The Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction and Solar Eclipse

Welcome to the April newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for March: I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

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March Review

March 11th: Devastating ‘once in a century’ floods in eastern Australia around the Brisbane area are happening now, reflecting the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction described below in the main section: see link. Later in March what was described as a ‘rain bomb’ hit this area again, as if Australians haven’t suffered enough.

March 16th: Two very large earthquakes of 6.4 and 7.3 magnitude erupt just east of Japan: see link. This is happening as Mars in Aquarius is tightly square Uranus in Taurus, a classic signature of earthquakes. Also the Sun at the Full Moon two days later is semi-square Uranus and the Moon is sesquiquadrate it. Tremendous tension here especially with Mars and Uranus being in Fixed signs.

March 23rd: Huge tornado rips through New Orleans, with many injuries and much devastation: see link. This is exactly as we have the square between Mars and Uranus, both known for speed and extreme events, with Uranus often linked to high winds. 

March 23rd: President Putin announced that he will only sell Russian oil and gas from now on in roubles, gold or bitcoin – not the US $. This effective neutralises the EU sanctions against him, as it has significantly strengthened the rouble and the economy and severely weakened the US $. The EU needs their energy supplies and so this in effect also represents a shift in power. Inevitably energy bills are already increasing substantially, fuelling the inflation expected with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (Neptune=oil, gas, Jupiter=increase). It also reflects the radical shifts in currencies that we expected with Uranus in Taurus through this period: see link.  

March 28th: More volcanic activity close to Japan again, this time from an underwater volcano. The plumes rose 7,000 metres above sea level from this eruption, while Mars and Uranus are still square each other in Fixed signs, the signature for such events: see link.

March 29th: This is an astounding live discussion from the EU Parliament: see link. We expected major unveilings at this time, Jupiter=truth, Neptune=secrets, media, pharmaceuticals. This link may be deleted by the time you read this newsletter.

March 29th: From “MULTIPLE CMEs ARE HEADING FOR EARTH: Sunspot AR2975 has been busy. Since yesterday it has exploded more than 17 times (11 C-class flares plus 6 M-class). The eruptions have hurled at least two, possibly three, CMEs toward Earth. 

“The first CME (1254 UT) is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field on March 31. The second CME (2130 UT) and the potential third CME (2230 UT) are following close behind. They will likely arrive on April 1. Their combined impact could spark G2- to G3-class geomagnetic storms.”

Here’s the definition of a CME: “Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are large expulsions of plasma and magnetic field from the Sun’s corona. They can eject billions of tons of coronal material and carry an embedded magnetic field (frozen in flux) that is stronger than the background solar wind interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) strength.”

This means that these CMEs will be hitting Earth right on the Aries New Moon described below, fiery energy. 6 M-class flares in 24 hours is extraordinary. These are upgrade energies but they also magnify whatever emotions we are feeling – so be aware of that. They can feel destabilising and overwhelming as our bodies are having to adapt so quickly to them. However welcome them as if you had chosen them for your evolution. They are part of the collapse of the old world at a fundamental level.

March 29th: These may be as a result of the high level of CMEs and M-class flares, but the Daily Mail is reporting widespread outages in London. Mars is still square to Uranus now, the signature for such power and internet cut-outs: see link

April 2022

April holds very complex energy, from the strongly assertive to the divine. It is fast moving as all planets are moving direct until the end of April, and we are also now in Aries season, always associated with speed. We are also into Eclipse season, with a Solar Eclipse happening in Taurus on the 30th. This means that the energies are more intense, and Eclipses are pivot points usually bringing permanent changes.

April and May as Eclipse months have massive energy of change, turbulence and chaos at the lower level. For others they are going to be on the spiritual wave of their lives.

Even at the beginning of the month, we are already within Eclipse energy with this Solar Eclipse as the energy is felt at least a month beforehand. This has two different levels operating. It is tightly conjunct Uranus, which as a Solar Eclipse New Moon is promising a whole new financial system. I’d suggest the more that you can make this independent and decentralised the better. At another level, this Solar Eclipse is creative, beautiful, and feminine. It has an exquisite triple conjunction between Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, with Venus also exalted in Pisces. This is other-worldly, again reinforcing the whole shift in perspective and dimension that many are already experiencing, with new light codes continuing to pour in. Keep these very different levels in mind as you operate from your Eagle’s perch, moving through this month.

Right at the beginning of the month we have a New Moon at 11°30’ Aries exact on 31st March 11.24pm PST and 7.24am 1st April UK time, as always this represents a new beginning, the planting of a new seed, so see where this falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for what you would like to manifest in your life. For a really fascinating look at this from a higher point of view, watch my conversation with US Astrologer Kelley Hunter about the Kuiper Belt Objects: which people are finding fascinating. The Kuiper Belt Objects represent the next evolution in our consciousness, and largely orbit beyond Neptune and Pluto.

(Just to really stretch your mind, “in 2007 scientists uncovered an elaborate and vast web of cosmic filaments hundreds of millions of light years long that connect galaxies to each others. Not only are the sun and the earth linked with each other but so are galaxies light years upon light years away. Distance is no obstacle for the interconnectedness of our universe.” This comes from a writer called The Shift.) 

Now coming back to the detail of April, the Sun and Moon are always together at a New Moon and they are both tightly conjunct Chiron. This may reveal the level of ‘wounding’ that so many have suffered over the last two years.

The long term ongoing square between Eris in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn also echoes that theme, as Eris represents those who do not feel heard, who are marginalised in society. This is a strong call for social inclusion and social justice. Later on the 1st the Moon comes to conjunct Eris and square Pluto exactly, highlighting this aspect.

This is the first New Moon in our new astrological year, coming after the Aries Equinox. Here we have the Sun, Moon, Mercury (tightly conjunct the New Moon) and Eris all in the sign of the warrior. This can suggest that we are entering period of strongly assertive energy – let us hope that does not further inflame any warlike behaviour in the collective. It is also the sign of courage. Personally, this is wonderful initiating energy and can give enthusiasm, motivation but also focus to whatever you would like to achieve – for clues here see which house it falls in in your chart. It is an excellent time to launch something new, or change a habit. For instance if this falls in your 5th house it might be a creative project, in the 10th house it may be a work-related project. 

Mars remains square to Uranus but more widely at 19° Aquarius/13° Taurus, so we could still see some eruptive and unexpected events at this time. There is strong Aquarius energy here with Venus, Mars and Saturn in this sign, reflecting the new relationships and social structures that are being built for so many of us. A parallel society is already being built. Hard aspects between Mars and Uranus can be impulsive and fiery, often demonstrating a strong urge for freedom and with Mars in Aquarius, calls for human rights to be respected. Turbulence in currencies and financial markets is strongly suggested at this time too, with Mars energising Uranus (radical change) in Taurus (currencies, wealth, finance, economies).

Saturn at 22° and Venus at 25° Aquarius are both squaring the Nodal Axis at 25° Taurus/Scorpio, so this can suggest potential attempts at greater controls on society and censorship for the ‘greater good’, perhaps as a result of calls for freedom, and this is reinforced by Mars at 19° Aquarius being conjunct Saturn – a forceful repression on our freedoms and free speech (Aquarius). How well this succeeds is up to us. For more detail on this in a global sense see below. However personally it is excellent for disciplined focus. People who have this aspect in their charts are able to push themselves to the limit to achieve their goals.

These squares to the Nodal Axis also suggest that not only is the old world and structures collapsing, but personally you may be feeling that old relationships and circumstances are fading from your life as a whole new episode emerges for you.

Later on the 1st April the Moon exactly conjuncts Eris at 24° Aries and then squares Pluto, highlighting the Eris-Pluto square, the clash between the demand from the people for greater freedom, equality and justice, running up against the top-down authority of government control. By the 5th, we have the exact Mars-Saturn conjunction. Hard Mars-Saturn aspects can feel militaristic, a tough discipline coming in, and in Aquarius this can manifest as an attempted  ‘forceful limitation on freedom’, or we may see cut-outs or curtailment of the internet (Aquarius). We had this conjunction in Capricorn in March 2020 when the pandemic and lockdowns began, but it was previously in Aquarius for instance in 1962 with the Cuban Missile crisis and even earlier in 1934 when Adolf Hitler became Fuhrer of Germany. These were very heavy times. Mars is also square to the Nodal Axis on that day, so we have a  lot of ‘fighting’ energy but also strong control. The fact that Mars is still in Aquarius here suggests that the battle, the fight will be around freedom, human rights and freedom of expression, and these will be an important element of our collective future. Mars is always about individual rights, ‘what about me?’ is the sense. 

