THE NEXT STEP BLOG - November 2021

Eclipse Season brings Transformational Change

Welcome to the November newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for October: I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record.

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October Review

October 1st: This is a fascinating article about the Chinese and global economy and ties into what I was discussing in the US Pluto Return video: see link. I’m expecting a lot of economic turbulence as outlined in that video.

October 2nd: I’ve been talking about probable economic hits in October, so this article about extensive outages with the banks globally is interesting: see link.  

October 2nd: The President of South Africa according to this video has been arrested for his conduct during the pandemic: see link. I’ve been talking for months now about how leaders and governments will start to fall at this time. This reflects Pluto in Capricorn, coming to exactly square Eris for the fifth and final time on the 9th.

October 3rd:I’ve talked a lot about the secrets of the rich and famous coming to light, and as we are in the energy of Pluto stationing direct on Wednesday which is linked to tax – but Pluto in Capricorn is also linked to the secret wealth of the rich and powerful. Now we have the release of the Pandora Papers, which explains how the rich and powerful avoid huge sums of tax. This is even on the BBC (!!), and here in a mainstream broadsheet paper in the UK: see link.

October 4th: Remember that Pluto’s job in excavating Capricorn is to reveal any corruption in powerful top-down positions, such as government. Pluto is almost at a standstill now, its station exact in two days time, and the Premier of New South Wales, Australia resigns over corruption charges, together with her Deputy and Transport Minister: see link.  

October 5th: China’s second biggest property company, Evergrande, is in financial trouble again and has defaulted on a bond payment. As this company is such a big contributor to the Chinese economy any further default could destabilise the markets, although I see this happening more in November. This is coming out exactly as Pluto moves stationary direct tomorrow, and Pluto is linked to debt, default, deficits and taxes. This is an excellent article about the Chinese economy and the troubled property company Evergrande: see link.

October 5th : Interesting that there is so much discussion of debt and default coming up in the US right now, with Pluto so prominent: see link.

October 7th: A third major grain processor, New Co-operative in Iowa, has been hacked and a ransom demanded which has shut down the facility just as the grain harvests are coming in. This is another disruption to the food supply. Whether it is the extreme weather, fuel shortages or hacking of large food processing companies, all of these are contributing to food shortages through these next few months. As I’ve been saying for many months, make sure you have some long dated food at home: see link. This is a reflection of Uranus (disruptions, radical changes) in Taurus (food supply, agriculture). Uranus stays in Taurus until 2026. Also Auguson Farms in the US, a huge stored food provider, has suspended operations for 90 days.

October 9th: The Chancellor of Austria has had to step down amidst charges of corruption: see link. This is exactly on the day that Eris in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn, unearthing corruption.

October 22nd: Deep earthquake of 5.9 magnitude in North Island, New Zealand: see link. Another near Fiji of 6.0 magnitude. This is just two days after a powerful Full Moon with Uranus square to Saturn. The volcano erupting at La Palma is ongoing.

November 2021

We are in Eclipse season now, normally a very intense period (that word again!) especially as both the Sun and now Mars have moved into the sign of Scorpio, the most intense of the water signs. From now until next March/April we are likely to see many big, fast moving changes that at times will be dramatic in changing our world. This is very true of November and December this year.

We begin the month with Mercury at 24° Libra in a T-square to Pluto in Capricorn and Eris in Aries. Due to Mercury’s retrograde it has highlighted this square three times now. Firstly in mid-April when it was conjunct Eris in Aries, then in late July when in Cancer, and now in Libra. So it is likely to be voicing strong concerns by those in society who are not being heard (Eris) by those in authority. These could become more insistent as we are also moving towards the third and final Saturn-Uranus square on 24th December, the clash between control and freedom, the old and the new, the past and the future. Be aware of these strong trends when the powers that be (or were!) are encouraging division when the ultimate destination for humanity is unity consciousness.

