Aries Equinox, Saturn and Pluto changing Signs

Welcome to the March 2023 newsletter, and here are some highlights of manifestations of planetary patterns for February.

However, I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately I hope this will serve as a historical record. 

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February Review

February 3rd: A terrible train derailment occurred in East Palestine Ohio, US, at 8.55pm, creating a huge amount of toxic pollution to the water and air in the area. As anticipated, Neptune the planet linked to not only water but also pollution and poisons was on an angle for this chart: see link. This happened very close to the Leo Full Moon when Uranus, planet of sudden shocks and surprises, often accidents, was in a T-square to the Sun and Moon.

February 5th: Today Italy has been hit by a nationwide internet outage. The Full Moon is in a T-square to Uranus on the World Axis exactly, and Uranus is linked to sudden ‘cut outs’ in power supplies, internet etc. It can also affect aviation.

February 6th: Exactly at the Full Moon where Uranus the planet of earthquakes was not only in a tight T-square to the Sun and Moon but also on the World Axis, meaning any explosive or eruptive energy would be visible on the public stage, we experienced the tragic earthquakes in eastern Turkey and Syria. The first earthquake registered 7.8 magnitude and the second 7.5 magnitude. So far over 11,000 people have died. Truly horrific conditions, sending prayers to all concerned.

February 7th: Here is a video discussing the possible breaking away of some states from their current constitutional position and reorganising: see link. This is exactly in line with the transit of Pluto over its US natal position, known as the Pluto return. This is in the 2nd house of values in the US chart (set for 4th July 1776 17.10 Philadelphia) and in Capricorn this reflects constitutional changes through 2023 and 2024. 

February 8th: This is exactly the kind of project I have been speaking about, buildings (Saturn) being constructed under water (Pisces). Saturn is on the brink of moving into this sign now and does so in early March: see link

February15th: This is a wonderful movement to give legal rights to indigenous peoples and lands: see link. This is reflecting the move towards New Earth, Uranus in Taurus is one obvious astrological symbol of this.

February: No specific date here as a follower sent me details of Rene Quinton, a biologist and physiologist who lived in France around the turn of the last century and had great success with severely ill people by injecting them with seawater, marine plasma, directly into their blood: His work continues today. There is something very important here about the healing power of the sea, Saturn moving into Pisces (the oceans, healing) and the dwarf planet Salacia, goddess of saltwater, becoming more prominent now. Wow. 

February 20th: Following the February 8th earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, the very besieged people of Turkey have experienced yet another large earthquake, a 6.4 magnitude. Please send prayers and I will again post the video asking people to send healing if they are able to. Remember that the New SuperMoon of today, Turkish time, has strong seismic potential as the Moon is much closer than normal to the Earth in its orbit: see link

February 22nd: Here’s an article talking about a mushroom that could replace plastic in future, quite remarkable: see link. This is the kind of new discovery we will be making to operate in a kinder way for our Earth, reflecting Uranus (new discoveries) in Taurus (Earth and nature). 

March 2023

March is a huge month for us energetically and astrologically. Not only do we have the Spring Equinox, which astrologers regard as the beginning of the astrological new year, but we have two very important slow-moving planets, Saturn with a 29 year orbit and Pluto with a 248 year orbit changing signs. We are likely to feel this energy shift very strongly.

We are beginning to enter a whole new world energetically where we are leaving the old corrupt systems behind and stepping onto a blank canvas where we create something much more beautiful as our reality. This will be based in love, joy, gratitude, appreciation and sharing, in harmony with all of life.

It may take us a little while to get there, but March, April and May are game-changer months, and we will start to feel these shifts. Any old top-down structure whether it is governments, corporations, or institutions that have held power over us but do not have our highest good at heart will crumble. Anything not of love will collapse. So these institutions that have been foundational in our lives will start to not function properly. Any lack of integrity, transparency and accountability will be revealed, and expect more corruption to come into the news. Of course this will not all happen in March, but we will notice an acceleration in these trends from this point on.

This is a necessary part of the collapse of the old, in order that we can reach our blank canvas to create the new. We are receiving immense amounts of high frequency light right now that will become stronger from the Equinox onwards, which is on the 20th March in the UK at 21.26 hrs, 16.26pm EST.

Turning to the detail of March, on the 1st we have a very positive aspect between Venus and Jupiter at 12° Aries. See where this falls in your chart and if it is conjunct any planet or angle for you, as it will then be particularly noticeable. It can bring success, abundance, sociability and good times, and if falling in your 5th or 7th houses it can even bring romance. 