Stay in peace throughout this period and don’t energise any aggression. Stay in your heart and practice kindness, always. Stay out of judgement, it is a very low frequency energy and leads to more separation. Don’t believe the MSM.

So the Mars-Saturn conjunction is happening just a week before the beautiful Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on the 12th that can take us to a whole new level of being. It is less well defined, and with a sense of infinite possibilities, dreaming big. Really try to feel into this energy via your meditation, your breathwork, walks in nature, your dreams or quiet times in the day where you can take some time to stare deeply into a flower without defining it – just merge with its beauty. Just lose a sense of time and space, you are just energy. Try to feel that this energy is finer, more crystalline, less dense. Feel into an unbounded sense of self, transcendence and bliss. This represents a shift in dimension and perspective to allow us to move closer to 5th dimensional consciousness, a massively expansive energy.

Your dreams may be very active at this time, and as the 3D world and old systems continue to collapse you may be having clearer visions of your future, and opportunities may be coming up with like-minded people. Dream in a new future, envisage it as loving, harmonious and abundant. What will relationships be like then? Filled with love, laughter and joy? How will nature look, bursting with life-force and new species? 

The energy is very complex as on one level we have the energy of the pioneer with the New Moon in Aries, someone who is happy to go solo and begin something new. However, the fact this is occurring just 11 days before the once in 166 years Jupiter-Neptune conjunction strongly suggests not only a new annual initiation, but a new level of spiritual upgrade and consciousness for humanity. So make the most of this, but unusually this time around you may not want it to be so action-oriented as Aries normally is, but to use it spiritually as an initiation to see life from a whole new perspective. It is powerful that this New Moon is happening at the midpoint in time between the Aries Equinox and the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, both powerful upgrade opportunities. If you have your Sun or Ascendant around 23°-25° Pisces especially, Cancer or Scorpio, this will not only represent the beginning of a 12 year personal growth period, but potentially take you into a new spiritual beginning.

See where this conjunction at 23°58’ Pisces falls in your chart, as it brings magic with it, miracles can happen in that area of life. If it is conjunct or square to any planets in your chart it can initiate a strong period of spiritual growth, and don’t worry if your physical energy is lower for the next few months as Neptune works to refine your spiritual perception. This conjunction is very different from the Aries ‘pushing’ energy and needs to be felt more as a state of surrender to the higher realms, with whatever is meant to come through for you. Particularly ask for guidance from your dreams.

Remember that the conjunction is just the beginning of a new 166 year cycle, in this case linked to living with greater spiritual (Neptune) meaning (Jupiter). It is also likely to increase whatever predominant emotions we are feeling during April.

What helps with this is that the dwarf planet Salacia is conjunct Mercury at 7° and 9° Aries respectively. I see Salacia as ‘liquid light’, that superfluid state which is capturing the bright white photonic energy and manifesting as the shimmering of moonlight and sunlight on the sea. This is the promise of a higher state of being, and a higher, different form of mental processing (Mercury). The dwarf planets operate not on logic or analysis but on quantum principles of setting clear intention, focus, then manifesting effortlessly. You may start to see visions in the light, or feel the light transforming you in a way that you have never experienced it before.

Know that the old is meant to collapse, there is no going back to the old normal. We are creating something very new from the grassroots up. Feel inspired and empowered by that. This energy will continue into May while Jupiter remains in Pisces, up until the 11th May. Another major aspect of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is truth coming to light in a major unveiling and awakening. Neptune represents secrets, especially connected to the media, drugs and pharmaceuticals, and Jupiter represents the truth. So there could be a deluge of truth coming to light at this time, that will pour out quickly and will be shocking for many; it feels Biblical, as if the veil will fall from the eyes of many.

Another strong potential at this conjunction is flooding, exactly as happened in Europe in 1856 when we last had this conjunction in Pisces. Pisces is a Mutable Water sign, and Mutable means ‘no boundaries’. So the literal symbolism is big (Jupiter) unbounded (Pisces) water (Neptune and Pisces). This could happen with heavy rainfall or a tsunami. The terrible flooding in eastern Australia recently is part of this conjunction already expressing itself. It can also represent the many tears and compassion for those who are suffering so deeply.

