THE NEXT STEP BLOG - December 2021

Total Solar Eclipse

Welcome to the December newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for November: I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record.

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November Review

November 1st: Another example of corruption being exposed and secrets of the rich coming to light, especially related to banking: see link

November 1st: I have mentioned often that as we are now in Scorpio season, secrets of the rich and powerful are likely to come to light, particularly financial or sexual secrets. So here we have another CEO, this time from Barclays, resigns over links with Jeffrey Epstein: see link.

November 2nd: This is very interesting; I have have mentioned that with the US Pluto Return which is just beginning we are likely to have some constitutional changes in the US, and with Jupiter in Aquarius this will probably restate in law some of our essential freedoms and rights. In the U.S. the passage of “The Right to Food” amendment just passed in the state of Maine, and we may see this appearing in other States, especially as it is apparently illegal (!) to grow your own food in some parts of the US, see link.

The amendment declares “that all individuals have a natural, inherent and unalienable right to grow, raise, harvest, produce and consume the food of their own choosing for their own nourishment, sustenance, bodily health and well-being.” “The writers positioned the amendment as a chance for Mainers (residents of Maine) to wrestle control of the food supply back from large landowners and giant retailers with little connection to the community”: see link

November 13th: Exactly on the day when Uranus (hacking, internet) opposes Mercury (communications, e-mails) one of the FBI’s e-mail servers was hacked:  see link. Whatever you think about the truth of this, it is a perfectly accurate reflection of the astrology on the day. 

November 15th: Two large earthquakes in Iran today, the first 6.4 magnitude then another at 6.3. One person killed but the tremors being felt very widely. Sending prayers for all involved. The classic signature for earthquakes as I described in my last video is Mars in hard aspect to Uranus. Today Mars is opposing Uranus within just over a degree, exact on Wednesday: see link

November 15th: This is from astrologer Lynn Bell: Yes, Mars is in Scorpio, but a plague of scorpions sounds almost biblical. 

“Three people are dead and hundreds are injured after inclement weather roused hordes of venomous scorpions out of their hiding places and into streets and homes.

Vicious rain, dust storms, and snow in the southern city of Aswan last week drove out scorpions as well as snakes, Al-Ahram, a government-run Egyptian newspaper, reports. Three people have died from scorpion stings and 450 people have been injured by the stings thus far, BBC News reports, citing an unnamed health official.

Those who have been injured are being treated with antivenom in hospitals as well as in medical centers that are located in more remote areas, according to Al-Ahram. Health officials have even called in doctors who were on vacation to help treat the influx of patients.

In the meantime, residents are being asked to stay inside their homes. Ashraf Attia, Aswan governor, also limited traffic for a time, closing local highways to prevent accidents due to limited mobility in the rain, the outlet reports.

Scorpion stings can be lethal. The Egyptian fat-tailed scorpion, a species found throughout Northern Africa, in particular has been described as one of the most deadly in the world, according to the Saint Louis Zoo.”

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November 19th: Today is the partial Lunar Eclipse which by astrocartography falls across the IC (the land) and MC (government) just west of British Columbia. They have had extreme floods, unprecedented in 500 years, broken roads and the potential for shortages as a result, plus one death so far.  The damage will apparently take months to repair. Prayers for all those caught up in such extreme conditions: see link

November 19th: I had mentioned in my last video and newsletter that the Lunar Eclipse today was exactly opposing President Biden’s Sun, his energy and power. Today he had a colonoscopy and general anaesthetic and Kamala Harris took over Presidential power briefly. She is the first woman in the USA to take over the presidential prerogative. “Vice President Kamala Harris will temporarily seize power in the United States over the duration of President Joseph Biden’s disruptive medical evaluation, which will include anaesthesia, the White House announced. ” See link.