Then the first lunation of the month is on the 7th at 4.40am PST and 12.40pm UK time, which is a Full Moon at 16°40’ Virgo. This is the sixth out of seven Full Moons at 16° of their signs, and to me is linked to the Tower card in the Tarot as the 16th card. We are absolutely in a Tower moment for humanity.

Here we have five planets in Mutable signs, which can give dexterity and flexibility but at times also a sense of overwhelm, especially as three of those planets are in Pisces. The best idea is to drop into meditation or breathwork to ground yourself, or literally have bare feet on the grass or Earth and you will naturally absorb powerful healing ions from the Earth, much more powerful than any other antioxidant. It will also decompress your energy, pull the overthink out of the head into your body and defuse it, making you feel calmer.

Virgo is the sign most linked to clearing and cleansing, but here because of the times we are in, we are not talking about a regular spring clean, we are talking about a complete cleansing and clearing of your energy field and consciousness. This is about purification and leaving the ‘old you’ behind. So look around your life and your home and anything which you have already outgrown, shed it from your life. You don’t want to drag any old baggage from the past, especially if it has weighed you down, into your future which will be so different. So we must be discerning and thorough here. There is a whole new you being birthed.

Virgo is also the sign linked to practical service to others, and the Sun in Pisces is linked to spiritual service. So there is a sense of really wanting to support others in need, and the Virgo/Pisces axis is generally known as the health axis.

Pisces is linked to the blood and the immune system, and I see this sign very commonly (especially the Midheaven) in charts of nurses and healers. Virgo is linked to the gut, digestion and nutrition, and this comes up very often in health practitioners. Virgo wants the whole physical body working in balance, ‘like clockwork’ for good health. Together they form the ‘health axis’ so we may be seeing a lot of information coming up related to that around this time.

Virgo is also linked to the ancient wisdom keepers of the Earth, the natural remedies of plants, herbs and essential oils, and as we increasingly move into water being emphasised in our astrology with Saturn moving into Pisces, we may see some wonderful healing coming from our oceans too. See the link above in the Review section about Rene Quinton.

This is quite a ‘Mercury dominated’ Full Moon, as Mercury rules Virgo, and as a sign that is about getting all the facts right, exact, every detail correct about the information that may well be health related. Mars is in Gemini in a T-square to this Full Moon, and Gemini is also ruled by Mercury. This suggests a lot of mental stimulation and facts coming at us very quickly. However, we have three planets in Pisces including Mercury, planet of the mind, and the Sun is actually at the midpoint of Mercury and Neptune. This is wonderful for the imagination and creative writing, but less good for clarity and precision.

It strongly suggests that we need to use our intuition to get to the truth, to drop into our hearts rather than relying on our minds with information.

Remarkably, Saturn is within 1’ (!) of entering Pisces which it does about an hour after this Full Moon, and Pluto is at 29°39’ Capricorn, also the critical or anaretic degree. As both these planets are linked to power and control there may be even more desperate attempts to have control over us while Saturn and Pluto are at 29°. In addition the dwarf planet Sedna is also close the final degree of Taurus, so here there is a very clear message of endings and beginnings as these planets have long orbits (Saturn 29 years, Pluto 248 years and Sedna 11,400 years!). We are at a major tipping point for humanity and this year will be a watershed year. We will be at a very different place at the end of this year than we are now, with many fast moving changes taking place through 2023.

The dwarf planet Teharonhiawako is at 19°32’ Pisces conjunct the Sun at the Full Moon. Teharonhaiwako is the Creator Farmer god who always makes sure that we have enough seeds for the following season so we will always have enough to eat; the relevance of this is obvious in today’s world. This dwarf planet is also very concerned with planting seeds of truth in everyone’s minds.

Following this theme of what is true and what is not from all of the above, we have the dwarf planet Orcus at 14°13 Virgo conjunct this Full Moon. Orcus is the Etruscan god of the underworld who punishes oath breakers and those who have violated sacred law and the divine order. He is linked to underground monsters and and retribution, divine justice. He punishes those who have strayed from the truth and made mistakes by taking them into the underworld and making them face their errors. This purification (very related to the Virgo archetype) then works to bring them back to the truth. I find this absolutely fascinating and very relevant to what is unfolding today. Many disclosures and revelations are likely to occur around health, and this will continue throughout 2023.

