Surges of Evolutionary Energy

Welcome to the March newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for February: I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

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February Review

5th February: The upcoming conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune suggests rising inflation, and already we have it running at very high levels; 5.1% in the EU, the highest since 1997, and even higher in the US at a record high. This is affecting food prices dramatically: see link.

14th February: BBC reporting that babies can be grown in an artificial womb as the logical next step for having children. This sent chills through every bone in my body – beware the blend of AI and human, that is the shadow side of Aquarius: see link.  

14th February: An ex-Goldman-Sachs banker is charged with laundering millions from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund: see link. This reflects not only Pluto moving through Capricorn, revealing the financial corruption of the wealthy, but also the South Node in Scorpio, secrets around illicit financial dealings being revealed.

15th February: Prince Andrew has settled out of court with his accuser, Virginia Guiffe. He currently has Solar Arc Jupiter exactly on his Sun, his chart ruler, and Jupiter is linked with the law and good luck. So this has given him a break. 

However he still has other challenging aspects this year; transiting Saturn square to his Moon, and a tough Lunar Eclipse in May conjunct that Moon, ruling his 12th house of self-doing. His Solar Arc Moon is conjunct Mars, ruler of his Midheaven of status and reputation, exactly in June. All year he has transiting Pluto conjunct his Mars too. If someone has acted with transparency and accountability then this represents empowerment, but if not it is a significant fall from grace. His mother the Queen has already stripped him of his royal titles, so much of this has already occurred.

He has Chiron in hard aspect to his Sun, his chart ruler, from May 2022 until early 2023, so may be feeling wounded unjustly. Transiting Pluto quindecile (165°) his Ascendant and Midheaven all year and into early next year suggests that he will be obsessing intensely, churning, over his identity and place in the world. So there is much more to come and probably for the world to see about his past. 

This is the time as I have been saying for many months with transiting Pluto moving through Capricorn that corruption will be revealed, especially in high places.

17th February: Further to this theme, one of Prince Charles’s (Prince Andrew’s brother) charities is under a criminal investigation: see link

21st February: Exactly as we have been expecting, especially with the US Pluto return beginning exactly tomorrow and the transit of Pluto through Capricorn revealing financial and sexual corruption, please see this important article that is exactly unfolding these issues, see link

22nd February: Oil prices are at an 8 year high and likely to go over $100 a barrel: see link. This is exacerbated by the latest difficulties with Russia and the west, as Russia is a big supplier of oil and gas and the supply may be less secure now. This was anticipated by the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction which is starting to form, exact in April, as Neptune=oil and Jupiter expands and increases whatever it touches. Russia and Ukraine supply 80% of the world’s sunflower oil, 29% of the world’s wheat and 20% of its corn, and these products are ingredients for many other products.

24th February: Russia-Ukraine situation 

The tough conjunction of Venus, Mars and Pluto in Capricorn is now operational. This was likely to be a particularly eventful week as the US Pluto return has just begun, a process that will last at least the next two years, we are just at the beginning of this. As I’ve mentioned in the last video this conjunction between Mars and Pluto can represent force, brute power and power battles in general with the energy feeling intense, and this becomes exact on 3rd March. Mars is on its exaltation degree of 27° Capricorn and Pluto is intensifying the assertive energy. Today Russia invaded Ukraine. 

The upcoming conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is the first we have had since 1856. Strangely, that is also the year that the Crimean war came to an end in February of that year after more than two years of fighting, when importantly Russia lost to an alliance of France, the Ottoman Empire, the United Kingdom and Piedmont-Sardinia. The current attack on Ukraine may be an attempt to reinstate the old Soviet empire, and of course wrestle power back from the west.

This invasion has an eerie echo to the beginning of WW2 on 1st September 1939 at 4.45am Danzig. Then the Nodes were in Taurus/Scorpio, Uranus was in Taurus as we have now and the current Mars/Pluto conjunction is activating this WW2 Mars in late Capricorn. In addition the current North Node is conjunct this WW2 Midheaven at 28° Taurus. Keep broadcasting peace from your hearts.