Note that if we include the Full Moon in Aries on 20th October, 7 Full Moons in a row are at 27° of their signs. So if you have any planets or angles around 26°-28° of any sign you will inevitably be aspected by these. Just follow my updates through the months to come to see in which area of your birthchart they will be falling. It’s interesting that in the US chart set for 4th July 1776, 17.10 Philadelphia Pluto is at 27° Capricorn and the Moon is at 27° Aquarius. So these important planets will be repeatedly activated over the next few months, exactly as we begin the US ‘Pluto Return’ which we are only just beginning to experience. There will be major developments in the US in the coming few months that will ripple out to the rest of the world and these are not only likely to be economic but also constitutional. If you haven’t seen it my YouTube video on this subject will help to explain it:

There is such a strong sense of endings here, with 27° being in the last 3° of the signs. Pluto especially as it is now direct is relentlessly excavating any corruption, lack of integrity and accountability especially amongst top-down organisations and individuals in power. Leaders will be attempting a last grasp on power through this time. November is Scorpio season, with the Sun and Mars there as we begin the month. This is the sign of deep dark secrets particularly of the powerful that we could see coming to light  especially around the lunations, the New Moon and Lunar Eclipse. Mars in Scorpio, the ancient ruler of this sign, will be on a mission to uncover anything that is not for our highest good. His focus is laser, and he will not be deterred.

On the 4th November we have the New Moon at 12°40’ Scorpio at 2.14pm PST and 9.14pm UK time (GMT). See where this falls in your chart and don’t forget to set a new intention for what you would like to manifest in your life.

This New Moon is full of tense aspects. The Sun and Moon, always together at a New Moon, are tightly opposing Uranus 12°47’ Taurus, so this is only 7’ from exactitude. This is likely to bring about some shocks and surprises that could manifest in many possible forms. These could be financial, economic, banking, currencies (all reflections of Taurus), or earthquakes and volcanoes of any kind as they may be political as well as environmental. Uranus is also the planet of rebellion and revolution, so we may see more social unrest at this time, but remember it is also the planet of awakening. Taurus is also linked to our food, food supply systems, agriculture and our deep sense of safety and security. There may be some challenges to these, either because of the ongoing shortages being experienced in many countries such as the petrol and tanker driver shortages in the UK, or drought or floods. In the US, 203,000 SMART workers (Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transport) have left their work as they will not comply with the medical mandate, and this will undoubtedly have repercussions on supply systems of all kinds. Scorpio can bring a sense of existential fear and challenges to Taurus can be felt as root chakra issues, a challenge to our survival. Try not to go into fear, see this in a bigger perspective that the old is collapsing which is a necessary prelude to the New Earth being more fully birthed.

We may find that our values (Taurus) simplify even more, we focus on the basics of life, and growing food becomes more important.

Uranus can also shine the piercing light of truth on secrets at this Scorpio New Moon, it can bring clarity but also some shocks. It’s like ripping off a plaster on a long-term festering wound that we have not wanted to look at (Scorpio) to reveal something unhealthy that needs to heal in our world. We can no longer cover this up or look away.

Uranus represents our future, and there may be even be some galactic development here. It is also linked to electromagentic energy and surges of solar storms, Coronal Mass Ejections and photonic plasma. All of this powerful cosmic energy is part not only of the breakdown of the old but of our upgrades physically even though the ride can be bumpy.

As well as secrets, the New Moon and Mars in Scorpio highlight wealth, investments, loans, mortgages, the investment banking system and therefore the wealth of individuals and countries. Uranus opposing the New Moon here suggests that there could be turbulence and sudden unexpected change in these.

Mars is widely conjunct the New Moon at 3°33’ Scorpio, and actually if you take the midpoint of these at 7° Scorpio it is exactly square to Saturn at 7° Aquarius and opposing Uranus at 12° Taurus. So Mars is pouring petrol on the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square here, and as Saturn is now moving direct it is coming closer to its final exact square with Uranus on 24th December. Mars adds a focused drive towards the future, but is also checked by Saturn. It is like pressing on the accelerator but the brake is being applied at the same time. The trick here is patient process towards new social structures (Saturn in Aquarius). Mars/Saturn combinations can suggest militaristic control too, but the square between feisty street fighter Eris in Aries with Pluto in Capricorn is still exact to the degree. This square will continue until Pluto finally leaves Capricorn in 2024.

Of all of these planets Eris is the most powerful as she is the furthest out with the longest orbit of 560 years, and her purpose here is birthing a new era, a paradigm shift. She will not submit quietly or easily, and a sense of powerful focus with the Scorpio planets is palpable here.

