See through the Eyes of your Heart

Welcome to the June newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for May: I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record.
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May Review

May 3rd: May, 2022 New Pfizer Documents Released – Part 1:
The next batch of Pfizer vaccine documents from the FDA has been produced (90,702 pages), available at Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency. This month’s release includes 80,000 pages … In my last newsletter and update video I discussed that this month would have many revelations and disclosures, and here we go. On May 6th, it was reported that the Vice President of Pfizer was arrested on charges of fraud: see link.

May 5th: An enzyme has been discovered that can break down plastic in a week: see link, reflecting Uranus (new discoveries) in Taurus.

May 9th: The upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse at 25°17’ Scorpio is within 17’ of the Queen’s Midheaven and chart ruler, Saturn, as I mentioned in the last newsletter. This is likely to impact (eclipse) her visibility in the world, and now it has been announced that she will not be making the Queen’s speech to open Parliament. This is the first time in 59 years this has happened: see link. Remember that the energy of powerful Eclipses runs for another 6 months.

May 10th: As Jupiter enters Aries, the sign of primal fire, together with the intensity of the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse on the 15th-16th, people in Sri Lanka are rebelling against their government. Overnight they have set fire to the homes of senior politicians as protest against the food and fuel shortages and rapidly rising inflation, which was signalled by the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction: see link. As always, these links may have been deleted by the time you attempt to view them.

May 12th: Interesting article about the trucker protest in Ottawa Canada which the government had ruled as illegal. A constitutional lawyer says that is not the case, and there are many lawsuits currently suing the government on this issue: see link. This reflects not only Saturn square Uranus, freedom of the individual vs the government, but also Eris in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn, individual rights and freedoms vs top-down governmental control.

May 13th: As we enter the Total Lunar Eclipse SuperMoon which is exact on the 15th-16th May, as it is in Scorpio, we expected some turbulence around money, investments, wealth and currencies at this time. Uranus (digital) in Taurus (currencies, wealth) tends to highlight crypto currencies. Today the crypto market lost $1.5 trillion, and currencies such as Terra Luna lost 99% of their value. This was an extremely tough day for many crypto investors, with some losing their life savings: see link.

May 15th: The extraordinary level of Coronal Mass Ejections, M and X class flares continues. Today at 5.08pm PST an M-class flare measuring 2.28 caused radio blackouts across the Pacific. These will continue through this year and beyond. M-class flares are 10 times stronger than C-class, and X-class flares are 10 times stronger than M-class, so it is an exponential scale. This year we often have more of these in 24 hours than we had in total in 2018. They bring in new information to activate our DNA and we are getting a much highest level of electromagnetic energy through our hearts too, to expand this vital organ of information and love.

May 17th: At the Solar Eclipse on April 30th, the Eclipse was conjunct Uranus. At the Total Lunar Eclipse exact yesterday, Uranus was also highlighted as I mentioned in the video as it is hard aspect (semi-square) to the World Axis. With both of these Eclipses, surprises and disclosure, even ‘galactic’ news are possible.

Today several US contacts have written to me as it appears to be big news there, that the past 50 years of sightings of ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ are currently being released in a Congressional Hearing by top security personnel of the Department of Defence. They are not saying that these are evidence of life from elsewhere, but that they may be a potential ‘national security threat’. This release therefore fulfils a lot of the symbolism, but just be aware of the set-up of another ‘really big scary thing’ here . . . . do I smell a large rat? You betcha!: Not that I don’t believe that other galactic beings are all around us, with Earth a tiny speck in one galaxy in the cosmos it would be arrogant to think otherwise, my issue is with the language of ‘threat’, as many of these beings are here to support us in this ascension. The whole galaxy is going through its ascension and the Earth is pivotal in that.

May 18th: Certain large supermarkets are trialling payments with facial recognition or fingerprints rather than cash or card payments: see link. This reflects Uranus (digital) in Taurus (money, financial systems, and the human body!). Be aware of the direction of travel here and make your own decisions as to whether this is a good idea.

