The Cancer Solstice

Welcome to the June 2023 newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for May.

However, I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record.

Copyright Pam Gregory, no part to be copied or used elsewhere without my strict permission, thank you.

May Review

May 2nd: Exactly on the Pluto station retrograde in Aquarius (technology) Google Executive Geoffrey Hinton warns of AI dangers: see link. This exactly reflects the shadow side of this aspect, control (Pluto) by technology.

May 3rd: Yesterday in Dallas there was a huge cyber attack, believe to be a ‘ransomware attack’ that were knocking out many of the city’s websites. This is an obvious example of the Sun conjunct Uranus, ruling internet, websites, and sudden outages such as cyber attacks, that we have at the Lunar Eclipse tomorrow: see link.

May 4th: We have the Lunar Eclipse at 14°58′ Scorpio on the financial axis as I’ve discussed extensively. So we expected some financial turbulence around this time. After the market and bank stock drops earlier this week when the Dow Jones fell around 500 points, it fell another 300 points today. Gold and silver have jumped in value since then: see link.

May 10th: Well we expected some fireworks and potential shocks and surprises around this time. The following reflects the astrology, not any personal views of any kind. The press conference video below from this morning, US EST time, sets out much apparent corruption linked to the Biden family which seems very well evidenced.

As many of you know, I have been following President Biden’s chart for some time. The Lunar Eclipse of May 5th, 5 days ago, at 14°58′ Scorpio, was tightly conjunct his natal Mars, ruling his 5th house of children. Transiting Uranus (shocks, surprises, sudden radical changes) is opposing his Mercury which rules his 10th house of status and reputation, his career. Transiting Pluto is now exactly squaring his natal Moon in his 5th house of children, ruling the 8th house of investments or big money, secret money. Transiting Pluto in itself is about those themes – and also as I have repeated many times, its purpose is to reveal any corruption, lack of integrity and transparency in high places. This is most certainly a high place, as leader of the free world.

Transiting Pluto square the Moon is linked to extreme feelings and emotions surrounding children and 8th house issues. Transiting Jupiter is conjunct his Moon, expanding and blowing up all of these issues of secrecy, big money, hidden money etc etc.

In my last video I talked about the second half of May being very big in terms of dramatic and fast-moving changes. It seems that the Sun conjunct Uranus exact yesterday that has acted as the trigger for this. These changes will certainly be energetic, but it may take a little more time for them to manifest in the 3D world. See link from live press conference.

May 10th: Scientists have discovered microbes in the Alps and Arctic that operate at low temperatures to destroy plastic pollution: see link. There is also a fungus that eats and thrives on plastic at normal temperatures. This is why I’ve been saying recently that I don’t think the terrible pollution that humanity has created will take decades to clean up, I think there will be faster solutions than we imagine.

May 10th: With the Sun conjunct Uranus today we expected possible seismic activity, and we had a very large 7.6 magnitude earthquake in the Pacific 95 kms from Tonga, no fatalities or tsunami luckily: see link.

May 14th: We were expecting some big revelations and disclosures in this second half of May. This is a video from a European Parliamentary series of presentations from doctors and scientists about the last three years and how politicians have handled events. It is over 4 hours long (!) but much of it riveting, and a great deal of fallout will come from this undoubtedly: see link.

May 16th: I’ve mentioned in several videos recently about the subject of water coming into our consciousness in a much bigger way. This is linked astrologically to Saturn moving through Pisces until early 2026 and Sedna’s myth becoming more prominent as the Inuit Sea Goddess as she comes closer to Earth in her 11,400 year orbit. So not only do we have Veda Austin’s brilliant work with water emerging onto the public stage more fully, but also Gerald Pollack PhD has done some astonishing work with water.

He has discovered a fourth phase of water called EZ, or Exclusion Zone water. This is a kind of gel which we have in our own cells, in clouds, in plants, fruit and vegetables. Amazingly it can act like a generator and actually produce enough electricity to light LED bulbs, via connecting wires to the water. It is also able to produce highly purified, filtered water by removing the salt from seawater to make it drinkable, simply by using the energy from the sun! He has recently published a book called The Fourth Phase of Water about this. I’m posting this in the Review section as I came across his new book today.

We are at the edge of some wonderful discoveries around free energy and all that nature has to offer, with so much more to come. Jupiter moving through Taurus from May 17th until next May 2024 will open up these possibilities in a bigger way too.

May 16th: Following on with this water theme, water has been discovered in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter: see link. It was thought that water did not exist in this area, so again reflecting the symbolism of Saturn in Pisces and Sedna about to move into Gemini in June 2023. With the move of Sedna, we will discover much more about our atmosphere and cosmos (Gemini=Air) and our deep seas, as they are linked to Sedna’s myth.

May 19th: Yesterday there was a very large 7.7 magnitude earthquake in the South Pacific. Luckily as it was not too close to land there were no casualties. All of our geomagnetics are unstable right now. There were 8 M-class flares on May 18th if we are using UK time, and another 3 so far today. In 2018, I believe we did not have a single M-class flare – that is how different our geomagnetic environment is now. Humanity and the Earth are equally open to these solar flares which are acting as accelerants to our evolution, but may well prompt more extreme Earth events especially with Uranus, planet of earthquakes, in Taurus which is ‘Fixed Earth’ until 2026. This is the astrological signature for our very unstable geomagnetics on Earth.

We are all reacting differently physically to this influx of high frequency energy and new cosmic information. Follow whatever your body needs; more rest, more water, more quiet time . . we each have our own process of navigating these quantum leaps in consciousness that will continue, increasing around the Solstice and the Lions Gate on 8th August this year.

Try not to resist the energy, but welcome it in as a tidal wave of evolutionary energy that is a gift for us in this lifetime: see link.

May 19th: This is just one presentation from over 4 hours of video of experts, doctors and scientists sharing their views on how politicians have handled the pandemic. This video is 20 minutes long and certainly will be deleted by YouTube, so if the link doesn’t work that will be why: see link. It think everyone should see this, and is a very clear example of corruption being revealed in high places, Pluto moving through the last few degrees of Capricorn.

May 23rd: Corruption coming to light in high places, the police are contacting former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about breaches of Ministerial Code while he was in office: see link.

May 26th: This is quite amazing, how free energy is being created from thin air – this is a wonderful expression of Pluto in Aquarius: see link. This is exactly the kind of new technology that we expect from Pluto’s long trek through Aquarius until 2044. Aquarius is an air sign, remember, and linked to electricity.

May 31st: As we build towards the Full Moon at 13° Sagittarius on June 3rd, we expected this to manifest strongly in the US, as the US chart set for 4th July 1776, 17.10 Philadelphia has its Ascendant (identity) conjunct this Full Moon. Today, over some wobbles as to whether the US debt ceiling talks will be fully agreed by lawmakers, the US stock markets have been hard hit.

June 2023

The pace of late May continues through June, with the accompanying evolutionary energy leaps that come with the revelations about our world. These will continue over the coming months.

We begin the month very positively with Mercury moving out of its shadow zone and offering us more clarity, and Jupiter conjunct the North Node at 4°and 3° Taurus respectively. This helps us see a bigger future vision for humanity linked to higher consciousness and with a deeper connection to the Earth and nature. Jupiter will stay in Taurus until May 2024, so see where the sign of Taurus falls in your own birthchart as this area is likely to expand and benefit in some way. Jupiter brings in personal growth opportunities, chances to travel, extend our business or expand our social lives. It can bring in more abundance for us, more success and recognition. So generally Jupiter is beneficial, but occasionally if we have a problem in that area of life, Jupiter can magnify the problem to make sure we deal with it. However this transit is likely to be especially beneficial to those of you with the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Taurus.

Early in the month on the 3rd at 8.41pm PST and 4.41am UK time on the 4th we have a Full Moon at 13°17’ Sagittarius. See where this falls in your own chart and what may be coming to completion, culmination or closure for you now, or where is a light being shone to reveal what we were not aware of before – this last point is particularly relevant to the collective.

The first thing to note at this Full Moon is that is is conjunct the Great Attractor at 14° Sagittarius. This is a massive gravitational anomaly in space that is like a giant vacuum cleaner, sucking many galaxies in its wake at the speed of over 600 kms per second. When planets are aligned with these powerful cosmic forces it enables us to access higher consciousness information. The Great Attractor has such a powerful gravitational pull that it bends space and time, so people who have natal points aligned to this may have a strong sense of precognition, they can ‘see around corners’. This Full Moon is suggesting that more of us will be developing this psychic sensitivity.

Picking up another major cosmic point here, Neptune is square to the Galactic Centre and this aspect will continue very strongly all through 2024. This can offer spiritual inspiration and open up our psychic sensitivity too, something that is already occurring for many more people now. Aspects to the Galactic Centre especially when natal give people great sensitivity to energy, and reading other people’s energy. Supported by Saturn moving through Pisces until early 2026, we are likely to feel less dense, more full of light, and start to experience more downloads or even connecting with other galactic beings in a bigger way than ever before. We are dissolving our old 3D selves and ‘morphing’ with something greater and more high frequency. At times this may feel confusing or destabilising, but just know that this process is positive. The speed at which this will be happening may be particularly overwhelming for those who don’t understand the process of what is occurring.

Neptune at 27° Pisces is also in a very positive trine to Venus at 28° Cancer, bringing in a sense of beauty, aesthetic sensitivity and unconditional love for others. We will have a stronger than usual sense of wanting to protect those we care about.

Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign ruled by Jupiter (which is itself in a powerful position conjunct the North Node as outlined above). It is enthusiastic, has a love for life and adventures, and generally a very positive outlook. The urge is to go beyond what currently is, and find more idealistic situations that offer more freedom and independence to us all. It has a futuristic visionary quality, is philosophical as an energy, optimistic and confident. Mars trine to the Moon helps with the drive to achieve those new adventures and visions.

It is one of the two signs (Libra being the other) that is linked to the law and to truth. This seems of be a big theme with this Full Moon as it is reinforced by other aspects. It is also associated with justice, belief systems (what we have believed in, trusted with the South Node in Scorpio that is now found to be wanting), honesty and integrity. Sagittarius is not only linked to manmade law and justice but also natural law.

Uranus conjunct Mercury can on the one hand bring in some shocking or surprising news for us, continuing that theme from May, but also some brilliant, original and even genius ideas on how we sort out any issues coming up with food or agriculture now (Taurus). It can confront us with the truth (Uranus), perhaps on issues linked to our physical bodies. We may also see more developments with digital currencies, a clear expression of Uranus in Taurus, and remember that the direction of travel with these needs to be decentralised not centralised – that is the Capricorn energy that we are moving away from. Our minds can feel restless and overcharged with this aspect.

Mercury in June will be moving very quickly. For instance the Messenger moves into Gemini on June 11th, the same day that Pluto retrogrades back into Capricorn, and exits Gemini on the 26th. Both the planet Mercury and Gemini the Mutable Air sign are linked with speed, and Gemini with facts, information and news, so we will have some rapid non-stop information this month.

Uranus planet of truth and awakening is also moving very quickly forward now, hastening the awakening process. It hasn’t been at 20° Taurus for over 80 years since the early 1940s. Uranus also represents the higher octave of Mercury, so again the theme will be a lot of new information coming at us.

Uranus makes us feel restless, edgy, wants us to have more freedom and variety in our lives, or creative self-expression. It wants to break up old stale patterns that are deadening for us. Where is this falling in your chart? Which house area? The way that Uranus transits tend to operate is that it is easier if we make the changes voluntarily. If we resist then changes generally come from the outside less comfortably.

The Moon at 13°17’ is within 4’ of exactitude of a square to Orcus, dwarf planet and linked to the Etruscan god of the underworld. Orcus is ruthless in capturing those who have broken their oaths and violated sacred law, divine law. Orcus takes them down to the underworld and makes them see the truth and the light, the error of their ways.

In addition to that, the dwarf planet Varuna is exactly by degree conjunct Mars, both at 5° Leo. Varuna in myth represents the Indian creator god who is the Keeper of Supreme Law. In this, there is no grey area, only black and white, right or wrong. He is linked to justice therefore, but also to helping us see new and prosperous directions for the future.

Haumea is another important dwarf planet in a long term square to Pluto at 0° Aquarius, opposing Eris at 25° Aries and in an out of sign opposition to both the North Node at 3° and Jupiter at 4° Taurus. Haumea is currently at 29°13’ Libra. So this brings in the see-saw effect of being wise in your choices and allowing the old to collapse (Pluto, about to retrograde back into Capricorn in a week), and encouraging the new to be born (Haumea) but with vision (Jupiter, a higher consciousness perspective), and fairness and justice for all. Everyone to be heard and included (Eris in Aries). This T-square provides a very powerful statement of intention to what we are creating in our New Earth, our new frequency.

Haumea is one of the strongest archetypes we have for New Earth. She stands for high principle and being in total harmony, balance and co-operation with nature, principles of what is called ‘Pono’, right relationship. Divine or natural law are inherent within these themes.

The Fixed Grand Cross that we had in late May continues here, but with Mars being replaced by Venus on one corner, at 28°38’ Cancer. Venus therefore forms an out-of-sign square to the Nodal Axis and Jupiter and opposition to Pluto at 0° Aquarius. On a personal level, if you have transiting Venus falling in your 5th or 7th houses of relationship, it can bring up issues of intensity, jealousy, possessiveness or control – and please note that these too shall pass, but with the Moon in Sagittarius your need for freedom may become much greater. At a collective level any financial turbulence from late May could continue with currencies and banking in particular.

Our urge for freedom and new territory could be very strong at this Full Moon, to go beyond all that is emerging at the 3D level, the corruption that is necessary for us to see to create the breakdown and then the breakthrough. However even here with Saturn in a wide square to the Moon at 7°03’ Pisces there is a feeling of a reality check. We need to be pragmatic, realistic and deal with what is in front of us too. With all that I have outlined above, legal issues or the current state of the legal systems being revealed in the bright light of this Full Moon become obvious. We are moving towards an understanding of natural, sacred and divine law and away from man-made laws.

As I have mentioned in previous videos, with Pluto moving through the last few degrees of Capricorn over the next 18 months, all systems will be challenged: legal, financial, medical, political, educational . . . .

Also just note how many planets are dwarf planets are at a cusp, an ending and a beginning, a big shift of energy: Pluto is 29° Capricorn, Haumea (283 year orbit) is at 29° Libra, Sedna (11,400 year orbit) is at 29° Taurus, Jupiter has just entered Taurus, and Manwe (289 year orbit) entered 0° Aries in January. Another dwarf planet I haven’t mentioned before is Chaos (309 year orbit), which at this Full Moon is at 0°11’ Cancer and therefore on the World Axis (0° Cardinal signs). This means that the archetype of Chaos is likely to emerge into public consciousness more fully.

Chaos in myth is linked to the time that heaven was torn from the Earth, leaving an abyss of apparent separation. However the process of Chaos is that of becoming whole again, leaving separation and duality behind. The discovery chart of Chaos at November 19th 1998 shows the dwarf planet at 26° Taurus tightly conjunct Algol – where we have just had the New Moon on May 19th! This Fixed Star is associated with people ‘losing their heads’, so this often manifests as prominent people losing their positions.

Beyond this Full Moon, on June 7th the Moon comes to conjunct Pluto and oppose Mars, highlighting issues of power between individuals and the state, governmental power. On the 8th, the Moon becomes square to Uranus, making us feel more rebellious and demanding freedom and truth amidst all that is pouring out into the public domain.

On the 11th we have a major astrological shift with Pluto retrograding back into Capricorn. It will remain in these last few degrees of Capricorn until January 21st, then only dart back to Capricorn finally from September 2nd to November 20th 2024, then fully into Aquarius until 2044. So the rest of 2023 is the major time of seeing the demolition of the old order, as Pluto digs into deeper layers of any corruption. It will retrograde back to 27°53’ Capricorn until it moves direct on October 11th. This is within minutes of the US ‘natal’ Pluto at 27°32’ Capricorn, so the process of the US Pluto Return will most certainly be continuing.

Particularly while Pluto is at the final critical or ‘anaretic’ degree of 29° Capricorn which can express in less positive ways, and it will be on this degree through this June and July, then December and January 2024, it may heighten attempts at power and control by the powers that be. However the frantic attempts to glue together the collapsing scenery at the theatre as the actors shout louder and louder to distract the audience, are having less and less traction. More and more of the audience is leaving, saying ‘this plot doesn’t work for me’. Indeed, it seems that the whole theatre is collapsing. The theatre analogy is perhaps more accurate than I originally realised.

So be very aware of this; where is your truth, your discernment in all that will unfold? Drop into your heart to know what you feel is truth. Stay with the breath, stay in nature as often as you can, connect with the Earth with bare feet on the grass, keep everything very very simple and focused. Try not to spin off into the drama, which will be more colourful than we have ever experienced. This is the end of an age, a paradigm, a state of being that we are leaving behind for ever. Try not to keep tethered to what is collapsing, step bravely into this new energy that promises so much for humanity, and remember that we are all on our own individual journeys with this. Have no judgement for those around you, just focus inwards on your own frequency. That is all you need to set your GPS for the future.

Remember that everything in your reality cascades from your frequency, and only you determine that. We each individually choose our thoughts and our emotional reactions to events and those in combination produce our set point of frequency. It is that, that we broadcast 24/7, that determines the reality that we experience, as that creates the geometry around us in the plasma. Is it coherent or not? And therefore is it symmetrical and beautiful or not, as that is the energetic architecture for your tomorrows.

Also know that we are constantly creating from the invisible, 24/7, although we are generally not aware of it. The more of us who comes together on the same frequency of eg ‘I am welcoming in an expanding consciousness of love’ builds an energetic hologram, a wave, indeed a tsunami, of the force of love which is unstoppable in its creation of a better world. We alter the quantum field by feeling the most powerful force in the universe which we can all do for free, from home, simply by connecting on that frequency.

Sedna moves into Gemini on June 15th and stays there until November then retrograding into Taurus until April 2024. Sedna has an 11,400 year orbit, the longest of any planet that we know of, and orbits right out to the Oort Cloud bringing back new information from the far reaches of the galaxy.

When it re-enters Gemini it will stay there until 2066. It’s interesting that next April we will have a wonderful conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus, suggesting jumps in our consciousness and greater understanding of our cosmos and our reality, and Sedna reinforces these themes. We will develop much greater understanding of the cosmos (Gemini=Air) all around us, as well as the deep seas. The conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus suggests more galactic contact and news.

Sedna and Pluto are almost in lockstep in their planetary movements during 2023 and 2024. They are both moving out of Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, after long transits there and moving into Air signs. In fact all the outer planets including Neptune, Uranus and Saturn are are moving from Earth and Water signs into Air and Fire between now and 2026. These will be intense, fast moving years of change, especially because Air and Fire signs are linked to speed whereas Earth and Water signs are linked to heaviness and slowness. Sedna and Pluto both moving into Air signs, linked to the mind and communication, suggests huge leaps in our understanding of consciousness but also the development of AI in many areas of our lives.

This dance between them also suggests moving away from materialistic values that we have known throughout our lives as representing security (our wealth, bank accounts, homes etc), and understanding that coming together in community and collaboration represents the way forwards, operating in groups. We will also develop a much greater understanding of the importance of energy, frequency and vibration determining everything in life.

Remember that if we understand that everything cascades from our frequency, then WE determine the trajectory of our lives rather than have it determined for us. This is our mastery, and we must practise this to stay on the higher timeline. Stay out of fear, stay in love.

Saturn stations retrograde at 7°12’ Pisces on June 17th and will remain retrograde until November 4th. This retrograde will reinforce Pluto’s retrograde over the next few months to encourage us to think deeply about the nature of power, control, rules and regulations in society and how well they have worked, as outlined above. Saturn’s station can act as a reality check and it happens exactly as we have a New Moon at 26°43’ Gemini at 9.36pm PST on June 17th and 5.36am UK time on the 18th. See where this falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for whatever you want to manifest with this new seed in your life.

Gemini is linked to our thinking, our mental processes and our words. With the strong alignments that we see at this New Moon, we are increasingly realising the power of our thoughts and words in what we are manifesting in our lives. Remember that everything in life that manifests begins with a thought, or as Lynne MacTaggart says ‘thoughts become things’.

