New Lemuria?

Post from Judith Kusel on Facebook…

Phew huge things are happening in the Pacific ocean!
This morning when I woke up I was connected to all the crystal pyramids and the crystalline energy grids, and they were pulsating with telluric golden energy, like I have never seen before.
I needed to go to town and had lunch and just wanted to have a nap, when I was pulled into doing immense work with the crystalline energy grids.
Then I was shown the middle of the Pacific ocean, which was literally bulging. I was made aware of huge seismic activity bottling up, like when a pipe is clogged and ready to burst.
I was told that Lemuria was rising!
Then I was shown huge energy building as the clogging had ripple effects, as all earth’s energy centers and energy lines, like arteries connect and the Pacific underground connects not only to America, but also Europe, and interesting Turkey, Gopeki Tepe area and Middle East and these arteries were ones most blocked!
This is giving a pressure cooker effect and is building up!
I was told, its the beginning and I saw the golden energy in the arteries in the north turning redgold….
Ready to burst forth.
I do not know the meaning of this but somehow prompted to share.
When that pressure cooker bursts it is like Mother Earth is birthing a new landmass…
I never share such as shown to me, but this came through so immensely powerfully, that I was shaking from head to toe and was asked to do so now.
To me this is something that is lifting us into the new life and new beginnings.
Judith Kusel

Wow this detailed post from Judith Kusel describes exactly what I have been mentioning in recent videos, that I feel we will see new land masses rising from the oceans (remember the recent discovery of the huge mountain range off the coast of Chile that nurtures many new species). This astrologically is linked to Haumea, the dwarf planet linked to the Hawaiian goddess of fertility, who I feel is one of our strongest symbols for New Earth as a strong regenerative energy. In her fire goddess aspect she was said to birth the 8 islands of Hawaii. Hawaii was said to be the original location of Lemuria, and its culture and spirituality then spread to other geographies such as Easter Island, Mount Shasta, an area around New Zealand etc.

I’ve mentioned recently a strong sense that new land masses are likely to emerge perhaps where old Lemuria was, but more importantly that the spirituality and frequency of Lemuria will be rebirthed at this time. Uranus (new) in Taurus (Earth) also supports the emergence of new land masses.

Haumea is square to Pluto all 2024 and 2025, Pluto being the planet of transformation, and quincunx Sedna for the next two years too, Sedna representing not only transformation but metamorphosis. I believe this will play our on several levels: literally on the level of Earth, new species (remember that Sedna as she sank to the depths of the ocean she became new sea creatures of turtles, whales etc), but also for us a New Humanity in an exiting organic way as we raise our frequency and expand our consciousness. As we welcome in an expanded consciousness of love, New Earth will continue to emerge and we will begin to experience and remember our greater multidimensionality.