November 19th: This Lunar Eclipse suggested that important revelations will come to light. Three days ago Robert F Kennedy Jr published The Real Anthony Fauci on Amazon. He had to pay them to publish it and the audiobook is completely free to download. I have had several people in tears writing to me about this today – the revelations are truly shocking apparently, right on cue.

December 2021

We are entering a crescendo at the end of this very eventful year. Many of us can feel the intensity of the energy that continues to build through Eclipse season, and it feels as if we are at a pivot point. Although the energy continues to be very tough at the 3D level through this month think of it as the purging of the old systems to allow the birthing of the new. The energies in the second half of December are extremely strong, but peaking over the week including Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The month begins on the 1st with Neptune stationing direct at 20°24’ Pisces, joining the direct party of all the other planets except Uranus which will move forwards on 18th January, however Venus will move retrograde on the 19th December. This suggests that we will have a sense of momentum with events unfolding.

At the station of Neptune its symbolism will be magnified for several days to either side of the 1st, and this can suggest that there are issues with water, oil, pollution, leaks (of all kinds!) and spillages, toxicity, drugs and pharmaceuticals, but also it can encourage a strong urge for spiritual growth, and a shift towards unconditional love. Potentially remember it can also expand any sense of altered state and that includes hypnosis or illusion; it may give us a glimpse of when Neptune’s symbolism will be expanded next April when it comes together in its conjunction with Jupiter at 23° Pisces. This can be an incredibly creative time and a perfect time to tune into your dreams and meditations more deeply, but for some it may increase the confusion around everyday reality. Neptune also rules the media.

We are well into the Eclipse energy already with the Lunar Eclipse on the 19th November, and on the 3rd December at 11.42pm PST and 7.42am UK time on the 4th, we have a Total Solar Eclipse at 12°21’ Sagittarius. This will be the last Eclipse in Sagittarius for another 9 years, as from January the Nodes move into Taurus and Scorpio. This is a very powerful new beginning, so see where 12° Sagittarius falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for what you want to manifest in your life.

This Total Solar Eclipse falls exactly, within 1’ (!) of exactitude on the Ascendant, the identity of the US in the chart set for 4th July 1776 Philadelphia at 17.10. Coming so close to the Pluto Return in the US which comes to its first exact conjunction in February next year but will be felt all through 2022 and 2023, this strongly suggests a major new beginning and ultimately a rebirth, maybe even a redefinition, of the US in every sense: economically, constitutionally and maybe even geographically (ie which states make up the US). This won’t just be relevant to the US as it will have ripples globally, particularly economically and politically. These Eclipses will set us up for what unfolds in 2022.

12° Sagittarius was exactly the degree where Pluto was transiting on 9/11, and Sagittarius is also linked to flight.

This Total Solar Eclipse falls very tightly on what is known as the Great Attractor at 14° Sagittarius. Astrologer/researcher Philip Sedgewick is the expert on this, but he describes it as a ‘massive galactic anomaly’, as it is a mystery of huge force. It is moving backwards in space at approximately 600 kms per second, sucking many galaxies in its wake like a gigantic cosmic vacuum cleaner. It has such force that it can bend light, and therefore if you have any planets or angles around 14° Sagittarius you may be able to ‘see around corners’, it can give you a sense of precognition. 

When we have a powerful Total Solar Eclipse representing a big new beginning so close to this raw cosmic energy of creation, we should be able to access high level information at this time. Set a clear intention to do that, as we start this new and very important episode in human evolution. Can you set an intention for a new beginning for the Earth as well as for yourself? The vastness of the Great Attractor can encourage us to feel like multidimensional beings, rather than our contracted 3D selves. Think big.

Eclipses occur near the North or South Node of the Moon. The Lunar Eclipse on 19th November was a North Node Eclipse, emphasising the releasing of the old at the Full Moon point, but focusing on the collective future that we want to bring in. With the Total Solar Eclipse it is the other way around, as this is a South Node Eclipse, with the Moon closest to the South Node at 2° Sagittarius. This is again a mix of endings and beginnings, so as we shift away from what is no longer contributing to our growth we can have greater clarity on our new beginning.

