THE NEXT STEP BLOG - September 2021

The Fork in the Road Widens

Welcome to the September newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for August: I post these as it is insightful and educational for us
to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope
this will serve as a historical record.

Copyright Pam Gregory, no part to be copied or used elsewhere without my strict permission, thank you.

August Review

August 4th: The UK government is warned of the extreme shortage of truck drivers – a shortage of 100,000 – which will precipitate a crisis in food supply systems in the next 2-3 weeks in the UK: see link. This is linked not only to Ceres’ recent conjunction with Uranus but the simple symbolism of Uranus (disruptions) in Taurus (agriculture and food supplies) which lasts until 2026. Growing some of your own food if you can is an excellent idea as well as forming a local network.

August 7th: This new magnetic (Uranus) technology that can interface with the body (Taurus) and the brain has been developed for the military: see link. Of course this kind of technology is miraculous for those with brain damage or paralysis, but is it also a slippery slope towards transhumanism which is the shadow side of Uranus in Taurus?

August 15th: Prince Andrew was born on February 19th 1960 at 3.30pm, giving him a Midheaven at 22° Aries. That Midheaven has been under great pressure over the last 3 years with transiting Pluto squaring that point. Remember Pluto moving through Capricorn (the Establishment) will reveal any corruption or lack of transparency/integrity, and the Midheaven is about your reputation. Legal developments must be very worrying for him: see link.

Transiting Saturn is moving through his 7th house of relationships, including those with the public, so this is very much about karma and taking responsibility for your actions. The Lunar Eclipse of 27° Taurus on November 19th 2021 falls tightly across his Moon at 25° Scorpio ruling his 12th house of self-undoing, and the 12th house also rules incarceration. By February 2022 transiting Pluto is conjunct his natal Mars, Midheaven ruler, suggesting strong authority and control coming upon him. These are all challenging aspects.

August 16th: The US is pulling out of Afghanistan after its original bombing on 7th October 2001 beginning at 8.45pm , and subsequent occupation there. The Midheaven of this chart is at 29° Aquarius, spot on the Full Moon of the 22nd which is building here. So this gives a sense of culmination and completion. Afghanistan claimed its independence from British colonialism on 19th August 1919, 00.00 hrs Kabul shows a tough T-square with Uranus at 29°55’ Aquarius ruling the 12th house of ‘sorrows’ and self-undoing, right on this FM again, the Moon (feminine) is at 27° Taurus, and the Nodes at 29° of Taurus/Scorpio. So this Fixed T-square is being highly activated by the Full Moon.

The chart available for Afghanistan from the classic Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion (go-to for all astrologers) is set at July 17th 1973 00.00 hrs Kabul, linked to the coup by General Daoud. This gives a Midheaven of 24° Capricorn, identical to Australia, and the Sun at 24° Cancer. So the intense power and control in that country with all its tragedy and suffering is reflected in the astrology. Transiting Saturn is conjunct the Moon at 8° Aquarius, so there is clear suppression of the people (Moon) and especially the women (Moon). Both of these transits will gradually move on next year.

In addition if we look to President Biden’s chart who is overseeing this withdrawal, the aspects are difficult. I wrote in my newsletter last September 2020 that Joe Biden’s (now President Biden) chart was quite challenged at this time. He was born on 20th November 1942 in Scranton Pennsylvania. He has recently received a lot of criticism for the military pullback from Afghanistan, with terrible tragedies unfolding there for the people.

The following is in no way political, I am simply observing the astrology of this time. President Biden has transiting Neptune opposing his Midheaven, which can be excellent for developing a spiritual career, but can also feel like the props have been kicked out beneath you. It can be debilitating. The Full Moon at 29° Aquarius on 22nd August was conjunct his South Node, which can shine a light on past actions, and of course the pullback from Afghanistan began then. There is a sense of him ‘carrying the can’ on this. It’s interesting that his South Node is conjunct the Midheaven of the first bombing chart for Afghanistan, so somehow their fate was tied together.

