Seeing with New Eyes in April

The astrology for April offers us a big opportunity to ‘see with new eyes’, or develop an elevated perspective on our reality in order to create something new.

The Total Solar Eclipse SuperMoon in Aries on Monday is a supercharged New Moon, and so we have the potential to make a jump in our state of being and what changes on the inside will change our reality on the outside. Go back to April 8th when we had a Solar Eclipse at the same degree, 19° Aries, to what happened in your life then, as it will tend to be echoed in the same area of life this time around. Remember that we are vortexing upwards in our evolution, and for other astrological reasons this is a bigger much Eclipse than in 2005.

See which ‘house’ area 19° Aries falls in your own birth chart, which will condition how you will experience this Solar Eclipse. It may concern issues around relationships as the Nodes are in the Aries/Libra axis (me vs we), or it can manifest as, for example, striking out on your own in some way, feeling free, being a pioneer, an entrepreneur, going on an adventure . .the sense of a hero’s journey. It is excellent for a whole new initiative and even a reinvention of yourself. Start to imagine how this may manifest for you, and please remember that is not for one day, it is just the start point for a whole new cycle.

Indeed, much of how this Total Solar Eclipse is experienced could be an inner shift, and that would be very productive. There is so much scary stuff being projected onto this Eclipse, please remember that it is just as easy to create something wonderful as something scary. If we go into fear, we are actually creating something scary even if there was nothing there in the first place. This fear also scatters our energy and focus.

Plan to turn inwards, have more quiet time, meditate, be in nature, drink good quality water, have a cleaner diet than usual, observe the light, be in the sunshine (let’s hope in England!), try to tune into the very simple beat of the Earth that supports us. April is such a wonderful opportunity to start to become a higher version of yourself.

I’ve already spoken in the video below about the three exact conjunctions that Mercury makes with Chiron, the final one being on May 6th. Mercury is moving retrograde today until April 25th. Again, lots of hype about Mercury retrograde abounds on social media, I was born with Mercury retrograde and don’t believe it has impaired my ability to communicate . .. if we believe there will be mechanical, technical and communication failures then we are more likely to manifest them.

Mercury moving retrograde positively enables us to revisit certain areas, to dig deeper, and with Chiron this is connected to anywhere that we have felt wounded, individually and collectively. I think it is very interesting that in the myth, Chiron was poisoned. We will be reviewing this, how we have felt individually affected by any toxicity (and this can manifest at many levels), and how it may have produced a collective victimhood. This review process fits into the bigger transit of Pluto moving from the end of Capricorn into Aquarius, spending September 2nd – November 19th back in the very final degree of Capricorn, and then will not revisit that sign for about the next 240 years. Pluto is the planet that represents power and we will be reviewing deeply where the power lies in our lives. This is especially emphasised as Aries is one of the strongest signs linked to our own sense of sovereignty. This is a massive transition for humanity, highlighted strongly at this Total Solar Eclipse.

The energies of the Eclipse are already merging with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction at 21°49′ Taurus on the 20th/21st April. Again, this is not a one-day wonder, but the trigger or ignition point of potentially a new state of awareness for humanity. It has high potential to shatter current belief systems for many, through shocking or surprising news (about toxicity at some level with Chiron being exactly conjunct the Solar Eclipse?), or a sudden jump in understanding or perspective, some truth coming to light in a bigger way, or even more galactic contact. It is wonderful to hear how many people are reporting from the very simple 15 minute meditation on a Sunday evening some galactic communication.

So April is the start point, a peak month, for all that follows in 2024 and beyond. Please use it well, peacefully and productively, staying in love and ‘welcoming in an expanded consciousness of love’. Feel love for all living beings, blend with nature, and most importantly stay out of fear.

Eclipses do bring accelerated periods of jumping us forwards on our timelines. For some people, they will suddenly find themselves in greater prominence to fulfil their dharma, for others, possibly some current leaders, there can be an unexpected fall from or weakening of their position. Again, do not expect these things to happen on the 8th as the energy of the Solar Eclipse will continue to be felt for at least 6 months, and will be activated again on May 26th when Mars becomes exact at the Solar Eclipse degree.

Pursuing the various charts of current leaders, those of the US, Canada, the UK and Israel are aspected strongly this month. Please observe as always from your Eagle’s perch, take the long view of this incredible exciting period of rapid evolution that we are experiencing.

Mars has been in a building conjunction with Saturn in Pisces which becomes exact on the 10th. I believe I mentioned this in the video below – but Mars is where we want to step on the accelerator, Saturn tends to step on the brakes, slow us down, and is linked to structures too, in Pisces these could be linked to events at sea. Tragically the Baltimore Bridge collapse happened on March 25th, the date of the Lunar eclipse, and several other bridges have also strangely collapsed in the US.

This aspect is much better used as a disciplined (Saturn) spiritual (Pisces) practice (Mars), or even spiritual action such as yoga, Tai-Chi etc. I’m a profound believer that if we can use up any astrological energy positively it has less potential to manifest negatively in the world. This is how we can use astrology strategically and for the highest good of all, become Masters at how we steer the astrological energy in the world.

2024 is a massive year of change as many of you know, probably the biggest we have ever lived through. Plan to handle this as a hero, with perspective, compassion, and the highest expression of love that you can muster for all living beings. If we can raise our consciousness so many of the horrors of this world cannot continue, we would find it impossible to hurt any other living being and only want to help our fellow humanity.

Imagine yourself standing at the end of this year, perhaps a little dusty and battered, but so very proud of how you did everything you could to make this world a more loving, compassionate, peaceful, joyful and abundant place for all. That, I believe, is our collective dharma at this time.

Many blessings, I am also proud to be walking this journey with you all.

Solar Eclipse in Aries: