Jupiter Moves into Aries – Find the Hero within Yourself

Welcome to the May newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for April: I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

Copyright Pam Gregory, no part to be copied or used elsewhere without my strict permission, thank you.

April Review

April 1st: Excellent presentation on ‘BioTech Takeover’ clearly reflecting Uranus (increased engineering) in Taurus (our food supply):

April 4th: Inflation in Turkey this year running at an astounding 61% with transport up 99% and food up 70%: see link. This reflects the Jupiter (increase) Neptune (oil and fuel) conjunction this month. Other geographies may well follow. Highest food inflation in Germany in a generation too: see link. Inflation and food riots are happening in Sri Lanka with the cabinet offering to resign: see link

April 7th: Here we have a massive ‘spilling of the beans’ around the Hunter Biden laptop. This has many connections to other narratives, which will accelerate the unravelling of the knitting: see link.

April 8th: Interesting development: about New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Arden losing her vaccine mandates in the NZ High Court. Saturn square to the Nodal Axis, freedom and human rights in focus. 

April 12th: Brilliant initiative in the UK. I’ve been speaking about how we are creating a new medical system, educational, political, financial, legal  . . here is a wonderful beginning of new medical system in the UK: see link.  This will spread geographically.  

April 12th: Tragically as well as massive flooding in eastern Australia this has also occurred in South Africa, on the day of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction=big unbounded water. Almost 60 fatalities in South Africa, we send prayers: see link.

April 17th: Financial cover-ups are likely to come to light during this year, and here we have a prime example with the Chancellor of the UK in charge of the finances of the UK and the rather ‘wobbly morality’ of he and his wife when many in the UK have lost their businesses through the pandemic: see link

April 25th: Just as we are within days of the Solar Eclipse in Taurus on the 30th, we have the launch of the digital identity in Europe: see link. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Uranus, the planet linked to all things digital, and in Taurus this represents the human body. Saturn representing control is forming a T-square to the Nodal Axis: are we happy to comply to these rules, or will we forge ahead to something much freer (Uranus, Aquarius) in our future?

April 26th: A double solar flare has caused radio blackouts in Asia and Australia: see link. This is exactly the kind of event we would expect with Uranus conjunct the Solar Eclipse in 4 days time. Uranus is linked to power outages, sudden electrical storms, solar flares and unstable geomagnetics. 

April 27th: Right on cue with the Solar Eclipse in Taurus (money, wealth) conjunct Uranus (shocks, truth) and Pluto stationing (revealing big money secrets of the powerful) here is an article from the Daily Mail, a major newspaper in the UK: see link.

April 27th: Lab-grown food being promoted again by the BBC, as expected with Uranus (engineering, science) in Taurus (food): see link

April 27th: Russia cuts off natural gas supplies to Poland, Bulgaria, and I understand that Germany has now been added to that list, as these countries refuse to pay in roubles: see link. This is an accurate reflection of Uranus conjunct the Solar Eclipse, Uranus=cutting off, disruptions, and Taurus=natural resources. 

April 27th: The Ice Age Farmer is an excellent source of well evidenced information about food and agriculture. Here is a very recent video about the attacks on food supplies across the world, reflecting Uranus (sudden out of the blue disruptions) in Taurus (food supplies):

April 30th: Today we have a Solar Eclipse in Taurus (banking) conjunct Uranus (shocks, truth). Pluto is still stationary retrograde in Capricorn, and is digging up secrets of the rich and powerful. So today Deutsche Bank was raided in alleged money laundering investigations, including any involvement they may have in the Panama Papers. All spot on for the symbolism today: see link

May 2022

Intensity is the first word that comes to mind for the month of May. We are now fully in Eclipse season and the Total Lunar Eclipse on the 15th-16th could be a game changer. Eclipses usually bring permanent changes, especially the Lunar Eclipses as they represent culminations, completions and/or closures, depending on where they fall in your chart.

Starting with the detail of May, on the 2nd we have a Mars-Pluto semi-square which has the potential to be irritable and assertive, and by the 4th and 5th the Sun is conjunct Uranus which highlights all the restlessness, instability and revolutionary breakthrough energy that Uranus offers us. We may see some shocks or surprises around those days. By the 6th, Saturn is forming an exact sextile to Eris, highlighting the long-term building that may be possible now with the Patreon Saint of chaotic creation. Breakdown and chaos is always necessary – and indeed  the way nature operates – before the new can be fully birthed.

On the 8th the Moon is square to Uranus, upping the anti with people who have a growing need for freedom, but by the 9th with the Moon opposing Saturn there is a reality check. On the 10th Mercury begins its 3 week retrograde motion at 4°51’ Gemini, and will retrograde back to 26° Taurus by 3rd June. It re-enters Taurus on the 23rd May. While retrograding in Gemini it is likely to make us very aware of our words, especially on social media, but once it is back in Taurus there is a greater sense of ‘telling it like it is’. I believe that Mercury retrograde in Gemini is connected to the extreme level of censorship that we are seeing already which may well increase in the coming weeks.

11th May is an important day with a significant shift of energy as Jupiter moves from Pisces to Aries, and these signs are very different. It will remain in Aries where it will remain until 28th October, dipping back into the late degrees of Pisces briefly then re-entering Aries on 21st December, the Capricorn Solstice. This transit of Jupiter through Aries will be beneficial for anyone particularly with their Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Aries, as Jupiter generally brings a sense of success, recognition, expansion or personal growth for the period it is in that sign. For everyone, see where Aries falls in your chart and that house area will become more activated and expanded during these months of May-end October. Look for personal growth opportunities during this time, and depending on the house area where Aries falls in your chart these may include travel, study, expanding a business, etc. If you go back 12 years (Jupiter entered Aries in June 2010, retrograded, then re-entered fully in January and February 2011), personally what was happening for you then that may repeat at a higher level this time? Note that it will be in same area of life as last time.

Think particularly what action you can take to help to manifest whatever dream or vision you had during the still ongoing Jupiter-Neptune conjunction.

This feels important as Jupiter is crossing the Aries Point or World Axis, which is 0° of the Cardinal signs and therefore in hard aspect to any planets or angles you have between 28° of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) and 2° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). If you have any planets around the first two of degrees of Aries this feels especially important, as it is benefitting the planet that is naturally able to step into public view in your natal chart. For instance I have my Mercury planet of communication there at 1° Aries, so I write and speak publicly. 

Aries is warrior energy, the energy of courage, bravery and assertion. This is hero energy, hence my theme for the month of ‘Finding the Hero Within Yourself.’ This is about natural leadership but also doing something new, breaking new ground and stepping out to do something you haven’t done before. There can be a sense of adventure, exploration, expansion, confidence, and stepping into a bigger version of you. Can you become a pioneer, with a greater sense of leadership in your own life? This is particularly as Jupiter will be crossing the very first degree of the whole zodiac. I said at the beginning of 2022 that this would be a year where we had to find our strength and resilience, and Jupiter moving into Aries will most certainly help us with that. 

When Jupiter was last entering Aries in early 2011 we had the Arab Spring and leaders who had held their positions for decades were toppled within days. Aries has a sense of a whole new start, fresh and different from what has gone before – especially as our last two years have seen such contraction.

One other important aspect to mention is that Jupiter will not only be crossing the World Axis from the 11th May but will also be conjunct the dwarf planet Manwe at 0° Aries from the 6th May to the 21st. More about Manwe at the end of this newsletter. 

Our next major event is the Total Lunar Eclipse at 25°17’ Scorpio on the 15th May at 9.13pm PST and 5.13am UK time on the 16th. We are well into that energy already as we feel Eclipses up to a month before and up to 6 months later. This is a very powerful one, not only because it is Total but also as it is a SuperMoon where the Moon is at one of its closest points in its orbit to the Earth, so emotions will be running extremely high. We last had a Lunar Eclipse at this degree in May 2003, so go back to then and see what you were experiencing in your life then, as it will tend to repeat in the same area of life for you.

Feelings tend to come to a head at all Full Moons, but this is not only a major Eclipse but also it is in the most intense water sign of Scorpio. Lunar Eclipses are major times to let go of what no longer serves us, individually and collectively, in order that we can move ahead more freely. Eclipses are always either ‘North Node’ Eclipses or ‘South Node’ Eclipses, as the Moon has to be at one end of the Nodal Axis or the other for an Eclipse to occur. Here it is a South Node Eclipse which strengthens the message of shedding the old, letting go of some major baggage from our past, individually and collectively.

So let’s look at what this Taurus-Scorpio Nodal Axis is about, which continues until July 2023. The main themes are finances, economics, banking, and the Scorpio end is particularly to do with investments, big money, and financial secrets. With its rulership of Pluto, it is also connected to sexual secrets, deeply buried and hidden secrets that may be underground or underhand or even criminal that may come to light at this Lunar Eclipse. There are major issues here of betrayal of trust, toxicity and even some murky dark things – I have a vision of sewage as Scorpio rules elimination, a profound sense of purging. Scorpio is heavy, deep and complex as a sign and connects to all systems of control and power.

The North Node in Taurus, our future collective destiny, has a much simpler energy. It is encouraging us to focus on nature, the Earth, growing food, and finding a sense of safety and security within ourselves rather than outer wealth. 

