Another example of a massive evolutionary jump

We know that we are in the process of a huge and unique evolutionary jump for humanity, but this is also appearing in nature too. As this article describes, two organisms are merging together into what is being called an ‘organelle’, and this may help scientists to understand how greater nitrogen-fixing in plants can happen, leading to increased crop yield. This is only the second time in recorded history (the last time was 1.6 billion years ago) that such a jump has happened – the last time was when plants appeared on Earth.

This is strongly linked to two astrological principles, Uranus (evolutionary leap) in Taurus (Earth, plants, resources, food) and Haumea in square to Pluto and quincunx to Sedna. This astrological configuration also speaks of an evolutionary leap, a metamorphosis of humanity and natural species. All of this evolution is unstoppable; it is way beyond the astrology, it is linked to physics, cosmology, and the divine intelligence of plasma: