THE NEXT STEP BLOG - October 2022

Into the Crescendo 

Welcome to the October newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for September: I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

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September Review

September 8th: Queen Elizabeth has now passed. I was writing about the possible changing of the guard in the Royal Family back in May, when we had a powerful Total Lunar Eclipse (permanent endings) that rippled right through the charts of the senior Royals. Eclipses have an influence of up to 6 months so the Queen’s passing is within this period.

For Charles, the Lunar Eclipse at 25° Scorpio on May 16th 2022 was tightly conjunct his Sun at 22° Scorpio. The Sun rules Leo, kingship, and it is his chart ruler. For Andrew, the Lunar Eclipse was conjunct his Moon (mother) at 25° Scorpio, only 11′ from an exact conjunction. For Harry, this Eclipse opposed his Moon (females) at 21° Taurus. For Prince William it is the upcoming Solar Eclipse (big New Moon) on 25th October at 2° Scorpio that is exactly conjunct his Midheaven at 2° Scorpio (career, status) and conjunct his Jupiter, his ruling planet, at 0° Scorpio.

For Princess Anne, the Total Lunar Eclipse was square to her Sun at 22° Leo, ruling her 10th house of the mother. Incredible connections here.

For Queen Elizabeth, she has Solar Arc Neptune conjunct her Saturn which is conjunct her Midheaven (status in the world) and it is also the ruler of her Capricorn Ascendant and 12th house. Neptune can have a debilitating effect on health, especially when it is aspecting the ruler of the 1st and 12th houses, both of which have links to health, especially when the person concerned is 96 and in poor health.

There is much to unfold here over the coming weeks. We now know how the Full Moon in Pisces in two days time with oceans of tears will play out for most of the UK population and even beyond our shores.

September: This has been in construction since 2021 (since Jupiter and Saturn moved into Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, linked to aviation), but it is the first airport for flying cars and taxis in the UK. More to come for sure, a very clear example of the increased Aquarian energy that we are moving into. Uranus in myth is the Sky God, so many developments in aviation and even space travel will emerge: see link

September 14th: There has been a very large 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Vanuatu in the Pacific today, and then on the 17th a 6.6 magnitude earthquake in Taiwan. The Saturn-Uranus square is within less than a degree of exactitude now, and this tension together with the fact that Uranus in Taurus alone signals extreme Earth events and earthquakes. Uranus is very highlighted in these next few months, especially around the November 8th Total Lunar Eclipse.

September 23rd: British pound (GBP) fell to the lowest level against the US dollar in over 50 years. Uranus=radical sudden change, in Taurus=currencies until 2026 but being very activated currently with the square from Saturn, and as we move towards the Eclipses on the financial axis of Taurus-Scorpio. Expect more volatility in the coming months. 

Our new (3 weeks in the job) UK Prime Minister Liz Truss does not have a birthtime which is a real shame as we could get a lot more information from the house placements and rulerships, but she was born on 26th July 1975 in Oxford. She has a powerful, ambitious T-square between Uranus at 28° Libra opposing Jupiter at 24° and Chiron at 28° Aries, and they are both squaring her Saturn/Mercury conjunction at 23° and 26° Cancer. All of this is being aspected by Pluto right now, so if anyone with these aspects has not acted in the highest integrity it is very likely to come to light. There is the potential for wounding with her Chiron being squared by Pluto now and within the next 5 months.

From March next year transiting Pluto will oppose her Sun at 2° Leo, a time of immense pressure (assuming she lasts that long). Also her Mars is at 17° Taurus, with transiting Uranus exactly conjunct that currently – which may lead to erratic impulsive actions that are not clearly thought through. Be prepared for a rollercoaster ride, as financial markets are all interconnected at the global level.

September 24th: This is the inaugural speech from the new Prime Minister of Italy, a very different voice from past politicians: see link. Remember we are shifting from the old world to the new, Saturn square to Uranus.

September 24th: The New Moon on 25th at 2° Libra is conjunct the Sun of China at 7° Libra. This is in the 8th house of investment in the country and the Saturn-Uranus square is forming a T-square with China’s Venus, planet of wealth and currency for them. The New Moon is also squaring China’s Uranus, chart ruler. This suggests some significant new developments for the country and its identity in the world. Over 6,000 flights have allegedly been cancelled over the country today, with a large (possibly 80km) military procession heading for Bejing. We will see what unfolds, but stay calm and in peace at all times. The transiting Saturn-Uranus square is forming a T-square to Pluto, Midheaven ruler (the leader, the government) at 17° Leo. This suggests some possible change around leadership or government in China, and there are rumours of a power struggle at the top in the country.