About an hour after the Full Moon, Saturn enters Pisces and will stay in that sign until February 2026. This is extremely important for us all. As there is so much to say about this I will simply share the link to my video on this subject here: I also have a teaching video about Jupiter and Saturn transits through the Houses, which you can learn about here:

Suffice to say here that water issues will loom large in the next three years: too much water with floods in some areas, not enough water in other areas with droughts, the quality of water will become a much bigger issue, and the importance of structured water will come to the fore also. Good quality water may become more precious and rare. Who owns the oceans is likely to be an issue. We will also discover much about the healing power of water and the life within in, starting to see water as a living consciousness

On March 10th, we have a repeating Moon-Eris opposition and Moon-Pluto square which can bring intense and rebellious feelings to the fore, added to by a Mercury-Pluto semi-square the same day. This wants to dive deep into the facts and can be irritable and fixed in its views.

On March 11th we have a conjunction between Jupiter and Chiron at 14° Aries, and again health issues and the need for healing are likely to be prominent then. However Chiron also has a less acknowledged theme of the maverick, the outsider, the one who does not operate comfortably within society. Jupiter will expand this energy to step outside the normal social confines and go your own way.

On March 14th Mars square to Neptune can undermine any goals or drive that you have that day, or loss of focus. Another very important aspect of this square is aggression at sea, or ill-conceived (Neptune, not clear) aggression. Remember that Mars is out-of-bounds until early May, and therefore has the potential to express in a more extreme or out of control way. This square runs through the month until the 24th.

By the 16th we have another irritable day potentially with a square between the Sun in Pisces and Mars in Gemini, a Mercury-Mars square and a Moon-Eris square, together with a Venus-Pluto square at 29°52’ Aries-Capricorn. All of these aspects have intense feelings and even rebellious urges, and the Venus-Capricorn square at the critical degrees of their signs may suggest some financial turbulence too as Venus is linked to wealth, money and the stock markets.

By March 18th, very close to the Aries Equinox, we have squares between the Moon and Uranus and Mercury and Uranus; again rebellion is in the air, and a desire to get to the truth, to clarity. 

The Aries Equinox is always very important as it is considered by astrologers to be the beginning of the astrological new year, and sets the tone for the next the next 12 months, like striking a tuning fork. It is all the more important in such a watershed year. The Earth now has more light than ever before and our consciousness is being raised in jumps as a result of this. The exponential number of M-class and X-class flares are also bringing in new information from far galaxies that we are assimilating as part of our evolution. Although this is hard on many of us physically, in terms of sleep disruptions, dizziness, aches and pains etc, these are all evidence of how fast we are ascending. I truly believe that we are going through the biggest evolutionary leap in our physicality for humanity that we have ever experienced.

The Aries Equinox is when the Sun enters Aries. We have a strong Aries emphasis here, as well as the Sun we have Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron and Eris. This energy is pioneering, driving forwards into new territory, being courageous, brave and also self-sufficient. It’s about finding the hero within yourself. As Jupiter is only here every 12 years, Chiron here every 51 years and Eris here every 556 years, this again indicates a very important new beginning for humanity.

This is reinforced powerfully by the dwarf planet Manwe being on the Aries Point, the World Axis, at 1°10’ Aries. Manwe with his wife Varda in myth were said to be the original creators of the universe. He is the highest Archangel closest to the Mind of God, the highest source of divine intelligence, and operates outside the dimension of time. He has a 289 year orbit, so the fact that he is at this degree at the Equinox is an extremely powerful statement of a New Earth being built.

Ceres is also on the World Axis at 0°19’ Libra, opposing the Sun and Manwe, and speaks to the importance of harvests and agriculture in these times. Haumea, the strongly regenerative archetype linked to the Hawaiian goddess of fertility, has also just changed sign and is at 0°34’ Scorpio. She has a 284 year orbit. In myth Haumea was able to regenerate the Earth even after it had been laid waste by poor agricultural practices. With her magic stick the Makelei she was able to summon wild food from the Earth and the seas so no-one ever went hungry. She is very linked to New Earth in her symbolism, and gives me great optimism that our polluted Earth and seas can be turned back to health more quickly than we might imagine.

The Sun and Manwe are tightly quincunx Haumea, bringing her symbolism into prominence, and they are also square to dwarf planet Ixion at 4°31’ Capricorn. Ixion in its lower level of expression is the known as the lawless brother of Pluto who murdered his father-in-law, and had no moral compass or remorse. For this the gods threw him out of heaven but Zeus took pity on him and gave him a second chance, but he blew this chance by trying to rape Zeus’s wife Hera and for this he was spun off into eternity on a burning wheel. I’m sure many of you can see the relevance of his symbolism in our world today.

