THE NEXT STEP BLOG - December 2022

The Powerful and Positive Capricorn Solstice

Welcome to the December newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for November: I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

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November Review

November 8th: Right on the Total Lunar Eclipse, there has been a large 5.7 magnitude earthquake just off the coast of Italy: see link. The Eclipse was angular (therefore powerful) by astrocartography right at the time of the Eclipse. Not only the square between Saturn and Uranus in Fixed signs but also Eclipses are both signatures for seismic activity. 

November 8th: After the recent Brazilian election, the people protested violently at the election of Lula and the fall of Bolsonaro. This has now resulted in a military audit of that election to make sure it was legitimate: see link. What is fascinating here is that if you listen to my conversation with US Kelley Hunter about Haumea: you will see that Haumea was rising, ie on the Ascendant of Brazil exactly as it entered Scorpio on November 12th. I have recently discovered that there is a whole dimension to Haumea in myth linked to the ordinary people rising up against a governing tyrant in a David vs Goliath type battle, and the people winning. Fascinating. Remember that as Pluto begins to move into Aquarius starting in March 2023 there will be a shift of power to the people and greater recognition around human rights. We are beginning to see these demands already in many parts of the world.

November 9th: On the day of the Total Lunar Eclipse on the financial axis, FTX, the second largest crypto exchange in the world, totally crashed and filed for bankruptcy: see link. It went from $32 billion in value to zero. More is likely to emerge on this story as investors have lost life-changing amounts of money.

While the Nodal Axis is in the financial signs of Taurus and Scorpio, especially in Eclipse season, we expect to see some volatility. That was true in the US stock exchanges but seen most clearly in the crypto market. Bitcoin on the Total Lunar Eclipse fell from its November 2021 high of $69k to only $16k, which was dramatic, and the massive FTX exchange collapsed into bankruptcy. Thinking that this crash occurred under the Saturn (centralisation) square to Uranus (decentralisation, cryptocurrencies), will this event be used to usher in more regulation (Saturn) of these currencies? Governments across the world already have their own centralised (Saturn=government) versions of digital currencies (Uranus) ready to launch. Be very aware of which side to this square you are supporting as they lead in very different directions for our future. The impetus of the astrology is towards decentralisation long-term, but not without a battle which is what we are currently in.

While Uranus remains in Taurus until 2026 but particularly while the Nodal Axis is in Taurus and Scorpio until mid-2023, we may have many of our values and attachments shaken up. This will ultimately encourage us to move to more spiritual values and to value the wealth of human community.

November 17th: The Republicans in the US who have just taken the majority in the House of Representatives are launching five investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings as well as aspects of President Biden’s Presidency. This is huge and even being reported on conservative CNN: see link. Transiting Pluto is doing its work digging deep to determine if there has been any corruption in high places. This also is part of the very important ‘Pluto Return’ in the US when transiting Pluto comes back to its ‘natal’ place of the Declaration of Independence on 4th July 1776 Philadelphia at 17.10. This is whole ‘death and rebirth’ process for the US, politically, economically, constitutionally and spiritually.

November 17th: US banking giants announce the introduction of a ‘digital dollar’ 12 week trial: see link. This is a clear expression of Uranus in Taurus that was so highlighted at the Total Lunar Eclipse on November 8th. Many versions of this will attempt to be launched across the world, so keep using cash!

November 27th: As the power starts to shift to the people, even in China they are resisting further government controls. It is rare for the Chinese to protest as their government is so autocratic. Note that China’s Ascendant is at 3° Aquarius and Pluto will start to move into that sign in March 2023. This will activate China’s chart and people in a significant way, and this is the energy of revolution: see link

Also look at Brazil and Iran; people are drawing a line.

November 28th: World’s largest volcano in Hawaii erupts yesterday for the first time in 38 years, spawning a run of earthquakes. Seismic activity is much more likely as we are still under the intense influence of the Total Lunar Eclipse on the 8th November when Uranus, planet of eruptions and earthquakes, was so highlighted: see link. New land is being formed from the lava, reflecting Uranus (new) in Taurus (land, fixed Earth), conjunct the Total Lunar Eclipse. Fascinatingly, this links to the Emperor Dragon lines in the Earth which we know from Rory Duff’s work are being activated right now: see link

November 30th: Gaia is experiencing her own upgrade and very active right now. As well as the largest volcano erupting in Hawaii after 38 years on the 28th, today we have had a 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Myanmar, 5 in Alberta (mostly over 5 magnitude) which is extremely rare), a 5.5 in Iceland, a 5.4 in New Zealand, and a 5.7 in Iran. On the 28th there was even a 5.7 earthquake off the coast of Portugal. This shift in consciousness is producing strong physical effects and the Schumann Resonance is also peaking in strength and amplitude. We are all upgrading together.

