THE NEXT STEP BLOG - August 2022

 Your Accelerated Evolution

Welcome to the August newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for July: I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

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July Review

July 1st: 40,000 farmers in the Netherlands are protesting against new government rulings to cut nitrogen that would mean that many farmers would have to slaughter their cows and sell their farms. This weekend the truckers also joined the farmers on the day that Mars joined Eris the street fighter in Aries, the sign of the warrior and both squaring Pluto in Capricorn, the strongarm government of control: see link.  Uranus planet of rebellion is conjunct the North Node (our future collective direction) in Taurus, becoming exact on 31st July. Taurus is linked to land, agriculture, our food supplies but also specifically COWS. Think of the the glyph for Taurus, like a bull’s horns . . astrology can be so literal!

July 5th: As we build towards the Full SuperMoon in Capricorn, the sign of government and constitutional matters and integrity, we have had some shock resignations in the UK. Both the Chancellor (Head of Finance) and the Health Secretary have both resigned today. They are extremely senior Cabinet Ministers and are resigning over issues of corruption in government. This Full SuperMoon is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn which is grinding its way through the last couple of degrees of this sign and revealing any lack of integrity and transparency in top-down structures such as governments: see link. Interesting in light of tonight’s events in the UK government that the Full SuperMoon in Capricorn, sign of government and integrity, is shining a very bright light on any corruption. It is tightly opposing the Moon in the UK chart at 19° Cancer which rules the Midheaven (=government) in the country, chart set for 1st January 1801 00.00 London. Also Solar Arc Pluto is tightly square the Midheaven. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, crisis and transformation . . it will be interesting to see events unfolding in the coming days.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was born 19th June 1964 at 14.00 in New York.

His professional life will continue to be challenging with Solar Arc Saturn (planet of integrity) opposing his Moon, ruler of his Midheaven (career and status). He is well into that energy now, and it is exact next month. He will be feeling his Solar Arc Neptune square the Ascendant, exact in October 2022, which can bring a feeling of drift and not being sure where you are going – it is also the planet connected to deceits. The Total Lunar Eclipse of 8th November 2022 is conjunct his Jupiter in the 8th house of secrets and scandals, ruling his 3rd house of communication (what he puts out to the world). It opposes his Neptune, ruler of his 6th house of work. If he is still in office, much dirty laundry could emerge then.

The upcoming Full SuperMoon on the 13th July is opposing the Moon of the UK, ruler of the Midheaven, the government, so shining a very bright light on, again, integrity, as it is in Capricorn. That word is being used a lot in the news today.

Remember any ensuing breakdown is meant to be happening as old world structures no longer have the energy to continue. We are jumping frequencies and timelines rapidly now, and the old systems will continue to crumble Although this will be loud, chaotic and messy, the astrology is very reassuring that this is a necessary process to allow us fully birth a much more loving, equitable, and compassionate world.

Truth is coming to light in bigger ways as we move towards the rare triple Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction at the end of the month, and that is likely to be explosive, and not just for the UK.

July 9th: Protesters in bankrupt Sri Lanka storm the Presidential Palace and demand the resignation of the President, which is now happening. Remarkably even the BBC is covering this story: see link

July 11th: Germany fears permanent shutdown of natural gas flow from Russia: see link. This is a clear example of Uranus in Taurus, disrupted supply chains of natural resources that potentially may be cut off completely (Uranus).  

July 14th: There was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake in Equador on the 14th July, at the Full SuperMoon in Capricorn and this was one of the areas highlighted by astrocartography that I mentioned in my update video for possible seismic activity. Pray that there were no casualties: see link

July 15th: Wildfires are raging in Europe today and even in the UK. They are being reported in Portugal, Greece, Turkey, France, Croatia and Spain. Remember that the Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction that we are already feeling is HOT HOT HOT, temperature-wise and behaviourally too: see link

July 19th: Today there has been an explosion and fire at the Hoover Dam in Nevada. Luckily this was extinguished before any huge damage was done, as it supplies electricity for Nevada, Arizona and California. The Saturn (limitation, restriction) square Uranus (electricity) is growing stronger into October and can suggest power cuts.