Gemini is also about our perception, what we think about the facts and information.

The New Moon here opposes the Galactic Centre at 27° Sagittarius, while Neptune squares it – which it does until the end of 2025. So they form a T-square. At one level this can suggest that whatever facts and information are coming out now, we can feel confused and overwhelmed by them, and are struggling to get clarity. However at a higher level of expression this New Moon is encouraging us to drop out of the mind and into our heart and our spiritual connection, as that is where we will find truth. The choices we make now, especially with Pluto square to the Nodal Axis, are vital in our individual paths moving forwards. Gemini is the sign linked to choices: so be wise in these. Do not get so caught up in the mind and the news, ignoring your intuition, that you are unable to discern.

We have complex energies operating at this New Moon, as it is squared by Neptune but the ruler of Gemini is Mercury, which is at 11° Gemini but squared by Saturn. Mercury strong here in its own sign suggests that a lot of information and news is coming in at us, and our minds are very busy processing these, but the Mercury-Saturn square is a call to be disciplined in our thinking and not allowing our minds to become scattered, but realistic and pragmatic, thinking for the long term. However trusting your heart and your intuition will offer you better guidance than your mind right now.

Pluto at 29° Capricorn is quincunx the Sun and Moon at 26°43’ Gemini. Particularly as Pluto is at this final critical degree of Capricorn there may be greater attempts to control our thinking or increase censorship.

Jupiter at 6° Taurus square to Venus at 11° Leo, with Venus conjunct Mars at 16° Leo, may bring in some indulgence. With the relentless intensity we may want to take a break and relax and be sociable, be with friends and enjoy ourselves. This is also highly creative energy. Mars and Venus in Leo can suggest big vibrant beauty, something artistic and colourful, and the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Gemini is more related to writing. Either way, you can use this energy well in any creative projects.

With Jupiter in Taurus we are likely to also have a yearning for simplicity. Listen to the birds, play with leaves, walk in the woods. We must never forget to feel joyful every day, whatever it says on the nightly news.

Then we have the Cancer Solstice on June 21st at 7.57am PST and 3.57pm UK time, when the Sun enters Cancer. These Solstices and Equinoxes are always powerful energetic times for us to come together as our manifesting abilities are magnified now. The veil to the higher energies is thinner, allowing us to access more downloads. Here the Sun is conjunct the dwarf planet Chaos on the World Axis and in an out-of-sign square to Neptune, and in an out-of-sign opposition to the Galactic Centre. I have recently filmed this video with plant medicine expert Davyd Farrell on the Solstice, there is so much to cover at this time, and I will also soon be filming another conversation with Magenta Pixie on her channelling from the Collective Consciousness of Nine about the energy of the Solstice which is powerful, pivotal and extremely positive for humanity.

Pioneering geobiologist and master dowser Rory Duff has given me permission to quote him about the energy of the Solstice ( He said after June 21st, the width of the energy lines around the Earth he expects to increase by 20%. You may know that it has been gradually increasing over recent months. When I was introduced to Rory’s work a few years ago, then we only had one day before each Equinox and Solstice when all of the Earth’s energy lines came into harmony. This ‘harmony duration’ as Rory calls it has now increased to a staggering 34 days around each Equinox and Solstice and we are on track for our year-round 200 years of energy line harmony starting in December 2024 (when Pluto finally enters Aquarius fully for 20 years). Rory believes that this represents 200 years of peace, and that we are receiving so much more Source energy now. See his work at

The last few days of the month have lively energy. On June 25th Mars is square to Uranus at 21° Leo-Taurus, and this is tense and potentially explosive. Uranus as mentioned above is moving over new degrees now, and again events are likely to be unfolding quickly. It is the classic signature for earthquakes of all kinds, so make efforts to stay peaceful that day.

Then on June 27th we have a square between Moon and Pluto with intense feelings and power struggles – whether personal or global – are likely. The next day with a semi-square between the Sun and Uranus there will still be an edgy, unsettled feeling, then on the 29th we have a Moon-Uranus opposition likely to increase that energy, with Mercury semi-square Uranus, which can contribute to agitated thinking., or feeling irritable. Similarly, Mercury is semi-square Mars on the 30th, but the much bigger influence that day is the retrograde station of Neptune at 27°41’ Pisces.