December 2022

Although the square between Saturn and Uranus is starting to wane through the month, 7° from exactitude by the end of the year, the theme of the collapse of the old world and the beginning of the new is very clear to see all around us. Be aware of how this is playing out in your reality as astrology will always help us to see the ‘bigger picture’ and the themes that the cosmos wants us to notice. December continues to be as eventful as 2022 has been so far, building to a very positive Capricorn Solstice on the 21st.

What is also important in terms of the Saturn-Uranus square is that Saturn has been square to the Nodal Axis for some weeks, giving us a reality check, a ‘not so fast’ caution. However, it has now moved away from that square, but Uranus is still conjunct the North Node and therefore more powerful in our future trajectory, and represents freedom, making our own rules, community, and even more galactic connections coming in.

The first major event of December is that Neptune becomes stationary direct at 22°38’ Pisces on the 3rd. As always, we feel the station of these outer planets several days to either side of exactitude. Less positive expressions of this could be flooding (Australia and Pakistan have been deluged over the last few months), or a sense of confusion around the media, drugs and pharmaceuticals, truth and non-truth, all expressions of Neptune in Pisces. 

However the more positive expressions are wonderful for our creativity and spiritual development. As we always have latitude in how to express these energies, try to take some time in nature, meditating, doing breathwork, listening to music, poetry, anything that shifts you to an altered state of bliss, of no-time. Neptune at its best has very fine energy to take you there. It is also linked to compassion and charity work, taking care of people less well off than ourselves. I feel this will be a major theme at this time too.

I believe that the planets are all expressions of a different consciousness or frequency, and it is our interaction with them that determines how they play out in the world. It is part of our mastery that we shift our awareness to not just tumble through our days reacting to events, news and dealing with our to-do lists, but have an Eagle’s perch perspective so we can see which themes are playing out and then with calm objectivity decide how we will interact with the energies. Operate from zero point, with neutrality. Astrology is the perfect subject to offer us this bigger cosmic map.

It’s interesting that after so many months of the outer planets moving retrograde, once Uranus moves direct on January 22nd 2023, all the outer planets will be moving forwards, which will give us a much greater sense of momentum and change. 

On the 5th the Moon comes to conjunct Uranus, raising our more rebellious energies towards freedom, but within hours later that day it squares the reality check of Saturn, pulling that aspect back into our energy. However our more expansive side is helped by an exact square between Jupiter and Mercury at 29° Pisces-Sagittarius. This has an idealistic yearning quality, reaching out to the cosmos with a bigger vision of what we want to create for our future. It is expansive, optimistic and wise and helps us to see beyond current circumstances. This is particularly important as both planets are on the World Axis.

Then we have a Full Moon on December 7th at 8.07pm PST and 4.07am UK time on the 8th, at 16°01’ Gemini. Gemini is the sign linked to choices and these are highlighted strongly here with Mars very tightly conjunct the Moon within 6’ of exactitude. Does this suggest that we will see some anger coming from the people in a bigger way? See where 16°01’ Gemini is falling in your chart and see what is coming to closure, completion or culmination at this time, or is it shining a bright light on some facts or information (Gemini) that we were unaware of before?

The confusing square between Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces that we have had for some weeks now – is it true or is it not – is still present, but waning. Our minds may have been pulled this way and that trying to sort out the truth from the overload of information coming at us. Certainly the station of Neptune on the 3rd has the potential to continue that confusion for a few days, but there is a sense of this starting to clear by the Full Moon on the 7th/8th. There may be a whole new level of perception coming in around facts and information at this Full Moon, as Neptune at 22° Pisces is forming a wide T-square to the Sun at 16° Sagittarius and the Moon and retrograde Mars at 16° Gemini.

This is complex. Any retrograde planet wants us to ‘go back over’ in this case any facts, information or choices (Gemini) that we have made in the past where they were driven by anger (Mars) or strong assertion around our belief system at that time (Sagittarius). In the light of this Full Moon what do we now think about those? Are we starting to feel a little more clarity as the Mars-Neptune square starts to separate (although it returns in March 2023)?