However at a higher level of expression Ixion is about going beyond normal social boundaries and rules to find your bliss, and joy in simplicity. Finding your own unique path away from society to create something absolutely blissful for yourself. This is yet another strong indicator of New Earth.

These Kuiper Belt Objects operate much more in the spiritual realm, respect divine order and natural law, and move beyond or regular 3D existence. They offer us a higher octave of consciousness with their archetypes. 

Saturn is tightly quintile Uranus, a highly creative aspect, again with strong messages of moving beyond the old ways (Saturn) to the new (Uranus). What is beautiful here is that Venus at 4° Taurus is conjunct the North Node at 5° Taurus, a strong suggestion that going forwards our focus of collective evolution must be based on love. Taurus is also linked to the Earth and our agriculture, and is linked to relating to these things in simple, natural and organic ways, not engineered or industrialised. The Sun in an out-of-sign conjunction with Neptune brings in the sense of unconditional love, the divine, and the mystical.

Saturn has recently entered Pisces, here at 1°31’, another indicator of a new beginning, and within 3 days of this Equinox Pluto enters Aquarius, beginning a new 21 year transit. Aquarius is the sign linked to communities and collaboration, of building a new grassroots-up society globally with a radical shift away from the top-down structures we have experienced increasingly over the last three years with Pluto in Capricorn since 2008. The fact that the ingress of Pluto into Aquarius happens so close to the Aries Equinox strengthens the power of them both. I will be filming a separate video on the move of Pluto into Aquarius but in short as the planet of power, we will begin to see a bigger shift of power to the people and away from top-down structures of government, corporations and institutions that have traditionally held power over us.

Aquarius is the sign linked to freedom, equality, and humanitarianism, but it can also express in an extreme or fanatical way. The shadow expression of Pluto in Aquarius is control by technology, with much more AI and surveillance in our lives. This is a very obvious timeline which is already unfolding, so be very wise indeed in your micro-daily choices as to which path you are following. There are many future timelines available to us, but clearly two broad collective trajectories, one based on fear and the other on love. Always ask yourself, ‘what does it meant to be human?

These days around the Equinox are incredibly powerful and dynamic. 

The days around the Equinox on the 20th are very powerful as within hours of that on the 21st we have the New Moon in Aries on the World Axis at 0°49’ Aries, and on the 23rd the first transit of Pluto into Aquarius. Due to Pluto’s retrograde motion he will be crossing this 0° Aquarius 5 times in the next two years, and this degree has already been activated by the ‘great conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn at this point on the Capricorn Solstice of 21st December 2020. This ‘Air’ era will last for another 140 years before Jupiter and Saturn change their conjunction point into another element. 

Our societies will shift from density, fossil fuels, heavy industry, long term ownership, to ideas, experiences and sharing, with much less focus on ‘ownership’ and individual wealth. Going forward that is not how ‘status’ or happiness will be measured. It is about how much love your hold in your heart. Your frequency will be the new currency.

Sedna is in a very positive trine to Pluto and this will continue for the next two years. They are both in a dance criss-crossing end Taurus-beginning Gemini and end-Capricorn beginning Aquarius, both moving from Earth signs to Air. This aspect is wonderful for our evolution and our creativity as humanity, expect to see a real blossoming of innovation during these two years that may be focused on new technologies that are beneficial for us.

Coming back to the New Moon at 0°49’ Aries, this happens on the 21st at 10.22am PST and 5.22pm UK time. Here if we include Chiron and Eris, we have 6 orbiting bodies in Aries, an incredibly powerful statement of a new beginning, especially as the New Moon (Sun and Moon) are conjunct the dwarf planet Manwe at 1°10’ Aries, just 21’ minutes away. There is powerful, dynamic, forward-moving energy that is reinforced by Mars of course still being out-of-bounds. Aries energy can be aggressive and militaristic at times, so try to use this as pioneering, self-sufficient and entrepreneurial energy rather than anything aggressive – although that energy may well be playing out on the world stage. Ask yourself what ‘new you’, new skills and gifts are trying to emerge in your life, if you listen to the whispers of your Higher Self? What brings more love, joy and gratitude into your life?

At this New Moon many of the same aspects apply as at the Equinox a few hours before. Mars at 28° Gemini is in an out-of-sign trine to Saturn at  1°37’ Pisces, and this can help us to have the discipline to build something for the long term that may well be more spiritual in intent (Pisces) especially as Saturn is conjunct one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, Formalhaut, known as the spiritual teacher. 

