Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

Welcome to the May 2023 newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for April.

However, I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record.

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April Review

April 3rd: Papua New Guinea has just been hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. This is exactly in the path of totality at the Solar Eclipse on 19th/20th April and we are already within that energy. Pray no casualties: see link.

April 6th: The day before the Full Moon in Libra where the ruling planet Venus is conjunct the Fixed Star Algol, the German Chancellor is being investigated for tax fraud: see link. Not only that but the husband of Nicola Sturgeon (who has up to recently been First Minister of Scotland) has been arrested in connection with an investigation in the funding and finances of the Scottish National Party: see link. Remember all I have been saying about corruption in high places coming to light during 2023 and 2024.

Algol in myth is about people in senior positions ‘losing their heads’ or being decapitated, ie losing power.

April, no set date: A follower sent me this wonderful website of the Blue Economy which is very inspiring and in line with all I have been sharing about New Earth. It feels visionary, so please enjoy: see link.

April 13th: We are in Solar Cycle 25, which was estimated to hit its peak in 2025. However a re-evaluation of this has just been published and it seems that the peak will be now much earlier, between late 2023 and mid-2024. This is correlating with the repeated ingresses into Aquarius by Pluto (and then retrograding back to late Capricorn). As electromagnetic beings we are greatly influenced by our electromagnetic environment, and Solar Cycle 25 is shaping up to be twice as strong as the previous one. All of this is supporting our rapid evolution as humanity: see link. The rising solar flares are ingredients and accelerants of our evolution.

April, no set date: A follower has sent me the website of ‘Rights of Nature’, a movement principally based around North Carolina that is endeavouring to establish nature as a legal entity: see link. Wonderful, and another sign of New Earth and our remembered reverence for nature.

April 14th: US media CNBC reports that: “An embarrassing leak of highly classified Pentagon documents has endangered intelligence methods, exposed American strategy, and undermined trust among U.S. allies… The trove of classified documents, which first appeared on the Discord social media site last month, revealed stunning details about U.S. spying on Russia’s war efforts in Ukraine and secret information about Ukraine’s combat power, according to NBC News reporting. –Natasha Turak and Dan Murphy, “America’s Allies ‘Can’t Trust Us’ after ‘Disaster’ Intelligence Leak, Former Intel Officers Say.” Secrets coming to light exposing any lack of integrity will continue as a strong theme all of this year, and particularly strongly through this Eclipse season.

April 15th: Today the Sun is conjunct Eris, the fiesty sister of Mars representing warrior energy, who demands justice and equality for all. She is known as a ‘truth teller’ and people who have Sun-Eris conjunctions in their birthcharts have to live a life of telling the truth. They cannot tolerate injustice, social exclusion, and hidden agendas. Therefore it’s interesting today that US Attorney Todd Callender is reporting that a Swiss citizen Pascal Najadi has persuaded the Swiss Attorney General to prosecute the Swiss President and Swiss Minister of Health for ‘abuse of process’. As Mr Callender says, ‘this is a big deal’. At the Solar Eclipse Jupiter planet of justice is tightly conjunct Eris, opening up truths further potentially, and this conjunction becomes exact on April 23rd.

April 17th: The British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is being investigated by the Parliamentary Standards Committee for failing to disclose his wife’s shares in a childcare agency that would have benefitted from the government’s policies on this: see link. This is another very clear example of alleged corruption in high places coming to light, especially around financial matters as we enter the Eclipse season where the Solar Eclipse in Aries is squared by Pluto. Pluto is linked to big money and secrets and has also recently moved into Aquarius, the sign of truth.

April 19th: The chart for Australia is set for January 1st 1901, 1.35pm Sydney, giving this chart an Ascendant of 29° Aries, exactly where the Solar Eclipse falls today. Today also the decision making powers of the Australian Federal Reserve were removed, and in the chart we have transiting Uranus coming to conjunct the Moon, the people, suggesting that they may not be pleased about this decision. There is likely to be some financial change globally during this Eclipse period as I have outlined. Eclipses represent turning points in our lives that can come about very quickly.

April 19th: Today right on the Solar Eclipse there was 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Papua New Guinea, exactly where the path of the Eclipse falls. There was also one in Christchurch New Zealand, under the path of this Eclipse too. Prayers for all concerned.

April : A clear example of Saturn in Pisces: see link. This is about a potential ruling in the Northern Territories, Australia, to issue ‘water licences’ – an exact translation of the symbolism of Saturn (licences) in Pisces (water) but without pubic consultation.

April 20th: On the day of the Aries Solar Eclipse 29º50’ Aries, the critical degree when the energy of the sign can be expressed in a less positive way, Is SpaceX’s Starship explosion an Omen? “The most powerful rocket ever built, took off from a launchpad in South Texas at 9:33 a.m. ET Thursday [April 20, 2023] but exploded mid air before stage separation.” (quote credit : CNN).