We also anticipated turbulence in financial markets with the Venus-Pluto conjunction, and with the Jupiter (expansion, increase) Neptune (oil and gas) conjunction building, this was likely to bring in significant inflation. This is due in part to the increase in the oil price which is now at an 8 year high over $100 (see above), and therefore the price of fuel and anything that needs to be transported – including food – will increase in price. Stock markets have fallen substantially and commodities/safe havens such as gold have jumped today (gold jumped to $1970). Venus conjunct Pluto reflects this, together with the changes in currency values and the weakening of the US dollar.

As there is also concern that China may invade Taiwan, global funds dumped the equivalent of $1.91 billion of Taiwan stocks on Thursday, the biggest one-day withdrawal in a year.

There are many agendas and narratives running with the Russia/Ukraine situation, I would just suggest that you don’t follow the one being broadcast by MSM as that is likely to be the least truthful. Keep sending out peace to this situation. Clearly being involved in any invasion is terrifying and tragic, and our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people. 

As I mentioned in my ‘Themes of 2022’ video, this year is turbulent and will go through a series of assertive waves. Mars conjunct Pluto is most certainly a strong power play, brutal, but this is likely to ease slightly as Venus and Mars enter Aquarius hand in hand on the 6th March. However on the 22nd March Mars squares Uranus exactly, another eruptive and explosive energy, like a flashpoint. Then by 5th April Mars comes to conjunct Saturn at 22° Aquarius. This can be a strongly militaristic aspect. 

Therefore we must make sure that we take the ‘high road’ with all that the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction offers us; it would be easy to slip into confusion, delusion, and more hypnosis with this. We could even see significant migration with this aspect; when we last had this conjunction in Aquarius in 2009 this occurred from warzones in the east.

On 11th May Jupiter moves into Aries, the sign of the warrior, with Mars joining it exactly by the 29th May. This again expands any assertive urge, although is great for launching something new and getting things done. 

Looking at the chart for Ukraine set at 24th August 1991 17.31 Kiev it has an IC (the land, homeland) at 13° Taurus. Uranus is at that degree all through April. This is not a stable situation on the land and can even suggest eruptive events taking place in the country. By July Uranus will be opposing Ukraine’s Pluto at 17° Scorpio, ruler of the Midheaven, which represents the government and leadership of the country. This can signify a change in the government. Mars and the North Node join Uranus in this opposition by the end of July and that is a particularly combustible time with the conjunction of Mars,Uranus and the North Node

Transiting Saturn will conjunct Ukraine’s Moon (the people) by the beginning of August and this can feel oppressive.

Both the Solar Eclipse on 30th April and the Lunar Eclipse on 8th November at 10° and 16° Taurus respectively are conjunct the IC of Ukraine at 13°. These are challenging, linking to the homeland for Ukraine. Will there be some change in ‘dominion’ of the land at either of these times?

As we are in a huge time of shift and transformation for the Earth the geomagnetics are very unstable which create instability in many areas of life. It could well be with the strong Uranus energy this year that there is a massive solar storm or coronal mass ejection that could change the whole picture, but Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, so we cannot tell when/if that might occur, but it is a strong possibility, along with more galactic contact. See below for more on this.

We are co-creators of our world, and the magnificent work of Lynne McTaggart has proven in the past that violence can be reduced through many of us coming together in meditation for peace. She is already doing this and encouraging people to join her. However even on our own and throughout our days, keep broadcasting peace and love to the world. Our energy and intention is much more powerful than we realise, and together we can change the potential of these aspects to something much less dramatic. 

28th February: We are within hours of the Pisces New Moon where the Sun and Moon are conjunct Jupiter. The symbolism here is ‘big unbounded water’ so some flooding was expected – and sadly there have been devastating floods  on the east coast of Australia, with 9 dead and many people evacuated while others were stranded on their rooftops. It is an emergency situation: see link. Let us hope this abates after the New Moon, however the building Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in April may bring more unwanted floods in some geographies.