In Sagittarius what no longer serves us could be our belief systems that we may have held for a long time, and also there is a strong suggestion here that the educational and legal systems are going to be radically changed. The focus  here is freedom, new systems that support the truth, higher consciousness and wisdom as principles from which to build New Earth.

Thinking of the Great Attractor as a giant cosmic vacuum cleaner together with the fresh, vigorous energy of a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius gives a feeling of cleansing, clearing the old away totally to start to create completely new foundations. This is emphasised by the Sun and Moon being tightly quincunx to Uranus at 11°38’ Taurus, with its symbolism of freedom, the future, a revolution in values, and perhaps some galactic insights. It is an urgent, fast, surging energy of change and newness. This is supported by Mars at 23°40’ Scorpio in an almost exact quincunx to Eris at 23°48’ Aries, so just 8’ from exactitude. These are both extremely focused warrior energies supporting individual rights. Jupiter at 25°50’ Aquarius is sextile Eris, making sure that human rights and freedoms are included in this mix, together with new visions of networks and social structures for the future. Mars square to Jupiter can create a crusade for humanity around these issues; however the trine from Mars to Neptune at 20°24’ Pisces can add to the idealism but there is a need to make sure our facts are correct before we leap on the bandwagon. 

The strong combination of Sagittarius (Sun, Moon and Mercury) energies and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius produce an idealistic focus on freedom and truth. However, this can be a multi-layered truth, and ongoing theme in these times. Neptune always has the potential for deception, lies, or a blurring of the truth despite our best intentions, and remember that transiting Neptune is opposing Neptune in the US chart. Mercury at 15°12’ Sagittarius, very tightly conjunct the Great Attractor may be receiving high level information, but Mercury here is square to Neptune. This is excellent for our imagination and our creativity, but there can be slippage around the truth. What emphasises that further is that the Sun and Moon at 12°21’ Sagittarius are opposing Black Moon Lilith at 14° Gemini, the sign of facts and information. BML in Gemini has been described as the ‘Ministry of Truth’, what the authorities want us to believe as truth. This is also part of the set up for the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces in April, one of the most powerful astrological aspects of 2022. 

All of this is to help us develop our intuition, our mastery, by checking in with ourselves to know what is really true for us and to be guided by that, not by any external authority dictating what is truth. It’s interesting that Neptune is also connected to television, film, Hollywood, and illusion and hypnosis. Be aware.

The other important aspect here to consider here is that Venus is conjunct Pluto at 22° and 25° Capricorn respectively. Venus then moves retrograde on 19th December and comes to exactly conjunct Pluto on 25th (!) December. This conjunction will repeat on 3rd March 2022. Capricorn is linked to governments, big banking, big business and organisations that generally have controlled our world. Pluto is connected to debt, default and taxes. Venus in this sign also emphasises our money and banking systems, and her retrograde motion has historically linked to changes in central bank policies. Retrograde Venus is also linked with a radical review of our values (Taurus and Venus) as to what is important in our lives and what we want to invest in, not only in terms of our money but also our time and attention. Over the coming months we may well see some major changes in these financial systems and a stronger move towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In relationship terms, some of us may find that ‘old flames’ come back into our lives especially if Venus is falling in your 5th or 7th houses.

Hard aspects between Venus and Pluto can bring about intense, extreme, almost excessive emotions especially if the conjunction falls in your 5th or 7th houses of relationships.  

See where Capricorn falls in your chart, as this area has been activated last year with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, still this year with Pluto and now Venus. Pluto is activating the last 5° of Capricorn until 2023-24. We will see immense change around all that Capricorn represents in our world (see above), but also this is about a shift from external to inner authority.