No set date, but I feel it would be helpful for many of you if I shared the work of Qadir, who is doing wonderful energy work for humanity and the Earth. This 19 minute video explains some of this: see link: Passcode: Fq^sD!Y0. His e-mail is [email protected] if you would like to get involved.

April 30th: It has been announced that in May Zimbabwe will be launching a digital currency backed by gold. We have the Lunar Eclipse on the 5th May with the Sun conjunct Uranus (digital) in Taurus (currency) and Taurus is linked to gold: see link.

May 2023

May is another power-packed month astrologically. We will continue to be in the energy of the Total Solar Eclipse of April 20th for the rest of this year and even through 2024 as Pluto will continue to trigger this Eclipse degree of 29°50’ Aries by square. So the social, political and economic transformation that this ignites will be fundamental and profound. Added to that we have a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio this month that will add more intensity and complexity to the mix, which I will discuss below.

We begin the month with Pluto moving stationary retrograde on the very first day, May 1st. We will feel this for several days before and after the 1st. It does this at 0°21’ Aquarius, so if you have any planets or angles between 28° of the Cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn or 3° of the Fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, you may feel this intensity. It is linked to issues of power either personally or out in the world. We may see power being asserted on the world stage, ‘might makes right’, and with Jupiter in Aries in an out-of-sign square to Pluto, there is potential for this to be expanded. So consider how you have used power in your life; have you given it away, have you abused your power? Or do you feel that you have now developed a quiet, inner but very strong sense of anchor and centre so are much harder to knock off balance? This brings with it an inner serenity and peace too.

If you have planets or angles around those degrees, know that Pluto will repeatedly be crossing these by direct and retrograde motion until the end of 2024, so you are in a process of empowerment. Initially Pluto transits can feel incredibly intense and often disempowering, but ultimately through the process you step into a stronger sense of your own power. This is linked to the myth of Persephone. She was kidnapped, taken down to Hades and had to cross the Styx which was very dark and scary, but then ultimately came back up to the light as a stronger, wiser, deeper version of herself. This is the message of these transits. Often we are faced with an issue that has its roots in childhood but will keep repeating until we change the habit pattern around power issues. Often this plays out in the relationship arena.

Anger issues and feeling impulsive and emotionally reactive may be strong in the first few days of the month as Mars remains out-of-bounds until the 5th, the day of the Lunar Eclipse.

Eclipses operate powerfully a little like Uranus transits. They can be wild cards, bringing endings and new beginnings into your life, but importantly jumping you back onto your most aligned path of destiny if you have strayed from it.

The Lunar Eclipse at 14°58’ Scorpio is on 5th May at 10.33am PST and 6.33pm UK time. This is a ‘penumbral’ Eclipse, meaning that the Earth blocks out some of the Sun’s light from the Moon, and this one will last just over 4 hours. The Eclipse path falls across large geographic areas of Africa, Antarctica, Russia, Eastern Europe and Asia, Australia, New Zealand, part of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. Some of these areas over the next six months are likely to come to prominence in the news. As set out in last month’s newsletter, the path of the Total Solar Eclipse on April 20th also falls across Australia, Eastern Indonesia and East Timor.

For an Eclipse to occur the Moon has to be close to the North Node or the South Node. Here is it close to the South Node, our collective past and what we are leaving behind or shedding. It is a big Full Moon, the peak of the Moon’s cycle, also representing an ending. So this is a very clear message at this time that this is about a completion, culmination, closure or ending of some kind for you, see where 14°58’ Scorpio falls in your chart. It is very commonly a time when secrets come to light.

This is even more the case here as Scorpio is the sign linked to secrets, often underhand, underground or even criminal. Taurus/Scorpio represents the financial axis with Scorpio being big money, invested money, secret money, loans, mortgages and also debts, defaults and deficits. All of these areas potentially may come to light at this time. I expect financial turbulence of some kind around the time of this Eclipse and during May, especially while the Nodal Axis remains in the financial axis of Taurus/Scorpio. It moves from these signs on July 18th into Aries and Libra.

I never know quite what form any turbulence will take, but it may be sensible to have some cash at home, which you could always spend later anyway.

This turbulence is also signalled by the Sun as part of the Full Moon being tightly conjunct Uranus in Taurus at 14°58’ and 18°41’ respectively. Uranus is a sudden, shocking, erratic energy that can bring fast radical change to a situation, as well as uncovering truths. Of course, as the Sun and Moon are always opposite each other at a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is therefore opposing Uranus. This could be quite a dramatic time for many people.