This Total Lunar Eclipse will last for an hour and a half, and be visible over South America, much of North America, South-Western Europe, Africa and the Indian Ocean, and Antarctica: The areas under the Eclipse path tend to come into the news in some way in the coming months.

As well as Jupiter seeming to break new ground so is Uranus, as here it is at 15° Taurus where it hasn’t been for 84 years. Also, not only is Jupiter on the Aries Point/World Axis but Uranus is semi-square it, an aspect I read as Uranus=World Axis. Therefore not only does the Solar Eclipse on 30th April highlight Uranus as the Sun and Moon then are conjunct it, but at this Total Lunar Eclipse Uranus is thrown into high relief again. What shocks and surprises await us, especially with a strong sense of secrets coming to light in a big way? Again we have a sense of breakthrough or game-changer energy.

The 3D world is about to get pretty wild and chaotic, so please energetically don’t get drawn into the white water-rafting, but stay at the hub of the wheel, calm, and broadcasting light like a lighthouse to the world. The most important thing at this time is your frequency, steadiness, and strength as the demolition accelerates. There will not be much let up in this turbulence this year, and certainly this Total Lunar Eclipse will be one of the peaks.

As well as Jupiter and Uranus both aspecting the World Axis they are in very tight semi-square at this Total Lunar Eclipse. Both planets are linked to freedom and the future, and a sense of expansion of consciousness. There will certainly be a stronger demand for freedom at this time, and we could experience some jumps in our perception and frequency as a result. Another aspect of this semi-square could be more developments in the digital currency market.

Uranus is also semi-square Ceres in Cancer – which is also on the World Axis here at 0° Cancer – and although Uranus in Taurus until 2026 has the ongoing theme of food supply disruptions, they could be highlighted with this aspect to Ceres, goddess of grains and agriculture in the sign of Cancer=feeding and nurturing.

Saturn continues at 25° Aquarius to be in a tight T-square to the Nodal Axis, continuing to highlight the pivot-point of which way are you going to move forwards, falling back to the old ways (Saturn) or creating something completely new. Saturn feels hollow, empty and a shell of what represented the old order. At higher levels of being this has already fallen away.

Pluto at 28° Capricorn is trine to the Sun here at 25° Taurus, encouraging us to step into our power; Pluto is also sextile to the Moon, the people. Jupiter sextile Mercury at 3° Gemini encourages us to think big with our ideas, rather than the potential of Mercury in this Mutable Air sign to become scattered and mentally overwhelmed. Remember that this is increasingly a time of the power of the people; use great discrimination with anyone who appears as a leader or saviour at this time

Most certainly there is a spiritual context to this Total Lunar Eclipse as Mars  is conjunct Neptune at 23° and 24° of Pisces respectively, suggesting that we put energy into going inwards and cultivate a spiritual practice (literally, spiritual action) and these two planets are in a very positive trine to the Eclipsed Moon at 25° Scorpio.

What is also fascinating here is that the Eclipsed Moon is conjunct the Sun of the US President at 27° Scorpio. Last November we had a Lunar Eclipse at 27° Taurus opposing the President’s Sun and the Sun represents your vitality and energy, and often your prominence. A Lunar Eclipse aspecting your Sun can have the effect of an energy-wipe out, or being ‘taken out’ in some way. On the 19th November 2021 when this Eclipse was exact the President had a general anaesthetic for a colonoscopy. What will happen this time around, with his Sun ruling his 9th house of foreign and legal matters?

In addition, this Total Lunar Eclipse is conjunct within 17’ the Midheaven of the British Queen and Saturn, her chart ruler. The Midheaven is how you project yourself via your work in the world, your status and reputation. The Total Lunar Eclipse is also conjunct the Sun of Prince Charles at 22° Scorpio, his chart ruler, and for the Duke of York (formerly Prince Andrew) it is conjunct his Moon (the mother) within 4’ of exactitude. So with these very tight aspects highlighting the most senior members of the Royal Family, does this suggest a changing of the guard in some way, especially as the Queen is now 96 and has recently had Covid?

I’m sure you are all aware of the rapidly changing geomagnetics on the Earth. We are experiencing more Coronal Mass Ejections, M-class and X-class flares than we have ever had in our lifetimes, and although extremely turbulent for our energy fields so assimilate so quickly, they are part of our rapid spiritual upgrade as they are bringing new information to Earth. You can follow all the alerts for these at Know that we are shifting quickly now to becoming the New Human, and I mean that in the most natural, organic sense. We are losing density, embodying more light, and developing what we would once consider supernatural abilities. Keep that bigger picture in mind when you are struggling with insomnia or dizziness that can accompany these flares and solar storms.