March 2022

March is another month of very rapid and strong developments, and the energy is building strongly through the Aries Equinox on the 20th with another evolutionary wave. Try to cultivate lots of quiet time to go inwards and just be peaceful, calm, harmonious and even blissful, to allow you time to integrate such powerful new photonic energy. This is creating upgrades within our DNA and our chakra system.

The first lunation is right at the start of the month on the 2nd, when we have a New Moon at 12°06’ Pisces. This is exact at 9.35am PST and 17.35pm UK time. See where this falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for what you want to create in your life. It’s interesting to note that both Pisces and Virgo where the Full Moon falls this month are both connected to health issues traditionally. Pisces energy is also very creative especially with 7 quintiles in this chart, spiritual, and gives an urge to connect to the divine on a daily basis. It can be devotional, that you want to devote yourself to a cause greater than self. 

Here the New Moon is conjunct Jupiter at 14° Pisces, and although Neptune is at 22° so technically too far from the New Moon to consider that a conjunction, however Jupiter now is widely in conjunction with Neptune. So we will get a glimpse of what this important Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on 12th April is starting to offer us. This video I recorded specifically on the conjunction will explain much more:, but essentially it offers us a significant spiritual upgrade, the energy is fine and high-frequency, almost angelic, and linked to bliss and unconditional love, connecting to Source and oneness. Keep a note of your dreams with this, they may bring forwards high level information for you. This conjunction can also bring up issues with flooding and water in general (see above in Australia), and potentially we will have those issues potentially through to mid-May when Jupiter leaves Pisces, then in November and December once Jupiter retrogrades back into that sign briefly.

The New Moon is sextile to Uranus at 11° Taurus, and this is encouraging us to dream big (Sun and Moon conjunct Jupiter in Pisces) and see things from our Higher Minds, a higher – even galactic – perspective where we are envisaging our future. Jupiter and Uranus are both future-oriented and both linked to FREEDOM. This feels exciting and new. However this energy feels very different from other aspects happening at the same time.

Here Mercury is almost exactly conjunct Saturn (within 4’ of orb at 19° Aquarius), and this suggests repression (Saturn) of free (Aquarius) speech (Mercury). See this US document for instance:…/national-terrorism-advisory…. Venus, Mars and Pluto are all conjunct at 27° Capricorn, the degree of Mars’ exaltation, so Mars as the lower octave of Pluto is strong here, and the Sun and Moon are semi-square this triple conjunction. This feels like jackboots on gossamer . . 

Firstly, the Venus/Mars/Pluto conjunction can bring great intensity in relationship especially if this falls in your 5th or 7th houses of relationship, whether that is a new relationship that may feel very fated, or an older relationship that may be feeling very controlling. It is also exact by degree conjunct the US Pluto – the first transiting Pluto conjunct natal US Pluto became exact on 22nd February and will repeat again in July and December this year. This is likely to produce some turbulence and change either financial markets, or constitutional/political issues for the US – and this may spread to other geographies. 

This is a particularly strong conjunction as Venus is the ruler of the North Node (Taurus) and Mars is the ancient ruler of the South Node (Scorpio) and in coming together with Pluto that strengthens the themes of this transiting Nodal Axis. To remind you, Taurus is about finance, banking, wealth, currencies, the Earth, our food supplies, natural resources, agriculture, and our sense of safety and security. Scorpio is also linked to wealth, investments, loans, mortgages, debt and taxes (as Pluto is its modern ruler), secrets especially around financial and sexual crimes, and toxicity. So this triple conjunction strengthens the possibility of financial and economic change happening during March. However the US Pluto return that also suggests this is operational for the next two years, this is just the beginning of the process.