Adding to the financial theme, Jupiter is in a out-of-sign square to Pluto at 0° Aquarius. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and when this occurs in an individual birthchart it often suggests wealth in the lifetime. However, Pluto is also linked to debt, default, deficits and taxes, and Jupiter may well be expanding those issues at this time. It also has the effect of expanding the powerful T-square between Pluto and the Nodal Axis which is very strong here. This T-square is operational until November but strongest from now until mid-July (when the Nodes change signs) and is a strong message of fundamental social and political structural change being ignited now.

Any Uranus-Moon hard aspect can suggest shocking truths coming out to the people (Moon) but also that people are feeling rebellious and even revolutionary. Check out what is happening all across France right now. The rebellious flavour is emphasised by Jupiter being in close conjunction to Eris at 27° and 24° Aries respectively, the sign of the warrior. This is very much about fighting for your beliefs and for justice for all. Uranus is also linked to freedom and truth.

I do feel that some other system is already being set up, so even if we experience some chaos over the short term something else will gradually emerge. I’m not speaking here about CBDCs, as the impulse for Uranus is always decentralisation not centralisation, however there may well be attempts to introduce CBDCs (Central Bank digital currencies) around this time, running into June. My personal view is that these will not fully succeed.

Emotionally, Scorpio is complex. Lunar Eclipses which are big Full Moons shine a light on what is already there but has not yet been processed emotionally – until now. It can also bring up strong emotions around intimacy in relationships. See which house this falls in your chart and also if you have any planets or angles between 12° and 17° of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

Neptune at 26° Pisces is square to Venus at 27° Gemini, and this can be inspirational for any creative endeavour, whether aesthetic or word-based. Use this opportunity well. Neptune is also trine to Mars at 21° Cancer, and suggests that we shift our focus from the material to the spiritual and put energy into that, whether that is meditation, breathwork, tai chi, yoga, etc; a literal translation of the symbolism is ‘spiritual action’. We may see issues around motherhood and defence of children coming to light here too in some way as Cancer is linked to those.

This is not the last Eclipse in the Taurus/Scorpio season as we have another Lunar Eclipse at 5° Taurus on October 28th this year. However, this one in May is particularly powerful because of the tight involvement of Uranus in this Eclipse and also as the Nodal Axis is still in Taurus/Scorpio until mid-July.

In addition for our financial theme I happened to find the chart for the Wall Street Crash on October 29th 1929 at 17.32 New York. The Midheaven in this chart is at 29°36’ Capricorn, which Pluto will be criss-crossing another 5 times during 2023 and 2024. I see Capricorn as the sign most linked to capitalism, and I also therefore see Pluto’s final exit of this sign in November 2024 as a move away from this financial structure to something more equitable. In addition in this chart the Ascendant is at 20°15’ Taurus. Transiting Uranus will be conjunct this by late May and will hover around this degree until April 2024. Transiting Mars will be conjunct the IC of this chart (although it does that every two years roughly) on May 19th and 20th, the same day as the New Moon in Taurus (see below). The Nodal Axis in this chart is also in Taurus and Scorpio with the North Node in Taurus as we have now.

Of note, transiting Uranus was last conjunct the Ascendant of this chart from June 1939 to April 1940; World War II broke out in September 1939 and created radical change in the global economy.

Pluto and Uranus are huge archetypes of change to be conjunct these chart axes for the Wall Street Crash. Pluto speaks of deep, fundamental and permanent change and Uranus speaks so sudden, radical, shocking changes to the financial system (both Capricorn and Taurus are linked to money and banking, big business). Uranus as I mentioned earlier is linked to decentralisation and also digital money. We may even see some microcurrencies emerge over time from small communities that want to break away from the mainstream financial system.

May 10th is likely to be a fiesty day with a Moon-Mars opposition and Moon-Eris square, suggesting that people are angry and rebellious. Later that day Venus comes to a semi-square with Uranus, again suggesting either some financial volatility or emotional ups and downs if Venus at 3° Cancer falls in your 5th or 7th houses. By the 11th, Mars is square to Eris, upping the angry and rebellious side of people to demand justice and greater equality. With Mars still in Cancer here, people will want to protect themselves and their loved ones and have a stronger sense of emotional security.

On May 14th Mercury moves direct at 5°50’ Taurus helping to bring more clarity to financial situations. Then on the 16th, Jupiter enters Taurus. If you have your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Taurus, this is good news. Generally Jupiter during the next 12 months will bring some recognition, abundance, expansion or personal growth in your life depending on which house this falls in your chart.

For everyone, see where the sign of Taurus falls in your chart, which house area, as this is an area of life that is likely to see some expansion or success over the next year.

Generally Jupiter moving through Taurus will make us more concerned for the Earth and nature, bring in a stronger desire to move back to the simple natural rhythms of nature and perhaps grow our own food. Although Taurus as Fixed Earth is a very stable sign, however there are other influences here. Taurus is linked to gold and precious metals so they may see some increase in value during this period. As Jupiter expands whatever it touches and Taurus represents money, we could see more inflation at this time, perhaps more in the US as a result of the currency movements with the BRICS nations in moving away from the US dollar.

