frequency as I suggested in this video: 

To emphasise, I don’t want to lead this, I simply wanted to use my wonderful following of loving people more productively. If we all come together as a powerful collective, ideally at the same time each week, we will build a momentum, a tsunami of loving energy that will change the quantum wave structure. We are always creating from the invisible, and once we understand how much power we have in this, particularly in large numbers, we can change our world more quickly than you might imagine. So embellish this suggested script, or invent your own version, as long as it is heart-based and coming from love. We will literally be altering the quantum wave structure and the pre-matter energetic architecture of how our future reality will manifest.

Many of us with the aspects to Jupiter at this Lunar Eclipse will be seeing an expansive future vision for us all.

The final aspect to mention is Venus trine to Uranus at 18° Virgo-21° Taurus. This can suggest some new financial development in the digital currency area (remember that the direction of travel is decentralised!), and there could be many inventions in this area, even microcurrencies locally.

So October will be a huge month energetically, a month of great change at the 3D level and potentially a lot of turbulence. Remember that the more you can stay in peace on your eagle’s perch, being aware of developments but in no way emotionally engaged negatively with them, you will have some bubble-wrapping from the worst of the chaos that is likely to ensue as the old systems and 3D world breaks down. Stay strong in your vision for New Earth, it is merely an expanded consciousness that has already arrived, we just have to plug into it like a new motherboard.

So all in all, October is a fast moving month of change, propelling us into a potentially even more powerful month in November.

Keep this mantra rolling: “I am welcoming in an expanded consciousness of love” and you will be on the right track.

Sending blessings to you all.

“When a complex system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity to shift the entire system to a higher order.”

    Ilya Prigognine


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I have also produced a companion set of videos to go alongside this book to answer other questions you may have on your Nodal Axis. 

Here is the video explaining these and giving the purchase link: Essentially the three videos cover natal conjunctions to your Nodal Axis, the transiting Nodes, and the transiting planetary conjunctions to your Nodal Axis. These videos comprise 75 minutes of teaching, packed with information about the Nodal Axis. I will also now regularly post the transiting North Node position with the other planetary transits in this newsletter, so you can track it yourself. This transiting North Node only moves around 2° each month, always retrograde. 

Videos on Jupiter and Saturn transits through your birthchart: these are such important cycles in everyone’s life at any time. You will need to have a copy of your birthchart, which you can now download from for free (, then the tutorial should give you some very rich information at any time in your life about where you are expanding, and can 

expect success, recognition and opportunities, and where you need to apply focus, work and discipline. These cycles are one of the first things I look for in preparing a chart. You will know from my updates where the positions of Jupiter and Saturn are in the heavens, and then can work out what that means for you in your life, and you can constantly refer back to them over the years. Here is the link to my store: Enjoy! 

My audiobook: 

The two part video tutorials on how you find aspects in your chart, and meanings of the houses in your birthchart: This will help you understand where all the New and Full Moons and aspects I mention in my updates fall in your own birthchart, and what that means for you in your life. The tutorials will last you a lifetime, as you can always refer to them. 

Once you download a free birthchart from my website, you can start to use the tutorial videos straight away. There is a description that comes with the chart on the website (which I did not write), and people have said this is very accurate. However, please remember that a computer-generated description with a list of characteristics is a very different experience to having a full consultation with a professional astrologer, who through synthesising this matrix of meaning, can give you profound insights into who you truly are. 

You can find my recent video on the elements, modalities, rulerships and astrological signs at this link:

I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 23° Virgo – 14° Scorpio
Venus – 23° Leo – 21° Scorpio 
Mars – 22° Libra – 13° Scorpio
Jupiter – 14° – 10° Taurus, retrograde
Saturn – 1° – 0° Pisces, retrograde   
Uranus – 22°- 21° Taurus, retrograde
Neptune – 25° Pisces, retrograde
Pluto – 27° Capricorn, direct on the 10th
North Node, always retrograde -24° Aries
Chiron – 18° Aries 
Chariklo retrograde – 11° Aquarius