This conjunction of Mars and Pluto can often feel primal and brutal, strong control being exerted from the top down (Capricorn) and it is very obvious how this is playing out in our world. This is the last Mars-Pluto conjunction in our lifetime, as the next time they conjunct Pluto will be in Aquarius, so this makes this conjunction particularly powerful. However in many parts of the world any extra control measures are likely to be resisted as Eris at 23° Aries is square to this triple conjunction. People will continue to pushback by taking to the streets with peaceful demonstrations to demand justice and for everyone to be heard, no-one excluded. This has certainly been happening in Canada and Australia amongst other nations.

Very positively this triple conjunction in Capricorn is excellent for giving focus and willpower to set a new goal and being relentless in achieving it, so seeing where this falls in your chart can help you with planning this.

With this new Pisces energy of hope, a bigger more loving future and all of us living at a higher state of being, it can feel very positive. We are likely to feel rapid shifts of consciousness here especially as the energy is building this month towards the Aries Equinox. This is the astrological new year. However with this spiritual surge – and perhaps because of it – there is the potential at the New Moon for greater control from the top down, and perhaps greater curtailment of free speech to slow down the upgrade. These are very different energies operating at the same time. Of course if you are already living at high-frequency you may be very well insulated from this, as you are getting your information from your guides and angels and not social media.

So this strong Capricorn and Saturn energy can feel oppressive, that the powers that be are attempting to exert more control; however if we integrate all of these energies it can express as a great spiritual strength of conviction, having strong boundaries and fierce love for humanity. We can start to feel this as a revolution of love, and we are seeing this now in many countries. There is a care for others that we may not have felt to such a degree in our lives. Pisces is the sign of compassion and care for all.

One other beautiful aspect at this New Moon is that the midpoint of Jupiter at 14° and Neptune at 22° Pisces is 18° Pisces – and this is exactly where the dwarf planet Teharonhiawako sits. The archetype of Teharonhiawako is that he is an Iriquois Farmer and Creator God, who is very close to nature and the Earth. He is linked to indigenous people, their land and their ancestral practices, and was very present symbolically at the Standing Rock protests in 2016 and 2017 when the government was threatening to put an oil pipeline through their sacred lands and potentially contaminate their water supplies. Teharonhiawako is also linked to planting seeds for our future food supply, so his symbolism not only is linked to Taurus where we have the North Node but also to Eris in that he is willing to stand with the people and defend justice and for everyone to be heard, not overridden by governmental authorities.

By 5th March the Sun is exactly conjunct Jupiter at 15° Pisces and gives us a feeling of positivity and optimism for the future. However the same day the Moon is conjunct Eris and square Pluto, reactivating the clash between the street protesters and the government rules and regulations. The next day, the 6th, Venus and Mars still marching hand in hand enter 0° Aquarius, reactivating the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 2020 when this important conjunction moved from the Earth element to the Air element, beginning a whole new 800 cycle with roughly the next 200 years in the Air element. This suggests major changes in our prevailing social paradigms, moving away from ownership and territorial materialism to a much more flexible collaborative society where ideas and experiences are valued ahead of bricks and mortar or your job title. Venus and Mars are putting another exclamation mark behind this – what new relationships and social structures are we creating? This is emphasised the same day by the Moon coming to conjunct Uranus, the people demanding more freedom and equality.

Importantly, when we had the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in December 2020 at 0° Aquarius, it was the beginning of the rollout of the vaccine programme. Will the transit of Venus and Mars over this same degree bring up more information about this programme?

By the 13th March, the Sun conjuncts Neptune, giving us yet another glimpse of what the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is all about. It is potentially dreamy, creative, intuitive, and offers us an opportunity to step out of the rigours of linear time and get to an altered state where time and space do not exist. We can do that via meditation, breath work, being in nature, being lost in creative work, etc. Use your imagination to visualise a better more loving world.