May 20th: We expected some possible galactic news during this period and here we have an article discussing that the measurements show that our universe is expanding faster than expected, and separate to this we also know that the magnetic North Pole is accelerating in its movement towards Siberia. Such is the increased pace of this that GPS systems are having to be updated more often: see link.

May 24th: With Mars just entering its own warrior sign of Aries tomorrow, and Mars is also ‘out-of-bounds’, aggression is likely to run higher. Today the Hungarian Parliament decided with the increased risk of war with Russia that they should assume emergency powers: see link.

May 25th: As Mars comes to the World Axis and tips into Aries, we have two very aggressive incidents. Firstly, North Korea launched 3 ballistic missiles as President Biden was leaving Asia: see link. Secondly there was a terrible shooting in Texas when 19 children and two teachers were tragically killed: see link. Out-of-bounds Mars together with the Moon were in warrior Aries and exactly on the MC to the minute in Uvalde Texas when the shootings occurred. These are very negative expressions of warrior Mars energy, brought onto the public stage on the World Axis. A much better expression is to use our own courage and daring.

May 27th: There has been a very large 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Puno, Peru today. I mentioned in my last video that Uranus=World Axis right now, and is in semi-square to Jupiter which expands that potentially eruptive earthquake energy. In addition, Mars is now conjunct Jupiter, building to exactitude on Sunday, and we are still well within the Eclipse energy where seismic activity is more likely.

May 27th: To me, this represents the shadow side of Aquarian energy. Don’t sleepwalk into it: see link. This is Mastercard launching its biometric face recognition payment system. Soon in supermarkets you will not be able to pay with cash or credit card, it will be done on facial recognition. Shadow side of Aquarian energy=control by technology. BE AWARE.

June 2022

June continues to be a very strong month energetically as we are still under the influence of the Eclipses, particularly the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 16th. The lunations in June are powerful too, as you shall see, and we have the Cancer Solstice on the 21st.

We begin the month with Jupiter in Aries where it will stay until October 28th, now Mars has joined that sign and on May 29th they became conjunct at 3° Aries and remain conjunct for the first week of June. Mars in its own sign will energise the expansive vision of Jupiter, and also increase the desire for freedom and truth. Jupiter’s position is an echo of late 2010 and early 2011 – what was happening in your life then and what is repeating now in that same area of life? This can inspire you to a new episode in life.

Mars conjunct Jupiter not only energises the expansive future vision of Jupiter, so keep visualising what you want to manifest in your life, but also is an excellent aspect for fighting for causes that are meaningful to us. It almost has a sense of ‘crusading’ especially around issues of freedom and truth. Of note, Mars went ‘out-of-bounds’ on April 19th and will remain there until October 22nd 2022. When a planet is ‘out-of-bounds’ it means that it is orbiting beyond the normal 23° north or south of the Ecliptic, and can take on a stronger, more out of control feeling with the planet’s symbolism – and it is in its own warrior sign of Aries. This potentially can either be warlike, or lead to a greater sense of your own power, courage and daring, being the pioneer that you can step into, in this new episode in your life with both planets recently entering the first sign of the zodiac. For Jupiter remember this only happens once every 12 years, so is very significant.

Uranus is moving forwards onto new degrees of 16° and 17° Taurus where it has not been for around 84 years, the length of its orbit. Which house does this fall in for you, and particularly are those degrees coming into conjunction, square or opposition with natal planets or angles? Uranus demands radical change, shaking up the old stale routines and propelling you into new territory.

Mercury moves stationary direct at 26°05’ Taurus on June 3rd, exactly conjunct the Fixed star Algol within 5’ as Algol is at 26°10’. So issues around leaders of some countries ‘losing their heads’ or their positions of power is indicated here. This has recently occurred in Australia as on May 21st Scott Morrison was voted out, but also in Sri Lanka where there has been a full-blown revolution to remove the government, forced by shortages of food and fuel. Of course this is not covered in MSM. The people there could bear it no longer and have rebelled.