Also the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on November 19th at 27° Taurus is exactly opposing President Biden’s Sun at 27° Scorpio. The Sun represents our vitality and energy. Remember that all Eclipses have a wide orb of influence of several months. Lunar Eclipses represent a closure, a completion, an ‘eclipsing’ of energy especially when aspecting the Sun, which can suggest a health issue in an older person. This is reinforced by his Sun being in the 12th house. This Eclipse also opposes his Venus, ruler of his 6th house of health and work. Then on May 16th 2022 there is another Lunar Eclipse at 25°
Scorpio tightly conjunct his Sun and Venus again.

If we look at the chart for the US cast for 4th July 1776, 17.10, Philadelphia, it has a ‘natal’ Mars square Neptune at 21° Gemini/22° Virgo. Currently transiting Mars and Neptune are forming a T-square to this natal square, so we have a mix here of aggression but also confusion. Neptune is also in the 9th house of foreign matters. This can also suggest stumbling into aggressive situations without sufficient clarity.

Using this chart, the Total Solar Eclipse of December 4th 2021 at 12° Sagittarius falls exactly on the Ascendant, the identity of the US, and currently Solar Arc Pluto is exactly on the Midheaven, the government. This Solar Arc continues to be operational until the end of the year, and if it is the correct chart, suggests some kind of crisis or fundamental change in the government. It will be an excellent test for this chart to see what unfolds. Of course if the time of 17.10 is not correct the angles of the chart will be different and the above will not apply (the angles of any chart move very fast with time, about 1° for every 4 minutes of clocktime, so the coming months will be very revealing for this chart).

August 16th: There has been an important legal win in the US with a Federal Court demanding that the Federal Communications Commission explain why they ignored evidence of harm by electro-magnetic frequencies: see link. For those people concerned about EMFs, this is very positive. This reflects Uranus (electrical energy) in Taurus (how it is affecting the Earth and our bodies).

August 17th: Strong protests continue around the world against the overreach of government during the pandemic. This is exactly the symbolism of Eris in Aries square to Pluto in Capricorn: see link.

August 19th: One of the manifestations of the strong Uranian energy this month, especially building up to the Full Moon in Aquarius August 22nd, was cyber attacks. T-mobile suffered a very large one compromising the data of millions of customers on the 19th: see link.

August 29th: The Tribunal administration of Versailles in France suspended the sanitary pass mandate for the malls in the county of Yvelines, which is about 1 out of the 95 counties of France. Now they’re working to get it dropped in the whole region of Ile-France, about 10 more counties or so: see link. As we move towards more Libran energy (scales of justice) in October I believe we will see many more legal cases of this kind.

August 30th: Not set for this date but many Australians have written to me about the extreme lockdown situation they are experiencing. Australia’s chart is set for January 1st 1901 13.25 Melbourne. This gives a Midheaven of 24° Capricorn, so transiting Pluto is exactly on this point and has been since February 2020. So this drilling down close to the same degree is not only about the intensely powerful control and suppression of the population, but at the same time will unearth corruption in the government (Midheaven) as that is Pluto’s process through Capricorn. At the same time Eris in Aries, the street fighter, has been squaring that Midheaven and transiting Pluto, so the people have been putting up a lot of resistance and I understand that on August 31st the truckers will be blocking all state borders in the country. That is most certainly Eris at work!

The Lunar Eclipse of 27° Taurus on November 19th opposing Australia’s Moon in the 2nd house may impact the economy, inevitably, and also some food supplies (Moon=nurturing). However from December 2021 onwards Pluto gradually starts to move on from the Midheaven where it has been for so long, and that is positive. Although I think the first 3 months of the year will still be tough for the world with transiting Mars and Pluto travelling together in Capricorn, the situation in Australia – and the world – I feel will ease slightly. Remember I am just talking about the 3D level here.

September 2021

My strong sense looking at the astrology is that the next few months will be very volatile at the 3D level, but if we are able to hold a higher frequency through feeling more peace, joy, love, gratitude and compassion, these positive emotions can act as bubblewrap to insulate us to a large extent from the unpredictabilities as the old world’s collapse is accelerated. If we can hold these higher frequencies that can help to stabilise Gaia as she moves through her rebirth, and can also magnetise New Earth towards us more rapidly.
Practise by holding your attention on one thing or one positive emotion will help Gaia and the collective. Social media and our fast modern lives often shortens our attention spans, but we now need to learn the opposite of this. Meditation, imagining breathing in and out via your heart and candle gazing are highly recommended for this. A higher timeline has been anchored in since the New Moon in Leo, the Lions Gate, and the bandwidth for humanity continues to expand.