Then we have the Full Moon at 27°40’ Virgo (the sixth Full Moon at 27° of its sign, and I understand that in numerology 27 represents completion) on the 18th March at 12.17am PST and 7.17pm UK time. So this continues the theme through this month on the Virgo-Pisces axis of health. Full Moons bring feelings to a head, and these could well be that in the light of the Full Moon we are clearer on the details and facts linked to health. Full Moons represent a culmination, completion or closure of some aspect of our lives so see where 27° Virgo falls in your chart, or alternatively shine a light on what we didn’t know before, and reveals some secrets. This is happening only two days before the Aries Equinox.

This Full Moon continues the build on the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction which is coming ever closer; here Jupiter is at 18° and Neptune is conjunct the Sun at 23° Pisces. This means that Neptune is at the midpoint of Jupiter and the Sun. This is highly mystical, and at this Virgo Full Moon can easily bring in some ascetic overtones, that this could be a time of purification and detoxification running into the Aries Equinox and the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction exact on 12th April. It feels important to be as pure and clean as we can in body and spirit moving into this conjunction which only happens in Pisces once every 166 years.

Mercury is the fourth planet in Pisces, so this is an extremely creative and spiritual energy here too.

Of course strong Neptune/Pisces energy can always raise the potential for not only flooding especially at a Full Moon, but also any confusion or fog, anything that spreads invisibly either in air or water – like viruses or toxicity – but let us hope that does not occur. Very positively it continues this theme into April of ‘lifting the veil’ on any deception or lies – and therefore especially with the strong Aquarius/Uranus energy described below this describes another major time of awakening for people, that the ‘veil falls from their eyes’. 

The theme of empowerment continues with the Moon at 27° Virgo in a tight trine to Pluto at 28° Capricorn. Feelings will be intense for sure around health issues, but we are moving away from any sense of victimhood and into a greater sense of our own power. Jupiter is exactly conjunct the dwarf planet Teharonhiawako described above, standing strong in our sovereignty. Virgo energy is also linked to natural medicine, finding healing from the ancient wisdom of the Earth whether that is plant or herb medicine, or even grounding – standing with bare feet on the Earth/grass provides you with the strongest antioxidants available to boost your immune system, and Virgo is an Earth sign.

The shadow side of Virgo is anxiety and worrying;  so use the North Node in Taurus to drop into stillness as often as you can, this is one of the most valuable things you can do during these months of turbulence. If we are in fear we simply will attract more things to be fearful of, and perpetuate what we don’t want.

It is also about discernment and discrimination, and with the potential fog of Jupiter/Neptune it is important that we regularly tune into our internal knowing to guide us.

Mercury at 13° Pisces is conjunct Jupiter here, and this is excellent for creative writing and poetry and generally thinking big for our futures, and making sure they have a strong spiritual component. Mercury is also tightly sextile to Uranus at 12°13’ Taurus, which can bring in some original, even genius ideas ahead of their time; downloads and insights may come in strongly now. This can bring in innovations with technology and science too. 

There is a feeling of newness, freshness and variety here that is possible for us all. 

The Aries Equinox is on 20th March at 8.33am PST and 4.33pm UK time. This is considered to be the astrological new year, and sets the tone for the next 12 months astrologically. Both Uranus and Saturn are highlighted here, emphasising the ongoing (but currently wide) square between them.

Mars and Venus at 10° and 13° Aquarius respectively are square to Uranus, suggesting a revolutionary surge for freedom, human rights and new social and political structures. The Mars-Uranus square is extremely rebellious and is also the signature for earthquakes and volcanoes, in that it is highly unstable, eruptive and even combustible energy. The Aries Equinox astrologically is like striking a gong for the next year and it will set the background tone for what unfolds. 

Saturn (20° Aquarius) is square to the Nodal Axis (25° Taurus/Scorpio), although widely. This aspect suggests the ongoing attempts by the powers that are/were to control these social eruptions. However Uranus is stronger this year not only as it is ‘co-present’ in Taurus with the North Node, but it is conjunct the Solar Eclipse on 30th April and the Lunar Eclipse on 8th November (midterm elections in the US!). Also it is the planet of the future and Saturn the planet of the past.

