Powerful Second Half of April

#astrology We’re already into a very powerful second half of April, with the upcoming exact Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on the 20th-21st (depending on where in the world you live) at 21°49′ Taurus, and the Full Moon in Scorpio three days later.

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction has been operational since the beginning of March, and again, this is not just for one day, but the beginning of a whole cycle of shift for humanity. See where 21°49′ Taurus falls in your chart, which house area, and as part of the effect of this conjunction is to break up old stale patterns and routine, PLAN to do something different in that area of life where it is falling for you, and not just for one day. Uranus transits bring to consciousness what we have already outgrown. When we stick rigidly to our old stale patterns, then sudden change is more likely to come from the outside, as the music of astrology has to play.

Uranus is the planet linked to unpredictability and Jupiter will expand that potential, so there are many ways in which this can manifest (described in my two videos about this conjunction). Try to get into the mindset of using astrology for self-empowerment rather than the planets ‘doing things to you’. This is an opportunity that will unfold over the coming months and years to raise your frequency, help you to see things from a higher perspective, be more authentic, express your unique essence in the world, be more creative, feel more free, and that bigger horizons are available to you. The new light (Uranus) coming onto our planet will change so much, as light is foundational in how we manifest. Everything comes from the invisible.

Also remember that how you enter any astrological period will be highly influenced by your ‘filter’. Are you anxious about what may unfold? Then you are likely to experience more anxiety in your reality. Or are you excited for this new adventure that is beginning (very much Jupiter-Uranus symbolism) for you, and that is your filter on your experience. Only you control that, no-one else.

This future-focused conjunction can certainly bring in excitement and a ‘jazzed up’ feeling for us, but remember to keep coming back to stillness. This is your point of power. Keep dropping back into your centre, your anchor, like butter melting in the sun you have a default method of quickly finding this still place inside yourself.

Looking at mundane astrology, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is conjunct the Moon at 24° Taurus in the chart for the EU, set for November 1st 1993, at 00.01 hrs Brussels. The Moon represents the people, and it is in the 10th house of this chart, linked to the government and leadership for the EU. It is an aspect that encourages protests and revolutionary behaviour by the people, and in Taurus (food, agriculture) it is clear to see how that is playing out with the farmers’ protests across the EU.

Taurus is also linked to money, currencies, wealth and banking, and Uranus brings in a digital aspect of this which is expanded by Jupiter. The Full Moon at 4° Scorpio on the 23rd-24th April is conjunct the Sun, the chart ruler, of this EU chart. Scorpio is also a financial sign, linked to investments, big money, hidden money, the stock market etc. So the Full Moon represents some kind of culmination around these issues. We may see some revelations around finance, and we also potentially another development of the planned central bank digital currencies.

However the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on the Moon of this chart suggests that the people will not accept this easily, or even at all, and this also will provoke resistance. I believe as with all major top-down structures, be they governmental, corporate, or institutional, centralisation will crumble as we move forwards. The direction of travel astrologically with Pluto in Aquarius is decentralisation, and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction reinforces that. It represents a potential shift of power to the people, but we have to step into that power as individuals.

Pluto is in a T-square to the Sun and Moon at the Full Moon, bringing up the issue of power again. Where does it lie for you? Are you still defaulting to external sources of power? Are you still listening to the nightly news? Are you shopping locally at farmers’ markets and local shops, or supporting larger corporations? We must start to consider perhaps whether these daily habits need to be changed now, as we reconsider where the power lies in our lives.

If you are still listening to the nightly news with all the drama, colour, fast-moving events and horror that appears, it may appear that the world is in a very bad state. That is the noisy, loud demise of the old order that some want you to continue to believe.

However, just know how much amazing loving energy is happening quietly, peacefully, behind the scenes. This will never appear on the nightly news. The kindness to an elderly neighbour, sharing food with others less well off than you, smiling at strangers . . . just observe where your FOCUS is in your day to day life. Buddhist author refers to our focus as our SuperPower, and this is one of the exact expressions of the T-square of Pluto to the Full Moon. Take back your quiet, loving power inside yourself.

Each week I am constantly blown away by the effect of our very simple, free 15 meditation each Sunday, where the energy is building each time. This time I felt a powerful vortex of heart energy connecting all of us across the world that were meditating as a family of frequency at that time. It was palpable and very emotional to feel that much love being generated.

Others report that we are building a spinning light grid across the Earth, others that we are forming an army of love marching over rivers and mountains with more people and animals joining us as we go. It is incredibly moving. Just recognise that we are doing this across the world for free, ordinary people like you and me, everyone can do this. No Zoom connections, I am not leading the meditation as in true Aquarian style we are all leading it. As every manifestation in our world comes initially from the invisible, from consciousness, and now from the new light that is present in our world, we are building a much more loving, compassionate, peaceful and abundant world where war cannot exist.

You will never see our meditation on the nightly news. Many people are doing similar across the world. Just know that in these simple loving 15 minutes once a week we are changing the world. We are changing the foundations of our reality as we become masters of our frequency. It brings me to tears.

So as our old world becomes louder and crazier, just know that our power, our love, will ultimately dissolve this lower frequency energy. Higher frequency energy will always dissolve lower. I feel very humbled to be on this journey with you.

Blessings to you all.

Full Moon in Scorpio: