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“You are a gift to the world; thank you from the bottom of my heart for a life-changing consultation.”


“I have had readings from both Western and Vedic Astrologers over the years, but nothing comes close to a reading from Pam Gregory. She is truly a Master of her trade and in a league of her own! It was as if Ptolemy, Gauquelin, Jung or any other of the other greats were sitting in front of me looking at my chart. Such is the nature of the wisdom and scholarly authority that Pam conveys. It exudes from her very being, for her it is cellular.

Her astrological knowledge is pristine and everything is delivered in a relatable and personable manner. It was as if an emissary from the stars was talking to the depths of my soul. At one point the reading moved me to the point of tears. It is just extraordinary to have such a gifted Astrologer read your chart and in doing so relay to you your very core drivers, aspirations, personality quirks, shadow side, goal and soul mission etc. Pam not only reads individual charts, but she is also skilled at synastry readings too.

An exceptional, extraordinary, breathtaking session. Pam is truly remarkable on so many levels! An author, researcher, scholar, healer, teacher and soul traveller dedicated to cultivating higher consciousness. She is as beautiful as she is kind, inside and out.She leaves no stone unturned as you are taken on a celestial journey throughout the session. When it ended I felt like I could float off into space. I was on such a high! The buzzing feeling continued days after. I had so much information to integrate and the audio recording means I can listen to it as much as I want. Each time I have listened to it I have picked up new points to process.

We are each provided a divine blueprint at birth. Like a little acorn, which has residing within it the potential of the grand oak tree, the natal chart is that map of all that you came here to achieve, learn, be and become. I see it as my personal compass embedded within my heart-space, provided to me for my Earthly sojourn and to never lose track of the mission. As Pam puts it, it is your own sheet of music. We all have a role to play here in this symphony orchestra of life. Each instrument makes a difference. Yes, the natal chart is symbolic, archetypal and divinatory in aspects, however it is unique and significant to you and you alone. It is important that one seizes the opportunity to understand their own chart. It should be as mandatory as learning how to ride a bike!

What could be more sacred then to have a guide (akin to Luke SkyWalker in the latest Star Wars 7 film) a.k.a Pam, shining a light on you to provide higher perspectives and clarity?I have been inspired by the experience. I have heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all it continues to stir within me. This is medicine for the soul.”


“What an amazing, insightful session. I am still tingling all over from what you told me. It just fits exactly with my biggest dreams and what I feel I am here to do. It has confirmed everything in the most beautiful way and has given me that extra bit of confidence and self-belief to continue to make things happen in the biggest way possible. I’m excited. Truly excited. I feel at last I am on my path . . . . . it is the best feeling in the world.”


“Extraordinary. You get to understand your career needs at a far deeper level than by any conventional methodology.”


“Attending Pam’s course was one of the most valuable processes I have ever gone through”


“I would have paid many times what the session cost, the information was so valuable for my life”


“I can’t thank you enough for that love and light-filled session.”


“Pam Gregory is in a class of her own and such a radiant beautiful lady, accurate doesn’t come close to describing her readings. I’ve only experienced a mini one for a few minutes but it had razor sharp accuracy.”


“Just had an amazing astrological reading from Pam Gregory. I’ve never had a proper personal report done before and wow! Amazing! Very accurate. This is real astrology at it’s finest. Pinpointing exact dates in the past for significant events, pinpointing major influences and confirming a significant amount of information I had been given from fellow psychics and I knew myself was coming – all written in the planets. Amazing stuff. First class, Ms Gregory – first class! Thank you!”


“Dear Pam,

If, within the next 5-10 years, I can do for others what you have done for me, I will regard myself as a roaring success! You’re utterly inspiring.”


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