September 26th: In Iran the social unrest is becoming a full-scale revolution against the old regime, a clear expression of the Saturn-Uranus square, revolution vs the old world structures. This is expressing strongly in Iran as the country’s chart is set for 1st April 1979 15.00hrs Tehran, which gives an Ascendant of 17° Leo (identical to the EU!) and therefore the Saturn-Uranus square at 18° of the Fixed signs is manifesting there strongly: see link. During late October-early November transiting Mars is conjunct and also stationing at 25° Gemini, exactly squaring Iran’s Mars at 25° Pisces. Let us hope this does not result in more violence.

September 28th: There has been an explosion that has broken the Russia-German gas pipeline, further disrupting gas supplies to Europe: see link. This is a clear reflection of Uranus (sudden, shocking, explosive energy) in Taurus (natural resources). It also reflects the transits in the EU chart:

October 2022

We are entering the real crescendo of the year now with much speed and intensity. This is an accelerated period of collapse of the old order, but try to see this in a bigger context of the biggest evolutionary leap, I believe, for humanity. The old has to collapse before the new can be fully born. However, the birth of new systems including new financial systems has already begun. A parallel society of new groups, communities and networks is already underway all operating from the grassroots up. So we have Stand in the Park events, the People’s Health Alliance and the People’s Food and Farming Alliance as very obvious examples. These communities and groups are sharing information across global networks, all aiming to build a better world.

We are already into Eclipse energy at this time with the Nodal Axis being across the financial axis of Taurus-Scorpio. We are already seeing a lot of financial turbulence in the stock markets, pressure on the global banking system and rapid changes in currency values – such as the radical drop in the value of the British pound last week (see above). I have recently filmed a video for the EU and the Euro. It is fascinating to see that Iran has an identical Ascendant to the EU at 17° Leo. This strong Saturn-Uranus square expresses most powerfully where it finds matching geometry (17-18° of the Fixed signs). However, the financial turbulence that we will experience through October and November will be global. I’d suggest having some cash and supplies at home, just so you won’t panic.

This Saturn-Uranus square that comes back to the exact degree (18° Aquarius-Taurus) is strongest through the first five days of October but the energy will be felt through November too. Historically hard aspects between these planets have been associated with financial turbulence. For instance the last hard aspect that was an opposition between them was in September-November 2008, and we all remember what happened then with the financial crisis. Now, we are experiencing the WANING, ie dying, ending square of the cycle, and that is being reinforced by the Eclipses on the financial axis

Personally if you have planets between 17°-19° of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) you may be feeling this as restriction or restlessness in areas of life where these are falling in your chart.

So moving through the month, Mercury moves direct on October 2nd at 24° Virgo. We will see also Pluto, Saturn and Mars changing direction this month so the energy will shift but also speed up. On the 3rd we have a conjunction between Pluto and the Moon that always brings some feelings of intensity around power, government controls or again the financial situation. 

Then we have a Full Moon on October 9th at 16°32’ Aries at 1.54pm PST and 9.54pm UK time. Aries energy is linked to courage, bravery, a pioneering spirit and resilience. Recognise that we are pioneers of New Earth, the ground crew, building a better world for us all. Keep that context as we move forwards and also plan that you will feel very proud of your actions and words when you look back at this time, that you can stand tall.

Here we see Pluto at 26° Capricorn in the long-running square to Eris at 24° Aries. This square has become tighter of late, echoing the pincer movement of the Saturn-Uranus square and with similar themes of freedom vs control, the individual vs the state. The Full Moon is conjunct Chiron here, shining a light on health and healing but also on sickness too. The Sun, always opposing the Moon at a Full Moon, is conjunct Venus in Libra, the sign linked to the law. This may well suggest some legal developments linked to issues of health and sickness. It can also bring in an urge for peace. As Aries is warrior energy which will be expressed strongly at this time, let us hope that that the Libra energy can bring in some peaceful balance, especially as Mars becomes stationary retrograde (and therefore strengthens) on October 30th. It remains retrograde until January 12th, and when planets are retrograde they are closer to the Earth and therefore the symbolism can be felt more strongly. Mars is linked to assertive warrior energy.