As the light gets brighter and our awakening accelerates, so does the collapse of the old order, especially as we are sandwiched between the 4th and 5th exact squares of Eris and Pluto, the shift of ages. Everything is amped up. They have been drilling down at 24°-25° Aries/Capricorn all of 2021, so if you have any planets or angles around those degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) you will be feeling a lot of intensity in the areas of life activated by these transits.

Our first aspect of significance in September is on the 2nd, when Mars opposes Neptune at 22° Virgo/Pisces. On the practical level when we may be trying to pin down the detail (see where 22° Virgo falls in your chart) on a project that we either become confused or the details keep escaping us in some way. However this can be inspired on the spiritual level, and consider how you may include a spiritual perspective in your project as that will make the Neptune music play positively, and it is also about taking spiritual action. This may be doing yoga or qigong, or it may be doing something practical such as offering our services to those in society who need our compassion and help. This can be the energy of ‘practical devotion’.

Also on the 2nd the Moon comes to oppose Pluto at 24° Capricorn and square Eris at 24° Aries, thus highlighting the long-running square I have discussed so much that is still within only 5’ of exactitude. Therefore we could see more vigorous action on the streets to oppose any overreach of governmental power and top-down rules and regulations. There will be greater attempted governmental control of societies but equally much greater pushback than we have seen in the past. This square is about what social and political systems no longer serve our human evolution. We have just had the fourth of five exact squares between Eris and Pluto on 27th August and the final one will be on 9th October 2021. So the social heat is turned up in this way, but it is all part of the breakdown to breakthrough of something at a much higher level of being for us all. We have to experience the demolition of the old house before the new can be fully built.

On the 5th Venus is square to Pluto, on the 17th she squares Saturn, and on the 23rd she opposes Uranus. Particularly if Venus is moving through your relationship houses (5th and 7th), you may experience some changing feelings around relationship. Early in the month you may have a sense of intensity and control, the mid-month may make you more pragmatic about whether the relationship is worth it, then later in the month you may want more freedom and independence. If you are not in a relationship and Venus is moving through your relationship houses then the aspect to Uranus can bring a sudden partner into your life who is likely to be very different to you in age, nationality and background. As Venus always has the generalised meaning of currencies and wealth, we could see some changes happening there too although I think October is as more likely month for that.

Then we have the New Moon at 14°38’ Virgo on the 6th September at 5.51pm PST and 1.51am UK time on the 7th. See where this falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for what you want to create in your life, what new seed are you planting?

We have five planets in Earth signs at this New Moon, with the Sun, Moon and Mars in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Earth signs are normally excellent at manifestation, although Uranus and Pluto are also helping to demolish the old world. Virgo is particularly good at manifesting the practical detail and getting everything running like clockwork. It is the sign that brings order out of chaos, and most linked to a clearing and cleansing of your energy and environment. So this is an excellent time to ‘Feng Shui’ your home of any old clutter from the past to allow fresh energy to come in. Also clean up your mental chatter as Virgo is ruled by Mercury, and because of its perfectionist streak can be very self-critical. Stop your negative thinking as far as you are able, and see yourself as playing an important role in birthing New (New Moon) Earth (Virgo). Virgo is also connected to health and healing, natural remedies and all that the ancient wisdom of the Earth can offer us in terms of plants and herbs.

What strengthens this theme is that the Sun and Moon at 14°38’ Virgo are within 1’ (!) of exactitude of a perfect trine to Uranus in Taurus, another clear symbol of New Earth. This can bring in new sudden opportunities, seeing things from a higher point of view, a kind of expanded consciousness, and there is a freshness and crystal clarity to the energy. Depending on where Virgo and Taurus fall in your chart, this can bring in new possibilities surrounding your work, your material life, and even a change in home or geography. The trine makes this easier than a hard aspect. In addition to that, we have a tight trine between Venus at 25° Libra and Jupiter at 25° Aquarius. Not only that, but Venus is actually conjunct the dwarf planet Haumea at 27° Libra. She is another symbol of New Earth, a strongly regenerative energy that can produce food from the land even when it has been laid waste, with a deep almost Shamanic connection to nature. So this trine is suggesting the birth of something beautiful (Venus) that is part of a bigger future vision
(Jupiter) for humanity.

Haumea like many of the dwarf planets and Kuiper Belt objects operates at the quantum level, a finer and higher process, where we are headed as humanity. Astrologer-researcher Alan Clay describes Haumea as ‘working for the psychic unity of humankind across time and space’, and that has to be our destination.

However Venus and Haumea in Libra are also forming a tight T-square to Eris in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, demanding greater fairness for all in society, that everyone is heard. If Pluto represents death, Haumea represents renewal and rebirth at a higher level. Mars is in a very tight quincunx to Eris, energising that street fighter drive to include everyone in society, not just the elite. Mercury at 10° Libra is playing its part here, insisting that things are fair and equal and may bring some of the many legal cases to the fore, although October is an even stronger month for that. Mercury is in a Grand Trine to Saturn at 7° Aquarius and the North Node and Ceres, goddess of agriculture, at 5° and 9° respectively. We may be starting to build some long term ideas for producing food that are innovative (Aquarius). Uranus trine the Sun and Moon in Virgo has this theme too, as Virgo’s glyph is the sheath of wheat.

Issues around our food supply are very likely to be obvious at this time, and they may become more intense when the North Node enters Taurus (food resources, agriculture) in January 2022 for 18 months. Plan accordingly now so there will be no issue for you, just as if you were preparing for winter.

Other aspects at this New Moon are the continuing opposition between Mars at 24° Virgo and Neptune at 22° Pisces as mentioned above for the 2nd September, and Neptune widely opposing the Sun and Moon. At a higher level of expression this is about practical devotion, being of service to others (Virgo) selflessly that helps their practical needs. There is something very pure about this. Virgo is the sign of refinement and purity, the Virgin, and Neptune in Pisces is linked to unconditional love, healing, divinity and

This aspect again brings up disinformation, what’s true and what’s not, as Virgo is ruled by Mercury, but Neptune in Pisces can make things hazy or foggy – or even deliberately so. Illusion, disillusion and confusion are likely to prevail, especially around health issues and cures (Virgo).

Another aspect of this is that Virgo is the sign linked to discrimination. Now of course discrimination can be extremely useful in the sense of discernment, especially with all the disinformation being rife on many media platforms (including MSM!) but discrimination in society can create great division and sub-classes of people. What this New Moon is suggesting is that ultimately with compassion for all and recognising Oneness we will unite on the spiritual path, knowing that we are all simply drops in the ocean having different experiences of the divine in our lives on Earth. This has to be the way forward in our ascension – and we are back to the message of Venus conjunct Haumea.

The other aspect of note is that Mars at 24° Virgo is in a very wide conjunction to the Sun and Moon. This can help to energise our drive to manifest the practical detail of a project (see where 24° Virgo falls in your chart) but beware of any frustration here; Mars in Virgo can tend towards irritability if things don’t flow perfectly, and patience is needed. Virgo as an Earth sign is linked to manifestation, principally connected to our thoughts as
it is ruled by Mercury. We are moving into an age when we are going to become much more aware of how our feelings and thoughts manifest our reality.

I’ve often said that reality is much more malleable than we realise, as we see it as so fixed and tangible in 3D. However I’ve started to become very interested in plasma recently, and this may help our understanding. An astonishing 99% of the universe is comprised of plasma, which is an electrically charged web of swirling energy which is not yet solid. It forms geometrical patterns and fractals, and the more coherent we are in our energy, the more coherent the energy patterns of the plasma form around us. Sensitive people can see this plasma forming, then if our frequency drops, those patterns will ‘unform’ and become less coherent.
Plasma forms the pre-matter templates or blueprints for our reality and

It is understandable that many people think that 3D reality is too solid, too dense to be changed by our intention and energy. However it is much easier for us to think that we can influence something that is not yet matter, not yet solid, but still ‘wafty’. It can empower us to step into our creator mode.

I don’t have any links for this and have heard various sensitive people talk about it, but a gentleman called Robert Temple has written to me and apparently he has a book being published sometime next year about plasma. It would be best to do an internet search if you are interested, certainly Dr Joe Dispenza has talked about this in the past. I believe as we become more wave and less particle and reduce our density as human beings in this upgrade we will hear much more about plasma. The very bright white light of photonic energy that many of us can see pouring onto the Earth right now is also plasma.

Moving into the second half of September, the energy becomes much more dynamic and steps up a pace.

On the 13th the Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces but the same day Mars in late Virgo is sesquiquadrate Uranus at 14° Taurus. This can produce a feeling of being agitated or wired, but also confused as to how to process the information that is coming in at us and know that it is true.

On the 15th the Moon in Libra conjuncts Pluto at 24° Capricorn and squares Eris at 24° Aries, highlighting this long running square yet again, so we may see more protests on the street, especially in countries such as Australia and France that are being very squeezed by control systems right now. With both Eris (squaring Pluto) and Uranus (squaring Saturn) all year (and next year, although less tightly), they will ultimately win the battle as the further out planets in both of their respective squares. However, at the 3D level the challenge and demolition will continue for some months, most intensely through the next six months I believe. Remember that you do not have to live at the 3D level; we are choosing by our frequency in every moment and therefore our future timeline. It’s down to us to become much more aware of this and master it. That is part of our upgrade too.

We then have a Full Moon at 28°14’ Pisces on September 20th at 4.54pm PST and 00.54am UK time. See where this falls in your chart as a closure, completion, or culmination of that ‘house’ area for you. This is very complex energy.

This is almost at the ‘anaretic’ degree of 29° Pisces, which is the last degree of the zodiac, and therefore like recent lunations has a strong sense of ending but also beginning. It feels on one level especially spiritual with the Moon conjunct Neptune the ruler of Pisces at 21°, but at a lower level of expression can bring confusion or a feeling of total overwhelm. We may have a strong urge to escape from it all and there is great emotional sensitivity here. With the Sun at 28° Virgo ruled by Mercury, this is the urge to gather the correct information and pin it down exactly, especially where it is related to health and healing both allopathic and alternative (Virgo) – but we then run into the fog of Neptune. A Full Moon always has the potential to shine a light on secrets, what has not been known up to now, and Pisces is very connected to deeply hidden mysteries. At a lower level of expression Neptune is also linked to lies and deception, and this Full Moon may shine a light on those too.

The disinformation, misinformation and illusion is meant to teach us to develop our intuition. Go inside yourself, meditate, ask your guides, angels or dreams (Neptune) for what is for your highest good, what is correct. Some people use dowsing or muscle-testing. The main thing is to rely on your own guidance and not that of external ‘authorities’.

The Sun is in a out-of-sign conjunction to Mars at 3° Libra, so there is a strong urge to action based on equality, fairness and very likely the law – but then we may run into all the disinformation, and Neptune of course is linked to the mainstream media. So there is likely to be agitation, even anger, as we feel the urge to do something, but then become confused. Mars in Libra is about fighting for others, and fighting for justice. At a higher level of expression this can be inspired spiritual action, very much connecting us to a higher level of being and Source in all that we do. Our actions around this time will be particularly important as this Full Moon as the Sun and Moon square the Galactic Centre at 27° Sagittarius. This suggests that we are drawing on much higher galactic energy – or plasma – to create our world now. It is very powerful.

Mercury at 23° Libra is exactly trine to Jupiter at 23° Aquarius, which is excellent for bigger ideas and better future horizons for humanity. See where Jupiter is moving through your chart as the ‘house’ area is likely to be expanded in some way for you, often bringing a sense of a bigger world or more opportunities. However, Mercury is also in a tight T-square to Eris in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, so that long-running square is activated again, this time by strong, angry words – and this is reinforced by the Sun conjunct Mars – around equality, fairness and legal issues. We will feel our strength at
this time with Pluto trine to the Sun, we are stepping into a greater sense of our power.