We could be seeing a lot of chaos on the 3D level that could continue for some months but try to see beyond that. The old system is likely to be collapsing very quickly that will exacerbate the chaos. Remember that the frequency of humanity has never been higher. This was confirmed by my interview with Zac channelled via Janet Treloar recently:, by the dowsing of several people I know, including myself, by the Schumann Resonance, by the strengthening and widening of the Earth’s energy lines, by the photonic energy pouring in as the Earth makes its roughly 12,000 year trek through the Photon Belt, and by the ancient prophecies too. So our mastery comes in seeing behind the everyday chaos to something way better that we want to create. Step out of victim and into Creator mode. I believe we will start to see more green shoots of New Earth by around late March/April next year. Although some of the same themes are running through 2022 there is a sense of humanity making some progress towards something much more positive and the power of the people becomes more evident.

So that does not mean it is over and that the old systems have completely collapsed by then. Control structures that have been in place for thousands of years will not completely collapse in a few months, so we will have years of rebuilding to do. However I do feel that the astrology eases a little by late March/April and the absolute worst period is over. We have a very important Jupiter-Neptune conjunction at 23° Pisces in April that has not occurred in that sign since 1856, so this will be positive and have an upgrading effect on our psychic sensitivity and intuition, it will be another surge in our evolution to a finer level. I will be talking about that much more as we get closer but it is one of the highlights of next year. 2022 will be more of a year of rebuilding from the grassroots up.

At this New Moon Venus at 29° Sagittarius is conjunct the Galactic Centre at 27° of the sign, and it is also therefore conjunct Ixion, the lawless brother of Pluto which is 4’ from entering Capricorn which it does on the 12th November and will be on the World Axis (0° of the Cardinal signs). Venus always has the generalised meaning of money, currencies and wealth, and Ixion in Capricorn, the sign of big banking and business could be upsetting the applecart of the wealthy at this time. The sign of Scorpio rules investments and wealth too, as it is ruled by Pluto. Very positively, whenever a planet is conjunct the Galactic Centre more high frequency energy is available for us with which to create our world, and high level information can flow through.

Positively also Mercury at 28° Libra is trine to Jupiter at 22° Aquarius, and this will help us to think expansively about future visions of freedom and how societies can operate differently. Again this can expand our networks and connections to like-minded people.

By the 10th November we have a Mercury-Mars conjunction at 7° Scorpio which again will feel intense, as angry emotions that must be expressed. The Moon that day also squares this conjunction, bringing the ‘people’ into the picture in a bigger way, and the Moon later that day squares Uranus suggesting some revolutionary and rebellious behaviour. At the same time we cannot ignore Saturn as it is tightly squaring the Mercury-Mars conjunction. So the people are surging forwards in frustration and anger potentially, but Saturn representing the authority figures, the government, is continuing to attempt to repress this by ‘rules and regulations’. It feels like a pressure cooker of emotions. 

By the 14th the Moon has entered Aries and by the 16th she comes to conjunct Eris, squaring Pluto, highlighting all these themes again. At the New Moon on the 4th November Mars was more tightly squaring Saturn and being checked control and rules which can feel frustrating, but by the 17th Mars has come to exactly oppose Uranus at 12° Scorpio/Taurus and this is extremely explosive and combustible. It has broken loose from the rules and is wilder here. People’s frustration is intense and can no longer be contained, and this is also the signature for earthquakes of all kinds. It is not likely to just be expressed on that day, but will spill out a few days to either side. This mid-month period building up to the Lunar Eclipse is very powerful for pivotal events. Secrets are very likely to come to light at this time, again. Whatever your level of understanding of what is happening in the world, be prepared to be rocked through these coming months and just stay on your Eagle’s perch, watching it all unfold . . . . stay in peace as often as you can through being in nature, meditation, and breathwork. These are your essential tools during this time. 

Then we have the Lunar Eclipse at 27°14’ Taurus (27° again!) on the 19th November at 12.57am PST and 8.57am UK time. We last had a Lunar Eclipse at the identical degree of 27° Taurus on 20th November 2002. What was happening for you then? It is the same area of life being aspected again now, and there is likely to be an echo of that time in your life and now.