Very importantly, the Sun here is conjunct the Great Attractor at 14° Sagittarius. This is a massive gravitational anomaly in space moving backwards at 600 kms per second and sucking galaxies in its wake, like a huge cosmic vacuum cleaner. It is so powerful that it bends space and time. People who have this strongly in their charts have a sense of precognition, of being able to ‘see around corners’, and are usually very energy sensitive. The fact that the Sun is here with all that we have been struggling with in terms of ‘is it true or is it not?’ suggests that we will start to see things psychically, energetically from a much higher level of clarity and perspective. I see this point as the collective point of creation, the zero point field, and this could be a game changer as more people suddenly feel the light has been switched on with all they have been living through; especially as we are heading into a positive and powerful Capricorn Solstice on the 21st. (Philip Sedgwick is the expert astrologer and researcher on the Great Attractor at

Of note, this Full Moon is also conjunct the Ascendant of the US (chart set for 4th July 1776, 17.10 Philadelphia). That suggests that the astrology of this Full Moon will play out clearly there. Note that Gemini and its ruler Mercury, on the World Axis here and square to Jupiter the planet related to the law, are also connected to votes.

As with the last New Moon in Sagittarius, we have 6 planets again in Mutable signs. There is tremendous activity in this chart, so at one level this could make the energy ‘all over the place’ and overwhelming, or from a higher level we could see the energy being freed up from previous set ways of being and we now have the opportunity to ‘re-form’ it for a higher purpose. This is just a perceptual shift towards empowerment.

What is a huge divide in this Gemini Full Moon, the sign of the twins so do we go this way or that way – is the overriding sense that we must be guided by Natural Law, which is fundamentally about living in harmony with nature. Natural Law is most closely linked to Sagittarius where the Sun is at 16°.

So the guiding principle in this massive spiritual transformation with the cascade of decisions we make every day is to step back and say ‘is this decision/choice (Gemini) in accordance with Natural Law or not? Is this decision one based on what is natural and organic? This means living in harmony with the universe at all times. This also helps us to step up and back from the increasing chaos of 3D reality and know that we always have a choice. All of the Kuiper Belt Objects that I’ve investigated so far HAVE THIS AS A FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE. This came to me today like a flash of light. Then we can shift to peace, calm, love, joy, abundance and empowered co-creation. Everything becomes much simpler when we can live like this; no, I will not agree to this, it is not in alignment to Natural Law . . . . 

Sagittarius is also the sign linked to truth, and that is emphasised by the Sun here being quincunx to Uranus, the planet of truth. Both Sagittarius and Uranus are linked to freedom too, this will be a strong theme at this Full Moon. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is at the World Axis here at 29°08’ Pisces (the World Axis is 0° of the Cardinal Signs with a 2° orb), and therefore whatever is unfolding at this time is big for the world. Another strong theme could be important legal developments with Sagittarius and Jupiter highlighted.

Pluto at 26°57’ Capricorn is opposing Black Moon Lilith at 26°38’ Cancer, the sign of motherhood. BML never compromises, and she too is linked to Natural Law in her symbolism, and wild, unfettered instinct about what is right, especially where family matters and children are concerned.

However there is a whole other layer to this Full Moon if we also include some of the relevant Kuiper Belt Objects, so that we have a Mutable Grand Cross. 

Altjira sits at 17° Gemini, tightly conjunct this Moon and Mars. She is linked to the Aboriginal Songlines and the ‘Big Dreaming’, following your pilgrimage of truth in order to dream in your better future. She is square to Teharonhiawako at 18° Pisces, the Creator Farmer god who is concerned for our future agriculture and carefully keeps seeds for the next season to make sure that everyone is fed and no-one goes hungry. The relevance of this is startlingly clear in our world. Then we have Orcus at 15° Virgo, the dwarf planet whose myth is to punish the oath breakers who have violated sacred law. It then takes the violators into the darkness to see the light and the truth. Orcus is also linked to ‘Stockholm syndrome’, where the prisoner is addicted to the abuse of his/her prison guard. This is an incredibly powerful archetype for our times. The Sun in truth-loving Sagittarius completes the Mutable Grand Cross.

With these three dwarf planets think ‘are they in harmony with Natural Law?’ Absolutely, in every element of their symbolism. The Kuiper Belt Objects are our next octave of consciousness and our guiding beacons, in my view.

Three other things of note around this Full Moon in Gemini; Pluto begins to move beyond 26° Capricorn where it has been for so long, the last two years, and does not come back to this degree for another 248 years. So for any of you with planets or angles at 26° of the Cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, where you may have experienced intensity or power plays of some kind, it is now starting to move on. Pluto does not look backwards now before it enters Aquarius in March 2023.