We may feel some intensity on the 20th as the Moon comes to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, but by the 24th it is conjunct Neptune and Mars, and this has a quality of needing to take spiritual action of some kind. By the next day, the 25th, both the Moon and Mars enter Aries together which has a clear action focus. Mars will stay in Aries, its sign of rulership, until July 5th. It comes to exactly conjunct Jupiter on May 29th and this is likely to be a day for courage, risk-taking, and fighting for causes that we believe in that have a bigger vision for our future, that truly feel meaningful to us. In fact the whole period that Mars is in Aries it will help to energise Jupiter’s transit there and give it focus and determination. There is likely to be strongly assertive action during May, but it may well be linked to truth and justice (Jupiter).

Then on the May 30th at 4.30am PST and 12.30pm UK time we have a New Moon at 9°03’ Gemini. Don’t forget to set a new intention for what you want this new beginning to manifest in your life. Remember that we are still well within the huge intensity of the Eclipses for the next six months, but especially during the next three. 

Gemini is linked to our thoughts, ideas, communication, social media, and social interaction in general, as well as local travel and transport, daily coming and going. It is extremely creative energy, although as a Mutable sign with the speed of change we are experiencing right now it has the potential to become scattered. Stay anchored and centred, especially during this New Moon. It has the potential to introduce new social media platforms, but with the ‘cut-out’ nature of Uranus there may also be cyber attacks. 

The T-square from Saturn to the Nodal Axis is now waning, and different energies taking over. Mars and Jupiter are still tightly conjunct within half a degree, and this continues to give us the strength, conviction, focus and vision to press forwards with new ideas. Both Mars and Jupiter are tightly square to Black Moon Lilith at 3° Cancer, giving a wilder, more tempestuous and instinctive quality to our endeavours. 

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and therefore this New Moon, and is receiving several important aspects. It is retrograde at 26° Taurus, in the ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ sign and trined by Pluto. This gives us the strength and conviction in our ideas, and also deepens them. We may even feel more drawn to the esoteric at this time. Strong words may be heard on the public stage, especially with the force of Mars conjunct Jupiter in the sign of the warrior.

Saturn is square to Mercury, suggesting that we may run into those who do not agree with us and we have to temper our words, but they can act as a positive reality check in making what we are proposing sound and workable for the long term. What is more exciting is that Mercury is in a very wide triple conjunction with the North Node and Uranus at 21° and 16° Taurus respectively. So although there is 10° between Mercury and Uranus which is considered too wide for a conjunction, as the North Node is at the midpoint of these two planets it pulls them together so their energies can be expressed more as a conjunction. This represents lots of new ideas, thinking out of the box, downloads and insights especially about our Earth and growing food, new financial systems and ways that we are growing a parallel society. The North Node is about our collective future destiny. This may even suggest some galactic news.

Neptune at 25° Pisces is sextile to Mercury, which is a highly imaginative and creative aspect, feeding into this quality of a new kind of thinking. As we enter these new times, be relentless on keeping your focus on what you want to create, not on what is collapsing. The conjunction between the North Node and Uranus in particular helps us with this – shed the old self-talk habits of the past, and step into a new way of thinking as well as a new way of being.

The other aspect which helps to elevate our thinking is a sextile between Neptune at 25° Pisces and Pluto at 28° Capricorn. This aspect is traditionally very psychic, often times when we have paranormal experiences or see/feel energy in a heightened way, and this will feed into this new level of thinking too. Mercury will move direct on June 3rd so this New Moon primes us for that direct motion, when ideas can be put into practice more clearly.

Manwe will remain on the World Axis for this entire month. This is a powerful position and with Jupiter and Mars crossing that point we are better able to access its symbolism. In myth Manwe was the husband of Varda, the ‘Star Lady’ who set the stars and the Sun and Moon in the heavens. Manwe represents the highest intelligence of Divine Source and in myth he is linked to the creation of the universe, the Breath of the World, and it said to rule the winds and air all around us. Manwe and Varda created the universe together, it is said. It feels so important that Manwe is conjunct the first degree of the zodiac here, so is this symbolically signalling the creation of a New Earth? That is up to us. 

Blessings to you all.

“Be courageous. Challenge orthodoxy. Stand up for what you believe in. When you are in your rocking chair talking to your grandchildren many years from now, be sure you have a good story to tell.”



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I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon, as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 1° Gemini – 26° Taurus, retrograde on the 10th May
Venus – 28° Pisces – 3° Taurus

Mars – 12° Pisces – 4° Aries
 Jupiter – 28° Pisces – 3° Aries 

Saturn – 24° – 25° Aquarius

Uranus – 14° – 16° Taurus 

Neptune – 24° – 25° Pisces

Pluto – 28° Capricorn all month, retrograde

North Node, always retrograde – 22° Taurus 

Chiron – 14° Aries 

Chariklo – 8° Aquarius