Fascinatingly, when we had this conjunction last in Pisces in 1856 we had the Treaty of Paris that entered the Crimean War when Russia had to sacrifice a lot of land to what became modern Europe. In 1932 when the conjunction happened in Virgo (health), vaccines began to be produced (!) and the BBC made its first broadcast, remember Neptune’s connection with the media. In 1971 when this occurred in Sagittarius (foreign matters, truth) there was much disillusionment (Neptune) when the Pentagon Papers were released with a lot of information about the Vietnam War. (Thanks to Rose Marcus for the 1932 and 1971 information).

This conjunction can also express itself as major washing away of old structures and old circumstances in our own lives that are no longer contributing to our growth. This may leave us with the feeling of void  . . . but new things will start to come in from 11th May when Jupiter enters Aries and the pace picks up again.

 At a lower level of expression this conjunction can increase the confusion, delusion and hypnosis of many – and it is extremely clear how this is working – and is often associated with ‘big waves’ of refugee movements as it has been in the past. Clearly that is happening now too, and it is tragic. However, it also has a magical and mystical side that is available for us, it’s down to us and our level of consciousness. 

By the 13th the Sun is exactly conjunct Eris, highlighting the rebellious energy felt by the population, and this leads us into the Full Moon at 26°45’ Libra on the 16th at 11.54am PST an 7.54pm UK time.

This Full Moon is very powerful with intense feelings and energy, and the potential to be over-reactive. The Eris-Pluto square is again strongly highlighted here as Pluto at 28°33’ Capricorn is sextile the North Node at 23°55’, and the Sun at 26°45’ Aries is tightly conjunct Eris at 24°21’. This will be another peak in the battle of power between the individual and the government. Where does the power lie for you? Is it external, or do you see the power as coming from you, that you are living from the inside out and not the outside in. This is a very different  and empowered way of living.

Saturn at 28°36’ Aquarius is squaring the Nodal Axis, suggesting again a strong element of attempted control, but also another development in the building (Saturn) of new social (Aquarius) structures (Saturn). We must be extremely conscious and careful in the choices we make here, for the long term. However what is leading us out of these old dense and contracted energies is that the ongoing Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, still within less than one degree of exactitude, is beautifully trining the North Node. Our destiny is an upgraded sense of being, a lift-off into a multi-dimensional sense of self, finer, more crystalline, and connected with Source and All That Is.

The Full Moon is also quincunx the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, so although adjustments will be needed as we elevate, but the direction of travel is clear. How power (Pluto) has been used in this world is likely to come to light under the scrutiny of this Full Moon, which is in Libra. Libra is asking for us to move from this constant division and polarity towards harmony, balance, peace and love, as it is ruled by Venus. A Full Moon is a completion, and it is clear that we need to move away from what no longer contributes to our growth.

Mercury is conjunct Uranus here at 11° and 13° respectively. This will be an excellent time for brilliant new original ideas, downloads and insights, the ability to see things with our Higher Mind it is visionary and highly intuitive. Uranus is the planet linked to the future so we will be getting many ideas with which to plan our future and move forwards. It may also brings shocks and surprises for many. I see the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction as humanity going over a waterfall at speed – and landing somewhere quite different in their understanding. We will all experience this in our individual ways.

Moving forwards through the month, and by the 25th Mars is semi-square to Eris in Aries, bringing an edgy, reactive energy to the picture and the Moon adds to that by entering Aries the sign of the warrior on the 27th. This is the build up to Pluto moving stationary retrograde on the 29th, so the symbolism of Pluto will be magnified for several days around this date. Pluto is ultimately the planet linked to power, but in Capricorn (and this theme was set up in January 2020 particularly) it is about the abuse of power. So some assertion of power may happen around this time that seems extreme – or we we will finally be coming to a deeper understanding that nothing in society will change until we take our own power back. If we want a new world, we have to create it with our actions, thought and feelings.

The station of Pluto is likely to bring many secrets to light. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and therefore the ruler of the South Node in Scorpio, so they are both about deeply buried and long-held sexual and financial secrets coming to light – this disclosure, adding to the Jupiter-Neptune unveiling, can act as tightly bound knitting being unravelled, line by line. It will potentially change our whole view of the world in order to launch us into New Earth. 