However this explosive fiery energy is in line with the Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction, so take good care in these times: see link.

July 21st: Solar and geomagnetics were mostly quiet yesterday. But, at 9:00 PM EDT last night (01:00 UT), a powerful C5 flare exploded off the Sun, with radio blackouts and release of a CME that will brush the Earth today.

July 21st: The Italian Prime Minister resigns today: see link. Pluto moving through the final degrees of Capricorn is excavating any corruption at the highest levels of leadership – this is happening in many countries.

July 24th: Eruptive energy is powerful this week. A volcano has erupted on one of the western islands in Japan, triggering the highest level 5 alert. Let us pray there are no injuries or fatalities: see link. Remember Uranus in Taurus until 2026 suggests much more seismic activity.

July 25th: The British government is offering farmers a large cash sum to retire from farming and give up their farms to the government. These have often been in the family for generations, but as many farmers are in debt this can appear as attractive offer: see link. This seems to be an odd policy at a time of food shortages. In the Netherlands this is happening more forcibly due to the government’s ‘green policies’. Uranus in Taurus=radical changes in farming and agriculture.

July 25th: The massive Chinese company Evergrande is in more trouble today that may prove pivotal as it represents a huge part of the property market in China, and we have a week in which the rare Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction in Taurus (economy, finance, currencies) is building to exactitude. Expect shocks and surprises of all kinds: see link

July 25th: After Sri Lanka, now in Panama huge demonstrations against the shortages of food, fuel and medicine. Remember that this Mars-Uranus energy is revolutionary:

July 26th: Russian gas provider Gazprom said it would halve supplies flowing to EU on July 27th, which means that they can’t build up their supplies before winter. This reflects the current Uranus (cutting) in Taurus (natural resources) conjunct the North Node this week at 18° Taurus, which is in hard aspect to the chart for the EU with an Ascendant of 17° Leo:

July 27th: Sadly there has been a very large 7.0 magnitude earthquake in the Philippines with 2 fatalities. This was one of the areas highlighted by astrocartography with the powerful eruptive Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction: see link

July 27th: Lufthansa ground staff walk out on strike causing the cancellation of over 1,000 flights: see link. This reflects the square between Saturn (limitation) and Uranus (aviation). Disruptions in air travel are likely to continue.

August 2022

We begin August with the rare exact triple conjunction between Mars, Uranus and the North Node that hasn’t happened for over 2,000 years, so it is very important. The energy will continue to be volatile, you may feel impulsive and impatient – or others around you are. We may see earthquakes, volcanoes, literal ones or political/financial ones, extreme Earth events (some detailed above), radical shifts in currencies and the economy, and more social unrest. This energy demands freedom and does not like to obey the rules. Shocking truths are likely to emerge that rock people’s beliefs and worldview as Jupiter has just moved retrograde on 28th July. 

This is potentially an ignition point that all that follows this year. It suggests hot and dry weather, even extremes, and worsening drought conditions in some areas – this is already occurring in some states in the US. It is combustible and incendiary. However, it has great purpose in that it is an accelerated push to collapse the old systems and breakthrough to the new, and a higher state of being. Although there is inevitably going to be much suffering on an emotional level (I always think here of the animals as well as humanity) if we can stay in a positive frame of mind then we are more likely to be ‘bubble-wrapped’ from the worst excesses of the collapse that is imminent now.

The next few months are volatile, chaotic and extreme, and know that we will all be affected in some way as this is a period of accelerated evolution unlike anything we have ever known. Therefore it has great purpose and an extremely positive outcome, but will be rocky at the 3D level. Have a mindset of flexibility and the ability to pivot quickly to circumstances if necessary. 