With Eclipses there is always a feeling of a jump, something unexpected, a leap forwards that helps us on our path of soul’s growth, so watch for this particularly in the house area where this falls in your chart. It can be very positive especially if it falls on your Sun or Ascendant, as there is often increased prominence with it.

The Total Solar Eclipse path falls over Antarctica and lasts for just under two minutes. It is also partially visible over the southern tips of South America and Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Remember the Total Solar Eclipse path falling east to west across the US in August 2017; did this result in some major changes but also considerable polarity in the US from that time? The Eclipse path is often where we see the energies of the Eclipse manifesting.

However if we look at this Eclipse by astrocartography, it is conjunct the IC, the land, running up through California and the western US into western Canada. It is conjunct the Ascendant across much of Western Europe (Spain, Portugal, France, Netherlands and Scandanavia). It is conjunct the Midheaven (the government, the leadership) running down through Iran and India, and Mars (assertion, aggression) at the Eclipse is conjunct the Midheaven of Saudia Arabia and the Ascendant of China. Some of these countries may come into the news around this time and remember that this Eclipse is not just operational on the day, but will have an effect for another 6 months. 

Moving further into the detail of the month, on the 7th December Mars becomes exactly square to Jupiter at 26° Scorpio-Aquarius, and this could lead us to go over the top in our reactions or want to crusade against something. The symbolism is about fighting for your beliefs and is very assertive and focused, but the shadow side of the Sagittarius energy can be very strong judgement and opinions, not being open to hear the other side. The Moon is also square to Uranus that day, increasing the revolutionary urge of the people to whatever is oppressing them.

By the 11th Venus comes to exactly conjunct Pluto at 25° Capricorn, starting to stir some of the themes I have raised above here. By the 13th Mars enters Sagittarius which is more optimistic than Scorpio, but is also on a crusade for truth, justice and freedom. Mars is doggedly determined to find hope in the intense 3D situation. However by the 15th December it joins the South Node at 1° Sagittarius, and this can suggest an aggressive situation. We had this aspect at 9/11, but having said that Mars has roughly a two year orbit and we do not see such tragedies every two years, but be aware the assertive energy is high, and Mars opposes the Moon the next day, suggesting angry people, but the Sun is also semi-square to Saturn suggesting that anger will be firmly checked by the powers that be, at least temporarily.

Then we have the Full Moon at 27°28’ Gemini on the 18th at 8.34pm PST and 4.34am UK time on the 19th. See where this falls in your chart and what it means for you, as it is a culmination, a completion or a closure of something relevant to the house area of your chart where you find 27° Gemini. As always feelings are likely to be coming to a head and these are likely to be around the facts, the information that we are dealing with. As Mercury the ruler of Gemini is exactly square to Chiron within 7’ (!) of exactitude at 8°33’ Capricorn/8°27’ Aries and Chiron is also stationary direct that day, this suggests that the information will be around illness, health and healing protocols. Perhaps there will be some questioning around these, but certainly they are highlighted here.

The Total Solar Eclipse on the 4th December was conjunct the Great Attractor, and now this Full Moon in Gemini opposes (so the Sun is conjunct) the Galactic Centre at 27° Sagittarius. This highlights this month as being very important for our Earth, and the galaxy as well. Despite the tough conditions at the 3D level and all our constraints, is this suggesting a much bigger vision for humanity at a different level where we can start to feel like galactic citizens, that we are stepping into our multi-dimensional selves in a bigger way? It is remarkable that the December lunations are both at extremely important points of initiatory energy in the galaxy. The Galactic Centre pours out cosmic and galactic energy with which we create our world, so be very conscious of using that to create something loving and beautiful for us all. When planets align with it, it helps to connect us not only to higher consciousness but also to information from other galaxies.