On the positive side, Mercury moving direct could help you to become clearer on any plans that you have been mulling over during the retrograde phase in May.

On June 4th, Saturn moves stationary retrograde at 25° Aquarius, tracking back to 18° by October 23rd when it turns stationary direct. Those stationary days may see more attempted rules, regulations or control on our lives. As Saturn moves retrograde it will be moving back into the square with Uranus that will become exact by degree again at 18° in October. This square dominated 2021, and we will feel this struggle between control and freedom, the past and the future, even more strongly in the coming months. This is all part of the collapse signalled by the bigger cycle of Pluto moving through the last two degrees of Capricorn that I have talked so much about.

With Saturn’s move retrograde which is always a time to turn inwards, think deeply about your own boundaries and standards, which social rules (Saturn in Aquarius) seem correct and moral to you and have integrity and which don’t. What rules if any do you want to apply to your own life going forwards? Those based on integrity and accountability, but not rigid diktats? You may also be pondering the nature of how control operates in society, and even the social structures themselves. This is all part of us stepping into our sovereignty in a bigger way for the future.

On the 7th, Mars will be in a semi-square to Saturn, and as Mars is in Aries this may feel particularly frustrating as Mars in this primal Fire sign wants to go-go-go and Saturn puts the breaks on and says ‘caution, slow down, for your safety . . ‘ so we may feel that delays or obstacles are appearing to block our goals. This is a militaristic aspect too, suggesting a lot of control. However, it is very productive to move forwards carefully and planning for the long term so we can integrate these two principles rather than experience them as clashing.

Venus is very happy in its own sign of rulership and will conjunct Uranus on the 11th at 16° Taurus. If this falls in one of your relationship houses of the 5th or 7th this can bring either a sudden new romance into your life or the desire for freedom and variety within your current relationship. It can also bring volatility in currency and stock markets, as Venus has the associations of money/wealth/currencies and so does Taurus, as Venus rules this sign.

We may see some new developments in digital currencies and processes as Venus and Uranus are both conjunct the North Node at 20° Taurus, our future collective destiny.

Then we have a Full Moon at 23°25’ Sagittarius on June 14th at 4.51am PST and 12.51pm UK time. Full Moons are excellent times to release anything that no longer serves us, and also reveal secrets under the bright light of the Full Moon – especially as this is a SuperMoon, so the Moon is very close to the Earth in its orbit and will have a strong pull on the tides but also on our psyches. With Sagittarius, themes of freedom, truth and justice are likely to be strongly expressed, and this is a visionary, future-oriented Full Moon.

SuperMoons occur when the Moon is at one of its closest points in its orbit to the Earth, and therefore it has a very strong gravitational pull on the tides and tectonic plates, and on our psyches. We may see some seismic or extreme Earth events around this time. By astrocartography, this SuperMoon is angular through western North America, Mexico, western Europe and Africa and China. Some of these geographies may be highlighted at this time.

One of the strongest aspects here is that Neptune at 25° Pisces forms a T-square to the Sun and Moon. This can express as the see-saw between truth and non-truth (Neptune=deception), but at a higher level of expression this can bring a yearning quality for a more perfect reality, bringing something more spiritual and inspired into our consciousness. The combination of Sagittarius and Pisces can be a soaring idealism for a better world, way above the grim reality of 3D existence. It is wonderful for starting to integrate the spiritual on a daily basis into your normal waking life.

It can also bring any deception into the light, reinforced by Pluto still drilling down at 28° Capricorn. The T-square of Neptune to the Sun and Moon gives us the sense that we can move ahead in quantum leaps to something better.

One aspect worth bringing to light is that Black Moon Lilith is on the World Axis at 1° Cancer. Cancer is the sign of motherhood. In the early days of the month and continuing at this Full Moon, Jupiter, the ruler of the Full Moon, is square to BML, bringing this into prominence. Black Moon Lilith has a very dark side to her symbolism.