Anyone with a lot of ‘Fixity’ (ie planets or angles in Fixed signs) especially around 18° of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) will be feeling this period strongly. This may appear as great restlessness in your life, the urge for freedom, intensity, or sudden radical changes coming from the outside. Saturn is in Aquarius until March 2023, replaced by Pluto then until 2044. Uranus is in Taurus until 2026, and Jupiter is in Taurus from May 2023 until May 2024. These are all Fixed signs, and it is those people who have a lot of Fixity that may find it hardest to change, there is natural resistance. 

Uranus was last in Taurus from 1934-1941, which were years of massive social change and upheaval, and these were also the years of the Great Depression, so the economic and personal financial situation of millions of people were affected. This is the first time that Uranus has returned to Taurus since that time, as Uranus has a 84 year orbit.

Coming back closer to current time, what is also important to note is that the Saturn-Uranus square that we had all through 2021 and earlier this year is coming back into focus and will be exact by degree again during the first half of October, closest on the 1st October, at 18° Aquarius-Taurus. The EU chart is being hard hit here, the chart set for 1st November 1993 at 00.01 Brussels, Belgium. The Ascendant is at 17° Leo, the identity of the EU, (Leo=Fixed) and Mercury (=trade) at 19° Scorpio (Fixed). This suggests major supply and trade disruptions in the coming months in this geography.

The UK chart set for 1st January 1801 at 00.00 London has Neptune at 18° Scorpio in the 2nd house of the country’s economy, ruling the 6th house of employment and trade, suggesting disruptions in both of those.

The symbolism of Saturn square Uranus I have spoken about many times: the past vs the future, centralisation vs decentralisation, the rules, regulations and diktats of governments ‘for your safety’ vs a powerful urge for freedom, breaking the rules, and shifting our our consciousness to a higher state of being which is more empowered. This square is operational from now until the end of the year. Be aware that it is likely to bring more disruptions in aviation with flights being cancelled (Uranus is connected to aviation) and electricity, power and internet cut-outs, and even banking systems will have an ‘interrupted flow’.

In addition to that, the long-running square between Eris in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn (between 24° and 27° of the Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) which has very similar themes of the power of government and top-down control vs street-fighting Eris to defend the rights of those excluded from society, she fights against inequality and injustice, is also coming back into closer aspect. This is more strongly operational (although it doesn’t come back to exactitude) from now until the end of the year too. So both of these powerful, dominant aspects reinforce each other. The themes are individual freedoms and rights vs the power of the state. These are likely to bring about more social unrest in many countries and we have seen much already in the last two years. These aspects are a powerful backdrop with all that is unfolding in the foreground.

2022 is coming to a crescendo in the new few months, I believe especially September onwards.

We are living in huge times of spiritual transformation, so see all that is unfolding during these months in that context, and not just destruction. The meaning you give events determines your frequency. Are you looking back to the past, what was, and maybe what you have lost, or looking forward to creating a whole new future of higher consciousness with like-minded others?

Feelings become heightened again between the 5-7th as the Moon goes out of bounds (beyond the normal 23° declination north or south of the ecliptic) and therefore emotions may express in a more extreme way. On the 5th also the Moon comes to oppose Uranus then Mars, so there is likely to be a strong urge and surge for freedom from the rules – but later that same day there is a reality check as the Moon squares Saturn, representing government control. This is echoing at a more detailed level the big theme for the coming months.

On the 7th August, Venus comes to square Eris at 25° Cancer/Aries, so this could bring up strong issues around independence in relationship and it could suggest more financial turbulence too. The same day, Mars squares Saturn at 22° Taurus/Aquarius. This can give us strongly disciplined energy to focus and complete a task, but it can also suggest the individual will (Mars) clashing with the government rules (Saturn) yet again. It can suggest a ‘reality check’. This is a highly militarisitic energy.

On the 9th, Venus opposes Pluto at 26° Cancer/Capricorn. This may bring up some extreme feelings in relationship – either in a very positive way or there could be issues of possessiveness, jealousy or even power/control issues in the relationship. This is more likely if either of these are falling in your 5th or 7th houses of relationship. 