Then as a crescendo to April we have a Solar Eclipse at 10°28’ Taurus, happening at 1.27am PST and 9.27pm UK time on the 30th. This is a big New Moon, and a very promising one. Don’t forget to set a new intention for what you want to manifest in your world. It offers us a beautiful, creative and feminine energy.

The Sun and Moon are both conjunct Uranus at 14°32’ Taurus, adding to the impetus of the North Node in that sign. Uranus as the planet of awakening, the Higher Mind and the future to jump us into a new vision for our Earth and nature. Uranian energy is never gradual or linear, always a jump. Eclipses tend to operate in this way too, something unexpected often occurs related to the symbolism. So here we may be having new visions and ideas about how we can grow food and operate in greater harmony with nature, represented by Taurus. Uranus enables us to see things with ‘fresh eyes’. Imagine a world bursting with life-force and abundance – and if enough of us do this it will manifest. This focus on growing our own food may be accelerated with supply disruptions too. Taurus is linked to our safety and survival needs. Remember that we are never dictated to by the planets, they are not fated, we are using this energy with which to co-create. Feel your power as a co-creator, this is what we are stepping into.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of love and harmony, and this is exalted in Pisces. So the very beautiful aspect at this Solar Eclipse is a triple conjunction between Neptune at 24°33’, Venus at 27°55’, and Jupiter at 27°57’ – all in Pisces. Venus is boosting the power of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and adding not only beauty and joy into it, but also love and harmony. This is an exquisite aspect of success, so see if it is falling conjunct any Pisces planets or trine to any Cancer or Scorpio planets around 24°-28°. Just merge with the fine angelic energy of what this is offering, taking us again to a whole new level of being. Venus enters Pisces on April 6th but we will feel this conjunction most strongly all through the last week of the month. It is beautiful loving energy, shifting us further into bliss and transcendence.

So the combination of four planets in Pisces (Mars is also there at 11°) and three planets in Taurus has such a feeling of peace and harmony. Not to say that other turbulent and aggressive situations are still playing out in the world, but that we do not have to focus on them with negative energy. Stay on your Eagle’s perch, observe and help where you can, but keep a perspective of divine neutrality. We HAVE to rise about the endless tit-for-tat wars, divisions and separations if we are to create a better world – and that feeling of harmony and unity consciousness begins with us, there is no other way. The powers that were are not going to offer that to us; this is an age of the power of the people to create it.

So this year as anticipated is going to be quite a wild ride of dramatic fast-moving events and chaos, with a lot of destruction of the old world. There will be peaks and troughs all year. If you are living at this level, watching the nightly news and feeling fearful and anxious, this ride will be harder as you will be in a feedback loop of negative emotion, and it will be exhausting. We have a very clear choice as to where to put our focus; one leads to more fear, control and division, and the other leads to bliss. Which one will you choose? Be very conscious of your focus and attention, which one are you feeding?

Know that the darkness being revealed is because of the brightness of the light. Observe from your Eagle’s perch, keep operating from your breath and inner anchor, join with like-minded others, and relentlessly focus on creating New Earth.

This year is pivotal, a tipping point, and will become more intense in waves. This is teaching us mastery. Stay calm and peaceful as you can help many more people and positively affect the collective from that place. If we drop in frequency we are less able to help anyone, including ourselves, we become part of the problem.

Blessings to you all.

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

Joseph Campbell

In case you missed these, it’s been a busy month – I have put out many YouTube videos. Firstly here is my regular update for the New Moon in Aries on 1st April:

Also I interviewed Zac, an aspect of the Ascended Master Dhwal Khul, which many people have enjoyed:

Then I filmed a video just sharing my thoughts about these times, not much astrology in this one:

Here’s a conversation with my good friend US astrologer Kathy Rose, talking about her expertise with energy:

Here is another conversation with Davyd Farrell, Shaman and Plant Medicine man, about the Aries Equinox:

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I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon, as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 10° Aries – 0° Gemini
Venus – 25° Aquarius – 27° Pisces

Mars – 19° Aquarius – 11° Pisces
 Jupiter – 21° – 27° Pisces 

Saturn – 22° – 24° Aquarius

Uranus – 12° – 14° Taurus 

Neptune – 23° – 24° Pisces

Pluto – 28° Capricorn all month, stationary retrograde on the 29th

North Node, always retrograde – 23° – 22° Taurus 

Chiron – 10° Aries 

Chariklo – 8° Aquarius