We have another T-square here between Venus at 11° Scorpio, Saturn at 7° Aquarius, and Uranus at 14° Taurus. This can either bring up currency swings, and or changes in relationships as mentioned above. This may go between feeling safe and secure in a relationship (Saturn) but maybe controlled or bored, with a stronger urge to be free and independent. This is likely to happen in this order as Venus has first squared Saturn then goes on to oppose Uranus. It can bring sudden breaks in relationships but also sudden out of the blue beginnings if you are single.

Ceres continues in a wide conjunction to the North Node at 11° and 4° Gemini respectively, suggesting ongoing issues with food supplies. These are more likely to increase as we go into the coming months and especially January onwards.

Another important aspect is yet another T-square between the Sun and Moon both at 28° Virgo/Pisces and the dwarf planet Ixion at 29° Sagittarius, which means that Ixion is conjunct the Galactic Centre and therefore this is likely to be expressed strongly in our world. I haven’t spoken about Ixion before, but it is known as the ‘lawless brother of Pluto’. It has an orbit of 251 years, 3 years longer than Pluto, and is even more steeply inclined to the ecliptic at 19° than Pluto 17°. This suggests that it is even more radical in its ‘cutting through’ the old order than Pluto. It orbits in the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune and also comes between Neptune and Pluto at times in its orbit.

The myth of Ixion is pretty heavy. He murdered his father-in-law, then ultimately was given a second chance by king of the gods Zeus, upon which he then tried to rape Zeus’s wife. Hence at the lower level, the unconscious expression of Ixion we see total lawlessness and amorality, no social rules are respected or even human life valued. Ultimately in the myth as Ixion failed his second chance he was cast out of society on a burning wheel for eternity. Do you think that there is any sector of our social-political structure right now that is acting amorally with little concern for human life?

However on the more evolved spiritual expression Ixion encourages a passionate spiritual mission in which we determine our own rules and live by those, not those imposed on us by society, and start living life on our own terms. In this way we can find something simpler (also the message of Uranus in Taurus) and also find courage through joy, it is about finding your bliss. Ingenuity is part of this symbolism too, the creativity to invent a different set of rules to live by. Is this resonating for you, applying to a different sector of society right now? Please note that I must credit astrologer-researcher Alan Clay here, I am drawing heavily on his research with Ixion from his Dwarf Planet University.

Although people may find these myths abstract at first, that is what many people felt about Eris until they started to see the dramatic effect that Eris has had in the last two years in its square to Pluto, with millions of people taking to the streets all over the world to protest about draconian government policies. Indeed, Ixion shares similarities with Eris in that they both create change through creating trouble to break up the old order.

Ixion will be very activated at this Full Moon in Pisces, so expect to see more lawlessness and breaking of rules with the T-square to the Sun and Moon, perhaps around health and healing (Virgo-Pisces axis). This is reinforced by the almost exact square of Eris in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn at 24°.

Interestingly Ixion transited onto 0° Capricorn in March and April 2020 when the stock market took a dive. Capricorn is related to banking and big business. It has retrograded back into Sagittarius but from the end of October 2021 will again enter Capricorn. 0° of the Cardinal signs represents the World Axis, so big events tend to become visible on the world stage related to the symbolism. Capricorn of course also represents governments and top-down large organisations and institutions, so ‘lawlessness’ may become more apparent around them. Pluto in Capricorn alone speaks of exposing corruption in these vertically structured organisations.

October I believe is a very big month that will set us up for what unfolds in the months to follow. Legal cases may come to the fore more prominently.

Then on September 22nd at 12.20pm PST and 8.20pm UK time we have the Libra Equinox when the Sun enters Libra. Each Solstice and Equinox acts like striking a tuning fork and sets the tone for the next three months. The chart for the Equinox shows great emotional intensity with a T-square between the Moon at 21° Aries (angry people) square to Pluto (top-down government, rules and regulations, control) at 24° Capricorn and Mercury at 24° Libra. Pluto in Capricorn fosters elitism, the power of the rich and privileged, while the Libran energy demands more equality, fairness and justice. The Sun at 0° Libra is conjunct Mars at 5° Libra, again an angry, agitated conjunction, both opposing Chiron at 11° Aries. Chiron is about illness and wounding, and in Aries also wants every individual to be heard.