This Venus-Pluto opposition continues into the Full Moon at 19°21’ Aquarius on the 11th, although by then it is out-of-sign in that Venus has just moved in to Leo but still within orb of the opposition. This may bring about financial turbulence or fundamental changes in currency values. Financial volatility is likely throughout the rest of the year with another major peak being September/October for stock market volatility. We may have more digital developments around this time.

Then we have a Full Moon at 19°21’ Aquarius on the 11th August at 6.35pm PST and 2.35am UK time on the 12th. This is yet another SuperMoon. We have 6 planets in Fixed signs at this Full Moon: the Moon and Saturn in Aquarius, Sun and Venus in Leo, and Mars and Uranus in Taurus, still conjunct the North Node. Therefore this can offer us great determination to achieve, but it also suggests that people will have entrenched positions with their views. If we include the South Node at 17° Scorpio, this becomes a Fixed Grand Cross between the Sun at 19° Leo, Moon and Saturn at 19° and 22° respectively of Aquarius, and Uranus and the North Node at 18° and 17° Taurus respectively. This represents fierce ‘digging in of heels’ with sectors of society that will not agree with other sectors. Fixity can manifest as the desire to control. This may of course be manifesting in your personal life too. 

Essentially, this Full Moon and Grand Cross are pulling the Saturn-Uranus square back into focus from this point on for the next few months, raising the themes suggested above. Uranus being so tightly conjunct the North Node is clearly showing us that the future is about a quantum leap in our evolution, and also that of the Earth as it is in Taurus (Fixed Earth). Gaia is going through her own upgrade which is helping our acceleration too.

Uranus and the North Node are highlighted again in a trine to Mercury at 12° Virgo, suggesting brilliant new original ideas that can be developed at this time, especially where we are grounding them, making them practically workable and starting to get all the details right. This may involve new ideas around growing food and agriculture (Taurus), and the fact that the Full Moon is in Aquarius suggests some new ideas around systems, networks and communities that may expedite this. 

What is special here too is that the Sun is conjunct a dwarf planet called Praamzius at 22° Leo, also exactly opposing Saturn. Praamzius is a Lithuanian god of the sky, destiny, peace and friendship. Here I am quoting from the work of Kelly Hunter Praamzius is concerned with maintaining sacred traditions and creating community. Of course Aquarius is par excellence the sign most linked to community, collaboration and co-operation, which is where our future lies with Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) being conjunct the North Node, our future collective destiny. 

The exact opposition to Saturn by degree strongly suggests building (Saturn) new networks and communities (Aquarius) for the future. This is happening at dizzying speed with such initiatives as the People’s Health Alliance (see my video interviewing the founder of this organisation) and there are many other initiatives that are building a new series of conscious communities to help birth New Earth. I will write about these as they  develop. This is very exciting indeed. Green shoots are starting to appear in many places now, but these groups and communities are also linking together in a grid of light across the world to bring people together who have a higher, better more loving vision of how our world could be.

Pluto in a very tight trine to Mars at 25° Taurus shows unshakeable willpower and focus in making this happen.

So although Aquarius is a cooler Air sign emotionally, there is enormous unstoppable power in the other aspects at this Full Moon, when feelings will be brought to a head around issues of freedom and truth (Uranus and Aquarius). One may view the Moon conjunct Saturn as introspective or even slightly depressive in acknowledging the limitations of a situation, it is very helpful in building what is realistically possible for the long term in society.

On August 24th, Uranus becomes stationary retrograde at 18°55’ Taurus. Therefore the radical, revolutionary, eruptive and shocking energy of Uranus will be felt especially strongly for several days either side of this time. More truth is likely to emerge. It can be another accelerated time of awakening, downloads and insights, especially if it is aspecting anything in your own birthchart. Uranus is barely moving from this point all month so that at the New Moon 3 days later it has only retrograded by 1’ (!) and will be powerfully felt. It remains at 18° Taurus all through September and early October.

Then on August 27th at 1.16am PST and 9.16pm UK time we have a New Moon at 4°03’ Virgo. See where this falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for whatever you want to manifest in your life, a new seed being planted.