Mercury is highly activated at this time at 28° Virgo. Firstly, it is being squared by Mars which is at 22° Gemini, the sign of the mind ruled by Mercury, and Virgo is also ruled by Mercury. So this square will energise the mind and has the potential for mental scattering as both Gemini and Virgo are Mutable signs. Keep bringing yourself back to the breath, and earthing via bare feet on the ground to take your energy out of your head and into your body more strongly. This is very calming and healing for your system, and is free for us all.

In fact we have a T-square here of Neptune at 23° Pisces, opposing Mercury and squaring Mars. Hard aspects between Mars and Neptune have the potential for positive spiritual action such as yoga, Tai-Chi or Qui-gong. Neptune opposing Mercury is wonderful for imagination and creativity, but not the best for clarity. Neptune can bring fog or layers of silt into Mercury’s urge in Virgo to sift through the information and find truth. We will have a huge amount of information coming in at us with Mars in Gemini (until next March) and the Virgo urge with be to discern via the mind. However in these layers of what’s true and what’s not the heart will be the better judge. Be aware that misinformation will reach new heights.

The image I have of this T-square is of a billiard ball pinging from one side of the table to the other, with an overload of facts and information some of which will be true and some not. Drop into your heart and your breath to intuit the truth, the heart with its 40,000 neutrons – called the ‘little brain’ – is a far better judge than our heads.

In addition to that, Pluto is trine to Mercury, urging us to dig deep, to get to the truth via really getting to the bottom of the facts, all adding to this picture. Pluto is stationary direct here, it moves into that position on the 8th and is at 26° Capricorn all month. Whenever an outer planet stations its symbolism is magnified so we are likely to see assertions of power in the world or even in your own lives especially if you have any planets or aspects between 25-27° of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). Intensity will be felt in some area of your life, depending on where transiting Pluto is moving or where the planet sits that Pluto is aspecting.

In addition to that, Mercury is also being opposed by Jupiter at 1° Aries on the World Axis (0° of the Cardinal signs). This is an excellent aspect for writing or developing big ideas and future visions and horizons for yourself in the world, but it also suggests that whatever information is coming through now is very important for the world. That is emphasised further by Mercury also being at the World Axis as remember that this has a 2° orb so 28° Mutables – 2° Cardinals is on that ‘public stage’. Jupiter is likely to enlarge, blow up, any information that is coming onto the world stage as being very significant for our future.

The other aspect of note here is that the Sun at 16° is quincunx Uranus at 18° Taurus, which is conjunct the North Node. This is shining a light on new financial systems. The square from Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus is also helpful in building long-term, practical, realistic systems and networks for the future. These can be financial, linked to our social structures or our agriculture and food production systems (Taurus). See my interview with Katherine Macbean here who has launched the People’s Food and Farming Alliance in September:

See where 16°32’ Aries falls in your chart, as this is likely to be a culmination, closure or completion of something depending on which house it falls in, or it could shed light on something that you have been unaware of until now that will change your direction going forwards.

Eclipse energy is felt for a month before exactitude and up to 6 months later, but the Eclipse months themselves in October and November will be felt very intensely as they are reinforced by the final waning Saturn-Uranus square. 

Before we discuss the Solar Eclipse on October 25th, on the 19th we also have a powerful day with a square between the Sun and Pluto. This brings up issues of power again, but with the Sun in Libra it may express particularly in relationships as control or possessiveness. This too shall pass. However, the theme is reinforced as the Moon is square to Uranus demanding more freedom and independence but at the same time opposed by Saturn bringing control to the fore. So you may be feeling a freedom-security swing in your relationships if these aspect your personal planets or rulers of your 5th or 7th houses. Added to that there is a Venus-Pluto square that day too increasing the emotional intensity around control or jealousy.

On the 24th we have another square between the Moon and Pluto at 26° Libra-Capricorn which is likely to raise feelings of intensity further, right as we enter the Solar Eclipse on the 25th. Eclipses bring permanent changes in life. This Solar Eclipse falls principally over Russia and Kazakhstan and also visible from Iran and Pakistan and it is often the geographies in the Eclipse path that come into the news within the period of Eclipse influence (7 months in total).