This Lunar Eclipse is effectively a big Full Moon, so will be bringing issues around associations with Taurus and Scorpio to a head. These are likely to be around deeply hidden secrets that may be quite ‘murky’ – secrets of the rich and powerful, especially sexual and financial secrets. Also financial and economic issues in general are likely to come to the fore now, extreme weather or Earth events, and for us as humanity it may bring up root chakra issues around our safety and security. Eclipses also act like portals, the veil between our 3D world and the higher realms becomes thinner, so we are more easily able to access information. See where this falls in your chart as it will represent a culmination, completion or closure of something as defined by the ‘house’ area in your chart. 

Full Moons are always excellent times to release what no longer serves you, to shed the old, but even more so as it is a Lunar Eclipse and the Sun, Mercury and Mars are in Scorpio, the sign often associated with repressed emotions from a long time ago, possibly years. A simple way to do this and an excellent one to have in your toolkit is Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT. You can easily find a 5 minute demonstration of this on YouTube and then do this for yourself for free at home anytime. Bring up anything that you wish to remove to the light and just let it go as we leave behind the old ways and with courage step into the new, even if currently this is invisible. As this jump in human evolution has never been achieved before it is hard to imagine the detail of how this will look, other than nature being abundant in shimmering translucent colours where everything in our environment looks alive. So this is a time when we have to trust that our feelings of peace, joy, love, compassion, gratitude and respect for all living beings will create that New Earth that we are already magnetising towards us.

Truly see that this jump from an old to a new way of being is more quantum than we have ever experienced before; it is hard to even describe as we will be  living in a very different energy in our future. See everything as energy, frequency and consciousness rather than as specific individuals; these people are simply living out a particular consciousness, playing a role. The lower consciousnesses will dissolve the further into 2022 we go, and continuing for another decade at least.

The Moon is tightly trine to Pluto here at 24°46’ Capricorn, and that will help us stand in our power. We are likely to feel intense emotions at this time, not only with the three personal planets in Scorpio but any Moon-Pluto combination brings about intense, extreme feelings. Remember the Moon in mundane astrology is about the people, and many of us may be feeling very intense about issues of finance, and our safety and security (all linked to Taurus). Come together with others here, the strong Aquarius energy is all about the power of the people. 

The Moon is also square to Jupiter at 24° Aquarius, and this will blow up our feelings further especially around freedoms and human rights, Aquarius energy. It will help us to visualise a much more expansive and beneficial future than we currently have, and also help us expand our networks of friendships and connections with like-minded people. There is a sense of an invisible network here – like mushrooms and trees that have a whole web of connection with each other that is not visible from above ground, but nevertheless is very sustaining and strong. Thinking like this can help us as we reach out to others to start to form communities which will become more widespread through 2022 and beyond.

Venus is at 12°17’ Capricorn trine to Uranus at 12°11’ Taurus (so 6’ from exactitude), again suggesting some shocks and surprises in the financial system and that potential continues through next year with not only the US Pluto return in the second house of the country’s economy – which would affect the global markets of course – but also as the Nodes move into Taurus and Scorpio in January for 18 months, and that axis is strongly linked to money, finance, values, and the economy. Expect big changes here in the coming months, but also new ideas for financial systems that may be much more decentralised, using independent blockchain technology (Uranus=technology, internet).

Venus is also exactly, within 12’ of exactitude, in a quincunx to Black Moon Lilith at 12°29’ Gemini. BML in Gemini has been described by astrologer Vanessa Guazzelli-Paim as ‘the Ministry of Truth’. What is true and what is not, and what does the establishment, governments (Capricorn) claim as the truth? This is particularly interesting as a theme as the Sun is tightly conjunct the Fixed Star Algol at 26°10’ Scorpio, and the Moon is opposing it. Algol doesn’t have a great reputation as it has a tendency when strong in a chart to lie, be deceitful; it has a primordial, out of control energy. As this is happening at a Lunar Eclipse with three planets in Scorpio, the sign of secrets, particularly of the rich and powerful, this suggests that more truths (Jupiter in Aquarius) will be coming to light now. On top of that Algol’s symbolism is about death by decapitation, ‘losing one’s head’. This doesn’t have to be literal of course but more a sense of some leaders losing their positions when secrets come to light. For instance recently the Chancellor of Austria resigned his position over corruption, as did the Premier of New South Wales Australia, her Deputy and Transport Minister. More may fall around this time as corruption is unearthed; remember that is also the process of Pluto in Capricorn, aided by the square from Eris. 