Gemini is the sign of not only facts and information but also choices. It is a restless sign – I am always reminded of Puck in Shakespeare – and that can sometimes lead to a scattered, distracted energy but it is also gifted at seeing things from multiple points of view, almost like white light splitting into many colours when shone through a prism. This can lead to indecision or questioning perhaps if we have made the right choices, and for many it can be revolutionary for their belief systems as they suddenly see things starkly from a higher point of view. Neptune is in a wide T-square to the Sun and Moon so there may be many layers of truth and untruth that we have to wade through to get to that point. Again, check in with your intuition. 

Venus is tightly conjunct Pluto at 26°29’ and 25°32’ Capricorn at the Full Moon, emphasising Venus’s connection to values, currencies, wealth, stock markets, banking and big business (Capricorn), but Venus also is stationary retrograde today; this highlights these themes further and that something is moving backwards in the financial system in some way. Remember that the final exact Saturn-Uranus square is just 5 days from now on the 24th, and Venus comes to exactly conjunct Pluto for the second time on the 25th. This is a great concentration of focused energy around the economy and finances, but also around issues of control vs freedom, the old system vs the new, the past vs the future, safety vs autonomy, compliance vs revolution, and all the these themes that have been so clear this year are thrown into even more high relief at this time. Will there be more attempts by some countries to introduce even stronger controls over Christmas, with much less compliance this time?

With regard to the economy and stock markets, historically Saturn-Uranus hard aspects are linked to falls in stock markets but they often occur just after the final exact aspect. So in that case it may be December or January where we see significant changes. 

Eris is still tightly square to Pluto at this time at 23°43’ Aries, and I very much agree with astrologer Alan Clay that part of Eris’s symbolism is that she is a truth-teller where we “have to stop being fooled, or stop fooling ourselves”. I feel that is very relevant to this Full Moon in Gemini of information and choices.

Note that Ceres is conjunct the North Node at 0°22’ and 1°39’ Gemini respectively and this may suggest continuing issues around food supply systems and transport (Gemini=deliveries, transport). Ceres is the goddess of harvests and grains, but food in general too. Saturn coming very soon into its final exact square to Uranus in Taurus also suggests limitations (Saturn) and disruptions (Uranus) linked to food (Taurus) and other natural resources. Unexpected extreme Earth events can disrupt the food supply – many people in British Columbia have written to me saying they are very pleased that they stocked up, as it could be months until the roads are repaired.

Very positively Jupiter is sextile the Moon and trine the Sun at 28°10’ Aquarius. As Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and therefore linked to the Galactic Centre in that sign, this can bring in a sense of greater optimism, expansion, big visions and a very different cosmic future. Aquarius is also the sign of freedom and independence – and the galactic.

At this point I feel it is relevant as we get close to the Capricorn Solstice on the 21st December to remind you of my conversation with Zac, an aspect of the Ascended Master Dwhal Khul channelled through the gifted Janet Trelaor. Here is the interview if you missed it, which many people have enjoyed and found inspiring: I asked Zac if we would again experience a powerful surge of energy around this Solstice. His reply was that the energy wouldn’t just be around the Solstice but this time would begin on the 15th December and last until the 11th January, quite remarkable. These surges of photonic energy can feel uncomfortable physically as they are coming in with such speed and force, so we are having to upgrade very quickly to adjust to the new field of information all around us, but we need to welcome them as unprecedented opportunities to evolve our consciousness very quickly.

Then we have the Capricorn Solstice on 21st December at 11.02am Washington DC. This has an Ascendant of 3° Pisces, with Jupiter tightly conjunct it at 28°36’ Aquarius. 3° Pisces is where we find the Fixed Royal Star Fomalhaut, representing the spiritual teacher. What have we learned over the last 21 months if we see it from a higher spiritual point of view? The conjunction from Jupiter in Aquarius is very auspicious in helping us turn our eye to bigger future horizons, and indeed Jupiter is very highlighted at this Solstice as it is also semi-square to Mercury (big thinking, ideas), in a T-square to the Nodes (so helping to take us from the past to the future collectively in an expansive way), and quintile Uranus which can help us to expand our consciousness and reach out towards galactic energies. This moment has four quintiles in the chart, so a very creative time for us as the old systems collapse. Mercury is closely trine to Uranus potentially bringing in downloads, insights and flashes of inspiration that are also future-oriented.