Virgo has a strong sense of service and ‘how can I help you?’ in a practical way. It has an urge to get everything organised, methodically, and running like clockwork. So again see which house area in your chart this is falling, can this help you organise a project that your are working on, or your thinking in general as this is ruled by Mercury. It is a very detail-oriented sign, needs to be precise, exact and right. It is a great time to tackle these kinds of work.

The Sun and Moon here are both squared by Mars at 4° Gemini. Mars in Gemini can be quick thinking, inventive ideas, but also irritable or frustrated communication – and in aspect to this New Moon may bring more of that to the fore. This irritation could be about information (Gemini) that there is disagreement about, or the situation regarding harvests, grains and food supplies. This is because the glyph for Virgo is the sheaf of corn, and Ceres, goddess of grains and harvests, is also being opposed by Saturn here at 15° Leo, 20° Aquarius respectively. On the very positive side, Saturn in Aquarius may be finding new networks (Aquarius) and structures, grassroots up (Aquarius) to organise our food supplies. Many new communities are springing up to deal with this, even the People’s Health Alliance are developing a branch that is dealing with local food hubs.

The irritation or even anger may be expressed via social media (Gemini) or it could be that people are angry AT the media around the information, facts that they have been sharing

Not only is the very long-running square between Eris and Pluto very tight here at 25°Aries/ 26° Capricorn, and I have explained the symbolism of this many times, but also the square between Saturn at 21° Aquarius and Uranus at 19° Taurus becoming tighter, to hit exactitude by degree in early October. This square has very similar themes to the Eris-Pluto theme, of the individual vs the state. This could potentially bring a lot of social unrest to societies.

As Uranus is so strong here, still reverberating from its station, conjunct the North Node and here also square to Venus at 19° Leo, this could bring up issues in personal relationships of a need for greater freedom and independence by one party, especially is Venus or Uranus is falling in your 5th or 7th houses of relationship. It may well also bring a lot of volatility in currencies and financial markets, although that potential becomes even stronger into late September and October. 

Mercury, the ruler of this Virgo New Moon, is on the World Axis (0° of the Cardinal,  (2° orb) at 1°17’ Libra. That is suggesting that important information is going to be coming forwards at this time that could have legal implications  (Libra). Even better, Mercury is very tightly opposing the dwarf planet Manwe at 1°04’ Aries. Manwe with his wife Varda created the universe, the cosmos. This is giving impetus to our creation of New Earth as we move forwards, we are creating a whole new world for ourselves.

With such focus on 18° Taurus where Uranus will stay through October, what is very interesting is that the Sabian Symbol for 19° Taurus (you always round upwards to the next degree for these) is ‘A New Continent rising out of the Ocean’. This is a perfect expression of Uranus (new) in Taurus (Earth). So is this a literal new continent, or a metaphor for New Earth to reinforce the other astrology here?

Remember in these huge wild days of transformation, the collapse of the old is happening because of the shift in consciousness. The new high frequency energy coming in, by the laws of physics, means that the low frequency energy and all that it supports simply collapses. Starve it of attention to accelerate this, and be aware of creating a more beautiful world from the inside out, not being buffeted by events. Your state of being needs to be determined by YOU, not outer events or the nightly news. Be a Master Co-Creator. These are the times we are in.

“The power you have to create the life you want is only limited by your ability to believe it”.
Delphi Ellis

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I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon, as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 25° Leo – 4° Libra
Venus – 17° Cancer – 4° Leo

Mars – 18° Taurus – 6° Gemini
Jupiter, retrograde, 8°- 6° Aries 

Saturn – retrograde, 22° – 20° Aquarius 

Uranus – 18°  Taurus all month, retrograde on the 24th

Neptune, retrograde, 25°- 24°  Pisces

Pluto, retrograde, 27° – 26° Capricorn 

North Node, always retrograde – 18° 15° Taurus 

Chiron, retrograde – 16° Aries 

Chariklo – 8° Aquarius