For a few days to either side of Neptune’s station when the symbolism is magnified, on one hand we may feel more foggy, confused, overwhelmed or even a little depressed and ‘at sea’. However this is a wonderful time to go inwards, meditate, and particularly tune into your dreams. Asking a question of your dreams can allow your higher guidance to come through. ‘Show me the next step with XYZ’ or the answer to this issue, ‘should I take option A or B?’ . . .and so often it appears within a night or two, often with surprising information. I suggest keeping a dream diary around these days.

Neptune will retrograde back to 24°53’ Pisces by December 6th then station direct. So we now have Pluto, Saturn, now Neptune, and in August Uranus, all moving retrograde for the next few months. We will be doing some deep thinking on the archetypes of all these planets and what they represent to us. Certainly power and control issues will be part of that, also the media (Neptune), how we use drugs and pharmaceuticals in society, and sense of illusion or disillusionment we may be going through as we all a purge of toxicity, and issues around freedom and whether we feel that is available to us in society currently, or whether we have to make radical changes to achieve that. Uranus as always is linked to truth, clarity, and can be shocking.

In mundane astrology the few days to either side of the Neptune station may suggest that we will see more issues around water, flooding, toxicity, drugs or deception. On a positive level personally, this can mean that we will be getting more in touch with our spiritual being and our ever-growing gifts of telepathy, healing and creativity. It is all down to how we play the music.

Blessings to you all.

“The past has no power to stop you from being present now. Only your grievance about the past can do that. What is grievance? The baggage of old thought and emotion.”



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I have also produced a companion set of videos to go alongside this book to answer other questions you may have on your Nodal Axis.

Here is the video explaining these and giving the purchase link: 3MxYVU8Xxik. Essentially the three videos cover natal conjunctions to your Nodal Axis, the transiting Nodes, and the transiting planetary conjunctions to your Nodal Axis. These videos comprise 75 minutes of teaching, packed with information about the Nodal Axis. I will also now regularly post the transiting North Node position with the other planetary transits in this newsletter, so you can track it yourself. This transiting North Node only moves around 2° each month, always retrograde.

Videos on Jupiter and Saturn transits through your birthchart: these are such important cycles in everyone’s life at any time. You will need to have a copy of your birthchart, which you can now download from for free (, then the tutorial should give you some very rich information at any time in your life about where you are expanding, and can

expect success, recognition and opportunities, and where you need to apply focus, work and discipline. These cycles are one of the first things I look for in preparing a chart. You will know from my updates where the positions of Jupiter and Saturn are in the heavens, and then can work out what that means for you in your life, and you can constantly refer back to them over the years. Here is the link to my store: VsrvP. Enjoy!

My audiobook:

The two part video tutorials on how you find aspects in your chart, and meanings of the houses in your birthchart: 6D2mBJ78dV4. This will help you understand where all the New and Full Moons and aspects I mention in my updates fall in your own birthchart, and what that means for you in your life. The tutorials will last you a lifetime, as you can always refer to them.

Once you download a free birthchart from my website, you can start to use the tutorial videos straight away. There is a description that comes with the chart on the website (which I did not write), and people have said this is very accurate. However, please remember that a computer- generated description with a list of characteristics is a very different experience to having a full consultation with a professional astrologer,

who through synthesising this matrix of meaning, can give you profound insights into who you truly are.

You can find my recent video on the elements, modalities, rulerships and astrological signs at this link:

I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart:

Mercury – 16° Taurus – 7° Cancer
Venus – 26° Cancer – 20° Leo

Mars – 6° – 23° Leo
Jupiter – 3° – 9° Taurus

Saturn – 6° – 7° Pisces, retrograde on the 17th
Uranus – 20° – 21° Taurus 

Neptune – 27° Pisces, retrograde on the 30th

Pluto retrograde – 0° Aquarius -29° Capricorn

North Node, always retrograde, 3° – 1° Taurus

Chiron – 18° Aries

Chariklo retrograde – 13° Aquarius