However, the final exact square between Saturn and Uranus at 11° Aquarius-Taurus on the 24th December might act as ‘reality check’ or further attempts for governments to impose restrictions around the Christmas period. This will bring another peak in the clash between the old world and the new, the past versus the future, control versus freedom, and external authorities (Saturn) such as governments with their top-down structures versus individuality and sovereignty (Uranus). However in these struggles Uranus will always ultimately win as the further out planet, and if our frequency has already expanded significantly then we will be operating in a different reality from the constant density of 3D. Promise yourself to do that, it is the best antidote there is. Being in the frequency of love, the highest vibration, is a realm that government restrictions can’t reach. This whole Eclipse period plus the Full Moon and the Capricorn Solstice describe an alchemy of the collapse of the old but the increasing acceleration of the new. The Uranian energy will increase further when the planet moves direct on the 18th January, and that is likely to create a change in the narrative as the forces for freedom and truth become even stronger.

Even in December there is the potential of everything being suddenly ‘flipped’; but this is down to us and our collective energy too. 

On the 27th, Mars is at 9°46’ Sagittarius conjunct the Fixed Star Antares. This  star does not have the best reputation as it is linked to violence and war that Mars may activate here, so stay in peace though the 27th and indeed the 28th to diffuse that possibility. On the 28th we have an irritable scrappy day with the Moon opposing Eris then in semi-square with Mars then squaring Pluto, while Mars is semi-square Pluto, Mercury is square to Eris. That is quite a line up of fiesty, rebellious energies that need to find expression. 

For the last week of December and exact on the 29th-31st, Mercury comes to conjunct Venus and Pluto. This suggests that more shocking, intense news will come to light then. I believe that the Ghislaine Maxwell trial will still be unfolding then. On the 30th and 31st Mars conjuncts the degree of the Total Solar Eclipse on the 4th, and this is very powerful, suggesting some assertive drama. Again, stay peaceful and calm. Remember that the astrological patterns are only half the picture. The other half is our collective energy; so are we going to ignite the fuse of all this assertion, or dissolve it with our own energy? This is the mastery that we will increasingly be learning, we are not victims of the planets, we always have choice in what frequency we are broadcasting. 

The good news is that Jupiter the ancient ruler of Pisces re-enters that sign on the 29th December and stays there until 11th May 2022. This should bring more spiritual hope and optimism into what has been a very challenging picture over the last two years for many of us. I will write more about this in the next newsletter. However if we take the transit of Mars into account on the 30th and 31st, Jupiter may express as overwhelming emotion here.

At this unprecedented time of purging, collapse but also powerful evolution for us be aware the field of light has already been established at a higher frequency. So from now on try to turn away from the painful and distressing collapse and destruction as that will only lower your frequency and instead turn your focus to strengthening the New Earth grid of light every day. Imagine that the scaffolding is now taking more form and substance. See yourself using beams of light as torches that in their brilliance create holes in the dark matrix, so that what was once dense and all-consuming increasingly has holes in it, so that it begins to look like fragile webbing. That is very easy for us to push through to build our grid of light more strongly and the more of us do this the faster New Earth arrives. Stop watching the MSM if you haven’t already, particularly if you are interested in finding the truth.

Some terrible things are happening in our everyday world, but so are miracles. If we look at the list of problems for our world from a 3D perspective they are overwhelming. The sickness, death, control mechanisms, poverty, extreme Earth events, division, separation and war all seem completely insurmountable. However, if you stop focusing on particular individuals and events and rather see this whole process as energy, from your Eagle’s perch, then that becomes much easier to deal with. If we all make a concerted effort to operate from a higher frequency of love, joy and peace through our days the positive energy will strengthen and the old will fall away even faster, as it is simply a shift in consciousness. This is dealing with Earth’s problems in a quantum rather than linear way.