In the original Jewish myth she was the first wife of Adam but refused to ‘submit’ to him, and as a result was thrown out of heaven, according to the myth. She is even referred to as the mother of demons who slayed children. She is reminiscent of Kali in Indian myth, wild, instinctive, natural and uncompromising, representing our deepest darkest secrets and emotions. Particularly as she is in Cancer and on the World Axis, this symbolism is what is playing out in the US at the moment with the abortion debate and the Roe vs Wade ruling by the Supreme Court. Indeed, her symbolism goes deep into all things connected with babies here . . . her punishment for not returning to the Garden of Eden and submitting to Adam was that she had to witness many of her children being killed, and her revenge with that was to attack pregnant women, often resulting in stillbirth. I hope many of you are following my meaning here. The Full Moon is opposing US Mars at 21° Gemini, ruling the 5th house of children.

On the positive side, Black Moon Lilith is most certainly connected to a fierce feminine independence who will uncompromisingly step into her power, and will not submit to any dominance of the masculine in the way it has expressed in our society. There is a need to reveal and purge the darkness of the past, however unsavoury it may be.

In addition Eris at 25° Aries is becoming more prominent here, squaring Pluto more tightly as it retrogrades back to 28° Capricorn, but Eris is also in trine to the Moon (the people) at 23° Sagittarius. This brings up stronger demands of honesty and accountability by the people, and revealing any further corruption in top-down structures.

Sagittarius as we have said is the sign of freedom, truth and justice. The Moon is conjunct the Galactic Centre here at 26° Sagittarius, suggesting something that is very powerful in our evolution is occurring now, and to be mindful of what we are creating. This actually is a triple conjunction as the Moon is tightly conjunct the dwarf planet Varda at 25° Sagittarius, the wife of Manwe in myth.

She is known as the Star Lady as it is said that she set the Sun and Moon and stars in the heavens and set them on their course. Together with Manwe they created the universe. So it is incredibly powerful that Manwe is also on the World Axis, the first degree of the zodiac at 1° Aries. This strongly suggests again the pivot-point, the tipping point we are living through of the old dark secrets coming to light during this Full Moon, but also a powerful surge towards creation and world renewal. Which end of the stick will you focus on, the end that is collapsing or the end that is birthing something beautiful? Together with Neptune in the T-square to the Sun and Moon, there is as fine energy of perception and creation to bring forwards something much more spiritual for our next episode on Earth.

It’s becoming increasingly hard to straddle the old mainstream world and the New Earth as they are diverging by the day. Personally, the mainstream seems more and more distant. I haven’t watched television or heard a moment of regular news for well over two years now and as a result with that single act my frequency has jumped. Just concentrate on what you want to create in your world and let the rest go, just fall away. People, relationships, circumstances that no longer reflect who you are becoming will simply slow you down in what can be a time of many upshifts in your consciousness. Bless them all and move on.

I’ve often spoken about the simple act of imagining that you are breathing in and out through your heart as if it were your lungs. This slows and deepens your breathing, and if you can just have a momentary pause particularly at the end of the exhale, and extend that just a little each time, you will drop further and further into bliss. If you can feel love, gratitude or appreciation for anyone or anything it will strengthen this sense of bliss further. All for free, no cost or course needed. This brings every cell in your body into coherence, which is a very healthy state to be in. However as well as seeing your heart as your lungs, can you also see it as your eyes? Can you start to see everything and everyone in your life through the eyes of your heart? Can you imagine how the dynamics of all relationships would change if we could do that, as well as how this can help us raise our consciousness? It is a wonderful heart-centred way to live.

We then have a very important Cancer Solstice on June 21st, and remember that the veils are always thinner at Equinoxes and Solstices to allow us to receive more high level information. This is when the solar winds form cracks in the Earth’s magnetic field. They are wonderful times to meditate. I’d like to bring in some of the Kuiper Belt objects at this time, as the aspects are powerful.