The second thing is that Saturn which is now moving direct will not return to 20° Aquarius for another 29 years. So if you have felt at all blocked or frustrated or under heavy responsibility or work for the last year (wherever late Aquarius falls in your chart), this will now move away.

The third thing is that Jupiter is now at the anaretic degree, 29° Pisces. This last degree of any sign can express in more of a ‘shadow’ or extreme way, relevant to the sign it is moving through. So this can suggest more flooding (let us pray not), or more deception (Pisces) in our world. This is also the very last degree of the zodiac and therefore emphasises major endings. It is so interesting that we not only have some major outer planet moves in March 2023 such as Saturn moving into Pisces and Pluto moving into Aquarius, but also several of the Kuiper Belt Objects are also changing sign in the next few months which is very rare as they have around a 300 year orbit. So Haumea, Sedna (11,400 year orbit), and Manwe are changing signs, and Ixion has just moved into Capricorn recently. All of these shifts suggest a significant energy change from the old to the new

Very positively Jupiter will be moving into Aries on December 20th and this is on the World Axis and the first degree of the zodiac. This not only suggests a whole new episode of more vigorous forward moving energy of courage, bravery and sovereignty, but also Jupiter rules justice and the law. What developments may we see here? Jupiter is linked to freedom and higher consciousness. I’d suggest that as we enter the Capricorn Solstice, described below, you step into feeling free, sovereign, with an expanded sense of consciousness.

Let’s now turn to the Solstice on December 21st at 1.48pm PST and 9.48pm UK time when the Sun enters Capricorn. The veil always thins at this time around Equinoxes and Solstices to enable us to receive more high level information. Each of these is like striking a tuning fork for the next 3 months, which promise to be eventful.

The Sun at 00° Capricorn is exactly squaring Jupiter at 00°07’ Aries. Jupiter here on the first degree of the zodiac exactly at the Solstice promises a new beginning. Jupiter has a 12 year orbit but what is even more significant is that the dwarf planet Manwe which has a 283 (??) year orbit is at 29°33’ of Pisces conjunct Jupiter and the World Axis. It is remarkable that they are both coinciding on 0° Aries at this Solstice. We are also expecting a huge energy wave on that day to lift our consciousness even higher.

Manwe in myth with his wife Varda originally created the cosmos, and he represents the highest archangel closest to the mind of God, the highest source of divine intelligence, and is a very potent symbol for New Earth for us. He lives beyond the dimensions of time. You can read about Manwe in Tolkien’s book Simarillion. Try to find some quiet meditation time during this day to dream in a more loving, compassionate, abundant, joyful and peaceful world for all. 

Remember that we are the co-creators, the co-producers, the co-participants in weaving this energy to the highest vision possible, and the Solstice is such a powerful opportunity of inception to do that.

The Sun is conjunct the dwarf planet Ixion at 2°35’ Capricorn. Ixion in myth expresses in two very different ways. At a lower level of expression, he is known as the lawless brother of Pluto who had no moral compass, and murdered his father-in-law without conscience. He was thrown out of Heaven but Zeus king of the gods decided to give him a second chance – but he blotted his copybook again by trying to rape Zeus’s wife Hera. At this point he was spun off into eternity on a burning wheel. Some of your may feel this lack of moral compass is expressing in society at this time.

However at the higher level of expression the myth is about going your own way, finding joy in simplicity, and your own bliss. This resonates very strongly with our greater sense of expanded consciousness. In this way it is another strong symbol for New Earth for those of us who may have felt outside mainstream society recently but are becoming the pioneers for New Earth to create a better world based on love, joy, freedom, compassion and gratitude. Therefore the Capricorn Solstice is birthing this energy more strongly for us. 

Then only two days later on December 23rd at 2.16pm PST and 10.16pm UK time we have a new SuperMoon at 1°32’ Capricorn. This is the second New Moon in a row of five at 1° of its sign, again suggesting new beginnings, emphasised by the fact that this is a SuperMoon which is much closer to the Earth in its orbit. See where this falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for whatever you want to manifest in your life with this new seed.

Apart from the advance of the Sun and Moon from two days previously, the other planets remain in almost identical positions to the Capricorn Solstice.

We have five planets in Capricorn here: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto. The New SuperMoon is now birthing some different structures as we move forwards. It is very interesting to note that Mercury is at 21°30’ here, just over a degree away from the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12th 2020 that started a whole chain of events that we are very familiar with. It is very interesting to contemplate that so many grassroots groups have come together and started up in reaction to the strong top-down control of government organisations (Capricorn). I doubt they would have happened without that catalyst, we would have just continued in our normal lives.