It is worth observing certain countries that may come into the news around this time as the Lunar Eclipse aspects them very tightly. China (chart set for 1st October 1949 at 15.15 Peking) has its Midheaven at 27°07’ Scorpio. Israel (chart set for 15th May 1948, 00.00hrs Tel Aviv) has its Midheaven at 29°30’ Scorpio, and Spain (chart set for 22nd November 1975 at 12.45pm Madrid) has its Midheaven at 25°44’ Scorpio. The Midheaven in a country’s chart represents the government, the leadership. The European Union (chart set for 1st November 1993, 00.01hrs Brussels) has its Moon, the people, at 24°20’ Taurus. US President Biden (chart set for 20th November 1942, 8.30am Scranton PA) has his Sun at 27°34’ Scorpio in the 12th house that is often linked to serious health issues. The 12th house is often called the house of karma. Whatever is occurring in these countries or President Biden’s life right now with the Lunar Eclipse at 27°14’ Taurus (exactly opposing 27° Scorpio) will take another step of development around the next Lunar Eclipse on 16th May 2022 at 25°18’ Scorpio.

Scorpio is the sign of spiritual transformation and remember that is exactly the process we are in right now, which actually is very exciting. I recently did an interview with Hazel Newton and Janet Treloar, and Janet channels an aspect of the Ascended Master Dwhal Khul called Zac. I was interviewing Zac in this video who lives apparently on the 26th dimension so always gives us a ‘big picture’ perspective of what is unfolding in the world. It is extremely positive and people have enjoyed it a great deal. You can view it here, and even join the Patreon group linked with these channellings – and superb monthly meditations – if you would like to, details under the video in the description:

However with many planets in Fixed signs this can make us want to sustain the status quo especially when the future is invisible. We can feel resistant to change, that we need to hold onto something familiar – a job, a relationship, a home . . .  It reminds me of the first law of wing-walking ‘don’t let go of what you’re hanging onto until you are hanging onto something else’ . . However we have to hitch our waggon to a star and trust that the light and the frequency will carry us into a much better world. This leap is like nothing we have done before, but that is exactly what is happening in our evolution; humanity has never done this before.

I remembered recently that many years ago before I went travelling alone in India and the Himalayas for several months I had taken a basic martial arts course. One of the things we had to learn to do was to break a thick builder’s plank with the edge of our hand, as in Karate. For a small 8 stone woman this seemed initially impossible, which indeed it was if you focused on the plank. However the trick that we were taught was not to do this, but to determinedly keep our focus on several inches BELOW the plank, where we wanted our hand to easily end up having broken the plank. Not only did this make this exercise quite easy – in fact I remember that I could break three in a row – but it seemed to be a great metaphor for life. If something seems impossible that you are staring at, put your focus beyond that to where you want to end up. Try to apply this in your life now, that the grimness of the 3D level can seem overwhelming, but if you focus on what you want, where you want to end up, and go beyond the obvious challenge, somehow the energy of that focus and attention makes this an almost effortless task. Our focus and attention changes the future trajectory, there is no doubt. We have a great deal of evidence from Lynne McTaggart in her intention studies and Dr Joe Dispenza with his meditation teachings resulting in apparently miraculous healings for people all support this thesis.

When we focus on the outer world the number of problems seem insurmountable and it is easy then to feel defeated, powerless and go into victim mode. We can only create more of the same from here, and the world seems overwhelmingly complex. However if you make your energy and frequency your focus then that becomes a much simpler way to live day to day. Knowing that the universe is just a mirror, that everything in our lives cascades from our frequency, then we step into our power and Creator mode and life can start to look much more positive quite quickly. We meet the right people, the right opportunities come up, and we start to feel as if we are living in the magic zone. 

The world is very short of joy right now in the 3D dimension. Roberta Meilleur sent me her website link a couple of days ago with a beautiful video on the Home page, all about creating your joy. It’s called ‘Joy is the New Normal’: I’d encourage you to watch it, as this to me was absolutely at the centre of Quaoar’s archetype, that through singing and dancing we raise our joy and frequency, and that changes everything in our lives if we can sustain that. Quaoar is a dwarf planet far out in the Kuiper Belt beyond Pluto, and it represents a creator deity, linked to the beliefs of the Tongva people who were the original inhabitants of the area around the Los Angeles basin many centuries ago. It is all about raising our vibration through song and dance so we can manifest from a higher level and this video is a perfect demonstration of that; creating through joy.