We have a quadruple conjunction in Aries, with Manwe at 1°34’ conjunct the Moon at 3°05’, conjunct Jupiter at 6°31’, which is conjunct Salacia, mermaid energy and representing how we create with photonics light at 8°35’ Aries. This is an incredibly powerful grouping, especially in the first sign of the zodiac with Manwe representing world renewal on the Aries Point. Jupiter conjunct both this and the Moon gives a wonderful feeling of hope, optimism for the future and expansion.

This group is square to Quaoar at 6°29’ and Ixion at 2° of Capricorn. Quaoar is associated with creating through joy, and Ixion at the highest levels of expression is about finding your bliss (although at the lower levels is the immoral and lawless brother of Pluto so we may see some of that coming to light at this time). They are both opposing the Sun at 0° Cancer which is conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 7° Cancer, conjunct the US Jupiter at 6° Cancer, and Jupiter is their chart ruler (Sagittarius Ascendant for the chart set for 4th July 1776 17.10 Philadelphia), which continues the themes around motherhood and children that I have discussed earlier in this newsletter. At the fourth corner of this Cardinal Grand Cross we have MakeMake at 6°49’ Libra, linked to regeneration of the Earth and nature after pandemics and ecological devastation. These themes are all very clear, and again reinforce this idea of the tipping point from the old dark world of destruction, control and toxicity to the life force of New Earth. These new archetypes hold such promise for that.

With regard to our ‘regular’ planets, they suggest an emotional time. The Sun in the sensitive Water sign of Cancer is squared by Jupiter, and Jupiter is conjunct the Moon in Aries. Jupiter expands whatever it aspects, so this suggests a lot of feeling at this time which may be hopeful, optimistic and even inspiring for some, but with the potential for some anger by the people with the Moon in Aries. Pluto is exactly trine to Venus at 28° Capricorn/Taurus and whenever they are in aspect it brings emotional intensity to the fore. This may be about relationship issues with Venus involved, but it could also be around financial issues with Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn is linked to big business and banking too.

Uranus is getting closer to the North Node, they are at 17° and 21° respectively, and this conjunction becomes exact in late July/early August when Mars will join the party too. This strongly suggests some major digital developments at this time, and/or something seismic or politically/financially eruptive and shocking. This will be a very hot period. It can also suggest some new technology being available to the public which is highly beneficial for us, and this is beginning already with various healing devices based on light and frequency.

Jupiter is in an exact sextile to Mercury which suggests some very positive expansive ideas for our future, feeding into the Kuiper Belt Object configurations described above.

On the 24th, the Moon conjuncts Uranus making us feel rebellious or more demanding around issues of freedom, and then on the 27th June Mars comes to conjunct Eris at 25° Aries. This is a combustible, hot, impulsive duo and anger may break out, especially as the long-term square from Pluto at 28° Capricorn is making these issues more intense. The issues are likely to be around people not being heard in society, the protracted elitism. However, there may also be some confusion as by the 28th Neptune becomes stationary retrograde at 25°26’ Pisces, and these stations are always felt for several days to either side. It may raise any issues of deception more strongly, or any problems around drugs or toxicity, or water. Positively, this strong Neptune energy may continue the urges from the early part of the month, the yearning for a more perfect spiritual existence, where we feel in touch with Oneness and Source on a daily basis.

The New Moon also happens on the 28th at 7.52pm PST and 3.52am UK time, at 7°22’ Cancer. Again, continuing the theme earlier in the month especially around the Full SuperMoon, the Sun and Moon are very tightly conjunct Black Moon Lilith at 8° Cancer, and all three of them are conjunct the US ruling plant of Jupiter at 6° Cancer as mentioned above. So in some way this New Moon in the sensitive sign of motherhood is again, as at the Full SuperMoon, bringing the US into the picture. Jupiter within the New Moon chart continue to square the Sun, Moon and BML.