These themes reinforce the dominant squares for this year of Saturn square Uranus and Eris square Pluto, both demanding that every individual is heard and respected. Expect to see a lot of pushback against government policies now too with the rising anger of populations.

Uranus opposes Venus at 14° Taurus/13° Scorpio, again suggesting emotional intensity but also some financial turbulence as these are the ‘wealth’ signs. This aspects can either bring in a sudden out-of-the-blue relationship or end one, on the basis that one of you needs more freedom and independence.

Mercury then moves retrograde on September 27th, staying retrograde until October 18th. I find it fascinating that although Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde currently, within less than a 2 week period we have Mercury plus Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all moving direct, on the 18th, 11th and 6th October respectively. This will signal a big shift in energy and a much greater feeling of momentum, more of this in the next newsletter. October will be huge.

However over the period of this Pisces Full Moon and Equinox I expect another huge wave of high frequency energy coming in – and another at the December Solstice – that will awaken more people and accelerate the upgrade that we are all experiencing. We are at a tipping point in these last few months of 2021. I have been stunned through my dowsing at the jumps in frequency that the collective are making – despite what you see on the nightly news. I have mentioned this in a couple of videos, but a few years ago a brilliant psychotherapist called Dr David Hawkins wrote a best-selling book called Power vs Force that continues to be extremely popular in the spiritual community. In that book he presented a ‘Scale of Consciousness’ in which he said the frequency of love was at 700 Hz and enlightenment was at humanity’s maximum of 1000 Hz. I am now finding and others are confirming that humanity’s maximum frequency is
around 4000 Hz, so it has quadrupled, and my own frequency along with others I have measured is jumping up significantly almost every day. If you are a competent dowser, please check this out yourself. This is enormously exciting as this will propel us beyond the 3D narrative and all its drama to carry us high up the beach to New Earth. We are creating this in every moment through our thoughts and feelings.

Let the old narrative fall away, see it as the crumbling old order that it is. It cannot survive such bright light and high frequency long term. Yes many will step into the role of Uranus, Eris and Ixion here to accelerate that collapse, but for many of us our role is to keep our frequency high. Find joy in every moment through simple things that you may have taken for granted in the past. Loving the scent of a flower, smelling the moist earth in an old wood, listening to the birds, dancing, singing, humming, chanting, meditating, candle-gazing, breathwork, laughing with a friend, hugging a baby, puppy or loved one. Keep being grateful as often as you can, you will be amazed at how your frequency rises. Lock onto seeing the world as abundant, nature in iridescent colours, with much joy and sharing. Focus relentlessly on what you are creating and you will start to experience more synchronicities of the right people appearing in your life, the right places and opportunities. It’s all just about a shift in perspective from pessimism to optimism, despite the obvious drama all around us. We live in the world but we don’t have to be of the world.

For sure the reality you see on the nightly news, that dense, contracted, fearful world is a real timeline. But it is only one possibility – it doesn’t have to be YOUR timeline, you can create something unimaginably better. Often when something comes to me that I can feel is taking me down I either imagine a big red ‘X’, or a ‘delete’ sign, or simply say ‘not my reality’. This is not spiritual by-passing as it’s important that you are aware of what is unfolding in the world, but you don’t have to ENGAGE with it with all the negative feelings of fear and anger that will bring up. Stay on your Eagle’s perch and create. There are infinite numbers of realities and timelines available to us, and we self-select them with our vibration.

Make your focus to be self-sufficient in terms of your frequency, see yourself as the Creator and controller of this, rather than outer events or authority figures determining how you feel. The more of us that do this, the faster that New Earth will arrive for us all. Be in nature and get a stronger connection with all that she offers, she is always a pure source for us. Feel peace and bliss as often as you can in your days. New Earth is here right now, it is just a frequency that we can access in every moment, but we will start to see evidence of this more clearly as we move further into 2022 and beyond.

Make your frequency your obsession as everything in your life will cascade from that.

Many blessings to you all.
“Thoughts become things”.