The revolutionary side of the Equinox is emphasised by the long-term ongoing square from Eris at 24° Aries to Pluto at 28° Capricorn. We are very familiar now with the ever-growing protests and demonstrations around the world, from people on the street to the truckers convoys in Canada and now the US against the governmental mandates. These will continue this year.

However this is a T-square, and an important one, as Pluto is more tightly square to Haumea at 29°30’ Libra, and the Moon is within minutes of Haumea at 29°53’ Libra. The Moon is a ‘singleton’ planet by hemisphere here, highlighting its importance, and it is shining a light on Haumea’s symbolism. She is linked to the goddess of fertility and is a highly creative, regenerative energy with a deep Shamanic understanding of nature and food production. So we are likely to see more green shoots of New Earth emerging. This suggests that we will become more concerned with the Earth, nature and our food supplies during this year. This may be forced by the high inflation, disrupted food supplies, and extreme Earth events, therefore food is likely to be less available than we have known it in the past. That is why I have been suggesting for the past two years to grow some of your own if you can, and get to know your neighbours and local farmers, and stock up on long-dated food. 

Similar to the New Moon in Pisces, Neptune is at the midpoint of the Sun and Jupiter and these three planets in combination are the signature of the mystic. With three planets still in Pisces, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune, this creative spiritual energy will continue to be a major part of building New Earth moving forwards.

By the 31st March we have both the Sun and Moon tightly conjunct Chiron at 12° Aries. This is the Aries New Moon, but it is happening so late at 11.24pm PST and the next day for most geographies that I will leave it until the next newsletter to cover in detail. However just to say that a lot of healing needs to happen this year, and this aspect should help us.

It is apparent to many of us that two clear timelines are forming. One timeline is the dystopian, AI, technocratic and totalitarian route, and is very obvious to see. The other timeline is much less visible, but is being formed by the heart energy and love of millions of people around the planet who are coming together in joy and sharing to create New Earth. They are not focused on all that is wrong with our world, that will naturally dissolve with the high frequency energy pouring in, but what they can create through their sharing and collaboration. They are forming working groups on home schooling, growing food, natural medicine etc and forming embryonic new social structures where everyone is respected and heard, and everyone makes a unique contribution. This is very exciting and positive.

I listened to a cosmologist last week who was saying that because of the drop in the Sun and Earth’s magnetic shield and the buffer of the ‘local cloud’ that I have talked about many times, many more coronal mass ejections are reaching Earth now. For instance in 2018 there were 26 CMEs from the Sun. In 2020 there were over 100, and for 2022 as many as 1,000 may occur, plus many more M-class and X-class solar storms. Any one of these could take out power grids etc if they are Earth-facing when they erupt. However, as they all contain high-frequency energy with new information that they are bringing to Earth they may ‘burn off’ all the dark lower frequency energy in moments, and change the whole picture for humanity in the blink of an eye. If this happens, several channellers say that we may not even have a memory of what has gone before in our lifetimes up to now.

This photonic light is activating our DNA and pineal gland and expanding our heart energy. We will become much more aware of our lives being created from our heart energy in a way that we have never done before, and that will be beautiful. Stop watching the mainstream news, stop dropping into fear and energising the beast that you don’t want, and become a beacon of light for others.

We are in huge times of transformation. Trust the physics of light that is unstoppable.

Blessings to you all.

‘Love is the very source of creation, the very threads of creation, the magic is fuelled by the love.’

Channelled by Zac,  an aspect of the 

  Ascended Master Djwal Khul

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I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon, as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 17°Aquarius – 8° Aries
Venus – 25° Capricorn – 24° Aquarius

Mars – 26° Capricorn – 18° Aquarius
 Jupiter – 13°- 21° Pisces 

Saturn – 18°- 21° Aquarius

Uranus – 11°- 12° Taurus 

Neptune – 22° – 23° Pisces

Pluto – 27° – 28° Capricorn all month

North Node, always retrograde – 25°-23° Taurus 

Chiron – 10° Aries 

Chariklo – 7° Aquarius