Important New Beginnings

Tomorrow Pluto moves stationary retrograde, but we are already feeling that energy and will do so for the next few days. It is also square to Venus at 2° Taurus. Anyone with planets or angles at 0°-4° of the Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius is likely to be feeling this.

This aspect brings up issues of power dynamics, both in the world and perhaps in your personal relationships – especially if either transiting planet is moving through your 5th or 7th houses linked to relationship. There can be issues around control, manipulation, excessive possessiveness or jealousy, with one party feeling they want to be more free (Aquarius). In a bigger way, you may be thinking about how you have used your power with others inappropriately, or given it away.

Other issues which these aspects initiate for the rest of the year are around freedom and human rights, protest and revolution, and developments in AI and digital currencies.

Pluto has not been at 2° Aquarius since 1778, so this is very significant.

Then we have our New SuperMoon at 7-8th May at 18°02′ Taurus. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Jupiter and Uranus, and this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction that was exact on the 20th-21st April is still operational. So this New SuperMoon reactivates all the themes that were shared at that time.

However one theme that I didn’t share fully enough (and I was reminded of this by an off-hand remark by astrologer Richard Tarnas) was that at a previous Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the late 1960s, inventor and author James Lovelock was developing his theory of Gaia. Jupiter and Uranus were then in early Libra, the sign of balance. The concept of Gaia is that the Earth and all aspects of life in and on her, the animals, birds, trees, humans, plants, fish, seas and waterways, are all part of a living conscious self-regulating system. This is a beautiful idea, particularly that everything is imbued with consciousness. I personally believe that this entire universe is one consciousness, and we are all divine fractal expressions of it.

So as this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction has just taken place in TAURUS, the sign linked to the Earth herself, I believe part of this new cycle that has just been initiated is to more fully recognise the consciousness of the Earth and all living beings related to her. This is taking us closer to the Ancient Lemurian philosophy of Oneness. Very beautiful.

Just one day before the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 19th, scholars published the New York Declaration on Animal Consciousness at New York University (see link: While a welcome move, my personal view is that animals are more evolved than we are, and humans are playing catch up. Look at the beautiful love that elephants show to each other and to a newly rescued elephant even when there is no family bond.

So my sense is that this theme of One Consciousness of the universe, and never wanting to hurt another living being, will become much stronger on one particular timeline that many of us are following. You can of course join that timeline at any point, we simply self-select these by our frequency. This will be so welcome.

On a personal note, we have a stellium of 4 planets in Aries if we include Chirion and Eris, and a stellium of 5 planets in Taurus at this New SuperMoon (Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus). See where these two signs fall in your chart and which areas of life are being strongly activated for you now. Both this New Moon (new beginning) activating the new cycle of Jupiter-Uranus, and Mars in Aries coming to exactly conjunct the North Node on May 19th and the Total Solar Eclipse degree on May 26th, all speak of us initiating something new, important and at a higher state of being in our lives.