So this occurs on October 25th at 2° Scorpio, exact at 3.48am PST and 11.48am UK time. Scorpio is also the sign linked to emotional intensity so the themes are very clear. For an Eclipse to occur the Moon has to be close to either the North or South Node, and here they are close to the South Node. So this is complex energy with the new beginning of the big New Moon but with the release of something from the past with the South Node in Scorpio. It is strongly suggesting again that this is a major ending but also beginning related to the financial markets. The North Node in Taurus is linked to banking, wealth and currencies, money in general, and Uranus is conjunct it with clear messages of a radical shift in those beginning at this time. 

The South Node in Scorpio is related to big money, often hidden money, ‘underhand’ investments of all kinds as well as legitimate ones, pensions, loans and mortgages. It is linked to toxicity of all forms, be they financial, chemical, even toxicity from our thoughts that have to be purged. Scorpio is associated with intense emotions and deep feelings of betrayal, where we have trusted something but that trust has been violated. This may express personally or in the wider world situation.

Scorpio is also related to secrets, deeply hidden secrets of the rich and powerful. This Solar Eclipse at 2° Scorpio is conjunct a Fixed Star at 3°09’ Scorpio called Princeps, known for being a shameless liar . . . what will emerge from this period in terms of truth? Scorpio is also related to all things underhand and underground, it is a ‘digging deep’ energy.

Coming back to the economy, the fact that Venus at 2°39’ is conjunct the Solar Eclipse again puts emphasis on currencies and wealth. Jupiter is even more closely on the World Axis at 0°15’ Aries which is very promising for our visions of a new world, right at the very first degree of the zodiac. It is quincunx the Solar Eclipse that will expand, blow up, whatever is unfolding at this time and be important for the world.

Pluto at 26° Capricorn is in an out-of-sign square to the Sun and Moon here, suggesting that some deep, fundamental and permanent changes are being made to those financial systems. This aspect will make us feel – as if this were possible – even more intense and focused about the need for those.

The squares of Eris-Pluto and Saturn-Uranus continue through the second half of October as described above. Mercury however has now moved out of the tight T-square to Mars and Neptune and is now very tightly quincunx Neptune at 22° Libra-23° Pisces. This is again highly imaginative and creative but still does not help our clarity at the mental level.

Jupiter retrogrades back into 29° Pisces, the anaretic degree, on October 27th. The last degree of any sign tends to express in the less positive aspects of the sign, so we may well see some flooding around then as Jupiter is back in wide conjunction to Neptune. It may accelerate inflation again as it did earlier in the year when the conjunction first came together as Neptune is linked to the oil price and Jupiter inflates.

It can also manifest as much emotion, many tears being shed over some world event. However it can also bring a huge wave of compassion across the world too, and it stays in Pisces until 21st December, moving across the Aries Point right on the Capricorn Solstice. This is the last time that Jupiter will be in Pisces for another 11 years, re-entering the sign in April 2033. Use it positively for your future dreams and visions, as our manifesting abilities are being magnified at this time, and this will increase further in the future.

Mars has now moved into a strong quincunx with Pluto at 25° Gemini-26° Capricorn, and is coming close to its station and retrograde on the 30th. This aspect is an expression of ‘might makes right’ and assertions of power. Will this result in more attempts at censorship as Gemini is in one of the signs linked to social media? It is noteworthy that although Mars has approximately a 2 year orbit, its station is very close to Mars in the US chart at 21° Gemini. In fact Mars comes to conjunct US Mars on the 4-6th October, the 22nd-24th November and finally the 6th and 7th January. Mars also stations on the Sun of Xi JinPing at 23°45’ Gemini, the President of China, born June 15th 1953 in Bejing, time unknown. This of course also means that his Sun is conjunct the US Mars, suggesting the relationship between the US and China will not be an easy one.

Military tensions are likely to be in the air, but what makes this Mars Return for the US more powerful is that it is also experiencing its Pluto return for the first time since 1776. This is potentially a powerful transformation of all that the US is, economically, politically, constitutionally, and even geographically – what makes up the US? What are its values (Pluto in the US chart is in the 2nd house of the country’s chart, linked to values, as well as the economy). So all this suggests that this is a massive time for the country and changes there are likely to ripple across the globe. 