Lynne McTaggart

TEACHING VIDEOS: I have filmed around two and a quarter hours of concentrated teaching called Astrological Synthesis. This is the video explaining these: These videos are not for absolute beginners, you should at a minimum understand the meaning of the signs, and the house rulerships. If you want to understand these further, I have an Astrological Signs video and my two part Tutorial Video Series, both available via the Products page on my website.

The contents covered in Astrological Synthesis are
1) Planetary Symbolism
2) Where Planets Become Stronger
3) Aspects
4) Blending
5) Life Theme/Story in the birthchart.
These videos do not pretend to offer exhaustive natal chart analysis, but will help to give you some powerful insights that you may not find elsewhere.

The video called The Alchemy of Relationships is all about the astrology of relationships, and is 90 minutes of concentrated teaching. Relationship astrology can be very complex as you are comparing two birthcharts, so I have shared some big principles that help to cut through the complexity so you can more clearly see the energetics between the two people. I’ll be covering a very important ‘relationship point’ that many of you may be unaware of. These are NOT for beginners, you will have to have a good basic understanding of the symbolism of the planets, the aspects, the meanings of the signs, and the sign and house rulerships to follow these videos. If you do, and are interested, here is the link: https://

My two books ‘You Don’t Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?’ and ‘How to Co-Create using the Secret Language of the Universe are both available from my website, and Amazon.

My recent book is a workbook focusing on the most mysterious and profound part of your birthchart, that is also considered the most important in Indian astrology. This is your Nodal Axis. It represents your soul’s path in this life, your path of destiny. More than any other part of your birthchart, it answers the question, ‘why are you here, what is your purpose in this lifetime?’ You’ll be working with your own birthchart, downloaded free from my website The writing of this book took me on a profound journey, and I hope and believe that will throw your life and your purpose into high relief. I have also produced a companion set of videos to go alongside this book to answer other questions you may have on your Nodal Axis.

Here is the video explaining these and giving the purchase link: 3MxYVU8Xxik. Essentially the three videos cover natal conjunctions to your Nodal Axis, the transiting Nodes, and the transiting planetary conjunctions to your Nodal Axis. These videos comprise 75 minutes of teaching, packed with information about the
Nodal Axis. I will also now regularly post the transiting North Node position with the other planetary transits in this newsletter, so you can track it yourself. This transiting North Node only moves around 2° each month, always retrograde.

Videos on Jupiter and Saturn transits through your birthchart: these are such important cycles in everyone’s life at any time. You will need to have a copy of your birthchart, which you can now download from for free (, then the tutorial should give you some very rich information at any time in your life about where you are expanding, and can expect success, recognition and opportunities, and where you need to apply focus, work and discipline. These cycles are one of the first
things I look for in preparing a chart.

You will know from my updates where the positions of Jupiter and Saturn are in the heavens, and then can work out what that means for you in your life, and you can
constantly refer back to them over the years. Here is the link to my
store: VsrvP. Enjoy!

My audiobook:
The two part video tutorials on how you find aspects in your chart, and meanings of the houses in your birthchart: This will help you understand where all the New and Full Moons and aspects I mention in my updates fall in your own
birthchart, and what that means for you in your life. The tutorials will last you a lifetime, as you can always refer to them. Once you download a free birthchart from my website, you can start to use the tutorial videos straight away. There is a description that comes
with the chart on the website (which I did not write), and people have
said this is very accurate. However, please remember that a computergenerated
description with a list of characteristics is a very different experience to having a full consultation with a professional astrologer, who through synthesising this matrix of meaning, can give you profound insights into who you truly are. You can find my recent video on the elements, modalities, rulerships and astrological signs at this link:

I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon, as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart:
Mercury – 2° – 24° Libra, retrograde on the 27th
Venus – 19° Virgo – 22° Scorpio
Mars – 21° Virgo – 10° Libra
Jupiter retrograde – 25° – 22° Aquarius
Saturn retrograde – 8° – 6° Aquarius
Uranus retrograde – 14° Taurus all month
Neptune retrograde – 22° – 21° Pisces
Pluto retrograde – 24° Capricorn all month
North Node, always retrograde – 6° – 3° Gemini
Chiron retrograde- 12° Aries
Chariklo retrograde – 0° Aquarius