The New Moon is square to Ixion at 4°31 Capricorn, discussed above, and this brings in the awareness of some aspects of society playing out the ‘lack of moral compass’ side of Ixion, whereas other people are very much playing out the positive aspect of following their bliss and finding simplicity through joy.

Pluto is sextile to the Sun and Moon, suggesting many more of us finding our own power within, our autonomy to go our own way.

Pluto is in an out-of-sign square to Haumea at 0°34’ Scorpio. Not only is Scorpio the sign linked to death, rebirth and transformation but Haumea is a deeply regenerative principle. She is able to apparently miraculously produce new life in unexpected ways. I believe this will be linked to new species emerging in nature, reflecting the higher frequency of the Earth. Nature will also be jumping an octave, along with our consciousness; but nature leads the way, anticipates this jump ahead of humanity. 

The square between Mars and Neptune continues with the relevant meanings as above. Be particularly aware of any urge towards aggression or anger (out-of-bounds Mars) that hasn’t been thoroughly thought through as to the consequences (Neptune can be misjudgements, not seeing things clearly). Always step back and take a breath first before acting. It can also suggest aggression at sea. 

Neptune is in an out-of-sign conjunction to this New Moon, also bringing in a very subtle spiritual aspect to this new beginning. In setting your new intention for this month, how can you incorporate the spiritual into that, to start to weave that more fully into your life? Saturn moving through Pisces for the next 3 years will certainly put more focus onto the spiritual. 

Finally it seems very important that Manwe with its 289 year orbit is in an out-of-sign sextile both with Pluto on one side, which is at the final degree of Capricorn, and also with Sedna on the other side at almost the last degree of Taurus. All of these orbiting bodies have incredibly long orbits. (Pluto=248 years and Sedna 11,400 years). Sextiles suggest opportunities coming in, in this case to create New Earth as a result of a profound transformation in humanity, through which we step into becoming much more spiritual beings, shedding density as Pluto and Sedna both begin their transits away from Earth signs.

On March 25th, Mars enters Cancer, therefore it is not just out-of-bounds but also on the World Axis (0° Cardinals). Assertive energy is likely to be very strong in the world at this time with so much Aries energy too, so be sure to use this for your own courage, risk-taking and pioneering endeavours to diffuse some of this angry energy being expressed in the world.

The last aspect of note is that on March 30th Venus comes to conjunct Uranus at 16° Taurus. If this falls in your 5th or 7th houses this may initiate a new out-of-the blue romance, or suddenly end one that was too controlling. On the financial front, it is often correlated with financial turbulence and changes in currency values.

After its retrograde phase Uranus is now speeding up and entering new territory in its current cycle. It has been hovering around the mid-degrees of Taurus for months, but by July at it will be at 23° of that sign. So if you have any planets between 17° and 23° of the Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius you may start to feel a restlessness and urgency for change and newness in your life, depending on which houses are being activated in your chart. Conversely if you don’t initiate these changes they can often arrive more suddenly and less comfortably from the outside. Uranus is the planet most associated with awakening and so I believe that we could see many more people on the planet waking up to the true nature of reality in the next few months. Many truths will come to light. This is also linked with Pluto ingressing into Aquarius, the sign that Uranus rules and therefore also linked to truth.

The anonymous quote I used at the end of the last newsletter that ‘New Earth is created inside of you before it is created outside of you’ I feel is profoundly true. Someone whose spiritual judgement I trust said this week that is is not a place and not an external frequency but very much something which we must embody first. Essentially, WE are New Earth. As always, we are the powerful co-creators.

I also love the quote from Eckhart Tolle below. Always remember that our future is not set, it is currently invisible until we pull it out of the quantum soup by our focus and attention. We decide, and we create.

Blessings to you all.

“What the future holds for you depends on your state of consciousness now.”

Eckhart Tolle


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I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon as they move too quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart: 

Mercury – 27° Aquarius – 24° Aries

Venus – 11° Aries – 17° Taurus

Mars – 19° Gemini – 3° Cancer

Jupiter – 11° – 19° Aries

Saturn – 29° Aquarius – 2° Pisces 

Uranus – 15° – 16° Taurus  

Neptune – 24° – 25°  Pisces

Pluto – 29° Capricorn – 0° Aquarius 

North Node, always retrograde – 5° – 4° Taurus 

Chiron – 14° Aries 

Chariklo – 10°56’ Aquarius