This is not to dismiss the incredible efforts of many brave people, true heroes, who are fighting for their children and standing up for human rights and freedoms, they are expressing the symbolism of Eris magnificently. But the more we can see this whole situation as energy rather than overwhelming separate events the more we can step into being powerful co-creators for New Earth. Have no doubt that a new alternative society is being built right now and although embryonic, it is rapidly gathering momentum as all humanity want a better way to live than this. That is something we can all agree on, whatever important choices you have made this year. 

As you will all know, I have an increasing interest in the Kuiper Belt Objects that orbit beyond the realms of Pluto. The ones that I have studied so far seem to have two very important qualities. Firstly their symbolism is based on quantum principles. That is, you raise your frequency and manifest from there, instantly, rather than the linear slog to achieve in 3D – that is you have to do A, B, then C in a logical order that all takes time before you can achieve your goal. Secondly, they have a deep instinctive connection to nature and to the Earth; there is a profound understanding of the power of nature’s life force and can communicate with it.

We refer to this as ‘ancient wisdom’, and so often ‘ancient’ is seen as primitive. However their spiritual sophistication was way beyond anything modern man can claim, generally. We live insulated in cities and often barely have any connection to nature and usually not one of depth, unless we for instance have shamanic practises. However if we look at the incredible buildings of Macchu Pichu or the Egyptian pyramids where in each case you can barely get a knife blade between the stones, something we can just about do with diamond cutters now, but these people didn’t even have a calculator . . and how the pyramids were specifically aligned with the constellations particularly Orion’s belt (read the Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval), we have so much to learn from the ancient peoples.

So if we look at the archetypes of Quaoar, where they raised their frequency by song and dance to then manifest from joy, Altjira linked to Aboriginal energy where he is connected to the Big Dreaming and the songlines, Haumea the Hawaiian goddess of fertility who could summon wild food with her magic stick, or Makemake who was a creator god too and represented the great sea spirit of Easter Island . . . to name but a few.

I profoundly believe that as we move forwards and create a new society it will be based on this juxtaposition of the galactic, the quantum and also a deep conversation with the powerful life-force of nature. We collectively must make this happen. It is an incredible opportunity that the control structures that we have had for thousands of years are now disintegrating and something must take their place. Let us make sure that our future is as loving, brilliant, exciting and joyful as we can possibly make it.

“It takes courage…to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” 

Marianne Williamson

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My audiobook: 

The two part video tutorials on how you find aspects in your chart, and meanings of the houses in your birthchart: 6D2mBJ78dV4. This will help you understand where all the New and Full Moons and aspects I mention in my updates fall in your own birthchart, and what that means for you in your life. The tutorials will last you a lifetime, as you can always refer to them. 

Once you download a free birthchart from my website, you can start to use the tutorial videos straight away. There is a description that comes with the chart on the website (which I did not write), and people have said this is very accurate. However, please remember that a computer-generated description with a list of characteristics is a very different experience to having a full consultation with a professional astrologer, who through synthesising this matrix of meaning, can give you profound insights into who you truly are. 

You can find my recent video on the elements, modalities, rulerships and astrological signs at this link:

I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon, as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 10° Sagittarius – 27° Capricorn

Venus – 20° – 23° Capricorn, retrograde on the 19th at 26°.

Mars – 21° Scorpio – 12° Sagittarius
Jupiter – 25° Aquarius  – 0° Pisces  

Saturn – 9° – 11° Aquarius  
Uranus retrograde – 11° – 10° Taurus 

Neptune – 20° Pisces all month
Pluto – 25° Capricorn all month
North Node, always retrograde  – 1° Gemini

Chiron retrograde- 8° Aries

Chariklo retrograde – 29° Capricorn