Normally Taurus as a Fixed Earth sign can bring stability to a situation, and Jupiter normally operates as a benevolent expansion, but it can also expand a challenging situation for instance with the economy and finances (Taurus) as well as with food production/agricultural issues. It is very much about how we are conducting our agriculture and using our resources. I believe this will go two ways; some people will want to move back to growing their own food or sourcing it from their local farmers (see the People’s Food and Farming Alliance about this), but also a growing recognition of where we have mismanaged the Earth’s resources.

On May 17th we have a Moon-Mars square with the Moon in the warrior sign of Aries. This can suggest that people are angry about what is unfolding. The Moon later that day joins Jupiter at 0° Taurus, reinforcing the exact square to Pluto at 0°18’ Taurus-Aquarius. As mentioned above, this may highlight bigger issues around debt, default, deficits and taxes. Pluto in its rulership of Scorpio is linked to secrets, including financial ones around big money, so things may continue to be revealed around these areas.

On May 19th at 8.53am PST and 4.53pm UK time we have a New Moon at 28°25’ Taurus. See where this falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for what you would like to create in your life, depending on the house area where this falls for you.

We have 5 planets in Taurus here, suggesting solid building for the future (Jupiter) at this New Moon. Saturn at 6°31’ Pisces is very tightly sextile Mercury at 6°37’ Taurus, which is supportive for solid building for the long term. Uranus is at the midpoint of Mercury and this New Moon, suggesting some brilliant, original, even genius future-oriented ideas for building, agriculture, food production, and a new financial system of some kind (all Taurus linked). So whatever was ending, or beginning to end at the Lunar Eclipse seems to be finding some footing here at the New Moon.

This midpoint picture could also suggest some very big shocks around news at this time, with some financial volatility continuing.

Jupiter at 0° Taurus is conjunct the North Node, our future collective destiny, at 3° Taurus. This brings in a new, bigger future vision potentially for our resources, as clearly with the square from Pluto they are going through radical ‘death, rebirth and transformation’ as we move through this year.

Pluto is in an out-of-sign trine to the New Moon, emphasising the ending of the old world and systems and beginning of the new, and perhaps with the Mercury-Uranus aspect bringing in more speed and clarity to solutions.

Very powerfully here (and this becomes exact on the 20th) we have a Fixed Grand Square, although Mars is still at the anaretic degree of Cancer here at 29°, opposing Pluto at 0°Aquarius, with both squaring the Nodal Axis and Pluto. The square from Mars to Jupiter becomes exact on the 22nd, and the square from Mars at 3° Leo to the Nodal Axis becomes exact on May 26th. This whole week is likely to be extremely high energy, dynamic and fast moving.

Mars represents our individual sense of power, our sovereignty, our autonomy, our sense of individuality and independence, whilst Pluto represents state power, top-down authority. This is one aspect of the clash, ‘might makes right’ by greater attempted power and control by governments. Mars square Jupiter is linked to fighting for our beliefs, our worldview, and our futures, there is a crusading element to this. I have spoken at length about Pluto square to the Nodes (see video here), and Mars adds energy, dynamism and vigorous action to this. As a Fixed Grand Cross this suggest that positions can be intractable, people will tend to dig in on either side. However remember that the ultimate direction of travel, especially through 2024 for the next 20 years is towards Aquarian energy, which is power to the people and decentralisation, moving away from centralised control and even the capitalist model (I am expressing no personal opinions here, simply observing the astrology).

Mars in Leo is a Fixed Fire sign, and Mars enters this on May 21st. There is a feeling of ‘standing strong’ in one’s integrity, power and pride with Mars in this sign. It stays there until July 10th then enters Virgo.

It is hard to overstate how powerful May will be in terms of fast-moving developments and change. Remember to always turn inwards to your centre, your heart, your breathing, and the stillness and silence that is always there for you. Simply closing your eyes and watching your breathing will reduce your cortisol and boost your immune system. It will also gradually shift you from reference to an external source of power (Pluto) to an internal one. That is a big theme for these coming times.

Blessings to you all.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

Martin Luther King Jr


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I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart:

Mercury – 11°-15° Taurus, direct on the 15th
Venus – 23° Gemini – 25° Cancer

Mars – 19° Cancer – 6° Leo
Jupiter – 26° Aries – 3° Taurus

Saturn – 5°- 6° Pisces

Uranus – 18°-20° Taurus 

Neptune – 26°-27° Pisces

Pluto – 0° Aquarius all month, retrograde on the 1st

North Node, always retrograde – 4°-3° Taurus

Chiron – 17° Aries

Chariklo – 13° Aquarius