Remember that from October 8th Pluto will be moving direct through the last few degrees of Capricorn, unearthing any corruption, lack of transparency, anything that is not for our highest good as it excavates and reveals in the coming 5 months before it moves into Aquarius. It is only moving direct now, no further retrogrades, so our next marker is next March when it enters Aquarius for the first time in this cycle since 1798. The global economy is in the spotlight with the Nodal Axis in the financial signs of Taurus and Scorpio, plus the Eclipses in those signs in October and November. So we will see dramatic change in finances, banking, economies, investments, stock markets etc in the coming weeks starting now. All of this as many of you know is the clear collapse of the old to more fully birth the new, including a whole new financial system that is much more honest and equitable.

Equally, from October 23rd Saturn will be moving stationary direct, so around that date we may see more attempted control or censorship. From that point on, both Saturn and Pluto are moving direct until they both change  signs in March next year, they do not look back. In March 2023, Saturn moves from Aquarius to Pisces and Pluto begins its move from Capricorn into Aquarius (although Pluto will not fully move into Aquarius until December 2024). We will feel quite a shift of energy in March.

When Mars is retrograde until January 12th it is also closer to the Earth, making any suggestion of ‘angry words’ more likely. This may manifest as large numbers of people globally being very angry, and there is very likely to be anger on social media. Avoid tit-for-tat heated discussions that keep us in a low frequency and disrupt our coherence. Stay in peace, drop into your hearts and your breath. Do not go into fear and also avoid polarised thought of separation and division even in your personal life. The potential for ‘I am right and you are wrong’ is strong here, perhaps most strongly in the US. Polarised energy is lower vibration, we must ‘up our game’ and rise above this to move towards unity consciousness.

Very positively Jupiter at 0° Aries, the very first ‘creator’ degree of the zodiac is conjunct dwarf planets Manwe and Salacia. This conjunction continues through to the Capricorn Solstice which is very powerful this year. Of course Jupiter has a 12 year orbit but it is very significant that it is at 0° Aries not only at this Solar Eclipse but also at the Solstice. even more significant is that Manwe with a 289 year orbit is exactly on this 0° Aries, the birthing degree and therefore a powerful symbol for New Earth. Salacia at 6° Aries represents mermaid energy, she is linked to the shimmering sunlight and moonlight on the seas and to me she represents liquid light, photonic light with which we are creating all the time. These Kuiper Belt Objects bring in a new and much expanded consciousness and show us where we are headed.

Manwe operates in dimensions beyond time, and in myth he and his wife Varda created the cosmos. This is written about in Tolkien’s book Simarillion. Manwe is the highest archangel closest to the Mind of God, the highest divine intelligence, and dedicated to the triumph of light over dark and world renewal; all very positive qualities as we move towards New Earth. Manwe is exact at 0°00’ Aries at the end of January 2023, and and I see him as representing the divine plan for New Earth. Will this archetype help us to remember magical gifts and skills that we have long forgotten?

Make that your focus, just let the old fall away and don’t energise the life support system of what you don’t want. It is strange that through much of our lives we have energised through thought what we don’t want then blamed it for giving us a hard time. We need to change this, to become Masters of our energy and frequency to accelerate the manifestation of a better world. The more that we focus on high frequency coherent emotions of peace, love, joy, gratitude and appreciation, the greater the momentum we give to the global energetic hologram that is creating New Earth. See yourself as a pioneer and builder of New Earth, that is why you are here now, and just create, create, create all that is of love.

Many people across the world are doing remarkable things with their own modalities creating a better world. Rory Duff ( is one pioneer I often quote, but I have recently come across another remarkable individual called Qadir doing very unique work, and you can see a recent interview with him here with Jackie White: His website is Both of these men are operating from love in their work. Enjoy.

Blessings to you all.

“Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen—that stillness becomes a radiance.”

  Morgan Freeman


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I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury, retrograde but direct on the 2nd at 24° Virgo – 2° Scorpio
Venus – 2°Libra – 10° Scorpio

Mars – 20° – 25° Gemini, stations retrograde on the 30th at 25°
 Jupiter, retrograde 3° Aries – 29° Pisces 

Saturn – retrograde  18° Aquarius, direct on the 23rd 

Uranus, retrograde – 18°  – 17° Taurus all month

Neptune, retrograde 23° – 22°  Pisces

Pluto, retrograde 26° Capricorn, direct on the 8th at 26°

North Node, always retrograde – 13° Taurus 

Chiron, retrograde – 14° Aries 

Chariklo – 4° Aquarius