Roberta also reminded me that Dr David Hawkins’ map of consciousness operates exponentially, that in the higher levels of consciousness it only takes a very small number of us to elevate the consciousness of the majority, and enable more people to feel empowered. This is in parallel to how quantum physics works in ‘downward causation’ that the higher frequencies have a much greater effect on the lower than the other way around. This is a very positive message for us all.

I am hearing from many sensitive and psychic people that the grid of light is now established around the Earth and this becomes our architecture for New Earth. The more you can come together with like-minded people who have this as their vision, of a world where love, peace, joy, gratitude and compassion are fundamental, then we are starting to weave our dreams like tapestry around this grid of light. Many of us are finding our family of frequency at this time that will become increasingly important as new communities start to take form.

The next few months will be chaotic and tough at the 3D level as a result of these energetic shifts and the old collapsing. Don’t allow that to be your focus. Keep your focus entirely on what you are creating and the Fixed energy of determination will help you greatly with this. There are two very different trajectories operating here; the grim collapsing old model and the higher timeline which is gathering momentum by the day of those who want to live in joy, peace, love, harmony and respect for all living beings. Be very conscious of where you are putting your attention in this pivotal time of transition, every thought and feeling counts in a much bigger way than we appreciate. We literally energise and activate that future trajectory of love or fear all through our days. Think of how an architect firstly has an idea for a house and the idea is of course invisible, then he commits it to an architectural drawing which is then 2D, then the house is eventually built and becomes 3D, becoming more solid at every stage as a result of the focus and attention of the architect and eventually the builders. In the same way this period will really teach us mastery and spiritual responsibility as we become much more aware of our power as Creators.

Be very conscious of the role you are playing in these times. Are you operating from love or fear? Are you desperately trying to sustain the old ways, like someone trying to catch pieces of the boat as it disintegrates in the sea? Or are you stepping forwards in your courage, light, and sovereignty as a hero of these times? What will your legacy be? You are building it right now, and in every moment. Will you look back on the part you played with pride?

We already have Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius but as we move into 2023 and beyond Pluto will enter that sign until 2044. Not only will we experience more AI in our lives but everything will be more digitised in our daily experience – I was writing about this four years ago in my books. Aquarius is intellectual energy and can be in its shadow expression quite cold and emotionally ‘cutting off’, linked to the myth of the castration of Uranus, its ruler. This side of Aquarius can produce a hyper-rationalism or extreme expression of science with no emotion. It is clear to see this direction of travel in the 3D world. However, spiritually it is vital that this shift is from the mind to the heart, this is how we keep our humanity. So every day ideally several times take a few moments to breathe in and out through the heart is if it were your lung, and try to live from love throughout your days. This will help us sustain a higher state of being that ripples out to the collective. Make your heart your GPS.

Blessings to you all.

“Love is how it feels to recognise our essential unity. Awakening to oneness is the experience of Big Love. Knowing you are one with all, you find yourself in love with all.” 

Timothy Freke

Here is an interview I did with Nat Rich in October, and a short Dowsing video for those who are interested:

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Once you download a free birthchart from my website, you can start to use the tutorial videos straight away. There is a description that comes with the chart on the website (which I did not write), and people have said this is very accurate. However, please remember that a computer-generated description with a list of characteristics is a very different experience to having a full consultation with a professional astrologer, who through synthesising this matrix of meaning, can give you profound insights into who you truly are. 

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I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon, as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 23° Libra – 9° Sagittarius

Venus – 26° Sagittarius – 20° Capricorn

Mars – 1°- 21° Scorpio
Jupiter retrograde – 22° – 25° Aquarius   

Saturn retrograde – 7° – 8° Aquarius  
Uranus retrograde – 12° – 11° Taurus 

Neptune retrograde – 20° Pisces all month
Pluto – 24° – 25° Capricorn all month
North Node, always retrograde  – 1° Gemini

Chiron retrograde- 9° Aries

Chariklo retrograde – 29° Capricorn