Black Moon Lilith is naturally linked to motherhood and gestation as she spends 9 months in each sign. Therefore we are likely to see a lot of emotion around this time that is linked to either children, any continuing abortion debate in the US, but also any sense of our own vulnerability. We may have a strong need to hunker down and be with our loved ones at this time.

As Pluto is now retrograding, it is only minutes away from another exact conjunction to ‘natal’ US Pluto at 27°32’ Capricorn and this will happen in July. The final exact conjunction with be in December. This is a massive spiritual revolution and transformation for the US, as Pluto has a 246-8 year orbit and this is the first time it has come back to its ‘natal’ place since 1776. Watch what themes are coming up at this time, what form will this transformation take? I have a strong sense that it will operate on several levels: economic (as US Pluto is in the 2nd house of the US chart=economy), their values (also 2nd house, what defines the US now?), constitutional (Capricorn) and therefore even geographic – which states will make up the US in the future, as there is already some talk of succession by some states and of course in 1776 the US had come together in its current form, and this is now being reviewed at least astrologically.

Always remember at a New Moon that this is the perfect time to set a new intention for whatever you want to manifest in your life, conditioned by the house area where 7°22’ Cancer falls.

On June 30th we close out the month with the Moon in a T-square to Mars at 25° Aries and opposing Pluto at 27° Capricorn. We could see some anger or brute force appearing either on the public stage or in our own lives, so remember to take a breath and step back from any angry situation.

We will continue to see a great deal of drama and colour in our 3D world. New ‘really big scary things’ may come thick and fast to make sure we stay in fear. Stay on your Eagles’ perch and observe. How real and true do they seem to you? Start to use your discernment and intuition with all of these. As always, try to reduce your focus and attention on on fearful things or anything that reduces your frequency – and check in regularly to see ‘is this reducing or increasing my frequency? Is it making me feel better or worse?’

If you engage negatively emotionally with the fearful things, you are literally feeding that narrative with your energy. We need to starve out the scary and love in the good, energetically. This is very important, even though it all seems invisible, because of the effect it has on plasma. I will be discussing plasma in more detail in future.

I would strongly suggest that you focus on creating, creating, creating a more beautiful world. Every day what can you do to help someone else, or the Earth? Make that a form of spiritual practice. Part of our mastery is being aware enough of our thoughts that we can withdraw attention immediately from subjects and turn it to something more uplifting. Could the Golden Age that has been so long prophesied actually be the mastery of our thoughts and our consciousness, so we can start to manifest powerfully in the world? Is that the real gold?

I was inspired this week to film a short 6 minute video on ‘See through the Eyes of your Heart’, and I hope you enjoy it. If we could all do this, our world would change very rapidly indeed:

2022 will continue to move in white-water rafting peaks which we can either plunge into, or rise above as if we were flying in a silent drone, observing, as if it were all a movie. The more you can distance yourself from the rough and tumble of the 3D drama the happier you are likely to be. To me, mainstream society continues to drift further and further away as my relentless focus is on creating New Earth, and coming together with others who want to do the same.

Blessings to you all.

“You are moving through space and time in the cosmos in a way where you are open to the photonic light and other that  I have spoken of, in a way that has not been present upon your planet for thousands upon thousands of years. Now, we can activate!”

Zac, aspect of the Ascended Master Dhwal Khul

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I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon, as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart:

Mercury, retrograde until the 3rd – 26°
Taurus – 21° GeminiVenus – 4° Taurus – 8° Gemini
Mars – 5° – 26° Aries
Jupiter – 3° – 7° Aries
Saturn – 25° Aquarius, retrograde on the 4th
Uranus – 16° – 17° Taurus
Neptune – 25° Pisces, retrograde on the 28th
Pluto – 28° – 27° Capricorn, retrograde North Node, always retrograde – 22° – 21° Taurus
Chiron – 15° Aries
Chariklo – 8° Aquarius