So will Mercury in this position at this degree that was so activated in January 2020 help us to see these last 3 years in a different light? I believe so, as this New SuperMoon is so much about our consciousness expanding and therefore our perspective on many things will change. This is highlighted by the Sun square to Jupiter at 0° Aries. A whole new level of consciousness is coming in now, and many spiritual people are talking about this too. Use this Solstice positively and powerfully to dream in your new reality. If you can be with like minded people either in person or on line to do this in meditation, all the better, as groups magnify the energy.

Jupiter at 0° Aries is semi-square (45°) to Uranus at 15° Taurus. Both of these planets are to do with freedom, the future, higher consciousness, and when in combination can bring sudden breakthroughs (Uranus) to that higher consciousness (Jupiter). We can experience dimensions of reality we never believed existed, and the Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus within a few hours of this New Moon emphasises these themes too. Believe that you can and will make these jumps. Equinoxes and Solstices act like portals to enable such wonderful experiences. I believe that many people will awaken (Uranus is the planet of awakening) around this time to add to the momentum of New Earth.

Ceres, the asteroid linked to grains and harvests is at 1° Libra here, also on the World Axis, and therefore forming a T-square with the New Moon and Jupiter. This raises issues around food supplies again, but with Uranus (innovation) in Taurus (agriculture, food production) being so highlighted, we will be devising new methods to help avoid any scarcity. Growing your own food, even microgreens on your windowsill which are so nutritious, is recommended.

Chiron is stationary direct that day, and moving forwards from this point, as so many of the planets are at this time and into January. This suggests that new healing methods will be emerging which can help turnaround the health of so many of us in need.

Very importantly transiting Pluto will be making its third exact conjunction with US natal Pluto on December 27th, although this ‘Pluto return’ process will continue for the next couple of years and is a major spiritual transformation and reforming of the US economically, politically, constitutional and even geographically. However these points of exactitude often bring events to a peak. At the New SuperMoon transiting Pluto is just 9’ away from exactitude from the US Pluto.

It will feel as if the energy and events are accelerating. Stay calm and peaceful and at the hub of the wheel, don’t get drawn into the drama. Your centre is your power. We are shifting from the dark to the light, from the old world top-down structures, corporations and systems that are collapsing to a new society. Anything not based on love will fall away. The more of us that can ride this wave of light, love, joy, peace, gratitude and abundance for all, the faster it will manifest. Yes we are moving away from materialism and density that have been so familiar and believing that we can manifest a New Earth. 

However we know that matter is formed by light. We form the modelling clay of invisible plasma by our frequency, our thoughts and feelings. The more coherent these are (and high vibration feelings such as love, joy etc are always coherent), the more coherent and beautiful the events and experiences that will come back to you in your life. Recognise that we are each in control of our own destiny in this way. This is our initiation and our empowerment, all down to us understanding these simple but perhaps still unfamiliar processes. 

Start to think what state of being you wish to be in as we enter 2023, and step into that already at the Solstice.

So trust the invisible, trust the light, feel deep love in your heart for humanity and this massive transformation we are navigating as best we can. Join hands with like-minded loving souls across the globe. We’ve got this, it has already manifested at higher levels, but still playing out at 3D in the chaos we are witnessing. Invest no energy in the chaos. Let’s up our game, and something glorious will start to emerge.

It is the expansion of our hearts and our consciousness that will bring this into manifestation most quickly. Trust the divine, we are on the ride of our lives.

Blessings to you all.

“All situations in life are merely patterns of light and information. If you want to change anything in your life, change the frequency, density, or quality of the light patterns that make up that reality. Let go of all doubts and do this with a feeling of certainty. Try not to second-guess what will be the final outcome. When you begin to do this, you will tap into one of the master alchemical keys for transformation.”

Richard Bartlett

The Physics of Miracles


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I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 21° Sagittarius – 23° Capricorn
Venus – 19° Sagittarius – 26° Capricorn

Mars, retrograde all month – 18°- 9° Gemini
 Jupiter -28° Pisces – 1° Aries

Saturn – 19° – 22° Aquarius 

Uranus, retrograde – 16° – 15° Taurus 

Neptune, retrograde but direct on the 3rd – 22°  Pisces all month

Pluto – 26° – 27° Capricorn 

North Node, always retrograde – 13° – 11° Taurus 

Chiron, retrograde – 12° Aries 

Chariklo – 6°50’ Aquarius